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House:Pink Dandelion

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(House) Pink Dandelion.png

Type: House - Seed

Tradeable: Yes

Auction: No

Crowns Only

Seeds that "Like" Me:
  Burning Snap Dragon
  Maelstrom Snap Dragon
  Maltese Tiger Lily
  Snap Dragon
  Tiger Lily (Seed)
  Ultra Tiger Lily
  White Tiger Lily

Sold By:

Crown Shop

Vendor Price: 500 Crowns

Found In:

Hoard of the Hydra Pack
Ninja's Lore Pack
Skyvern's Hoard Pack
Wyvern's Hoard Pack

Card Pack Price: 399 Crowns

Sell Price: 120 Gold
Gardening Sources:
(Icon) Gardening.png Gardening Needs:
(Icon) Pollination.png(Icon) Rain.png
(Icon) Pest.png Pest Removal Information:
Smallest Spell(s) Needed:

Bug Bolt or Pungent Bug Spray or Putrid Bug Spray

Reward Level: 4

Challenge Level: 4

Plot Required:
  Small Plot

Minimum Gardner Rank:
  Novice (1)

Seedling to Young Time:
  48 hours

Young to Mature Time:
  92 Hours

Mature to Elder Time:
  288 Hours

  Tropical Garden Gnome
  Red Barn Farm  
  Ball of Blue Yarn
  Burning Snap Dragon
  Maelstrom Snap Dragon
  Potted Cat Tail
  Snap Dragon


Gardening Rewards Notes:

Mature Harvest: Harvests every ~18h to ~24h

1 Reagent
Chance of 1 Dandelion Seed

Elder Harvest:

Chance of Gold
3-4 Reagents
Chance of 1 Treasure Card
Chance of 1 Golden Pizza Snack
1 Pink Dandelion Seed
Chance of 1 Dandelion Seed
Gardening Rewards

  35-70 Mature 
  None/137-166 Elder 

  20 Mature 
  200 Elder 

  Pink Dandelion
  Ultra Dandelion

  Golden Pizza

Treasure Cards:
  Fire Cat
  Fire Trap

  Ancient Scroll
  Black Pearl
  Blood Moss
  Cat Tail
  Crystal Vial
  Lava Lily

Dropped By:

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