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Creature:Fairy Queen (Rank 7)

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(Creature) Fairy Queen (Rank 7).png
Rank7 Boss
School(Icon) Life.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips3  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Out. Pierce6% (Icon) Armor Piercing.png
Out. Boost50% (Icon) Damage.png
Inc. Boost10% to (Icon) Balance.png (Icon) Myth.png
Inc. ResistNone
Housing InstanceRattlebones Master Challenge
  • This Boss is considered a Minion to Rattlebones (Rank 7). All drops should be recorded on that page.
  • Has an unknown Outgoing Healing boost.
  • "Fairies! Protect your Queen!" - At the start of the Round, this Boss will interrupt-cast a Life Spell which summons two Rank 7 Fairies of a random School.
  • "You'll never be as charming as Rattlebones!" - If a Blade or Global Spell is cast, then there will be a random chance of the Fairy Queen interrupt-casting Enfeeble on the Wizard who received the Blade or cast the Global Spell.
    • Using Bladestorm will prompt the Fairy Queen to remove the Blade from the caster only.
  • "Why don't we trade?" - When a Feint is placed on the Fairy Queen, then she will interrupt-cast Swap Ward which switches the Traps so that the higher percentage is on the Wizard.
    • Melt can be used to avoid this cheat.
Spell Notes
  • Casts a Satyr which restores 1,075 Health.
  • Casts a version of Sprite Trap which places a Death Trap on all Wizards, despite the Spell card's description.
Quest Appearances
Not directly named in Quests
(Spell) Cycle of Life.png
(Spell) Brilliant Light.png
(Spell) Satyr (990).png
(Spell) Rebirth.png
(Spell) Feyblade (Death).png
(Spell) Sharpened Feyblade.png
(Spell) Curse.png
(Spell) Natural Attack (Life 300).png
(Spell) Sprite Trap (300).png
(Spell) Centaur.png
(Spell) Poison (45+450).png

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