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House:Prickly Bear Cactus

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(House) Prickly Bear Cactus.png

Type: House - Seed

Tradeable: Yes

Auction: Yes

Sold By:

Groundskeeper Verne

Vendor Price: 2,400 Gold

Found In:

Keeper's Lore Pack

Card Pack Price: 399 Crowns

Sell Price: 120 Gold
Gardening Sources:
(Icon) Gardening.png Gardening Needs:
(Icon) Pollination.png(Icon) Music.png
(Icon) Pest.png Pest Removal Information:
Smallest Spell(s) Needed:

Bug Bolt or Pungent Bug Spray or Putrid Bug Spray


Gusty Winds or Pest Zapper or Massive Pest Zapper


Deep Freeze or Dragonflies

This plant can attract Pixies

Reward Level: 3

Challenge Level: 4

Plot Required:
  Medium Enchanted Plot

Minimum Gardner Rank:
  Intermediate (5)

Seedling to Young Time:
  26 hours

Young to Mature Time:
  56 hours

Mature to Elder Time:
  278:30 hours

  Tropical Garden Gnome
  Red Barn Farm  
  Krok Insect Tablet
  Pile of Sand


Gardening Rewards Notes:

Needs Music and Pollination every 10 to 18 hours. Wilts with unattended need(s) after 12 Hours.

Mature Harvest: (occurs every 16 to 24 hours)

1 Snack (Chance of Crab Apple 3% or Sun Fruit 3%)
Chance of Prickly Bear Seed 21%
Sample Size: 448 individual harvests with Gnome, Krok Insect Tablet and Pile of Sand
Additional statistical information:
1 Snack (Rank 1 snack - 3%, Rank 3 - 19%, Rank 4 - 45%, Rank 5 - 26%, Rank 6 - 3%, Rank 8 - 5%)
Chance of Prickly Bear Seed 24%
Sample Size: 2885 individual harvests with Gnome

Elder Harvest:

Chance of Gold
3 Snacks (Chance of Crab Apple 10% or Sun Fruit 7%)
Chance of Prickly Bear Seed 31%
Sample Size: 129 individual harvests with Gnome, Krok Insect Tablet and Pile of Sand
Additional statistical information:
3 Snacks will be harvested for each elder plant
The chance for each individual snack (Rank 1 snack - 2%, Rank 3 - 18%, Rank 4 - 47%, Rank 5 - 26%, Rank 6 - 2%, Rank 8 - 5%)
The distribution for snacks is nearly the same for Mature and Elder but the Elder harvest provides 3 times as many snacks
Chance of Prickly Bear Seed 16%
Sample Size: 516 individual harvests with Gnome
Gardening Rewards

  69-93 Mature 
  None/115-140 Elder 

  20 Mature 
  200 Elder 

  Prickly Bear Cactus

  Ape Grapes
  Blonde Strawberry
  Caramel Popcorn
  Cheese Broccoli
  Crab Apples
  Crunch Apple
  Delicious Cookie
  Fire Cracker
  Flaming Soup
  Glowing Rock Candy
  Glowing Star Fruit
  Glowing Taffy
  Goat Cheese
  Golden Apple
  Golden Grapes
  Golden Peanut
  Golden Squash
  Green Grapes
  Gummy Bloodbat
  Gummy Firecat
  Gummy Humongofrog
  Ice Cream
  King Banana
  Large Fish
  Large Watermelon
  Meat Soup
  Medium Fish
  Moon Pie
  Nettle Root
  Redskin Peanut
  Square Root
  Square Watermelon
  Stinky Cheese
  Strawberry Cupcake
  Submarine Sandwich
  Sugar Donut
  Sun Fruit
  Tasty Biscuit
  Tiny Fish
  Wheat Cracker

Treasure Cards:


Dropped By:

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