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Spring Hatching Egg-stravaganza

Apr 01, 2020 - 5:07 AM - by Caspeen
Spring Hatching Egg-stravaganza

No of Players:
Type: Group Play


Welcome to the:

Spring 2020
A HATCHING Tournament

It's spring time and what does that mean? No, not COVID-19 - Renewal; Rebirth; Growth; and yes, Rabbits and fun colored EGGS!


The goal of this Tournament is to create a pet - a very specific and special pet - The Greatest Derby Pet there ever was - and put it into the Kiosk on as many different body types as possible. Why? Mostly because Hatching is all the rage but also because Derby needs a lot of help! And by creating incredible racing pets and putting them in the Kiosk on many different pet types, hopefully we can make derby pets more visible. And then maybe, just maybe, a few folks out there will be inspired to give derby a go.

While hatching a great Derby pet sounds daunting, fortunately no one needs to create this pet from scratch because The Perfect Derby pet already exists!

To put as many great derby pets, and hopefully some perfect ones, on as many different pet types to make amazing racing pets more visible and accessible.

To enter you must CLAIM a pet type. To do so you must post on this tournament page a screen cap of the pet in your backpack and then place the pet in the Kiosk. It must be THIS view -

Note the options at the bottom right indicating that this is in YOUR backpack.

  • a pet type can only be claimed by ONE person
  • one person can also claim as many different pet types
  • only one pet per type can get points
  • Pets must be Kiosk-able (able to be put in the Kiosk) and CANNOT cost crowns
  • The following Pets CANNOT be claimed - Silverback Wildclaws, Heckhounds, Stain Glass Rollers, Flaimenco Bailador

The goal is to copy "The Perfect" Derby pet

Talents Abilities
Slot 1 Cunning Super Sap
Slot 2 Early Bird Ultra Exhaustion
Slot 3 Perceptive Mega Leech
Slot 4 Crafty Ultra Mute
Slot 5 Thinkin' Cap Ultra Charge
Slot 6 Durable Pipe Down
Slot 7 Astute Mega Hurry
Slot 8 Relentless Ultra Hurry
Slot 9 Brilliant Big Hurry
Slot 10 Refreshed Super Hurry

To score points pet must MANIFEST only the talents and abilities from the gene pool above.

2 pts - Adult pet with only perfect talents & abilities manifested
3 pts - Ancient pet with only perfect talents & abilities manifested
4 pts - Epic pet with only perfect talents & abilities manifested
5 pts - Mega pet with only perfect talents & abilities manifested
1 pt - for each MAX stat (255 / 250 / 260 / 260 / 250) on a pet with only perfect talents & abilities manifested
DOUBLE Pts - Pet with perfect talents & abilities AND perfect Pools.

Points are awarded only if I can find the pet in the kiosk and I will check once a week. Pets can be left in the Kiosk and earn points each week. If one player has multiple pets of the same pet type, only the pet worth the most points will be counted.

Player with most points - 5,000 Crowns
Player with 2nd most points - 2,500 Crowns
Player with 3rd most points - 1,000 Crowns
Jr. Player with most points - 2,500 Crowns
First player to claim a pet - random code
Most "perfect" pet - random code

RAFFLE Prize - Under The Sea Bundle
1 entry for every 10 points earned

Tournament ends Sunday, May 17th, 11:59:59 Central
Raffle will happen May 18th - time TBD

I realize this tournament is a bit...unique...so if you have any questions, please let me know!

Also, special shout out to Patrick FairyStalker who first imagined this tournament.

Be safe, be healthy, and Happy hatching!


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St. Patrick's Day Bash! - ends April 5th.

Mar 12, 2020 - 7:13 AM - by AluraMist
From the Wizard101 website: https://www.wizard101.com/game/news/march-2020

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with New Items!

Feeling lucky? We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with brand new items, returning items, and a discount on select green and gold items! Don’t forget to also pay a visit to Pat O’ Gold in the Shopping District and catch the ShamRockfish while you can.

New Items!

Shamrocks Teleport Effect
3 Rainbow Housing Items
3 Pot o’ Gold Housing Items
3 Rainbow Bridge Housing Items
2 Clover Pot Housing Items
Lucky Horseshoes Housing Item
Clover Patch Housing Item
Giant Clover Housing Item
Leprechaun Statue Housing Item
Snakes Statue Housing Item

Returning Items!

Spirit of the Forest Pet
Malorian Dragon Mount
Snake in a Basket Pet
Tyrannosaurus Rex Mount
Tanglewood Vine Mount
Discounted Green and Gold Items!

Lifedactyl Pet
Golden Ram Pet
Treant Mount
Dual Dragonflyer Mount
Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack
Life Mastery Amulet
And much more!

