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Creature:Poseidon Earth Shaker (Atlantea)

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The final Boss of Atlantea. For the Tartarus version of this Boss, see Poseidon Earth-Shaker (Tartarus).


"Hail, Transcendent Wizard, and welcome to the center of Atlantea, the light in the depths. Well, unlike my brother, I will not hold back...much. The challenge must be fair, no?"


  • If any Single-Target Charm, Hit, or Trap is cast on Poseidon, he will respond with "You seek to weaken me? Drink from the depths!" and use his Natural Attack, which removes all Traps that were placed on him. Multi-Target Spells such as Windstorm or others can still be used.
    • Spells with Single-Target secondary effects will trigger this cheat.
  • At the start of the battle he will yell. "We immortals are infallible!" And on the first turn he will cast it. Whenever this Boss does not have an aura on himself, he will use up his turn to cast Infallible.

Spells Known

(Spell) Infallible.png (Spell) Vengeance.png (Spell) Thermic Shield.png (Spell) Stormblade.png (Spell) Storm Trap.png
(Spell) Windstorm.png (Spell) Triton.png (Spell) Storm Lord.png (Spell) Leviathan.png (Spell) Storm Hound.png
Poseidon Earth Shaker (Atlantea) at a Glance:
(Creature) Poseidon Earth Shaker (Atlantea).png
Rank: 11 Boss
Health: 20,000
Creature Class: Other Birds
School: (Icon) Storm.png
Boost: (Icon) Myth.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Storm.png
Physical Attack:

 This Creature deals (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Damage.png in an unknown quantity Per Pip.

Immunities: Beguile Unknown
Minion: Atlantean Trierarch, Atlantean Trierarch, and Atlantean Trierarch
Location: Wizard City - Atlantea - Palace of Atlantea

Quest Appearances

Into the Sea
Under the Sea

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
193 - 247 per creature or per solo boss fight
Bad Storm Shroud
Brisk Helmet of Nodor
Helm of Nature's Wrath
Helm of Poseidon's Acumen
Mask of the Silent Hunter
Poseidon's Backdraft Helm - Wiki-Master Verified
Poseidon's Cover of Vim
Poseidon's Iceberg Helm
Poseidon's Raging Sea Helm
Poseidon's Typhoon Helmet
Poseidon's Wave Crest Helm
Senator's Embering Laurel - Wiki-Master Verified
Senator's Laurel of Vigor
Senator's Scholarly Laurel
Senator's Stately Laurel
Poseidon's Sizzling Garb
Poseidon's Tsunami Garb
Poseidon's Undertow Robe
Senator's Downpour Toga
Senator's Forlorn Toga
Senator's Scholarly Toga
Senator's Toga of Embers
Tunic of Poseidon's Mercy - Wiki-Master Verified
Windbreaker of Nodor - Wiki-Master Verified
Hanging Stones Striders
Luck Smithed Boots
Poseidon's Frost Runners
Poseidon's Lightning Sandals
Poseidon's Maritime Boots
Poseidon's Steamwalkers - Wiki-Master Verified
Poseidon's Waterwalkers
Senator's Downpour Shoes - Wiki-Master Verified
Senator's Forlorn Sandals
Senator's Sandals of Vigor
Senator's Shoes of Embers
Senator's Stately Sandals
Slick Road Grippers
Splashing Stream Waders
Dryad's Burning Nettle - Wiki-Master Verified
Steel of the Wild Hunt
Weirwood's Thorn
Dependable Squire's Torc
Mystery of the Druids
Pendant of Armiger's Tenacity
Proven Armiger's Pendant
Bad Host Band
Band of the Lost Abbey
Lake Spiral Ring
Ares' Cold Heart Spear
Ares' Spear of Furor
Ares' Spear of Honor - Wiki-Master Verified
Ares' Spear of Insight
Ares' Waterspout Spear
Poseidon's Polar Trident
Poseidon's Squalls Trident
Poseidon's Staff of Tides
Poseidon's Trident of Lore
Poseidon's Waterbane
Poseidon's Wavemaker Staff
Opaque Damage Citrine +17
Opaque Piercing Amethyst +4%
Pets(rare drops)
Golden Ram (Icon) Crown.png
Li'l Siren (Icon) Crown.png
Aquila Boss Combat Theme
Treasure Cards:
Cycle of Life - Wiki-Master Verified
Dr. Von's Monster
Polymorph Icehorn
Polymorph Jaguar
Polymorph Pteranodon
Sharpened Blade - Wiki-Master Verified
Sleet Storm - Wiki-Master Verified
Black Lotus - Wiki-Master Verified
Bronze Gear - Wiki-Master Verified
Cat Tail
Deep Mushroom
Fire Blossom - Wiki-Master Verified
Frost Flower
Lava Lily - Wiki-Master Verified
Mist Wood - Wiki-Master Verified
Pearl - Wiki-Master Verified
Red Mandrake - Wiki-Master Verified
Shell - Wiki-Master Verified
Stone Block
Buttered Bread
Deviled Eggs
Fern Jelly
Glowing Star Fruit
Gummy Wyrms
King Banana
Marzipan Maize - Wiki-Master Verified
Treant Bark
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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