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Bonesmasher Rod of Cold.

(Item Card) Conviction.png School: (Icon) Star.png

Pip Cost: 0

Accuracy: 100%

Type: (Icon) Aura.png

Text: +90% (Icon) Stun Resistance.png and +90 (Icon) Critical Block.png for 4 Rounds

Items Which Give This Card:
Barbarian Philosopher's Mark
Bonesmasher Rattled Rod
Bonesmasher Rod of Flame
Bonesmasher Rod of Poise
Bonesmasher Rod of Sparks
Chosen Chief's Amulet
Dragonrider's Utility Helm (Level 50+)
Dragonrider's Vigilant Robe (Level 60+)
Duelist's Virtuoso Talisman (Level 80+)
Great Wild Wood Pendant
Hawkrider Boots (Level 70+)
Knight of the Wyrd's Pendant
Knight's Noble Amulet
Numinous Torc
Prestigious Robe (Level 70+)
Seely Wizard's Torc
Sidhe Cloak
Strength of the Oak Pendant
Sultan's Turban (Level 70+)
Sunken Giant's Tartan

Pet Talents Which Give This Card:


Conviction Spell Animation

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