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Creature:Ghost Dog

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This is a Stub; please help us to expand it by providing drops.


Speech: "The Way of the Samoorai is found in death. Every day, one should meditate on being ripped apart by arrows, sliced by swords... Gouged by Minotaurs, blasted by Tempests, shot by Centaurs, frostbit by Balefrost, trampled by Helephants, doomed by Deer Knights... Or struck down by Samoorai. Every day, without fail, one should consider himself dead. Let me teach you this philosophy firsthand."

Morganthe's loyal servant and warlord. Ghost Dog directs the Umbra Legion's operations in and around Fort Rachias from his command center in the Central Keep. This page is for recording drops from the first (non-cheating) encounter. Drops from the second encounter should be recorded on the Ghost Dog (Shadow) page.

Spells Known

(Spell) Fortify.png (Spell) Deathblade.png (Spell) Death Trap.png (Spell) Vampire.png (Spell) Skeletal Pirate.png
(Spell) Death Ninja Pig.png (Spell) Wraith.png (Spell) Scarecrow.png (Spell) Skeletal Dragon.png (Spell) Dr. Von's Monster.png
Ghost Dog at a Glance:
(Creature) Ghost Dog.png
Rank: 12 Boss
Health: 15,700
Creature Class: Dog
School: (Icon) Death.png
Boost: 35% to (Icon) Life.png, (Icon) Ice.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Death.png
Physical Attack:

 This Creature deals (Icon) Death.png (Icon) Damage.png in an unknown quantity Per Pip.

Immunities: Beguile Unknown
Minion: N/A
Location: Khrysalis - Fort Rachias - Central Keep

Quest Appearances

Dying Star Stuff

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
58 - 72 per creature or per solo boss fight
Burrower's Rainstorm Gear - Wiki-Master Verified
Digger Drone Tactical Garb - Wiki-Master Verified
Burrower Claw of Unrest
Royal Guard's Shortblade - Wiki-Master Verified
Amulet of the Mouse Scout
Blue Razor Collar
Locket of the QuietOne
Royal Guard's Signet
Tyrian Gorge Stone - Wiki-Master Verified
Ghost Dog's Samoorai Band
Long Edge of BrightEyes
RunningBuck's Razor
Case of Engulfing Flames
Lightning Rider's Deck
Khrysalis Bastion Theme - Wiki-Master Verified
Khrysalis Thrives Theme - Wiki-Master Verified
White Laugh-O-Dil
Treasure Cards:
Mass Infection
Black Lotus - Wiki-Master Verified
Black Pearl - Wiki-Master Verified
Bronze Gear
Deep Mushroom - Wiki-Master Verified
Fire Blossom
Golden Pearl - Wiki-Master Verified
Lava Lily - Wiki-Master Verified
Mist Wood
Red Mandrake
Turquoise - Wiki-Master Verified
Glowing Star Fruit
Salmonberry - Wiki-Master Verified
Shiny Tomato
Uni-Corn - Wiki-Master Verified
Mounts: (1 Day version except Stormrider Hare)

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