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Crafting is the process of converting Reagents, Treasure Cards, and/or Items into new Reagents, Treasure Cards, Gear, Housing Items or Spells. Wizards must purchase recipes for whichever items they wish to create. Each recipe has its own unique requirements, which will be discussed later. To begin this optional activity, Wizards can talk with Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town. (NPC) Eudora Tangletree.png

Crafting Quests and Ranks

As with Gardening, players can achieve different Crafting Ranks. Each rank is achieved through a specific quest and, upon completion of that quest, Wizards will be awarded with a Badge to display their new achievement. Crafting Quests follow a very specific order and cannot be completed out-of-order. The following table outlines the Quest order and Ranks.

Quest Giver Location Quest(s) to Complete Rank Achieved Notes
Eudora Tangletree Olde Town Wizards in the Mist and The Razor's Edge Novice Crafter One Crafting Slot is acquired by completing Wizards in the Mist
Wul'yahm The Oasis Krok Watcher, Ring in the New , and A Set of Steak Knives Apprentice Crafter One Crafting Slot is acquired by completing Ring in the New
Felicia Worthington Regent's Square Marleybone Calling and Craft Services Initiate Crafter N/A
Toshio Jade Palace Who Do the MooShu?, Legend of Two Rings , and Dirks of Daring Adept Crafter One Crafting Slot is acquired by completing Legend of Two Rings
Balthazar Dragonthorn The Atheneum Dragon Your Feet, Two Ring Circus, Needle and ______, and Iron Craft Dragonspyre Master Artisan The second quest in this series varies with school
Pierce Stanson The Floating Land To the Seas, That Seven Seas Show Grandmaster Artisan N/A
Koyate Ghostmane Baobab Market Drum a Little Drum Legendary Artisan Must complete the storyline quest To Market, To Market first.
Oztomeca Three Points From Zafaria to Azteca and Making the Grade Transcendent Crafter N/A.
Stendill HammerTail Silent Market Way of the Crafter and Stop! HammerTail Promethean Crafter N/A.
All Crafting Badges

(Icon) Crafting.png The Basics of Crafting (Icon) Crafting.png

Each Trainer listed above will ask players to Craft at least one item for him or her in order for players to progress and become more advanced Crafters. However, before doing so, there are a few basic things to know.

(Icon) CraftingSlot.png Crafting Slots (Icon) CraftingSlot.png

Similar to a Pet Hatching Slot, Crafting Slots are what determine how many items a Wizard can craft and how often. Without crafting slots, a Wizard cannot craft anything.
  • The first quest from Eudora Tangletree awards the player with one Crafting Slot upon locating or purchasing Mist Wood and two more can be obtained by continuing with the series of Crafting Quests. The more Crafting Slots a Wizard possesses, the more often she or he can craft new items.
  • Every recipe has a Cooldown Time which states how long the player must wait before that crafting slot is free to use again. After crafting an item, that time will appear as a countdown clock occupying one Crafting Slot. Until that countdown reaches 0, that slot is unable to be used for crafting. To locate the Cooldowm Time, simply open the recipe and mouse over the stopwatch towards the bottom left.
Note: The Cooldown Times for all crafted items are cut in half for subscribing members!
An Empty Crafting Slot
An Occupied Crafting Slot

(Icon) Recipe.png Recipes (Icon) Recipe.png

As mentioned above, Recipes guide Wizards as to which "ingredients" and how many are needed to create a particular item, how long it occupies a Crafting Slot, and what type of Crafting Station is required. Recipes can be found on Recipe Vendors throughout the Spiral and are purchased for gold. To view your purchased recipes, simply click the letter "J" or the crafting tab in your Spell Book.
(Basic) Crafting Recipe Example.png

(Icon) Crafting Station.png Crafting Stations (Icon) Crafting Station.png

Depending on the particular item you are trying to craft (Treasure Card, Gear, Housing Item, Spell, Reagent), a Crafting Station other than the Basic Crafting Station may be required. This information can be found on the Recipe of each item by mousing over the second icon on the left, the one right below the stopwatch.
All of the Stations can be purchased from Nessa Lightblade in The Atheneum but are also sold by other furniture vendors and occasionally in The Bazaar.
Additionally, there are two other crafting surfaces, The Crafting Anvil located in Hall of the Ice Forge in Northguard and the Dragonspyre Crafting Station located in The Dragon's Roost. These two special crafting surfaces cannot be moved or placed within a Wizard’s Dorm or Home.

(Icon) Reagent.png The Ingredients (Icon) Reagent.png

To craft anything, you need the components listed on the Recipe. These can include Reagents, Treasure Cards, Housing Items, and even other Crafted Items.

