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Creature:Belloq (Twin Giants)

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You face Belloq three times over the course of the Morganthe storyline. He has quite a bit of Health and carries some pretty difficult Cheats listed below.

Two additional Grim Calacas will appear if more than 2 Wizards are present.


"Ahhh, young Wizard! Welcome to the Wings of the Obsidian Butterfly. You never fail to surprise me with your ability to survive. My obligation to the Shadow Queen is complete. With Huracan in her hands, nothing can stop Morganthe from reaching Xibalba! She will perform her greatest act of Necromancy upon the comet, causing it to fall out of the sky and kill everyone! Thus, it is time for me to leave, once I help myself to these relics. You are welcome to leave me in peace, or..."


  • If Belloq does not take damage during a Round, he will interrupt cast a 0-pip Ra (1,200 base damage) at the start of the next Round, while shouting "I thought you were here to hurt me!" Base damage increases by 200 every time he is not attacked, but will never go higher than 1800.
  • His Minions will cast a Triage on Belloq at the beginning of the next Round if a Damage Over Time spell is cast on him ("I taught my minions well!").
  • This Boss uses a +35% version of Hex.
  • This Boss has mastery of the Death school.

Spells Known

(Spell) Vengeance.png (Spell) Conviction.png (Spell) Mass Infection.png (Spell) Balanceblade.png (Spell) Hex.png
(Spell) Feint.png (Spell) Power Nova.png (Spell) Ra.png (Spell) Chimera.png (Spell) Sabertooth.png
(Spell) Judgement.png (Spell) Poison.png (Spell) Wraith.png
Belloq (Twin Giants) at a Glance:
(Creature) Belloq (Twin Giants).png
Rank: 13 Boss
Health: 23,335
Creature Class: Elephant
School: (Icon) Balance.png
Boost: 30% to  (Icon) Myth.png, (Icon) Life.png, (Icon) Death.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Balance.png
Physical Attack:

 Deals ~90 (Icon) Balance.png (Icon) Damage.png Per Pip

Immunities: Stun, Beguile
Minion: Grim Calaca
Location: Azteca - Twin Giants - Wings of the Obsidian Butterfly Shrine

Quest Appearances

One Voice Above the Din

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
139 - 165 per creature or per solo boss fight
Coatl Lord's Hat
Face of Black Tears - Wiki-Master Verified
Moon Caiman's Headdress
Song of the Lizard Hood
Sweet Kiss of Death Mask
Thirteen Death Mask - Wiki-Master Verified
Cloak of the Tyrant of Beasts
Glorious Xicolli Vest
Philosoraptor's Abstract Garb - Wiki-Master Verified
Tunic of the Broken Spear
Winged Tooth Knight's Tunic
Striders of the Cruel Star - Wiki-Master Verified
Deathless Storm Horn Dagger - Wiki-Master Verified
Kronosaur's Grim Cutter
Sacred Sunblade of Alto Alto - Wiki-Master Verified
Vicious Sky's Sacred Athame
Kronosaur's Shell of Passion
Last Axantho Carved Shell - Wiki-Master Verified
Broken Spears Band - Wiki-Master Verified
Ring of Aztlan
Storm Caiman's Tailbiter Ring
Xibalba's Dread Seal - Wiki-Master Verified
Coatl's Biting Wand
Head of the Fire Arrow Wand
Case of Mother Moon
Jaguar Paw Pyramid - Wiki-Master Verified
Storm Caimans Pyramid Deck - Wiki-Master Verified
Gargantuan Opal
Mander Minion Citrine
Mend Minion Peridot
Polished Damage Peridot +21
Take Power Ruby
Unstoppable Opal
Azteca Combat Theme
Azteca Haunted Theme - Wiki-Master Verified
Azteca Post Apocalypse Theme - Wiki-Master Verified
Quetzal Feathers
Angora Bunny Ears
Deadly Fly Trap
Treasure Cards:
Cycle of Life - Wiki-Master Verified
Dr. Von's Monster
Forest Lord
Frost Demon
Furnace - Wiki-Master Verified
Galvanic Field
Potent Trap
Primordial - Wiki-Master Verified
Rain of Fire
Reliquary - Wiki-Master Verified
Sharpened Blade
Woolly Mammoth
Amber Dust
Black Lotus
Black Pearl - Wiki-Master Verified
Blood Moss
Bone - Wiki-Master Verified
Bronze Gear - Wiki-Master Verified
Deep Mushroom - Wiki-Master Verified
Fire Blossom - Wiki-Master Verified
Golden Pearl - Wiki-Master Verified
Lava Lily - Wiki-Master Verified
Merle's Whisker
Mist Wood
Nightshade - Wiki-Master Verified
Ore - Wiki-Master Verified
Red Mandrake - Wiki-Master Verified
Stone Block - Wiki-Master Verified
Allocados - Wiki-Master Verified
Bedrock Bonbons
Cacao Beans
Cactus Fruit
Caramel Apple
Chili Peppers
Fried Ice Cream
Glowing Star Fruit
Jelly Baby
Quetzal Pretzel
Saber-Tooth Cider
Tamales - Wiki-Master Verified
Tenochti-Flan - Wiki-Master Verified
Tortilla Chips
Zocalo Wings - Wiki-Master Verified
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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