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Creature:Odji Sokkwi

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Odji Sokkwi guards the Frozen Forge in the Hall of Champions, which you need to forge General Khaba's sword in the quest Taking It to the Tuts. Two additional Sokkwi Crushers will appear if more than two Wizards are present.


"You will not evade me, Wizard. Prepare to meet your doom!"

Spells Known

(Spell) Tower Shield.png (Spell) Iceblade.png (Spell) Ice Trap.png (Spell) Snow Serpent.png (Spell) Ice Elf.png
(Spell) Evil Snowman.png (Spell) Snow Shark.png (Spell) Banshee.png
Odji Sokkwi at a Glance:
(Creature) Odji Sokkwi.png
Rank: 3 Boss
Health: 570
Creature Class: Krokotopian
School: (Icon) Ice.png
Boost: 20% to (Icon) Fire.png
Resist: 50% to (Icon) Ice.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals 105 (Icon) Ice.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: Stun, Beguile
Minion: Sokkwi Crusher
Location: Krokotopia - Hall of Champions - Odji's Chamber

Quest Appearances

Taking It to the Tuts

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
20 - 33 per creature or per solo boss fight
Helm of the Bastion - Wiki-Master Verified
Helm of the Cyclone
Odji's Hat of Artistry - Wiki-Master Verified
Ceremonial Vest - Wiki-Master Verified
Conjurer's Cloak
Durable Robe
Garments of the Augur - Wiki-Master Verified
Pyromancer's Lambent Robe
Robe of Ingenuity
Robe of Reason
Robes of Dormancy
Rugged Robe
Runed Vestment
Sphinx's Vestment
Tunic of the Whirlwind
Boots of Imagination
Boots of the Citadel
Boots of the Cyclone
Crystalline Footwraps
Odji Sokkwi's Bitter Boots - Wiki-Master Verified
Odji's Sandals of Repose
Shoes of Adaptation
Shoes of the Fortress
Swindler Shoes (Icon) Crown.png
Ancient Kris
Athame of Mortality
Cryptkeeper's Shortsword
Dagger of Solitude
Flamedancer's Athame
Parched Kris
Sokkwi's Necklace of Skies - Wiki-Master Verified
Advocate's Ring
Band of Energy - Wiki-Master Verified
Loop of Talent - Wiki-Master Verified
Loop of Tall Tales
Partisan's Ring
Ring of Mortality
Ring of the Badlands - Wiki-Master Verified
Sparkling Band
Victor's Signet
Odji's Staff of Downpour - Wiki-Master Verified
Mummified Deck
Pharaoh's Deck
Chipped Mana Opal +10
Cracked Damage Ruby +2
Blue Krok Bust
Bowl of Dates
Krok Sun Plaque
Krokotopia Theme 2 - Wiki-Master Verified
Purple Painted Column
Alligator Pear Tree
Pink Dandelion (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Treasure Cards:
Meteor Strike
Mutate Cat (Storm)
Storm Shark
Storm Trap
Bronze Gear
Cracker - Wiki-Master Verified
Nettle Root
Tiny Fish
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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