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Item:Nightmare Pack

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Note: This Pack was offered in the Crown Shop for three-days only as the Super Nightmare Hoard Pack on October 4, 2019.
See Announcement, here.

(Item) Nightmare Pack.png
Type:Hoard Pack
Cost:299 Crowns
Vendor: Crown Shop
Gives:7 random items
The Nightmare Pack was released during the Hallowe'en festivities starting in 2011. It includes a variety of Hallowe'en themed housing items, snacks, reagents, treasure cards, wands, new equipment, many pets, temporary mounts, and permanent mounts. It is currently known as a Grub Guardian reward.
  • Note: This Pack is returned occasionally for special events/sales in the Crown Shop.
    This pack is only available during the Hallowe'en holiday(s).
Permanent Mounts
Temporary Mounts
Treasure Cards
Darkwraith's Clothing
Darkwraith's Scythes (Wands)
Dragon's Clothing
Housing Items
Hallowe'en Gear

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