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Housing Categories:

Castles in Wizard101 were released in May 2009 and are separated on the site into 4 categories:

Dorm Rooms - Every Wizard receives a Dorm Room that can hold up to 50 items. Certain items that are issued with the Dorm Room are 'No Trade'.

Modest - The smallest castle size can hold 150 items inside and 50 items outside. They are typically half the cost of a Deluxe model of the same world theme.

Deluxe - A larger, more expensive castle that can hold 250 items inside and 150 outside.

Luxury - The largest castle size, that can hold 250 items each inside and outside. Note that some castles and/or their surrounding lands are larger than others, but still only hold the same number of items.

Housing Rules:

Wizards of at least level 15 can own up to 3 castles at one time. They may be sold back to a castle vendor, at a considerable loss, to free up a space. All housing items (inside and outside) must be removed before sale.

An Additional Castle Elixir will increase the maximum number of castles a Wizard can own by 1. It can be purchased from the Crown Shop, and is also included with certain Gift Cards. The Bric-a-Brac Elixir can be purchased from the Crown Shop, and will increase either the inside or outside item limit by 50, up to a maximum of 300 items.

Castles and Dorm Rooms are private; the only way to visit another Wizard's home is to teleport there, and the owner can set their home to allow Friends only, or even expel visitors to The Commons.

Each castle has a world portal that allows travel to any world for which your Wizard possesses a Spiral Key.

Once a castle is equipped in your Wizard's backpack, the (Icon) Home.png button will teleport you there. If the "Go Home" button is pressed while at the equipped castle, your Wizard will teleport to their Dorm Room at Ravenwood.

The Housing List below summarizes the various castle types and their sources.

Housing List

Wizard City

Shopkeeper: Buxley Turtleton

Modest: Wooded Cottage
Deluxe: Royal Playhouse


Shopkeeper: Digby Hammershell

Modest: Oasis Camp
Deluxe: Desert Villa


Shopkeeper: Tortimer T. Shellington

Modest: Metropolitan Manor
Deluxe: Royal Estate


Shopkeeper: Kame

Modest: Tranquil Cottage
Deluxe: Imperial Palace


Shopkeeper: Ivan Ironshell

Modest: Great Citadel
Deluxe: Grand Fortress


Shopkeeper: Crown Shop

Luxury: Dragon's Fjord

Shopkeeper: Torald Wayfinder

Luxury/Crafted: Watchtower Hall


Shopkeeper: Crown Shop

Luxury: Wysteria Villa


Shopkeeper: Crown Shop

Luxury: Island Getaway

Shopkeeper: Crown Shop

Luxury: Sunken Palace

Shopkeeper: Buxley Turtleton

Luxury/Crafted: Celestial Observatory


Shopkeeper: Padraig

Luxury/Crafted: Wyrd House


Shopkeeper: Cantares Five Flowers

Luxury/Crafted: Treetop Getaway

Other Crown Shop

Shopkeeper: Crown Shop

Luxury: Wizard's Watchtower
Luxury: Red Barn Farm

School Based Houses

Shopkeeper: Crown Shop

Luxury: Fire House
Luxury: Ice House
Luxury: Storm House
Luxury: Balance House
Luxury: Life House
Luxury: Death House
Luxury: Myth House

Gift Card Houses

Purchased with a Game-Stop Gift Card

Luxury: Massive Fantasy Palace
Luxury: Sultan's Palace
Luxury: The Sun Palace
Luxury: Winter Wind Tower
Luxury: Pyramid of the Lost Horizon
Luxury: Amber Estate
Luxury: Midday Estate
Luxury: Botanical Gardens
Luxury: Serpentine Escape

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