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Creature:Vasek Ashweaver

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Vasek Ashweaver is the last boss in the Grand Chasm. After you go to The Grand Chasm(Past) and get the key from his past self, you gain access to the vault that he guards, which contains a teleport crystal that you need to continue through Dragonspyre.


"Who dares trespass in this place?! I cannot allow any to enter this vault. You will not leave here alive..."

Spells Known

(Spell) Weakness.png (Spell) Deathblade.png (Spell) Curse.png (Spell) Death Trap.png (Spell) Dark Sprite.png
(Spell) Ghoul.png (Spell) Banshee.png (Spell) Vampire.png (Spell) Skeletal Pirate.png (Spell) Scarecrow.png
(Spell) Fire Elf.png (Spell) Lightning Bats.png (Spell) Ice Wyvern.png
Vasek Ashweaver at a Glance:
(Creature) Vasek Ashweaver.png
Rank: 8 Boss
Health: 7,000
Creature Class: Undead
School: (Icon) Death.png
Boost: 50% to (Icon) Life.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Death.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals 85 (Icon) Death.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: Stun Unknown, Beguile Unknown
Minion: N/A
Location: Dragonspyre - The Grand Chasm - Vault 1933

Quest Appearances

One Good Deed

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
60 - 70 per creature or per solo boss fight
Ashweaver's Cowl of Quietude
Cowl of Blazes
Cowl of the Northern Wind
Hood of the Historian
Cloak of the Seasons
Drape of Symmetry
Thunder Cloak
Ashweaver's Sandals of Cinders - Wiki-Master Verified
Sandals of the Lost Epoch
Shoes of Gloom
Slippers of the Ice Flow
Seal of the Watchful
Signet of the Reaper
Deck of the Ice Wyrm
Dragonspyre Sarcophagus - Wiki-Master Verified
Thunder Obelisk
Deadly Fly Trap
Fiery Boom Shroom
King Parsley (Icon) Crown.png
Treasure Cards:
Bronze Gear
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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