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Creature:Ada Razorwhip

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One of Morganthe's agents in the Elephant Graveyard, she guards Queen Elissa's bracelets.


"Your petty magics are naught compared to the tendrils of power at my command!"

Spells Known

(Spell) Fortify.png (Spell) Vengeance.png (Spell) Tower Shield.png (Spell) Iceblade.png (Spell) Ice Trap.png
(Spell) Freeze.png (Spell) Blizzard.png (Spell) Ice Wyvern.png (Spell) Raging Kraken.png (Spell) Frostbite.png
(Spell) Icezilla.png (Spell) Colossus.png (Spell) Frost Giant.png (Spell) Snow Angel.png
Ada Razorwhip at a Glance:
(Creature) Ada Razorwhip.png
Rank: 11 Boss
Health: 7,920
Creature Class: Gorilla
School: (Icon) Ice.png
Boost: 35% to (Icon) Fire.png, (Icon) Myth.png
Resist: 80% to (Icon) Ice.png
Physical Attack:

 This Creature's natural attack is undiscovered.

Immunities: Beguile Unknown
Minion: Shadow-Web Haunt (Zafaria)
Location: Zafaria - Elephant Graveyard - Ada Razorwhip's Tomb

Quest Appearances

Tomb Raiders

Items Dropped

Note: Wiki-Master Verified is only used by the Wiki-Masters to indicate extra confirmation of a drop.
99 - 140 per creature or per solo boss fight
Courageous Grower's Hat
Face of Baobab
Ghostgrass Hood
Jungle Lord's Winter Cap
River Captain's Hood
Stone Town Topper - Wiki-Master Verified
Baxby's Noble Outfit
Fire Valley Outfit
Hail and Thunder Raiment - Wiki-Master Verified
Hunter Prey Jacket - Wiki-Master Verified
Olyphant's Balanced Jacket
Sinister Medicine Cloak - Wiki-Master Verified
Storm Caller's Outfit
Sun's Circle Cloak
Tunic of Long Memory
Unbroken Spiral Robe - Wiki-Master Verified
Wicked Cold Clothes
Wildfire Garb
Big Sky Striders
Cold Climate Climbers - Wiki-Master Verified
No Worries Footgear - Wiki-Master Verified
Shaman's Fire-Feather Wraps
Spider's Storied Wraps
Spirit Drummer's Boots - Wiki-Master Verified
Stone Town Storm Trackers
Peace of the Oasis
Savannah Hunter's Claw - Wiki-Master Verified
Spearblade of Stories
Olyphant's Power Pendant
Amahle's Striped Band
Aryanah's Golden Loop
Inyanga's Baobab Loop
Quagga Blade
Spear of the Trade Winds
Staff of Solomon - Wiki-Master Verified
Bundle of Eternal Flame
Hand-Chased Box of Destiny
Hand-Chased Box of Thunder
Opaque Critical Sapphire +8
Opaque Defense Ruby +33
Fickle Pickle
King Parsley (Icon) Crown.png
Orange Bell Pepper (Icon) Crown.png - Wiki-Master Verified
Orange Dandelion
Red Bell Pepper - Wiki-Master Verified
White Desparagus
Treasure Cards:
Efreet - Wiki-Master Verified
Forest Lord
Frozen Armor - Wiki-Master Verified
Legion Shield - Wiki-Master Verified
Leviathan - Wiki-Master Verified
Medusa - Wiki-Master Verified
Polymorph Elemental (Storm)
Skeletal Dragon - Wiki-Master Verified
Snow Angel - Wiki-Master Verified
Bronze Gear - Wiki-Master Verified
Leather Straps
Buttered Bread - Wiki-Master Verified
Delicious Cookie
Dr. Jalapeno
Glowing Dragon Fruit - Wiki-Master Verified
Glowing Star Fruit
Golden Grapes
Gummy Humongofrog
Jelly Baby
Kola Nuts
Shiny Tomato
Mounts: (1 Day version except where noted)

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