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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      As everyone gathers, glancing to see who all showed, they wondered what new and exciting things could possibly be happening now to Wizard101. Everyone gathered around the room, and began to stare at Doctor Purreau as he spoke.
      "It is wonderful to see that you could all make it, I was afraid you would not be able to locate the right pyramid room when I described the Krokotopian house that was given to me in the directions.", stated Doctor Purreau.
      Cyrus Drake interrupted, as usual, and asked, "Why have you summoned all of us here? I have students to teach, and I can not teach them, when I am here."
      Milo Barker motions for Cyrus Drake to sit down in the padded chair behind him, and listen to Doctor Purreau.
      "I am going to let Milo Barker explain things.", said Doctor Purreau, as he motioned for Milo Barker to begin.
      Milo Barker glances at Cyrus Drake, then begins to speak in a loud voice, "Mister Lincoln brought to my attention the letter you see on the table in front of me today. It was hidden long ago here in this very house, and only discovered recently. The owner of the house thought it best to give it to Mister Lincoln, knowing he would know what to do with the letter. First, he showed the letter to Doctor Purreau, who then showed it to me. You are all mentioned in this letter, so this is why I have called you here."
      Prospector Zeke looks annoyed at the situation. "Why was I summoned, I have nothing to do with that letter?", asked Prospector Zeke in an angry voice.
      "This crystal ball should tell us what is in the future now for Wizard101.", said Milo Barker, as Prospector Zeke sighed.
      Everyone started talking aloud, discussing ideas of why they were brought here, not listening to Milo Barker.
      Milo Barker started to shout as he gazed into the crystal ball, "Hush everyone, can you not see that I need to concentrate?"
      The wizard student interupted Milo Barker, and asked, "Where should I put this?", holding up a scroll. Milo Barker, taking a drink from the milk bottle sitting on the floor next to him, Milo Barker read the scroll that the wizard student just placed on the table in front of him.
      "Prospector Zeke, would you take that wooden bucket that is filled with water, and water the planted palm?", asked Milo Barker as he studied the scroll.
      Prospector Zeke mumbled, "Why in tarnation would you ask me to do such a task?"
      "Why, because you are the best person for the job!", stated Milo Barker with a smile as Prospector Zeke got the wooden bucket, and watered the potted palm sitting in the corner of the room.
      "Lydia Greyrose, are you going to sit in that padded chair behind you?", asked Prospector Zeke.
      Lydia Greyrose smiled and told Prospector Zeke to have a seat.
      Peering back into the crystal ball, Milo Barker became quiet. Then, thinking he heard what seemed like screems that usually came from the wraith minion standing beside the wizard student, Milo Barker looked behind him. "What have you brought with you, Sherlock Bones?"
      Looking to his right, Sherlock Bones began to speak, "I caught the black colosus trying to hatch the drake egg with the purple pet. The black colosus did not know you could not hatch another pet until the drake egg hatched, and then the pet became an adult pet. I did not know where to take all of them, so I brought them with me, I hope you don't mind."
      Laughter filled the room as the black colosus turned a dark shade of red. Milo Barker said, "That is fine, they are part of this just as well as all of you."
      "We didn't mean to embarrass you, black colosus, we just thought everyone knew that you could not hatch an egg without the pets being adults. We are sorry.", said Lydia Greyrose as she bowed her head, then said she was sorry for making him feel so bad.
      Everyone else followed Lydia Greyrose's example, and in turn all said they were sorry to the black colosus.
      "Lydia Greyrose, would you please retrieve the book titled 'Pets' from inside the obsidian chest?", Milo Barker asked politely as he tried to ease the tension between everyone.
      "Why of course I will!", stated Lydia Grayrose as she opened the obsidian chest, took the book out, and then placed the book on the table.
      Milo Barker thanked Lydia Greyrose as he thumbed through every page. With a twinkle in his eyes, he looked back at the crystal ball.
      "Yes, I did not think it would ever happen, but it is going to. Should I believe my eyes?", asked Milo Barker as he blinked his eyes, then peered into the crystal ball as if he just could not believe it.
      "Please keep your minion still, Cyrus Drake, as he is causing the crystal ball to fade in and out.", grumbled Milo Barker.
      Cyrus Drake began to get more upset, and he began to speak, "What on Earth is that crystal ball of yours telling you? Do we have to guess for ourselves? I, personally, have better things to do with my time, than to guess what a crystal ball has to say."
