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(Creature) Fellspawn.png
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Rank18 Boss
School(Icon) Shadow.png (Icon) Storm.png
Battle Statistics
Shadow Pips5 (Icon) Shadow Pip.png max
Starting Pips5  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Out. Pierce27% (Icon) Armor Piercing.png
Out. Boost130% (Icon) Damage.png
Inc. Boost5% to (Icon) Life.png (Icon) Myth.png
Inc. Resist70% to (Icon) Storm.png
50% to (Icon) Shadow.png
25% to (Icon) Balance.png (Icon) Death.png (Icon) Fire.png (Icon) Ice.png
Out. Healing45% (Icon) Healing.png
Inc. Healing50% (Icon) Healing.png
Wizard CityThe Catacombs - Fathomless Tomb

Fellspawn is a Gold Skeleton Key Boss found in the Catacombs.

  • If a Wizard joins the battle after the second Round, the Boss casts Call of Khrulhu (Shadow).
  • At the start of the first Round, the Boss summons three of the following Minions:
  • At the end of the third round after a minion is killed, a random school minion is summoned. After this, another minion will be summoned at the end of every fourth round.
  • At the start of the first Round, the Boss casts a Shadow Equalize, which sets the Damage cap to 9,999. Damage cannot go above this limit while Global is present. Any attempts to replace the Global Spell will recast Shadow Equalize.
  • At the start of the fifth Round, the Boss summons an Unhelpful Spawn on the Wizard's team if all duel slots are not filled.
    • Sacrificial Spells, such as Sap Power, will remove the Minion from the duel slot.
    • The Boss will resummon the Minion soon after it is defeated.
  • At the end of every fifth Round, Fellspawn will cheat-cast a Black Mantle, Hex, and Weakness, each on a random Wizard, and cast Bladestorm and an all allies version of Tower Shield (-55%).
  • Every six Rounds, the Boss will Polymorph into a Moon form lasting for three rounds, starting on Round 3, with different cheats.

Shadow form:

  • If a Wizard casts a Blade, the Boss will Mana Burn (Shadow) the caster dealing 600 Shadow Damage per Pip and Enfeeble the receiver of the Blade.
    • If an all allies Spell such as Bladestorm is cast, only the caster will be Enfeebled.
    • Non-Blade Charms such as Guiding Light will not activate this cheat.

Moon form:

