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Basic:Spell Types

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Note: All italicized text courtesy of the Wizard101 Player Guide from the KingsIsle website.


(Icon) Damage.png Damage (Icon) Damage.png

Damage cards are normal cards that will inflict a certain amount and kind
of damage depending on the card’s school and opponent.

Damage (Icon) Damage.png spells deal damage to an opponent. Damage spells can vary in the amount of damage they do based on the School of the spell, Resistances, the range listed on the card, and so forth. For example, Snow Serpent inflicts between 155 and 195 Ice Damage.

Some spells, such as Fire Elf, deal Damage over Time (DoT) forcing the opponent to take a certain amount of damage over multiple Rounds Round of combat.

Critical Hit Rating (Icon) Critical.png provides the chance to Critical Hit (deals double damage). Critical Block Rating (Icon) Critical Block.png provides the chance to completely resist a Critical Hit.

(Icon) All Enemies.png All Enemies (Icon) All Enemies.png

All Enemies (Icon) All Enemies.png spells are ones that when you cast them will affect all of your opponents.

The symbol itself is only used on Damage spells, but spells that affect all of your enemies can also be Charm, Ward, Manipulation, and Steal spells.

Spells like these include Fire Dragon, Plague, and Scarecrow.

(Icon) Healing.png Healing (Icon) Healing.png

Healing cards give you the ability to heal yourself and sometimes others.

Healing (Icon) Healing.png spells increase your Health or that of your teammates. For example, Fairy will heal 420 Health. Healing spells can not increase your Health beyond its maximum.

Healing values can be increased by items increase incoming or outgoing healing.

As with damage spells, Healing spells can get Critical Hits, but the Critical Block does not apply to Healing criticals.

The healing spell most people get for free, the Pixie, only heals the caster. Most others, including Sprite and Satyr, heal others as well.

(Icon) Steal.png Steal (Health Drain) (Icon) Steal.png

These spells do a certain amount of damage. Then return half that damage as healing to the spell caster.

Steal (Icon) Steal.png spells deal damage to an opponent and return to the caster half of the damage inflicted as Health (rounded down). For example, Ghoul can inflict 160 Death Damage and Heal the caster for 80 Health.

Steal spells are not affected by spells or items that increase or decrease Healing (including Sanctuary or Doom and Gloom). They also ignore Absorption Wards.

(Icon) Charm.png Charm (Icon) Charm.png

These spells increase or decrease the overall damage, healing, or accuracy of either an incoming or outgoing spell by a certain percentage. These usually cost 0 pips and are consumed after use.

Charm (Icon) Charm.png spells are similar to Wards and float in a circle above your head. These spells increase or decrease the power of other spells. Charms are consumed after use.

Positive Charms are cast on yourself or your allies for a bonus.
Blades (Icon) Damage.png(Icon) Charm.png increase (boost) the damage of the next attack spell cast.
Iceblade adds 40% to the next ice attack.
Guiding Light increases the health given by the next Healing spell cast.
Guidance increases the accuracy of the next spell cast.
Negative Charms are cast on your enemies for a penalty.
Weakness is the opposite of a blade and gives -25% Damage to the next Damage spell cast.
Infection gives -50% to the next healing spell cast (does not affect Steal spells).
Black Mantle reduces the accuracy of the next spell cast.

(Icon) Ward.png Ward (Shields & Traps) (Icon) Ward.png

Shields work to reduce the damage of incoming spells by a certain percentage, depending on the spell. Traps are the opposite of shields and increase the amount of damage. These cards are usually 0 pip cost and consumed after use.

Ward (Icon) Ward.png spells float in a circle around your feet.

There are three types of wards: Traps, Shields, and Absorption.

Shields are cast on yourself or your allies and decrease the damage you or your allies will take by the percentage on the card. They are consumed after use. Examples include: Tower Shield, Snow Shield, and Myth Shield.
Traps (Icon) Damage.png(Icon) Ward.pngare cast upon an opponent and increase the damage that target will take by the percentage on the card. The ward is consumed after use. Examples include: Hex, Elemental Trap, and Death Trap.
Absorption Spells
Absorbs are like additional health. They will take a certain amount of damage instead of you before they are destroyed. The only thing they do not protect against are the health draining Steal spells. Spells that give absorption are: Spirit Armor, Rebirth, Ice Armor, and Frozen Armor.