      Being amused at Cyrus Drake for being so impatient, Milo Barker smiles at Cyrus Drake, gives him a wink, then begins to tell of what he sees.
      "There is another land coming soon to Wizard101. It is a land filled with pets of all kinds. There are even pet teachers to help the pets train along their path.", Milo Barker said while looking at Cyrus Drakes' eyes flutter with interest.
      "What? How can this be? Are the pets going to be taking over the spiral?", asked Cyrus Drake.
      Milo Barker began to explain further by saying, "The pets will have houses of their own to choose from, that wizards can place at their own house's so pets can rest."
      Lydia Greyrose speaks loudly, asking, "Will there be anything for the wizard teachers to do in this world?"
      "Why yes, Lydia Greyrose, as you will be able to teach the owners how to train their pets to become as strong as they can be."
      Lydia Greyrose and Cyrus Drake glance at each other, then smiles of joy stretch across their faces.
      Mister Lincoln looks up from the book he spotted in the obsidian chest when Lydia Greyrose opened it to retrieve the book for Milo Barker, and starts to speak, "In this book, it says this world was thought to have been lost when the worlds were split, but that the world would come back to once again be explored."
      "Pets will be the main fighters in this land, with their owners beside them all the way.", states Mister Lincoln. "It even mentions you, Prospector Zeke."
      Milo Barker stares once more into the crystal ball, looks at Prospector Zeke, smiles, and says, "Why Prospector Zeke, there is a special quest you have for the pets to complete."
      Prospector Zeke smiles, then without blinking an eye, he says, "Well, why did not you say that in the first place. Old Prospector Zeke was getting worried there would be nothing for him to do in this new land."
      "From the looks of things, there is something for everyone to do in the new pet world.", Milo Barker states as he sees that Merle Ambrose will put him in charge of this world.
      Mister Lincoln looks up from the book again, and says, "Even the black colosus will have a role to play in the new world."
      The wizard student looks puzzled at Milo Barker, then asks, "But Milo Barker, would a wizard student then be like a pet's pet? Would we still get to fight when there is a need, or are we just going to be our pet's assistants? What are we supposed to do in this world? I have so many unanswered questions that need to be answered."
      Milo Barker looks at the wizard student with a puzzled look, "Why, I really do not know what happens in this world my young wizard student, all I know from what the crystal ball shows me, is that it is a wonderous place with pets running all around, and from there we will just have to learn together what the new world is all about."
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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      The morning of my birthday I got up and got all my gear on. Today was any ordinary day for a wizard like me, except the part of it being my birthday. When I got out of my fire house I had to break up a few fights. My helephant had melted my evil snowman, my ghoul was wacking my firecat with his shovel, my storm snowman was sending lighting bolts and my brothers orthrus, and my darp sprites were fighting my pixies and my myth sprites. My ghoul had to go to Lydia Greyrose for 3rd Degree burns. When I had broke up those fights I finally got out of the house. My friend, Tasha, and I were going to go around the spiral to see if there were any problems we could fix. She wanted me to stay out of my house for some reason. We arranged to meet inside Bartleby. My friend was a death wizard at ravenwood but her secondary school was ice. She could freeze anytime she wanted to.
      I was waiting by Bartlebly when I saw her come out of the ice school and run over to the myth school. I wasn’t surprised about the ice school but myth I didn’t know what she was doing over there. When she finally did come over I noticed that she had gotten her wraith and Avalanches Legendary Cutlass. I congradulated her and she said thank you. So off we went to see what Prospecter Zeke had in store for us he said “I need you guys to ask Dr. Purruea where I can find a large Ianthine Spectre.” So off we went to look for Dr. Purrea. We found him in The Pet Hatchery and asked him where we can find them.
      He said “First you need a small Ianthine Spectre and then I can tell you a spell that willl make It larger.” We travled to Dragonspyre to find someone who drops it and we were told that Gurtok Demon dropped it. It took a while but eventually Tasha got the drop. We then travelled to Wizard City to ask Dr. Purreau for the growing spell he gave it to us. It took a few tries but eventually we got it right. We then took it to Prospecter zeke who stored it away in something in his cart and then grabbed something and gave it to us. It was an obsidian chest to store things in so I transported it to my storeroom at my house but tasha stopped me before I could .She said she could do it i said ok but was getting curious. What was she doing?.So then we went back in the Pet Pavilion and asked Milo Barker If he needed any help.