  • While in Polymorph form the Boss loses all stats and cannot gain Power Pips or Shadow Pips.
  • If a Wizard casts a Trap, he will remove all Traps from the target of the Trap and Stun the caster for two Rounds.
    • Spells with a Trap after effect, such as Fire from Above, will trigger this cheat.
    • Prisms will not trigger this cheat.
Spell Notes
  • Casts Impede.
  • Backlash from Dark Fiend can exceed the Damage cap.
  • Casts an Aegis-protected Reaperblade (Storm-Shadow).
  • Casts a Mass Moon Trap.
  • Casts Frost Minotaur.
Quest Appearances
Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Dark Fiend.png
(Spell) Brace.png
(Spell) Vengeance (+30%).png
(Spell) Frozen Armor (185).png
(Spell) Reaperblade (Storm-Shadow).png
(Spell) Supercharge (Shadow).png
(Spell) Supercharge (+12%).png
(Spell) Moon Blade.png
(Spell) Moon Trap.png
(Spell) Disarm (Shadow).png
(Spell) Queen Calypso (Shadow).png
(Spell) Scorching Scimitars (Shadow).png
(Spell) Iron Sultan (Shadow).png
(Spell) Catch of the Day (Shadow).png
(Spell) Call of Khrulhu (Shadow).png
(Spell) Glowbug Squall (Shadow 1,120).png
(Spell) Storm Lord (Shadow).png
(Spell) Leviathan (Shadow).png
(Spell) Meteor Strike (Moon).png
(Spell) Orthrus (Moon).png
(Spell) Athena Battle Sight.png
(Spell) Scarecrow.png
(Spell) Fire Elf (55+240).png
(Spell) Scald (567).png
(Spell) Raging Bull.png
(Spell) Fire Dragon.png
(Spell) Wild Bolt (15-150-1150).png
(Spell) Kraken (605-665).png
(Spell) Stormzilla (755-835).png
(Spell) Sirens (965).png
(Spell) Tempest (85).png
Gold (per creature or per solo boss fight)
100 - 995
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Helm
Dragoon's Deadly Helm
Dragoon's Fiery Helm
Dragoon's Icy Helm
Dragoon's Mythic Helm
Dragoon's Shocking Helm
Dragoon's Vibrant Helm
Vanguard's Balanced Helm
Vanguard's Deadly Helm
Vanguard's Fiery Helm
Vanguard's Icy Helm
Vanguard's Mythic Helm (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Vanguard's Vibrant Helm
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Armor
Dragoon's Balanced Armor
Dragoon's Deadly Armor
Dragoon's Fiery Armor
Dragoon's Icy Armor
Dragoon's Shocking Armor
Dragoon's Vibrant Armor
Vanguard's Balanced Armor
Vanguard's Deadly Armor (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Vanguard's Fiery Armor
Vanguard's Icy Armor
Vanguard's Vibrant Armor
Dragonspyre Dragoon's Boots
Dragoon's Deadly Boots
Dragoon's Fiery Boots
Dragoon's Icy Boots
Dragoon's Mythic Boots
Vanguard's Balanced Boots
Vanguard's Deadly Boots
Vanguard's Fiery Boots
Vanguard's Icy Boots
Vanguard's Shocking Boots (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Vanguard's Vibrant Boots
Dragoon's Balanced Dagger
Dragoon's Deadly Dagger
Dragoon's Fiery Dagger
Dragoon's Icy Dagger
Dragoon's Mythic Dagger
Dragoon's Shocking Dagger (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Dragoon's Vibrant Dagger
Vanguard's Deadly Dagger
Vanguard's Fiery Dagger
Vanguard's Icy Dagger
Vanguard's Mythic Dagger
Vanguard's Shocking Dagger
Vanguard's Vibrant Dagger
Dragonspyre Vanguard's Charm
Dragoon's Balanced Charm
Dragoon's Deadly Charm
Dragoon's Fiery Charm
Dragoon's Mythic Charm
Dragoon's Shocking Charm
Vanguard's Fiery Charm
Vanguard's Mythic Charm
Vanguard's Shocking Charm
Vanguard's Vibrant Charm
Dragonspyre Dragoon's Ring
Dragoon's Deadly Ring
Dragoon's Icy Ring
Dragoon's Fiery Ring
Vanguard's Balanced Ring
Vanguard's Fiery Ring
Vanguard's Mythic Ring
Dragonspyre Dragoon Sword
Dragonspyre Vanguard Sword
Dragoon's Deadly Sword
Dragoon's Fiery Sword
Dragoon's Vibrant Sword
Vanguard's Deadly Sword
Vanguard's Fiery Sword
Vanguard's Icy Sword
Vanguard's Mythic Sword
Vanguard's Vibrant Sword
Housing Items
Adept's Socket Wrench
Brain Jar
Crab Alley Chaise
Expert's Socket Wrench
Ginormous Apple
Gold Skeleton Key (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Grandmaster Socket Wrench
Mystic Pizza
Novice's Socket Wrench
Roasted Drumstick
Stone Skeleton Key (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Watermelon Slice
WC Catacombs Combat Theme
WC Elsewhere Combat Theme
WC Drains Combat Theme
WC Drains Theme
Wooden Skeleton Key (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Treasure Cards
Brilliant Light
Dream Shield
Ether Shield
Galvanic Field
Mutate Beetle (Storm)
Mutate Bird (Ice)
Mutate Colossus (Fire)
Mutate Kraken (Fire)
Mutate Minotaur (Sun)
Mutate Phoenix (Sun)
Mutate Shark (Ice)
Mutate Wyvern (Storm)
Storm Shield
Ancient Scroll
Antique Coins
Black Pearl
Blood Bat
Blood Moss
Bronze Gear (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Dark Sprite
Fire Cat
Fire Elf (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Nickel (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Beast Wellington (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
BBQ Drumstick
Eye Candy (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Fern Jelly
Glowing Taffy
Hot Cross Buns (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Rock and Roll Candy
Satyr Chow
Veggie Juice
Wheat Cracker
Sparkling Blocking Amethyst +17
Sparkling Blocking Citrine +17
Sparkling Blocking Hematite +17
Sparkling Blocking Ruby +17
Sparkling Critical Citrine +17
Sparkling Critical Sapphire +17
Sparkling Damage Amethyst +27
Sparkling Damage Jade +27
Sparkling Damage Ruby +27
Sparkling Defense Amethyst +53
Sparkling Defense Citrine +53
Sparkling Defense Hematite +54
Sparkling Defense Peridot +53
Sparkling Defense Ruby +54
Sparkling Defense Sapphire +54
Sparkling Health Opal +116
Sparkling Health Opal +117
Sparkling Health Opal +118
Sparkling Health Opal +119
Pets (Post screenshots here)
Alligator Pear Tree
Angel Oak (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Boiled Peanuts
Bread Fruit Bush
Burning Snap Dragon (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Deadly Ninja Fig (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Evil Magma Peas (Icon) Crown.pngCrowns Item Drop
Face Palm
Golden Couch Potatoes
Green Snow Apples
Maelstrom Snap Dragon (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 3
Purple Grapes of Wrath
Queen Crape Myrtle
Red Couch Potatoes
Rye Bread Fruit Bush (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 2
Saw Palmetto
Snap Dragon
Venus Fly Trap
White Laugh-O-Dil
White Tiger Lily
Mounts (1-day version unless otherwise noted)
Spells (Post screenshots here)

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