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Creature:Giant Homunculus

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The Giant Homunculus is a shiny-black colossus found in Homunculus' Tower in The Drake Hatchery.


"Mind all full of mud. . . what to do? No answer! What? Smash is the answer! Smash!!!"

Spells Known

(Spell) Myth Shield.png (Spell) Weakness.png (Spell) Smoke Screen.png (Spell) Sprite.png (Spell) Stormblade.png
(Spell) Storm Trap.png (Spell) Thunder Snake.png (Spell) Lightning Bats.png (Spell) Storm Shark.png (Spell) Kraken.png
(Spell) Stormzilla.png (Spell) Storm Lord.png (Spell) Heck Hound.png
Giant Homunculus at a Glance:
(Creature) Giant Homunculus.png
Rank: 8 Boss
Health: 3,600
Creature Class: Elemental
School: (Icon) Storm.png
Boost: 50% to (Icon) Myth.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Storm.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals 125 (Icon) Storm.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: None
Minion: Wandering Firesoul
Location: Dragonspyre - The Drake Hatchery - Homunculus' Tower

Quest Appearances

Cry Freedom

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
106 - 124 per creature or per solo boss fight
Bonfire Headdress
Cowl of Morbidity
Hood of the Homunculus - Wiki-Master Verified
Promethean Hood
Reaper's Hood
Shroud of the Equinox
Shroud of the Green - Wiki-Master Verified
Triton's Topper
Veil of Leaves
Veil of Passage
Blizzard Cloak
Coat of the Zephyr
Surcoat of the Homunculus
Terminus Wrap
Tunic of Tradition
Verdant Vestment
Vestment of the Inferno - Wiki-Master Verified
Ashen Footwraps
Burning Boots
Footgear of the North Wind
Frost Giant's Boots
Mocassins of the Oracle
Sandals of Neutrality
Sandals of the Generous Earth - Wiki-Master Verified
Sandals of the Homunculus
Shoes of the Whispering Dark
Blade of the Homunculus - Wiki-Master Verified
Claw of Conciliation - Wiki-Master Verified
Dragonblood Dirk
Searing Knife
Rime-Edged Ring - Wiki-Master Verified
Ring of Dominance
Ring of the Forefathers - Wiki-Master Verified
Seal of the Gallium Paladin - Wiki-Master Verified
Signet of the Homunculus - Wiki-Master Verified
Longblade of the Homunculus
Blemished Defense Sapphire +24
Colossus Sapphire
Dull Damage Jade +13 - Wiki-Master Verified
Dull Damage Ruby +13
Dull Defense Opal +14
Dull Health Opal +47
Dragonspyre Theme 3 - Wiki-Master Verified
Regal Dragon Statue
Short Column
Upright Brazier - Wiki-Master Verified
Maelstrom Snap Dragon
Treasure Cards:
Pest Zapper
Bronze Gear - Wiki-Master Verified
Cobalt - Wiki-Master Verified
Copper - Wiki-Master Verified
Ectoplasm - Wiki-Master Verified
Stone Block
Flaming Soup
Goat Cheese
Golden Grapes - Wiki-Master Verified
Gummy Humongofrog
King Banana
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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