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(Creature) Soulkeeper.png
View Drops ⧨
Rank3 Boss
ClassificationKrokotopian / Undead
School(Icon) Ice.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips1  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png
Inc. Boost20% to (Icon) Fire.png
Inc. Resist50% to (Icon) Ice.png
MinionSoul of the Charmed
KrokotopiaChamber of Fire - Chamber of the Charmed

The Soulkeeper is responsible for the enslavement of Manders that have passed on to the afterlife. He is located in the Chamber of the Charmed, an instance connected to the Chamber of Fire in the Pyramid of the Sun. Within the Chamber of the Charmed lie all the Mander souls that he has enslaved.


"Fool! You think you can just come in here and take my Manders! They are mine for all eternity!"
Monstrology Tome Description

Guides the spirits of the manders into the Chamber of the Charmed to trap them in their afterlife.

(Icon) Monstrology Minion TC.png
Summon Card
Animus: 20
Gold: 1,000
(Icon) Monstrology House Guest.png
House Guest
Animus: 30
Gold: 2,500
Cannot Expel this Creature
Spell Notes

Natural Attack:

  • Deals 85 Ice Damage per Pip.
Quest Appearances
» Lucky Charmed
(Spell) Tower Shield.png
(Spell) Iceblade.png
(Spell) Ice Trap.png
(Spell) Frost Beetle.png
(Spell) Snow Serpent.png
(Spell) Ice Elf (30+210).png
(Spell) Evil Snowman.png
(Spell) Snow Shark.png
(Spell) Banshee.png
Gold (per creature or per solo boss fight)
23 - 38
Cap of the Oasis
Charred Cowl
Cowl of Summertime
Cryptkeeper's Circlet
Crystalline Helm
Destructive Cowl
Diviner's Hat of Squalls
Durable Hood
Helm of Refuge
Helm of the Citadel
Helm of the Cyclone
Sphinx's Circlet
Sturdy Hood
Theurge's Hat (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Threadbare Hood
Crystalline Vest
Flowering Mantle
Powerful Vestment
Robe of the Bastion
Robe of the Mirage
Sphinx's Vestment
Sturdy Robe
Vest of the Oasis
Vestment of Darkness
Vestment of Ignition
Ancient Sandals
Boots of the Bastion
Boots of the Citadel
Boots of the Whirlwind
Cryptkeeper's Shoes
Footwraps of the Arctic
Glacial Slippers
Hardy Boots
Overseer's Shoes
Powerful Boots
Runed Boots
Sandals of Refuge
Sandals of Tall Tales (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Shoes of Adaptation
Shoes of Mortality
Shoes of the Desert
Slippers of the Oasis
Sphinx's Footwraps
Dagger of Talent
Parched Kris
Whirlwind Dagger
Band of the Skies
Cryptkeeper's Band
Flowering Band
Jewel of Obliteration
Loop of Quietude (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Loop of the Defender
Ring of the Badlands
Sparkling Band
Superstitious Band
Housing Items
Bushy Palm Tree
Hieroglyphic Ice Tablet
Krok Skull Plaque
Potted Palm
Raised Storm Sarcophagus
Tall Palm Tree (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Treasure Cards
Guiding Light
Lightning Bats
Myth Trap
Bronze Gear
Copper (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Spider Silk
Cracker (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Green Grapes (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Medium Fish
Nettle Root (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Tiny Fish (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Wheat Cracker
Calculating Opal
Chipped Mana Opal +10
Chipped PIP Opal +1%
Clay Post Opal
Cracked Accurate Jade +2%
Cracked Accurate Sapphire +2%
Cracked Defense Onyx +7
Cracked Defense Opal +4
Death-Eye Onyx
Fire Cat Ruby
Imp Jade
Scarab Citrine
Pets (Post screenshots here)
Alligator Pear Tree (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Pink Dandelion (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Mounts (1-day version unless otherwise noted)
Spells (Post screenshots here)

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