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Basic:Training Points

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(Icon) TrainingPoint.png Training Points are used to learn spells outside of your primary School of magic. (See example in image below)


Obtaining Training Points

There are two ways to earn training points:

  • 1) Any Wizard will earn Training Points as he or she increases his or her level. From levels 1-20, Wizards earn one training point every 4 levels. From levels 20-100, Wizards then earn one training point every 5 levels. (See the Experience page)
  • 2) Wizards earn Training Points by completing certain quests (click here for a list). These include Enrollment, 14 quests given to you by Prospector Zeke, 3 quests given by Ogden Peake in Celestia, 2 quests given by Inyanga Whitestripes in Zafaria, 4 quests (for 3 points) given by Francis Lux in Avalon, 2 quests given by Eloise Merryweather, and 1 quest given by Zaltanna the Mirrormask in Khrysalis.
    • By level 50 one can obtain up to 19 Training Points.
    • By level 60 one can obtain up to 26 Training Points.
    • By level 70 one can obtain up to 31 Training Points.
    • By level 80 one can obtain up to 37 Training Points.
    • By level 90 one can obtain up to 40 Training Points.
    • By level 95 one can obtain up to 43 Training Points.
    • By level 100 one can obtain up to 46 Training Points.

Note: Without completing any quests, a Wizard can attain up to 21 training points.

Training Point Quest Rewards

Training Point Quest Rewards (Icon) TrainingPoint.png will add to your current total of Training Points.

25 Quests award Training Points:

Buying Back Training Points

You should very carefully consider how you want to spend your training points.

After a Wizard spends his or her training points, the Wizard can only get them back by going to Mr. Lincoln in Golem Court and spending Crowns.

This requires at least level 12 to do this! See the Mr. Lincoln page for information on buying back Training Points.

Training Points Example

(Basic) Training Points Example.png For example, if a Wizard belongs to the School of Myth talking to Sabrina Greenstar the Myth Shield spell is free (as pictured). However, a different Wizard who belongs to School of Life would instead have Life Shield available for free.

All the other spells, which are in different schools, will cost 1 Training Point to learn.

However, it should be noted that some spells will have prerequisite spells. This means that while the spell itself only costs 1 training point, all prerequisite spells must be purchased, making the total cost for that spell greater than 1 Training Point. One example would be Polymorph Elemental (Storm) which requires 3 prerequisite spells (Polymorph Treant, Polymorph Colossus and Polymorph Elemental (Fire)) and thus 4 Training Points in total to obtain (3 for the prerequisites and 1 for the spell itself).

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