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The Kraken is a very popular boss for high-leveled initiate and apprentice free-to-play players to battle. The place where the Kraken is fought is peculiar compared to the rest of the game because it is fought like a street monster. Most other bosses in the game are instead found within single or multi-player instances. Because of this, the battle circle of the Kraken is often filled very quickly and it can often be difficult to get a spot if you need to complete the quest; switching realms is recommended to try and complete the quest.


"The sea's greatest wrath is about to come crashing down on you."

Spells Known

(Spell) Myth Shield.png (Spell) Rain Beetle.png (Spell) Thunder Snake.png (Spell) Storm Serpent (Variation).png (Spell) Lightning Bats.png
(Spell) Storm Elf.png (Spell) Storm Shark.png (Spell) Imp.png
Kraken at a Glance:
(Creature) Kraken.png
Rank: 3 Boss
Health: 510
Creature Class: Kraken
School: (Icon) Storm.png
Boost: 20% to (Icon) Myth.png
Resist: 50% to (Icon) Storm.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals 125 (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: Stun, Beguile
Minion: N/A
Location: Wizard City - Triton Avenue - Four Falls Mill

Quest Appearances

Defeat the Kraken

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
7 - 12 per creature or per solo boss fight
Canvas Cover
Cowl of Comparison
Cowl of Wisdom - Wiki-Master Verified
Helm of Audacity - Wiki-Master Verified
Hood of Tension - Wiki-Master Verified
Imp Lord's Helm
Sapphyra's Studded Helm
Ashen Cloak - Wiki-Master Verified
Cloak of the Watchful - Wiki-Master Verified
Splendiferous Robe
Kraken's Charged Boots
Senior Novice's Shoes - Wiki-Master Verified
Slippers of Repose - Wiki-Master Verified
Citrine Studded Athame - Wiki-Master Verified
Choker of Ferocity
Swiftarrow's Necklace - Wiki-Master Verified
Lord's Signet - Wiki-Master Verified
Pets(rare drops)
Cupig (Icon) Crown.png (Holiday only)
Ornate Stone Tower
Padded Chair - Wiki-Master Verified
Storm Stone Tower
Treasure Cards:
Death Trap
Fire Elf
Guiding Light
Keen Eyes
Lightning Bats
Locust Swarm
Time of Legend
Tough - Wiki-Master Verified
Spider Silk
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)
Ancient Koi
Bat Wings
Black Stallion
Blue Fairy Wings
Brown Warg
Bruin Ram - Wiki-Master Verified
Chestnut Pony
Dark Redwing
Enchanted Broom
Faithful Dragoness
Horned Sweeper
Manta Ray
Moonlight Pony
Nightflame Pegasus
Orange Fairy Wings
Purple Glider
Rugged Seahorse
Sea Turtle
Seraph Wings
Snappy Lobster
Spritely Seahorse
Starlight Pony - Wiki-Master Verified
Sunshine Pony
Swift Gryphon
Swift Shark
Swiftshadow Wings
Skyracer Pegasus
White Mare

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