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Creature:Hades the Unseen

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The final Boss of Tartarus, Hades is the ultimate test of your skills to complete the Immortal Games.

Note: All Drops received during this Duel should be recorded on this page.


Hades: "Inglorious Wizard, you think you can topple the great Immortals of Aquila with your magic spells? You have done well to get so far, granted. But I don't think you have what it takes to defeat me... and my brothers!"
Poseidon: "You have come far, little Wizard, since last we battled. Are you ready to face the full fury of the sea?"
Zeus: "Do not fear, Wizard. We set the bar so high to ensure that only the truly heroic earn our greatest favors. We will not hold back this time. If you fall, you will live in the golden Elysian Fields for blessed eternity."


  • This Boss can resist spells from the School of Balance.
  • This Boss uses a -45% version of Virulent Plague and a +25% version of Curse.
  • Hades will cast his Natural Attack for 0-Pips every four Rounds (305 death damage to all enemies + heal over time on himself as well).
  • Hades randomly cast a Death Damage over Time as his turn, dealing 800 base damage every Round, for 0 Pips.
    • If the Damage over Time effect is shifted to any of the Bosses, Hades will use a Triage to remove it.
  • The first spell Hades casts will always be his Natural Attack.
  • Hades may gain two pips or power pips at the start of a Round instead of one pip or power pip.
  • If any Wizard is defeated, Hades will cast a Heal over Time to all on his team, and this depends on how many teammates he has remaining. This Heal over Time Heals 630 per Round and lasts 3 Rounds for a total of 1,890 Health.
    • If all three Bosses are still remaining, he will cast this Heal over Time three times on each of the Bosses.
    • If only two Bosses are still remaining, he will cast this Heal over Time twice on himself and whichever remaining Boss there is.
    • If only Hades remains, he will only cast the Heal over Time once on himself.
    • If Zeus is killed before Hades, Hades will cast the Heal over Time twice on himself and Poseidon. Unsure whether this is a bug or intended.
      • If the Wizard was not defeated on the Round the attack was cast, this cheat will not activate.
      • If the Wizard was defeated by a Damage over Time, this cheat will not activate.

Spells Known

(Spell) Vengeance.png (Spell) Virulent Plague (-45%).png (Spell) Black Mantle.png (Spell) Deathblade.png (Spell) Balanceblade.png
(Spell) Curse (+25%).png (Spell) Hex.png (Spell) Triage.png (Spell) Wraith.png (Spell) Ominous Scarecrow.png
(Spell) Skeletal Dragon.png (Spell) Avenging Fossil.png
Hades the Unseen at a Glance:
(Creature) Hades the Unseen.png
Rank: 13 Boss
Health: 22,500
Creature Class: Other Birds
School: (Icon) Death.png
Boost: 30% to  (Icon) Life.png, (Icon) Myth.png, (Icon) Death.png
Resist: 80% to  (Icon) Balance.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals 305 (Icon) Death.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: Stun, Beguile
Minion: Poseidon Earth-Shaker (Tartarus), Zeus Sky Father (Tartarus)
Location: Wizard City - Tartarus

