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House:Couch Potatoes

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(House) Couch Potatoes.png

Type: House - Seed

Tradeable: Yes

Auction: No

Crowns Only

Sold By:

Crown Shop

Vendor Price: 1,500 Crowns

Found In:

Hoard of the Hydra Pack
Wyvern's Hoard Pack

Card Pack Price: 399 Crowns

Gardening Sources:
  • Couch Potatoes

(Icon) Gardening.png Gardening Needs:
(Icon) Rain.png(Icon) Music.png
(Icon) Pest.png Pest Removal Information:
Smallest Spell(s) Needed:

Bug Bolt or Pungent Bug Spray or Putrid Bug Spray

This plant can attract Pixies

Reward Level: 7

Challenge Level: 6

Plot Required:
  Large Plot

Minimum Gardner Rank:
  Apprentice (3)

Seedling to Young Time:
  13:00 hours

Young to Mature Time:
  29:00 hours

Mature to Elder Time:
  216:00 hours

  Tropical Garden Gnome
  Red Barn Farm  
  Botanical Gardens
  King Parsley
  Sandwich Station


Gardening Rewards Notes:

Mature Harvest: Harvests every ~35h to ~43h 30m

Gold (average 207.26)

1 Treasure card
(17.7% Amplify, 17% Conviction, 17.4% Empower, 15.1% Fortify, 16.9% Infalible, 15.9% Vengeance)

1 Snack
( 21.3% Golden Pizza, 18.4% Jar of Jelly Beans, 20.5% Killer Tomato, 19.6% Shanta Pudding, 20.2% Taco Town Special)
(Rewards based on 1,000 Mature Harvests)

Elder Harvest:
Gold (average 1064.77)

1 Treasure Card
(16.4% Amplify, 18% Conviction, 17.6% Empower, 14.2% Fortify, 16.6% Infalible, 17.2% Vengeance)

3 Snacks
( 19.93% Golden Pizza, 11.2% Jar of Jelly Beans, 20.2% Killer Tomato, 19% Shanta Pudding, 19.67% Taco Town Special)

1 Mega-Snack
(33.8% Captain Canteloupe, 31.4% Fancy Yogurt, 34.8% Golden Wheat Bread)

1 Couch Potato Seed
(Rewards based on 500 Elder Harvests)

Like Effects on Maturity Times:

25% faster = Tropical Garden Gnome
20% faster = Pixie, Sandwich Station
15% faster = Red Barn Farm
10% faster = King Parsley, Litter
25% slower = Stinkweed
Gardening Rewards

  180-235 Mature 
  945-1,190 Elder 

  300 Mature 
  3,000 Elder 

  Couch Potatoes

  Captain Canteloupe
  Fancy Yogurt
  Golden Pizza
  Golden Wheat Bread
  Jar of Jelly Beans
  Killer Tomato
  Shanta Pudding
  Taco Town Special

Treasure Cards:


Dropped By:

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