Obtaining the Ingredients


(Icon) Gold.png Buying (Icon) Gold.png
Reagents can be purchased for Gold from the Vendors listed below. They sell a very specific and limited set of Reagents, which can be more expensive than the Bazaar, but they never run out of stock.
Elmer Meadowgrass
Brandon Mistborn
Diego the Duelmaster
Al Saf'wan
Ophelia Moonreach
Campbell Hodgson
Yuji Hamada
Zoltan Nightstone
Noxolo Fasttrack
Fianna Yellowknife
Canica Sweet Chile
You can purchase Card Packs from the Crown Shop which give Reagents. Some of these packs only have Reagents, while others have Reagents among other things. What you get from a pack is somewhat random; Reagents have variable rarities.
All Auctionable Reagents can be bought and sold through The Bazaar, many of which are not sold by Reagent Vendors. Reagents are sorted by name and can be further sorted by level, cost, number in the bazaar, etc.
(Icon) Global Alternate.png Harvesting (Icon) Global Alternate.png
One of the most common methods of obtaining Reagents is by harvesting them throughout the Spiral. Reagent spawn locations can be found within every world of the Spiral and are distinguished by a shimmering aura. Pressing "X" while in front of these will allow the wizard to acquire up to four Reagents!
When Harvesting Reagents, a Wizard can receive either a common or rare Reagent. For example, when harvesting a Black Lotus a player will most likely receive 1 to 4 Black Lotus Reagents, the common reagent. However, there is always a chance that a Wizard could receive the Rare harvest, which in this example would be a Black Pearl. The outcome of every harvest, the number and rarity of Reagents harvested, is simply a matter of chance.
Please note that not every World has a spawn location for every Reagent; to determine which World a Reagent can be found in, simply visit that Reagent's page.
(Icon) Damage.png Creature Drops (Icon) Damage.png
Most Creatures can drop Reagents like other Items by being defeated in a Duel. These drops are not guaranteed in any given fight, and you should check the page of the Dropped Reagent you want to see which Creature might drop it.
Please note that not every Reagent is dropped.
(Icon) Reagent.png Crafting (Icon) Reagent.png
Many rarer Reagents can be Transmuted using common Reagents and a Card Crafting Station. See the list of Transmuted Reagents for more information.
(Icon) Gardening.png Gardening (Icon) Gardening.png
Many Plants can yield Reagents through Harvests. See Gardening for more information on growing plants and the list of Gardened Reagents for which plants provide which Reagents.
Note: There are three very rare Reagents which can be obtained through Gardening the Elder Harvest of a plant, and a few other methods. These include PvP, defeating certain Bosses, and Transmutations. See their pages to learn how to obtain these rare Reagents:
Braided Vine
(Icon) XP.png Quest Rewards (Icon) XP.png
A few Quests reward Reagents on completion.
(House) Golden Chest.png Treasure Chests (House) Golden Chest.png
The Wooden Chest and Silver Chest can provide nearly every Reagent known in The Spiral. Chests in higher level worlds provide rarer Reagents. The Magic Lamp, the Giant Gorilla, the Horn of Plenty, and the Magic Eggs may work the same way.

Treasure Cards

See the Treasure Card page for more info on obtaining Treasure Cards which are used as Reagents.

Housing Items

Visit the individual Housing Item pages to see how to obtain specific Housing Items used as Reagents.

Crafted Items

See the pages for Crafted Items or Crafted Housing for more information on obtaining these ingredients such as who sells the recipe and what is required to craft it.

How to Craft

Once all of the necessary components of a recipe have been acquired (all of the ingredients, the proper crafting station, the required crafting level, and an open crafting slot), it can finally be crafted! Make sure all of the ingredients are present in your backpack as they will not be counted if they are in your shared bank or anywhere else.

  • If you haven't already, place the proper crafting station within your dorm or house. If either of the special crafting stations is required, simply go to where it is located and stand in front of it.
  • All of the stations are interactive and pressing "X" will open up your recipe book and the crafting interface
  • Find the page with the recipe of the item you wish to craft and click on that recipe
Page 1 contains recipes for Clothing and Equipment
Page 2 contains recipes for Housing Items
Page 3 contains recipes for Transmutations, Treasure Cards, and Crafted Spells
  • As long as you have met all of the requirements, the "Create" button will light up and clicking it will remove the ingredients from your backpack and the newly crafted item will be placed in your backpack.
  • You can continue to craft items until you no longer have an open crafting slot or the necessary components for the item you are trying to craft, which ever comes first.

Recipe Lists

Handy category lists of the known recipes in the Spiral!

Recipes(14 C, 732 P)
Crafted Amulets(1 C, 57 P)
Crafted Athames(1 C, 58 P)
Crafted Boots(8 C, 353 P)
Crafted Decks(7 C, 8 P)
Crafted Hats(7 C, 278 P)
Crafted Housing(11 C, 361 P)
[×] Crafted Items(empty)
Crafted Rings(1 C, 71 P)
Crafted Robes(8 C, 350 P)
[×] Crafted Snacks(54 P)
[×] Crafted Spells(14 P)
Crafted Treasure Cards(10 C, 126 P)
Crafted Wands(8 C, 51 P)

Recipe Vendor Lists

Handy category lists of known recipe vendors by type and by world!

Recipe Vendor(10 C, 38 P)
[×] Housing Recipe Vendor(13 P)
[×] Jewel Recipe Vendor(10 P)
[×] Mount Recipe Vendor(empty)
[×] Snack Recipe Vendor(8 P)
[×] Spell Recipe Vendor(2 P)
Recipe Vendor by World(12 C)
[×] Avalon Recipe Vendor(4 P)
[×] Azteca Recipe Vendor(6 P)
[×] MooShu Recipe Vendor(1 P)
[×] Wysteria Recipe Vendor(empty)
[×] Zafaria Recipe Vendor(1 P)

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