Hurry, these St. Patrick’s Day items will leave the Crown Shop on Sunday, April 5th. Get your green on, Wizards!
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Come join Central for some Holiday Fun! Win bundles/bundles/mounts! Click 4 details

Dec 21, 2019 - 9:47 PM - by lukin
Name:  w101holidaycontests.png
Views: 92224
Size:  239.3 KB

Come join us for some holiday fun and prizes. The staff will be hosting various contests for you to try and win some amazing prizes. Crowns, bundles and more are the treats.

*Writing Contest with @CelestialMoon 12/21-12/28

*Crossword Puzzle with @Willowdreamer 12/22 - 12/29

*Guess How Many with @lukin 12/23-12/31

*Dorm Decorating with @~Kestrel~ 12/22 - 12/29

*A White Wiki Christmas with @RedValkyre99 12/22-12/28

*Holiday PvP
Low Level
Middle Level
Top Level

*Holiday Pet Derby with @Caspeen
Low Level
High Level


and more!!

Thanks to:
@CelestialMoon for the graphics @Jester and Olivia for a place to call home and allow us to host these contests @Sparck and KI for the awesome prizes. If there currently isnt a date listed, check back as they will be added soon.
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"12 Days of the Spiral" started.

Dec 09, 2019 - 12:16 PM - by AluraMist
From the Wizard101 website: https://www.wizard101.com/free-game/...email_20975%20

Welcome to the 12 Days of the Spiral!

From now through December 20th, KingsIsle is celebrating the 12 Days of the Spiral! Each day we have a different surprise in store for both your Wizard and your Pirate! Some days will be free giveaways, while the others have great promotions or new items. Check back each morning to see the new surprise!

Want to get all these cool new holiday items in the Crown Shop? Make sure your account has some Crowns! Get some Crowns for your account.
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Winter Scroll of Fortune, thru 2/29

Dec 02, 2019 - 10:18 AM - by AluraMist
From the Wizard101 website: https://www.wizard101.com/game/news

Winter Scroll of Fortune
Earn points for participating in events like the Spiral Showcase, Beastmoon Hunt, and Deckathalons to unlock special rewards with the Winter Scroll of Fortune.

What would you say about getting extra rewards for participating in Events like the Spiral Showcase, Deckathalons, and Beastmoon Hunt?

Introducing the Winter Scroll of Fortune!

Participating in those events earns you points towards your Scroll of Fortune. All Wizards can unlock free rewards with these points; however, there are additional exclusive rewards for players that purchase the scroll.

Here are just a few of the rewards you can unlock through the Scroll of Fortune:

Wintercrystal Wand
Snowball Emote
Winter Teleport Particle
Member Benefit Elixirs
Sinbad Hoard Pack
Beastmoon Idols
Deckathalon Rune and Tower Packs
And so much more!

The Winter Scroll of Fortune runs through February 29th, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST. Unlocking the Scroll of Fortune is per character, not account-wide. Members also get a discount on the scroll. Start unlocking rewards today!
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PAX South, January 2020, in Texas.

Nov 23, 2019 - 12:20 PM - by AluraMist
Saw this post on one of Wizard101's social media sites:

"Join us at PAX South next January! The show is in our home state of Texas and some of our team will be attending.
We hope to see you there! ... "

From the KingsIsle Blog entry:

"Join us at PAX South in San Antonio, TX from January 16-19, 2020! We had a great time at least year’s event, so wanted to be sure to attend this year’s event with even more to talk about with the community. Some from our team will be attending through the weekend (no booth, just us roaming around), including Senior Community Manager – Mathew “Sparck” Anderson, Associate Producer – Renee Wooten, and QA Tester – Kayly “Vanessa Mythdust” Ginsberg! ... "

See the KingsIsle Blog here: https://kingsisleblog.com/2019/11/21...ax-south-2020/
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Nov. 26th, KI Live, Questions & Tips

Nov 21, 2019 - 12:54 PM - by AluraMist
@Sparck posted this Announcement on the Wizard101 website: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/head...b167673?page=1

Nov 19, 4:58 PM

Questions and Tips for Holidays 2019 KI Live

Wizards! Post your KI Live Holidays 2019 questions here if you want a chance to have them featured on KI Live! ONE question and/or tip PER PLAYER. If we see any spamming of questions or tips, we will automatically discount your submissions.

Keep in mind that we literally receive hundreds of submissions and only a handful are able to be answered. We will do our best to prioritize!

Designate in your post whether it is a [Question] or [Tip].

We will also have a screenshot request social post up soon. Watch for it!

KI Live is set for a festive November 26 at 4pm CT.

Thank you!

This is a link to watch the video when it is posted: https://www.wizard101.com/game/livestream-event
NOTE: The video does not actually start playing until 3:20 on the timer (lower left corner) on the video.

If you do not have access to the Wizard101 website for posting messages, you can post your "Question / Tip" on the Central Forums in this thread.
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