      He said “ I need you to retrieve a dragon egg for something important the only way I know how is to defeat Victor Snowcrusher and get it from behind him in a small nest. “ We agreed though I was a little relunctant since he was fire. We travelled to Dragonspyre again defeated Victor Snowcrusher and retrieved the egg. We returned to Milo Barker and he thanked us. I started walking a way when I turned around Tasha was gone. Then before I realized what was happening she teleported right back to me.
      I asked her where she went and she said “I had to put something at my house.”
      We travelled to Marleybone and asked Sherlock Bones if he needed any help he said “Spike the Crusher is terorrizing any one who spilled a bottle of milk that he has left around the city. He must be stopped.” Tasha and I set off for him in Big Ben. We travelled up the floors and encoutered Spike the Crusher on the second to last floor. We fought him and I nearly died due to I was low in health when I was pulled in this battle but we survived and went to tell Sherlock Bones the news. When I got in the elevator I realized that Tasha was still standing next to Sherlock Bones and was talking to him in a low voice. On the way down the elevator I realized that I didn’t think Tasha knew it was my birhday. I waited by the carfting teacher. Tasha eventually came down the elevator but I kept quiet. We went to the fairgrounds and stocked up on mana and potions. Then we went to Golem Court to see how Mr. Lincon was doing. He had broken his leg and was recovering he no longer had to wear a cast but just a bandange to keep his bones together he asked if we could do something for him.
      He needed a few parts from golems in the tower. Apparently we had to do this alone. Tasha went in and I tried to port but it didn’t work. So I had to go in alone I equipped only meteor strikes to my deck and I went up level after level after level. When I finally made it there was a teleporter stone I stepped up to it and activated it and suddenly I was in Dragons Cave. I looked for the last part that Mr. Lincon asked for a burning ruby from the heart of the hearth in the Dragons Cave’s lava. When I retrieved two of them I waited for Tasha because if she got it she would burn herself. Being fire I was immune to it for extra protection I put an absorb treasure card on just in case Tasha finally showed up and I gave her the rubies to frost like he told us to she used frost beetle to blow on them. We went to the entrance to the cave and we found the gate was locked so I summoned a fire elemental and he used and attacked that melted the door. It was a weak attack but it mannanged to do it. We went and talked to Mr. Lincon and he suggested we go ask Merle Ambrose to make this for him he gives us a scroll.
      We go through the headmaster’s tower to get to his office. We briskly crossed the room. He greets us warmly and we give him the scroll. He quickly examines and glances at us he nods us too the door we will leave so he can concentrate. We travelled to Dragonspyre to try to get a rare pet called a fire serpent we had to hunt him down but eventually we found him his name was Boris Blackrock and he was this huge black colossus we fought him dozens and dozens of times sometimes one of us left because are backback was full of stuff and we needded to sell then one fight me and tasha both got it. I sent my Boris Blackrock statue to my storeroom but again tasha stopped me i let here take it but now i was getting really curious. I went to the pet pavilion and leveled up my pet for a while but it got boring so I went to see if I could hatch my myth friends orthrus with a stormzilla because I wanted a tempest hound to keep my storm snowman company. I found one and I mixed and I got a tempest hound! I was so excited and the only thing that made me sad that was it nearly took a day to hatch. Twenty one hour hatch! Still I got it that was good.
      Near the end of the day Tasha told me to port and I ported I was surprised when eveyone yelled “SURPRISE!” I was thinking what was going on when I heard a bunch of people singing Happy Birthday. I was so excited that people remembered my birthday! There was so much presants. There was Mr Lincon and a new contraption. There was the dragon egg in the backround and an Ianthine Spectre had risen out of the obsidian chest Milo Barker was in front of a table and was showing me an asortment of things a scroll that had a lot of new fire spells on it, a crystal ball that was a presant from tasha that could tell the future, a letter from my parents, a book that contained some of my favorite stuff, and a bottle of milk that if you took one sip all your health would return. Cyrus Drake had a small wooden golem pet for me.(oh great there's another couple trips to the life school) Lydia Greyrose was making decoraions appear out of thin air. So pretty much everything I did today was me doing the Dirty work to get my presents. I finally understood why Tasha wanted me to stay out of my house and why no one mentioned my birthday and why Tasha was talking to everyone after I left.
      When the party was over eveyone was porting out and leaving. Tasha was the last one there she was helping me clean up the mess. I said “Thanks for a great day Tasha.”
