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Clothing items consist of Hats, Robes, and Boots. Clothing can be obtained from monsters, vendors, quests, crafting, and card packs.

Crowns clothing have enhanced stats and item cards. Many of these clothing items have a star and moon pattern.


Clothing can be dyed different colors at the Dye Shop in the Shopping District of Wizard City (the shop with the paint brush sign). Pets can also be dyed and renamed here. Prices vary on the level of the item and the color choice. Renaming pets cost 500 Gold.



Hats cover the head, and sometimes include a mask for the face.

Example: Hood of the Phantom



Robes cover the body, and some come with capes.

Example: Crystalline Vest



Boots cover the feet, and sometimes the lower legs.

Example: Soothsayer's Sandals


Equipment items consist of Wands, Athames, Amulets, Rings, and Decks.

Equipment items are a significant factor in the overall strength of a character. Similar to clothing, they can be collected from monsters, bought from shops or rewarded for quests. When equipped, these types of items can't be seen when walking around.



Wands automatically place spells in the equipment cards slot of the equipped Deck. Most of these spells cost 0 Mana and 0 Pips, and deal low to moderate damage.

Example: Glowing Sapphire Wand



Athames boost stats such as damage, resistances, max health, max mana, accuracy, and many other statistics.

Example: Reaper's Athame



Amulets come attached with a specific spell card, which they automatically put in the equipment cards slot of the equipped Deck.

Example: Elven Pendant

Mastery Amulets grant mastery to other schools (being able to use power pips to other schools other than a Wizard's primary School of magic).

Example: Life Mastery Amulet



Rings boost stats such as damage, resistances, max health, max mana, accuracy, and many other statistics.

Example: Simple Jade Ring



Decks include certain restrictions including max number of cards, max copies of each spell, max number of sidedeck cards, and max copies of a School’s spells.

Example: Deck of Deliberation

Housing Items

Housing is a feature that allows the player to own a house. The player can choose their own house and decorate it with housing items. Other players can view this house only by teleporting to someone within the house. Housing Items can be purchased from various vendors and dropped from Creatures.

Other Items



Pets are another type of equipment, some are just for decoration and some come with a card that will automatically place spells in the equipment cards slot of the equipped deck. Some pets raise mana or health, whhile others increase resistance or attack. Pets can trained through special mini games and feeding them pet snacks. They can also be bred with other pets in the pet Hatchery.

Example: Danger Hound


Mounts significantly boost speed, allowing Wizards to travel faster. They can be purchased with Gold (one-day rentals) from Zeke or with Crowns (seven-day rentals or permanent) from the Crown Shop.


Reagents are materials required in the creation of certain items including Equipment, Housing, and Treasure Cards. The creation process is called Crafting and there are eight levels of ability: Novice, Apprentice, Initiate, Adept, Master, Grandmaster, Legendary, and Transcendent. There is always a requirement for certain reagents as well as a place to craft. The equipment used in the crafting process are considered furniture and can be set up in the dorms. However, there are four types of crafting tables and it may become a bit cramped in a dorm room.

Gifted Items


Items that are gifted to a Wizard (through the Crown Shop or code redemption) will appear in this icon.

Example:Spiral Cup Gauntlet Gift Card

Backpack Items

- Blue items with the hand icon are currently equipped.
- Red items are not equipped.
- Grey items cannot be equipped (School specific).
- Items with red text means level requirement is not met.
- Items with the (Icon) Crown.png icon are "Crowns Only" items. They are purchased with Crowns (sometimes with gold, see Guardian's Helm) or rarely dropped by Creatures.
- Items with the "Potion" icon are items that can be crafted. Most crafted items can be bought or sold at the Bazaar.
- Items can be locked in the backpack so they can't get moved to the bank/shared bank or sold to vendors.
(Note: Item Locking must be turned on in the Advanced Gameplay Options section in order to use it).
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