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This is a Stub; please help us to expand it by providing Natural Attack and Beguile immunity.


Youkai is an impish secret Boss in the Tree of Life instance. Defeating him earns you the Sword Saint Badge. To find him, from the entrance, go to the southwesternmost pagoda. It will be the pagoda that has his sprite doodle under it on the map.


"Pathetic fool! I will crush you where you stand."

Spells Known

(Spell) Death Shield.png (Spell) Spirit Armor.png (Spell) Black Mantle.png (Spell) Weakness.png (Spell) Sprite.png
(Spell) Lifeblade.png (Spell) Life Trap.png (Spell) Imp.png (Spell) Leprechaun.png (Spell) Nature's Wrath.png
(Spell) Seraph.png (Spell) Centaur.png (Spell) Locust Swarm.png (Spell) Cyclops.png (Spell) Storm Shark.png
(Spell) Meteor Strike.png (Spell) Heck Hound.png
Youkai at a Glance:
(Creature) Youkai.png
Rank: 10 Boss
Health: 8,000
Creature Class: Imp
School: (Icon) Life.png
Boost: 50% to (Icon) Death.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Life.png
Physical Attack:

 This Creature deals (Icon) Life.png (Icon) Damage.png in an unknown quantity Per Pip.

Immunities: Stun, Beguile Unknown
Minion: Kogani Death Crawler
Location: MooShu - Tree of Life

Quest Appearances

No quests directly name this creature

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
64 - 95 per creature or per solo boss fight
Benign Cap
Hat of Enthusiasm
Light-As-Air Hat
Vigilant Cap
Youkai's Cap of Brainstorms - Wiki-Master Verified
Youkai's Hat of Kindness - Wiki-Master Verified
Youkai's Headwraps of Intent - Wiki-Master Verified
Youkai's Rational Hat - Wiki-Master Verified
Blended Wool Tunic
Euphonic Cloak - Wiki-Master Verified
Garment of Watchfulness
Heedful Robe
Sprightly Garments
Tunic of Preoccupation
Vestment of Cooperation
Vestment of Tribulations
Youkai's Cloak of Kindness
Youkai's Robe of Premise
Youkai's Tunic of Intent - Wiki-Master Verified
Youkai's Vestment - Wiki-Master Verified
Blended Wool Footwraps
Boots of Cooperation
Boots of Niceties
Footwraps of Chants
Friendly Shoes
Problematic Boots
Profound Slippers
Shoes of Struggling
Shoes of the Observant
Sprightly Slippers
Youkai's Shoes - Wiki-Master Verified
Youkai's Slippers - Wiki-Master Verified
Youkai's Vacant Footwraps - Wiki-Master Verified
Surgeon's Scalpel (Icon) Crown.png
Loop of Refreshment (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Flawed Defense Onyx +20
Kraken Amethyst
Power Play Citrine
Pets(rare drops)
Minotaur - Wiki-Master Verified
Koi Pond
Pagoda Shrine - Wiki-Master Verified
Potted Bobtail
Tall Blue Vase - Wiki-Master Verified
Wooden Skeleton Key
Youkai's Bonsai - Wiki-Master Verified
Fiery Boom Shroom
White Laugh-O-Dil
Treasure Cards:
Time of Legend
Spider Silk - Wiki-Master Verified
Ape Grapes
Crunch Apple
Fire Cracker
Golden Peanut
Golden Squash
Large Fish
Large Watermelon
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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