      She said “Well I was glad you never found out. We have known each other for three years. I wouldn’t forget your birthday.Here Mr. Lincon was still working on it but now it is done now it is an automatic pet feader he used the ruby’s to harness the power of it from a distance since you are fire. Well good night see you tomorrow at Dragons Roost.”

      I said “Good night.” She ported away and as I want to bed I thought this was the best birthday I had ever had.
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      Talking Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      The Chronicles of Timothy

      One Day a wizard named Timothy StormVault was in his dorm thinking about his latest accomplishment, defeating Malistaire. All of a sudden Prospector Zeke, Lydia Greyrose, Milo Barker, Sherlock Bones, Mr. Lincoln, and Doctor Purreau rushed in with no breath to spare. "Cyrus Drake... has turned evil...after malistaire has fallen." said Lydia Greyrose. "He is raising an army of undead planning to bring Sylvia and Malistaire back to life to rule at his side!" wheezed Milo Barker. What... How did this happen...I thought he was on our side! "Not anymore young wizard". as his voice got low. "We have to stop him! said Doctor Purreau. He has already gotten the armies of Grizzleheim and Celestia turned against us!" "If we go through the worlds trying to find him, and defeat him, wont he stop this madness?" "Its not that easy, Bartebly closed off the spiral gates so Cyrus won't have access to them, We need a time teleporter from Dragonspyre to stop this horror from ever happening. But to do that we need to get to Dragonspyre by the Drake you hatched to reach Malistaire. Your Drake is flying through the spiral right now, clueless of what happened. Go now young wizard, your Drake will fly you to The Throne Room of Fire then find your way into Big Ben, then to The Tree of Life, then to Malistaires Lair, where you defeated Malistaire himself. Go now young wizard, all our hopes lie with you. said Mr. Lincoln. After finding his Drake he traveled to Krokotopia, now a world covered in rain. After he strolled into The Throne Room Of Fire, he found nothing for hours. Then he uncovered a mysterious chamber. It was dark and mysterious and smelled of Evil magic. Coming down the hall was Krokopatra whispering to her subjects the battle plans. " First we will destroy this meddling wizard, and then rule at Cyrus's side". said Krokopatra in a raspy voice. Under his breath Timothy said "I have to get out of here". Looking around he found a mysterious pass lock. "Hey I remember in my backpack I have a sharp peice of metal able to pick this lock!" Excitedly he picked the lock. In a whirl of wind he was teleported to Big Ben in Marleybone. " How did I get here?" he said in his mind. After searching in that one tower for hours he realized it was after midnight, and had to find a place to rest. He found behind a barrel there was a spare blanket so it was good enough. As soon as he hit the ground he passed out. In his dreams he got a message he thought he knew but was too far away. It said, you will never find me, soon you will rise to my mercy and so will the other wizards. Ambrose will die and I will rule. So try to stop me if you can foolish wizard. "Ouch my head is killing me cause' of this dumb old floor". moaned Timothy. Going floor after floor he found evidence of rats and cats. As he went higher he found the wand he lost to a rat during Big Ben. Then he came to the top floor. Meowiarity was just sitting there, thinking. Then Cyrus teleported in. "Hey Meowiarity, where is the pay you owe me for my mercy on you. You said you'd had it. Now where is it?" "Um... I dont have it but i will by tommorow if that's ok?" asked Meowiarity. "You'd better hope you have it by tommorow or bad things will happen." yelled Cyrus. "Ok I will have it Mr. Drake." said Meowiarity. Looking around he found a lock that look as if it would fit her wand. After sliding his wand into the lock a whirl of wind teleported him to the tree of life where he searched and searched. All he found was the Dagger Of Shadows which looked as it has been burned in a terrible fire. Looking more and more he ran upon the Death Oni talking to someone in a magical portal. The person in the portal spoke. It said "Prepare for battle, the time of war is coming." "Yes sir, but I need a new sword. The last time the wizard and I met he destroyed my sword." said the Death Oni "Ok i will send one immediatly, sit tight". said the mysterious voice. After, the Death Oni sat down and fell asleep instantly. Timothy looked around and found a huge lock bigger than his entire body. He stared at it for hours until the Crab delivered the huge sword which had flames that glimmered in the light to the Death Oni, and the Death Oni fell back asleep. The sword burned his eyes while looking at it and burnt his arms while touching it. Timothy went over and strained to pick up