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(Pet) Burninator.png (Icon) Pet.png (Pet) Fragmented Dragon.png (Icon) Pet.png (Pet) Grimtooth.png

Originally, pets in the game were simply pieces of equipment that walked around with you. A few of them granted an Item Card, and some of those also could give a minor boost to your character. Since the May 2010 Advanced Pet Update, the capabilities of pets have been greatly expanded. All pets are no auction but they are tradeable.

Once a wizard has reached level 7 they will receive the quest Pet Sounds, which grants access to the Pet Pavilion, the Pet Mini Games, and The Pet Hatchery.

Types of Pets

First Generation Pets

First Generation Pets haven't been hatched from a combination of parent pets in The Pet Hatchery, which is why they are First Generation.

A First Generation Pet can be:

Hybrid Pets

A Hybrid Pet is a unique pet that is hatched by pairing two specific species of pets in The Pet Hatchery. Hybrid pets are never First Generation and are not obtained from vendors or creature drops.

Hybrid Pets have a mixture of the Attributes and Abilities (Talents and Derby Abilities) of the parents, making it very unlikely that any two hybrids will ever be the same. Hybrids will never have a definite pedigree as it will vary based on the Abilities a hybrid inherits from its parents.

Pets Sorted by School

Pets by School(7 C)

Pets Sorted by World

Pets by World(13 C)

Pets Sorted by How they are Acquired

First Generation Pets Sorted by Pedigree

Other Pet Categories

Special Pets(5 C, 197 P)
[×] Gift Card Pets(131 P)
[×] Holiday Pets(27 P)
[×] Item Card Giving Pets(414 P)
[×] Promotional Pets(22 P)
[×] School Specific Pets(21 P)

Pet Attributes and Abilities

Pet Attributes

Pets have 5 Attributes, which determine the strength of certain Talents and their running ability on different surfaces in the Pet Derby.

Attribute Talent effects Pet Derby effects
(Icon) Pet Strength.png Strength affects Damage Talents, Power Pip Talents, Resistance Talents, Outgoing Heal Talents, Armor Piercing Talents, and Stun Resistance Talents. affects cheer cost while swimming
(Icon) Pet Intellect.png Intellect affects Mana Talents, Accuracy Talents, Power Pip Talents, Critical Block Talents, Incoming Heal Talents, and Stun Resistance Talents. affects cheer cost while on clay
(Icon) Pet Agility.png Agility affects Health Talents, Accuracy Talents, Resistance Talents, Critical Talents, Incoming Heal Talents, and Armor Piercing Talents. affects cheer cost while on grass
(Icon) Pet Will.png Will affects Health Talents, Mana Talents, Damage Talents, Critical Talents, Critical Block Talents, and Outgoing Heal Talents. affects cheer cost while on dirt
(Icon) Pet Power.png Power affects all of the above Talents that provide bonuses to your wizard determines your pet's maximum Morale for the Pet Derby

Pet Talents

Pet Talents can:

Potential benefits are only available to the wizard if the pet is equipped.

Pet Derby Abilities

Pet Derby Abilities provide special abilities for your pet in the Pet Derby.

Talents(19 C, 277 P)
Derby Abilities(4 C, 100 P)

Pet Names

Darla Whisperwind can help you rename your pet in the Wizard City Dye Shop.

For a complete list of possible Pet Names, visit the Pet Names page.

Pet Snacks

Pet Snacks provide your pet an extra boost when training in Pet Mini Games in the Pet Pavilion. Types of Snacks and what your pet will like and love are discussed more on the Training Pets and Snack Classes pages.
Snacks(8 C, 345 P)

Training Pets

Training Pets (advancing your pet's experience and attributes) takes place in the Pet Pavilion using Pet Mini Games. It takes Energy to play, and for maximum improvement, you want to feed your pet a Snack at the end of every game. See Training Pets for details.

Creating a Pet with a unique bloodline

Creating a custom pet to have particular talents, stats, looks, and cards is an advanced and expensive proposition. Check out the Hatching Pets page for details and an example.

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