(Icon) Aura.png Aura (Icon) Aura.png

The Star School (Icon) Star.png will be focused around a new type of magic called Aura (Icon) Aura.png. Auras are magical energy that surround and protect or strengthen the Wizard. Auras are unique and different from other magic in that they can't be stacked, broken, or dispelled but they will disappear over time. Auras can boost accuracy, damage, resistance, or even convert incoming spells to pips for you.

Auras can only be cast on yourself and cannot be stacked (you can only have one at a time - additional casts will replace previous ones).

They have a timer on them that is counted in rounds and when the timer runs out the aura is removed.

Auras can boost accuracy (Infallible), damage (Amplify), resistance (Fortify), healing (Mend), or even convert incoming spells to pips for you (Empowerment).

(Icon) Global.png Global (Icon) Global.png

These spells act similarly to charms except they cost more pips, last for the duration of the battle, and affect all players and creatures in the duel. These spells appear as a dome over your combat.

Global (Icon) Global.png spells have special bonuses that effect everyone in a duel, even opponents, in positive or negative ways. These spells last until the battle is over, or until someone plays a different global spell. You can not have two active at any one time.

Examples Include:

Wyldfire, Time of Legend, Darkwind, and Balefrost - increases the damage of their respective schools
Doom and Gloom - reduces all healing effects by 65% (not Steal spells)
Sanctuary - increases all healing effects by 50% (not Steal spells)
Power Play - increases everyone's chance of gaining a Power Pip

(Icon) Enchantment.png Enchantment (Icon) Enchantment.png

These cards can be attached to any regular card to improve their stats. Once you attach an enchantment card to a regular card, you create a new treasure card. Enchantment cards can only be used during duels.

Enchantment (Icon) Enchantment.png spells are used in a duel to enhance another spell. Unlike most spells, these cards are used directly in your hand - you do not cast them!

Enchantment spells directly improve the stats (damage, accuracy, etc.) of the spell to make a new Spell or Treasure Card!

The Treasure Card versions of these spells make new treasure cards that you keep until you use. Enchantments created by spell versions from the Sun school don't remain in your deck after the battle.

Enchantments work the same way as Mutate spells (see example in Mutate section). Enchantments cannot be used on other enchantments or many Manipulation spells.

The focus of the Sun School (Icon) Sun.png is primarily on enchantments. Enchantments from the Sun School operate in the same manner as all other enchantments in the game. At the basic level they just give boosts to accuracy and damage but at higher levels they will include mutates and larger bonuses. One of the differences between Sun School enchantments and other in-game enchantments is that cards enchanted with Sun School cards disappear after combat is resolved. Sun School cards cannot be used on Rank 0 spells or Rank X spells.

(Icon) Manipulation.png Manipulation (Icon) Manipulation.png

Manipulation (Icon) Manipulation.png spells serve a variety of purposes. They can summon your minions, give pips to other players and more.

Mamipulation spells include:

Minions (e.g. Golem Minion)
Pip-giving spells (Donate Power).
Prisms (e.g. Fire Prism converts Fire to Ice)

(Icon) Polymorph.png Polymorph (Icon) Polymorph.png

The Moon School (Icon) Moon.png is focused on polymorphing. Polymorph (Icon) Polymorph.png is a new way to play Wizard101 where players can use a spell card to transform the caster into another being and swap out their spell deck! You will not only LOOK like a creature, but you will also gain a whole new set of statistics for accuracy, health, pip chance, and more...allowing you to play different roles when grouping with friends. If a duel contains two Life Wizards on one side, one can cast the Draconian polymorph that will boost their damage. If a duel contains two Storm Wizards, one could cast the Gobbler polymorph to change their abilities to suit the duel and the partners in that duel.

Polymorph spells transform the caster into another being and give them a whole new spell deck! The caster not only LOOKS like a creature, but they also gain a whole new set of character statistics. This is a powerful way for you to play different roles when grouping with friends. If a duel contains two Life Wizards on one side, one can cast Polymorph Draconian and boost their damage as a Fire Draconian for 6 rounds!

The Polymorphed Wizard gets a new spell deck, and new statistics for accuracy, health (current health is proportionally converted), pip chance, damage resistance, school, damage, and vulnerabilities. Item bonuses do not count! The Wizard returns to normal when the spell expires (health is proportionally converted back).

