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Creature:Starburst Spider

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This is a Stub; please help us to expand it by providing confirmation of damage value - Zafaria values do not work like other worlds.


These are the final Bosses in the Mirror Lake.

Note: This Creature does not drop Pixie Stix, Golden Pearls, or Red Grapes of Wrath. They are rewards from the Quest listed below, Wizard in the Mirror.

Spells Known

(Spell) Amplify.png (Spell) Fortify.png (Spell) Stormblade.png (Spell) Storm Trap.png (Spell) Darkwind.png
(Spell) Wild Bolt.png (Spell) Kraken.png (Spell) Stormzilla.png (Spell) Triton.png (Spell) Storm Lord.png
(Spell) Leviathan.png (Spell) Sirens.png (Spell) Tempest.png (Spell) Natural Attack (Storm 2).png
Starburst Spider at a Glance:
(Creature) Starburst Spider.png
Rank: 11 Boss
Health: 6,470
Creature Class: Spider
School: (Icon) Storm.png
Boost: 35% to (Icon) Myth.png, (Icon) Life.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Storm.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals 125 (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: None
Minion: Starburst Spider, Starburst Spider, and Starburst Spider
Location: Zafaria - Mirror Lake

Quest Appearances

Wizard in the Mirror

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
293 - 377 per creature or per solo boss fight
Branded Chapeau (Icon) Crown.png
Ghostgrass Hood - Wiki-Master Verified
Griot's Hood - Wiki-Master Verified
Hat of the Old Kings - Wiki-Master Verified
Mischievous Brim (Icon) Crown.png
Pilgrim Hat (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Stone Town Topper
War Olyphant's Wrap - Wiki-Master Verified
Wild Monsoon Brim (Icon) Crown.png
Hallowe'en Robe (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Hunter's Kin Garb - Wiki-Master Verified
Olyphant's Balanced Jacket - Wiki-Master Verified
Santa Robe (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Sinister Medicine Cloak - Wiki-Master Verified
Spider's Storied Robe - Wiki-Master Verified
Storm Chaser's Outfit - Wiki-Master Verified
Sun's Circle Cloak - Wiki-Master Verified
Tunic of the Paragon (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Whiteblind Tunic (Icon) Crown.png
Wicked Cold Clothes - Wiki-Master Verified
Zafaria Tour Jacket - Wiki-Master Verified
Boots of Fire Dancing (Icon) Crown.png
Flameborn Sidhe Boots (Icon) Crown.png
Frostborn Sidhe Boots (Icon) Crown.png
Graveyard Walkers - Wiki-Master Verified
Lion King's Balanced Pads - Wiki-Master Verified
No Worries Footgear
Pilgrim Boots (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Quick Stepping Boots (Icon) Crown.png
Restless Boots of Oblivion (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Sidhe Boots of Attunement (Icon) Crown.png
Sidhe Shoes (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Soul Stepping Boots (Icon) Crown.png
Spirit Drummer's Boots - Wiki-Master Verified
Splendid Boots (Icon) Crown.png
Squamish Boots of the Sidhe (Icon) Crown.png
Storyborn Boots of Mist (Icon) Crown.png
Thornwood Stalkers (Icon) Crown.png
Long Night's Mandible
Scimitar of Substance - Wiki-Master Verified
Zafarite Amulet - Wiki-Master Verified
Shaka's Lightning Loop
Cold Snap Scepter (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Radiant Star Wand (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Sacred Heart Staff (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Scepter of the Ardent Vow (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Spellbinder's Scepter (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Staff of Corn Utopia (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Staff of Shadow and Light
Staff of Solomon - Wiki-Master Verified
Twilight of the Year Wand (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Winged Deliverance (Icon) Crown.png
Bundle of Ananse's Stories - Wiki-Master Verified
Chieftain's Smiling Deck
Hand-Chased Box of Thunder - Wiki-Master Verified
Hand-Chased Box of Winter
Draconian Opal
Infallible Opal
Opaque Critical Citrine +8
Opaque Critical Sapphire +8
Opaque Defense Jade +33
Opaque Defense Onyx +33
Opaque Defense Sapphire +33
Storm Lord Amethyst
Pets(rare drops)
Christmas Elf (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Lucky Leprechaun (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Pet Egg (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Valentine Pig (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Yuletide Spirit (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Color Light Strand (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Deck the Halls Theme (Holiday only)
Gingerbread House (Holiday only)
Krokopatra Exalted Duel (Icon) Crown.png
Large Snowflake (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Meowiarty Archmage Duel (Icon) Crown.png
Meowiarty Exalted Duel (Icon) Crown.png
Polka Dot Wrapped Long Gift (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Rattlebones Exalted Duel (Icon) Crown.png
Red Holiday Ornament (Holiday only)
Small Snowflake (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Snowman (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Snowman Wrapped Gift (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Star Wrapped Gift (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Yellow Holiday Ornament (Holiday only)
Yuletide LG. Small Fry Aquarium (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Yuletide Tall Small Fry Aquarium (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Zeus Exalted Duel (Icon) Crown.png
Burning Snap Dragon
Deadly Fly Trap
Fickle Pickle - Wiki-Master Verified
Helephant Ears
King Parsley (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Orange Bell Pepper (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Orange Dandelion - Wiki-Master Verified
Red Bell Pepper
White Desparagus
White Laugh-O-Dil
Treasure Cards:
Availing Hands
Efreet - Wiki-Master Verified
Elemental Defuse
Forest Lord - Wiki-Master Verified
Insane Bolt - Wiki-Master Verified
Leviathan - Wiki-Master Verified
Medusa - Wiki-Master Verified
Skeletal Dragon - Wiki-Master Verified
Snow Angel - Wiki-Master Verified
Spirit Defuse
Supercharge - Wiki-Master Verified
Amber Dust
Ectoplasm - Wiki-Master Verified
Merle's Whisker - Wiki-Master Verified
Buttered Bread - Wiki-Master Verified
Cauliflowers - Wiki-Master Verified
Dr. Jalapeno
Glowing Dragon Fruit
Glowing Star Fruit
Jelly Baby
Kola Nuts - Wiki-Master Verified
Shiny Tomato - Wiki-Master Verified
Uni-Corn - Wiki-Master Verified
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)
Stormrider Hare (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)

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