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Scottish Music - Nightdream Me...
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Giant Hunters Magus Myth 1v1 D...
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Wizard101 Piano- Part Of Your ...
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Wizard101 - Khrysalis Shadow C...
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  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 7...
Here is our 7th installment of the show we (as in me) love, Wizard Weekly!This week, we are visiting the massive House-A-Palooza sales and the PILES of new furniture. Let us not forget a shout out here and there.Thanks for watching!!!Cya guys later!~IonWizard Weekly Forums:http://www.wizard101centra...

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  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 6...
We are FINALLY back from our little vacation, and will be resuming our normal schedule!Explore the adventurous lands of Aquila as you go through the test of the immortals, take a look at some new features, and a bunch more coming your way this episode!Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you guys ...

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  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 5...
Woot, talk about being Fashionably Late...Thanks for sticking around long enough! This week, we go through fresh updates bit by bit, and a special guest appearance by a known pvp watcher.Hope you enjoy the episode!~IonWizard Weekly Forums:http://www.wizard101central.co m/forum...Amour's Shop:http://w...

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  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 4...
Hey you guys! We are at episode number 4!Enjoy the news and humor that we call Wizard Weekly, including some nice contest details!Come back next week for Pirate Weekly, and come back the week after for another Wizard Weekly!Cya guys later!~IonWizard Weekly Forums:http://www.wizard101central.co m/foru...

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  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 3...
Hey you guys! Sorry for the delay, but what is a Weekend without wizard weekly? ^-^We explore the new test realm updates! Tournaments, Bundles, and Music Galore! Hope you enjoy the show!Don't forget the debut of Pirate Weekly coming Saturday, June 1st!Cya Guys Later!~IonWizard Weekly Forums:http://w...

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  Wizard Weekly 2 - Episode 2...
Welcome to another week of pure epicness with your host Ion. This week we talk about the wonderful month of may and all of it's goodies to come.Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!~IonWizard Weekly Forums:http://www.wizard101central.co m/forum...Whim's Blog:http://www.wizard101central.co m/f...

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Wizard Weekly - Episode 34
Hey there everyone!Not much in the news today, just a few sticky tidbits before we breeze on into the Death Chamber of Scarlet Emeraldweaver to unwind a bit before setting out for an adventure in Blane Spiritswords Lost Marleybone Expedition. We chatter about the bosses of the past, stats on the gea...
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  Wizard101 Central Contest Winner - February, 2011
The winner is chosen for the $20.00 Wizard101 Gift Card Contest...
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Haunted Fun House
Paige MoonShade's Haunted Fun HouseI do not own this song. No Copyright Infringement intended....
Added by: Paige MoonShade
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