Shift spells are single Round Polymorphs. They allow you to perform a creature's natural attack for 1 Round, after which your Wizard returns to their original form.

(Icon) Mutate.png Mutate (Icon) Mutate.png

Mutate (Icon) Mutate.png Spells include Treasure Cards from the Fire and Ice schools and Spells from the Sun school. Unlike most spells, these cards are used directly in your hand - you do not cast them! (see Mutate Kraken below)

Mutate spells are used in a duel to change one spell card into a different spell card. They change the School of the card, but can change the type and/or damage and add additional charms or wards to the spell.

The Treasure Card versions of these spells make new treasure cards that you keep until you use. Mutations created by spell versions from the Sun school don't remain in your deck after the battle. See the Spell Mutations page for more examples.

(Basic) Mutate Kraken Example.gif

(Icon) Shadow.png Shadow (Icon) Shadow.png

Shadow Magic enhances the spells you cast while the Shadow Magic spell is in effect. It is unstable and difficult to control. Players will need to learn how to best manage Shadow Magic and learn how to harness its very powerful benefits.

(Icon) Shadow Self.png Shadow Self (Icon) Shadow Self.png

There are 3 different Shadow Self (Icon) Shadow Self.png spells. You will be awarded one of them, based on your school. The other 2 can be learned by spending Training Points at Sofia DarkSide.

(Icon) Shadow Pip.png Shadow Pips
Shadow Magic cannot be cast with regular or power pips, but must be cast with special new Shadow Pips. You will only have a chance of receiving Shadow pips if you have trained Shadow Magic. You will be able to view the effects of a current Shadow Magic spell by placing your mouse over the Shadow Pip on the 2d Combat display.

All Shadow Spells run the risk of Backlash Damage. When a player casts a Shadow Damage spell, a Shadow Aura appears. That Shadow Aura will change based on the player's actions. The angrier looking the Shadow Aura, the stronger the Backlash will be once the Shadow Magic spell expires. Damage caused by Backlash ignores all resistances, shields and modifiers!

Shadow Self spells change the form of the caster, and increases specific stats for 3 Rounds. During this time, +30 Backlash is added, and the spells that the caster uses affects whether the amount increases or decreases, depending on the Shadow spell. At the end of the 3 Rounds, the caster returns to normal form, and Backlash damage is dealt.

(Icon) Shadow Creature.png Shadow Creature (Icon) Shadow Creature.png

Shadow Creature (Icon) Shadow Creature.png spells create a shadow that resides behind the caster, which lasts for 4 Rounds. During the time they persist, Wizards can cast spells that will either please, or displease the Shadow Creature. The spells cast will also affect the Backlash received at the end of the given time. Once the 4 Rounds have ended, the Shadow Creature will attack the target, with a stronger or weaker effect depending on the spells the caster used, and the Backlash damage is dealt.

(Icon) Gardening.png Gardening (Icon) Gardening.png

Gardening spells are used to help you Garden in your dorm room or castle (house).

(Icon) Soil.png Soil

Soil spells create an area of space to plant your seeds and garden them. Such spells include Large Soil.

(Icon) Growing.png Growing

Growing spells provide your plant with its needs. These spells include Bee Swarm, Flute Duet, and Touch of Magic.

(Icon) Pest.png Pest

Pest spells remove pests that are attacking your plants. Higher ranked pest spells will kill higher ranked pests. These spells include Deep Freeze and Fly Swatter.

Other Pest spells, like Pest Zapper, will prevent certain ranked pests from attacking your plants for a certain period of time.

(Icon) Gardening Utility.png Utility

Utility spells are some of the most important gardening spells. The Plow spell lets you destroy a plant or patch of soil. The Revive spell will resurrect a dead plant and return it to its young state.

(Icon) Fishing.png Fishing (Icon) Fishing.png

Fishing spells are used to help you Basic:Fishing in rivers and lakes.

(Icon) Fish Catching.png Catching

Fish Catching Spells are the main spells in fishing.

(Icon) Fishing Utility.png Utility

Utility spells help you control the fish in the pond and catch them easily.

(Icon) Castle Magic.png Castle Magic (Icon) Castle Magic.png

Main page: Castle Magic

(Icon) Effect.png Effect

Effect spells

(Icon) Action.png Action

Action spells

(Icon) Castle Magic Utility.png Utility

Utility spells

(Icon) Computer.png Computer

Computer spells

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