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Creature:Draconian (Tutorial)

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(Creature) Draconian (Tutorial).png
School(Icon) Ice.png
Battle Statistics
Starting Pips1  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png
Inc. BoostNone
Inc. ResistNone
MinionDraconian (Tutorial)
Wizard CityGolem Court - Golem Tower

These Creatures are henchmen that Malistaire Drake summons to stop and defeat you in battle.

This Creature is only fought once in game, when it is summoned by Malistaire in Golem Tower, and it is the first Creature a Wizard fights if they choose to do the Tutorial. This tutorial fight is specially programmed so the Wizard will always win, no matter what they do. None of the Spells cast by this Creature do the full listed value. Although these Creatures are Draconians, they do not count toward the badges. These Creatures do not have any possible drops.

Wizards get the following spells, on each Round.

Spell Notes
  • Frost Beetle deals 50 Damage.
  • Scorpion deals 50 or 90 Damage.
  • Storm Shark deals 85 Damage.
  • Skeleton Pirate deals 105 Damage.
  • Minotaur deals 95 Damage.
  • Phoenix deals 85 Damage.
  • Ninja Pigs deals 90 Damage.
  • Centaur deals 105 Damage.
Quest Appearances
» Tutorial
(Spell) Weakness.png
(Spell) Frost Beetle.png
(Spell) Scorpion.png
(Spell) Storm Shark.png
(Spell) Skeletal Pirate.png
(Spell) Phoenix.png
(Spell) Minotaur.png
(Spell) Ninja Pigs.png
(Spell) Centaur.png

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