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Creature:Kallah Silverback

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Kallah is leader of the Gorillas following Morganthe.


"How did you get in here? Why aren't you stuck to a web, having the life bled out of you? I'll just have to toss the spiders your carcass! Your unaltered spells won't even scratch my fur!"


  • If a single-target attack spell is cast on Kallah without a prism, he will say "Your school magic barely tickles me!" and cast Minor Blessing on himself by interrupt.
  • If a prism is on him when attacked by any single-target spell, Kallah will say "Oof. I wasn't expecting that!" He will then remove one prism and hit himself with a base 500 damage ice blast.
  • Spells cast by your Pet will not activate this cheat.

Spells Known

(Spell) Amplify.png (Spell) Fortify.png (Spell) Elemental Shield.png (Spell) Smoke Screen.png (Spell) Quench.png
(Spell) Minor Blessing.png (Spell) Satyr.png (Spell) Elemental Blade.png (Spell) Elemental Trap.png (Spell) Meteor Strike.png
(Spell) Spectral Blast.png (Spell) Hydra.png (Spell) Power Nova.png
Kallah Silverback at a Glance:
(Creature) Kallah Silverback.png
Rank: 11 Boss
Health: 7,390
Creature Class: Gorilla
School: (Icon) Star.png
Boost: None
Resist: None
Physical Attack:

 Deals 85 or 130 (Icon) Star.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: Stun Unknown, Beguile Unknown
Minion: Gorilla Spider Witch
Location: Zafaria - Drum Jungle - Kallah Silverback's Shack

Quest Appearances

Knockin On Kallah's Door

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
85 - 123 per creature or per solo boss fight
Bushfire Hat
Cold At Night Cover - Wiki-Master Verified
Courageous Grower's Hat
Hood of Chieftain's Honor
Hot-Tempered Chieftain's Mask
Mantle of the Grasslands - Wiki-Master Verified
River Captain's Hood
Turban of the Olyphants
Cloak of Dreaming Medicine - Wiki-Master Verified
Robes of the Cold Night
Shaman's Winter Protection
Storm Caller's Outfit
Tunic of Darajani Honor
Baxby's Noble Trackers
Hot and Cold Crushers - Wiki-Master Verified
Nemean Rock Climbers - Wiki-Master Verified
Stone Town Storm Trackers
Striped Skewer - Wiki-Master Verified
Shining Shard Charm
Aryanah's Golden Loop
Nergal's Burning Brand
Shaka's Lightning Loop - Wiki-Master Verified
Staff of Solomon
Bundle of Eternal Flame
Chieftain's Smiling Deck
Hand-Chased Box of Destiny
Hand-Chased Box of Winter
Infallible Opal
Pets(rare drops)
Leopard (Icon) Crown.png
Skink (Icon) Crown.png
Zafaria Morganthe Theme
Baby Carrots
Cornbread Fruit Bush
Deadly Fly Trap
Evil Snow Peas - Wiki-Master Verified
Helephant Ears
Key Limes (Icon) Crown.png
Orange Bell Pepper (Icon) Crown.png
Orange Dandelion
Red Bell Pepper
Snap Dragon
White Desparagus
Treasure Cards:
Empower - Wiki-Master Verified
Gargantuan - Wiki-Master Verified
Polymorph Colossus
Stun Block
Unstoppable - Wiki-Master Verified
Bone - Wiki-Master Verified
Ectoplasm - Wiki-Master Verified
Delicious Cookie - Wiki-Master Verified
Dr. Jalapeno
Glowing Star Fruit
Glowing Taffy
Golden Apple - Wiki-Master Verified
Kola Nuts
Spicy Drumstick
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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