Quest Appearances

Fall of Pompeii
Into the Depths

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
190 - 292 per creature or per solo boss fight
Blackthunder Helm
Clangor from Olympus Brim
Hades' Blackrain Helm
Hades' Crown of Blazes
Hades' Helm of Dread
Hades' Helm of Justice
Hades' Helm of Penance
Hades' Helm of Retribution
Hades' Helm of the Abyss
Hades' Helm of Torment
Hades' Helmet of Shivers
Hades' Veil of Woe
Helm of the Frozen Wave
Helm of the Heavens
Helm of Unknown Tartarus
Helmet of Tranquil Seas
Poseidon's Brim of Ardor
Poseidon's Cowl of Flares
Poseidon's Sea Spray Helm - Wiki-Master Verified
Poseidon's Torrential Helm
Poseidon's Whirlpool Helm
Senator's Laurel of Demise
Senator's Laurel of Sparks
Senator's Monsoon Laurel - Wiki-Master Verified
Senator's Noble Laurel
Senator's Spirited Laurel - Wiki-Master Verified
Unseen Lord's Chill Helmet
Unseen Lord's Cinder Crown
Zeus' Divine Right Helm
Zeus' Eternal Flame Helm
Zeus' Helm of Kings
Zeus' Helm of the Moribund
Zeus' Helmet of Blizzards
Armor of a Sorrowful Life
Armor of Unknown Tartarus
Armor of Zeus' Law
Blackthunder Armor
Hades' Armor of Conscience
Hades' Armor of Mortality
Hades' Armor of Tartarus
Hades' Armor of the Abyss
Hades' Armor of Torment
Hades' Frozen Over Armor
Hades' Inferno Plate
Hades' Raiment of Justice
Poseidon's Armor of Ages
Poseidon's Armor of Depths
Poseidon's Armor of Fervor
Poseidon's Doldrums Armor
Poseidon's Firestream Garb
Poseidon's Glacial Armor
Poseidon's Maelstrom Gear
Raiment of Hades' Ruin
Senator's Monsoon Toga
Senator's Noble Toga
Senator's Spirited Toga - Wiki-Master Verified
Senator's Toga of Demise
Senator's Toga of Sparks
Unseen Lord's Chill Armor
Unseen Lord's Cinder Plate
Zeus' Frozen Skies Armor
Zeus' Garb of Mischief - Wiki-Master Verified
Zeus' Ominous Skies Armor
Zeus' Skyforged Plate
Zeus' War Eagle Raiment
Zeus' Wicked Ploy Armor
Blackthunder Walkers - Wiki-Master Verified
Boots of the Uncharted Sea
Boots of Unknown Tartarus
Footgear of the Afterlife
Hades' Boots of Justice
Hades' Brimstone Boots
Hades' Darkness Trekkers
Hades' Firestriders
Hades' Frost-Bound Boots
Hades' Furtive Stalkers
Hades' Striders of Torment
Hades' Tartarus Walkers
Poseidon's Boots of Vapors
Poseidon's Crest Walkers - Wiki-Master Verified
Poseidon's Engulfing Boots
Poseidon's Icebound Boots
Poseidon's Waterskimmers
Poseidon's Wavewalkers
Senator's Frostfall Shoes
Senator's Monsoon Sandals - Wiki-Master Verified
Senator's Noble Sandals
Senator's Shoes of Demise
Senator's Shoes of Wisdom - Wiki-Master Verified
Senator's Sparking Sandals
Senator's Spirited Shoes - Wiki-Master Verified
Unseen Lord's Chill Boots
Unseen Lord's Cinder Boots
Walkers of a Sorrowful Life
Zeus' Boots of Ambition
Zeus' Cloud Stalkers
Zeus' Majestic Skyriders
Zeus' Soulless Walkers
Zeus' Striders of Vitality
Zeus's Flamewalkers
Zeus's Iceshelf Striders
Amulet of Divine Influence
Exalted Balance Amulet
Exalted Death Amulet
Exalted Fire Amulet
Exalted Ice Amulet
Exalted Life Amulet
Exalted Myth Amulet
Exalted Storm Amulet
Ares' Sunflare Spear
Bolt of Zeus' Justice
Hades' Flamemaker - Wiki-Master Verified
Hades' Soul Scythe
Hades' Staff of Awakening - Wiki-Master Verified
Hades' Staff of Eternity
Hades' Staff of Frostbite
Hades' Staff of Reckoning
Hades' Staff of Tempests
Poseidon's Backdraft Stave
Poseidon's Numbing Staff
Poseidon's Open Seas Staff
Poseidon's Staff of Zeal
Poseidon's Wavemaker
Staff of Poseidon's Angst
Staff of Zeus' Curses
Trident of Shock Waves
Zeus' Bolt of Genius - Wiki-Master Verified
Zeus' Scepter of Creation
Zeus' Smoke Cloud Scepter
Zeus' Thunderstrike Staff - Wiki-Master Verified
Buff Minion Peridot
Drain Health Jade
Polished Critical Hematite +11
Polished Critical Peridot +11
Polished Defense Opal +22
Polished Health Opal +87
Aquila Atlantea Theme
Aquila Olympus Theme - Wiki-Master Verified
Aquila Tartarus Theme - Wiki-Master Verified
Treasure Cards:
Cloud Demon
Dr. Von's Monster - Wiki-Master Verified
Extraordinary - Wiki-Master Verified
Frost Demon
Potent Trap - Wiki-Master Verified
Primordial - Wiki-Master Verified
Rain of Fire - Wiki-Master Verified
Sharpened Blade
Woolly Mammoth
Aether - Wiki-Master Verified
Agave Nectar - Wiki-Master Verified
Amber - Wiki-Master Verified
Amber Dust - Wiki-Master Verified
Braided Vine - Wiki-Master Verified
Diamond - Wiki-Master Verified
Merle's Whisker - Wiki-Master Verified
Turquoise - Wiki-Master Verified
Vine - Wiki-Master Verified
Caramel Apple
Chili Peppers
Fried Ice Cream
Glowing Star Fruit - Wiki-Master Verified
Gummy Wyrms
Jelly Baby
Shiny Tomato - Wiki-Master Verified
Zocalo Wings
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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