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Basic:Treasure Cards

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Treasure cards are single-use spell cards that you can use to cast Spells. You get Treasure Cards independently of other spells and they are mostly more powerful versions of their normal spell counterparts, which makes them useful. Every School of Magic known has Treasure Card versions of its spells.

Treasure cards are always recognizable by their gold color despite their school and are in your spell book under the (Icon) Treasure Card.png tab. You can store up to 999 treasure cards at a time (including gardening treasure cards).

(Treasure Card) Darkwind.png


(Icon) Treasure Card.png Treasure Cards have the same spell types as normal spells - see Spell Types for more information.

Obtaining Treasure Cards

(Icon) Gold.png Buying (Icon) Gold.png


Card Packs
  • Some of these packs only have Treasure Cards, while others have Treasure Cards among other things. What you get from a pack is somewhat random; cards have variable rarities.

The Bazaar
  • All Auctionable Treasure Cards (ones that don't say "No Auction") can be bought and sold through The Bazaar.
  • The cards are sorted by school and can be further sorted by level, cost, number in the bazaar, etc.
  • Gardening Treasure Cards are not currently carried by the Bazaar.

(Icon) Damage.png Creature Drops (Icon) Damage.png

Most Creatures can drop Treasure Cards like other Items by being defeated in a Duel. These drops are not guaranteed in any given fight, and you should check the page of the Dropped Treasure Cards you want to see which Creature might drop it.

(Icon) Reagent.png Crafting (Icon) Reagent.png

Many Treasure Cards can be Crafted using Reagents and a Card Crafting Station or Basic Crafting Station.
See the list of Crafted Treasure Cards for more information.

(Icon) Gardening.png Gardening (Icon) Gardening.png

Many Plants can yield Treasure Cards through Harvests. See Gardening for more information on growing plants and the list of Gardened Treasure Cards for which plants provide which cards.

(Icon) XP.png Quest Rewards (Icon) XP.png

Some Quests reward Treasure Cards on completion.

(House) Golden Chest.png Treasure Chests (House) Golden Chest.png

The Wooden Chest and Silver Chest provide nearly every Treasure Card known in The Spiral. Chests in higher level worlds provide rarer and more powerful Treasure Cards. The Magic Lamp, Giant Gorilla, Horn of Plenty, and Magic Eggs may work the same way.

(Icon) Friends.png Trading (Icon) Friends.png

You can trade most Treasure Cards with Wizards on your Friends list. See Trading for more information.

(Icon) Enchantment.png Enchantment (Icon) Enchantment.png

Treasure Cards can be made during Duels by using Mutate and Enchantment Treasure Cards. Diego the Duelmaster trains you how to do this in the Diego the Duelmaster Quest. Also see Spell Types.

Using Treasure Cards

In Duels

As described on the Spells page, you have to add Treasure Cards to your deck in order to use them.
When Dueling:
  • Treasure Cards are not automatically drawn from your deck.
  • You draw a Treasure Card by pressing the "DRAW" button, but you must have less than 7 Spell Cards in your hand.
    • If you have 7 cards, you can Discard a Spell Card (remove it from your deck for this Duel) by Right-Clicking it.
    • You cannot discard a Treasure Card the turn you draw it. Discarding a Treasure Card does not destroy it; you can use it in future Duels.
  • If you successfully cast a Treasure Card, it is gone forever.
  • If you fizzle the spell, the spell is shuffled back into your deck for later use (including Treasure Cards).

Enchantments and Mutations

As described on the Spell Types page, Enchantment (Icon) Enchantment.png and Mutate (Icon) Mutate.png cards improve other spell cards and can only be used in a duel.
  • Unlike normal spells, these cards are not cast at your enemy. You target another spell card in your hand instead (both cards must be in your hand).
  • By selecting an Enchantment or Mutate Card, all spells you can apply it to will be lit (not greyed out). You must then click on the spell you wish to enchant.
  • Applying the enchantment will remove both cards from your hand and replace them with an enchanted treasure card.
  • This Treasure Card is permanent until you use it, and will stay in your deck even if you do not use it after creating it.
Please note: Only Enchantment or Mutate Treasure Cards will create new Treasure Cards, normal Sun School Spells will NOT.
Mutate Kraken Animation
(Basic) Mutate Kraken Example.gif
Vampire Enchant Example
(Basic) Treasure Card Enchantment Example.png

Gardening Treasure Cards

As described in Gardening, Gardening Treasure Cards are used the same way as Gardening Spells.
  • Open the Gardening tab while at your dorm or castle.
  • Select the Treasure Card icon on the right side of the Gardening tab - this will show all of your Gardening Treasure Cards.
  • Click on the screen to cast the spell on a particular plant or the highlighted area. You must have a high enough rank and enough energy to cast the spell.
  • Gardening treasure cards will never fizzle and will always disappear after use.

Treasure Card Pack Symbols

As mentioned above, one method of obtaining Treasure Cards is via Card Packs. Treasure Cards from these packs have a unique pack symbol to identify which card pack they were obtained from. Additionally, spells (Charms and Wards, specifically) from different packs will stack when used in a Duel. The table below contains all of these symbols and their associated card pack(s).

Hoard Packs Symbol Cost
Dragon's Hoard Pack (Icon) Dragon's Hoard.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Eye of Bartleby Pack (Icon) Eye of Bartleby.png 115 (Icon) Crown.png
Faithful Companions Pack (Icon) Faithful Companions.png N/A
Hand of Doom Pack (Icon) Hand of Doom.png 275 (Icon) Crown.png
Hoard of the Hydra Pack
Knight's Lore Pack
(Icon) Hoard of the Hydra.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Islander's Hoard Pack (Icon) Islander's Hoard.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Keeper's Lore Pack
Phoenix Hoard Pack
Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions
(Icon) Keeper's Lore.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Kirin's Hoard Pack
Ninja's Lore Pack
(Icon) Ninja's Lore.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Marvelous Minions Pack (Icon) Marvelous Minions.png 100 (Icon) Crown.png
Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack (Icon) Woo's Pack.png 625 (Icon) Crown.png
Harrowing Nightmare Pack
Nightmare Pack
(Icon) Nightmare Pack.png 299 (Icon) Crown.png
Pharaoh's Hoard Pack (Icon) Pharaoh's Hoard.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Raven's Hoard Pack (Icon) Raven's Hoard.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Shaman's Lore Pack
Skyvern's Hoard Pack
(Icon) Shaman's Lore.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Terror's Hoard Pack (Icon) Terror's Hoard.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Wyvern's Hoard Pack (Icon) Wyvern's Hoard.png 399 (Icon) Crown.png
Yuletide Pack (Icon) Yuletide Pack.png 299 (Icon) Crown.png

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