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The Word Alive - Searching For...
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Wizard Weekly - Episode 25...
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Category: Wizard Weekly
  Wizard Weekly - Episode 36...
Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of the new year! There really isn't too much in the news so we say good bye to some of the holiday stuff, debate the new duds in the crowns shop, and then talk transcendent tournaments before we head over to Lunar9119's house to par-tay har-tay submari...

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Added by: Jester

  Wizard Weekly - Episode 35...
Forest lords sleeping by an open fire.Evil snow men trying to steal your nose.Polar cats getting tangled in wiresAs Henry tries to get your tooeeesssss.And so I'm offering this simple phraseFrom kids from one to ninty twoAlthough it's been said, many times many waysSteal my cookies... and I'll pwn y...

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  Wizard Weekly - Episode 34...
Hey there everyone!Not much in the news today, just a few sticky tidbits before we breeze on into the Death Chamber of Scarlet Emeraldweaver to unwind a bit before setting out for an adventure in Blane Spiritswords Lost Marleybone Expedition. We chatter about the bosses of the past, stats on the gea...

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Added by: Jester

  Wizard Weekly - Episode 33...
Yuletide has hit the spiral! With mounts, pets, and the count down to the new year is beginning! We talk moose tracks with this this years charity mount, and do a fly over of the Yuletide Spirit pet which I tried to sneek into the hatchery of Kristen Rose Rosethorn and her brother Tyler Goldeneyes! ...

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Added by: Jester

  Wizard Weekly - Episode 32...
Guess whooooooosssss bbaaaaacccckkkkkkk!Afte r two weeks of missed weekly episodes I sure have my work cut out for me. What with Zafaria out and all the Wizard101 Central holiday contests to cover! Come check out our two entries into the Anything but a Dorm Room Dash, you won't be dissapointed! I snu...

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Added by: Jester

  Wizard Weekly - Episode 31...
Not much in the news this week, or in the power pip, so we get to kick back and relax in Keena's Tranquil Cottage. We chatter about different views on the larger mounts, new talents on potential pets, and just getting from realm to realm in Letters from the Spiral. Happy Weekend everyone!How to get ...

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Added by: Jester

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  Haunted Fun House
Paige MoonShade's Haunted Fun HouseI do not own this song. No Copyright Infringement intended....
Added by: Paige MoonShade
Wizard101 Central Contest Winner - February, 2011
The winner is chosen for the $20.00 Wizard101 Gift Card Contest...
Added by: Jester
  Minions Perform Y.M.C.A
My Favourite Musical Number from the Minions!...
Added by: Sheldon Cooper


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