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Creature:The Coven

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The Coven is a group of six Ravens who are leaders of the Raven tribe in Grizzleheim. They rule over their Raven brethren from Raven Fortress, located in Ravenscar. They are shrouded in secrecy and use fear tactics to enforce compliance. Hrafn Lorespeaker is a Raven befriended by the Wizard, but even he knows very little about the evil Ravens leading his people. Each member of the Coven is encountered several times throughout Grizzleheim before confronting them all in Ravenscar.
After defeating the Coven in Ravenscar, they eventually regroup and begin causing problems on the island of Wintertusk. Their nefarious actions are plaguing the village of Hrundle Fjord and the surrounding lands controlled by the Ice Titan's sons. The final battle takes place in Nastrond, in order to save the Spiral from the Everwinter and the Ice Titan.

The Coven in Ravenscar

  • Othin Stormfather
Othin Stormfather (Coven Boss)
  • Mord Runechanter
Mord Runechanter (NPC)
Mord Runechanter (Ravenscar Boss)
Mord Runechanter (Coven Boss)
  • Munin Mistweaver
Munin Mistweaver (Mirkholm Keep) (Boss)
Munin Mistweaver (Ravenscar Boss)
Munin Mistweaver (Coven Boss)
  • Kol Shadowsong
Kol Shadowsong (NPC)
Kol Shadowsong (Ravenscar Boss)
Kol Shadowsong (Coven Boss)
The Coven: from left to right, Othin Stormfather, Mord Runechanter, Munin Mistweaver, Kol Shadowsong.

Plot in Ravenscar

The Coven has started a war between the Bear and Wolf tribes. They aim to steal the runes owned by these clans. Each member of the Coven took on a key role in creating rebellion and deception among the ranks of these tribes.
The discovery of a lost scroll in the Ravenscar glacier describe how the runes control magic in Grizzleheim and details the creation of an "Everwinter". The ritual to summon the Everwinter is near completion. It is never revealed how the Everwinter would benefit the Coven if the world is covered in ice.

Plot in Wintertusk

The Coven's plans to bring about the Everwinter continue. They intend to do this by waking the Ice Titan in Nastrond. Kol Shadowsong plays a key role in the Wintertusk plot, along with two new Coven members, Eitri Shadowmirk and Sadric Duskwing.
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