the sword and threw it up in the lock. In a whirl of wind he was teleported to Malistaires lair. There, he watched as Cyrus said evil sayings and Malistaire and Sylvia Drake where brought back to life as wraiths. With no thinking at all he ran toward Cyrus and said "You must stop this madness, I never knew you'd be evil in my life." "Listen little wizard, I have been hated by everyone at Ravenwood for my grumpiness all the time. I had not one person who liked one person at the wretched place." I know a person who liked you a lot, myself, I did, you where my favorite professor." " I dont believe you at all wizard, you could just be flattering me". " Now begone I have work to do" said Cyrus." " But it is true Cyrus". " You are lying now pitiful wizard, Sylvia, Malistaire, come with me." Cyrus opened up a portal to Ravenwood and rushed inside. Alone, Timothy sat down and started to sob. "How did my favorite professor turn evil in the blink of an eye, and now I can't do anything, I have no way out at all, i'm stuck." One second later his Drake appeared. To RavenWood he yelled! When they arrived fire and fighting was around. Timothy confonted Cyrus to a duel. He used helephant, wraith, and stormzilla to defeat Cyrus. Then he had to set Ravenwood right. He plunged the Dagger of Shadows into Bartebly and all the chaos was gone. So I did not need a time teleporter to stop this. It could be done another way. On the ground were defeated wizards. Mr. Lincoln came over and patched their wounds. "Lots to Do, Lots to Do!" Timothy walked over to his dorm and passed out on the bed. The next morning their was a parade in his honor. Flowers were placed in front of his dorm and was gifted mega snack packs, mounts, and pets. He threw a party a his house inviting everyone he knew, even his secret crush, Alexandra Death Song. There was punch, games, and music. After the party Timothy got the nerve to ask her out. "Hey Alexandra wanna go out some time, heres my number call me." Alexandra said" Oh my God, YES, YES,YES! As years past adventures came of sadness and romance. Then one Day Timothy died with his kids and wife by his side. His last words were "Always keep this city safe through anything imaginable". So as you see even in the touch of a wand, a lifetime can be an adventure.

      Hope Ya liked my story!
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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      I am finally done with my story! Shortening a 2,250 word story(I get carried away when I write) to under 1750 is probably one of the hardest things I've done this week(Got it to 1744[Not including the title] after some effort). Enjoy the story:

      Under Our Noses
      It was just another day in Wizard City, as Saffron Shadowbreeze was completing her newest assignment; researching the new pets that Dr. Purreau was creating at the Pet Hatchery…
      “Mr. Purro, what’s this one called?” inquired Saffron.
      “It’s Dr. Purreau! And that one is called a Grimtooth. I created him by mating an adult Orthrus and Wraith,” replied Dr. Purreau, “run along now. And don’t touch that cage there! I just had that rare specimen delivered from the newly discovered ruins of Celestia and you could frighten it.”
      Now Dr. Purreau didn’t really believe Saffron could scare the creature in the cage. The reason he didn’t want Saffron looking in the cage was for her own safety. He had studied pets all his life and that morning he had remembered a legend about a pet so hideous that one look could turn you to stone. So Dr. Purreau had specifically ordered that the pet be delivered in a covered cage. He had then placed it in the most inconspicuous of locations…looks at cage…perhaps plain sight wasn’t the best place to put such a dangerous creature. As he thought this, Dr. Purreau made his way into the back room in hopes of finding a suitable place to hide the specimen. Unknowingly, he had left Saffron alone with the creature.
      “I wonder what this new pet looks like. I bet it’s got gorgeous butterfly wings,” thought Saffron, “I’ll just have a peek…”
      So Saffron slowly lifted the tarp covering the cage, but didn’t see anything. She lifted the tarp some more, still nothing. Frustrated, Saffron tore the tarp right off the cage only to realize that there was nothing inside! Just as Saffron was covering the cage back up, Dr. Purreau returned with a large crate.
      “What are you doing?” yelled Dr. Purreau, “Where’s the creature?”
      “I don’t know, the cage was empty,” Saffron shrugged.
      “Empty? Thief! The Headmaster shall hear about this! Your days at Ravenwood Academy are numbered!” retorted Dr. Purreau, and he stormed off in search of Headmaster Ambrose.
      “The pet probably escaped, and they’ll blame me for it! I better get Professor Greyrose; she’ll help me,” said Saffron as she ran off in search of her favorite teacher.
      What Dr. Purreau didn’t know was that Headmaster Ambrose was away on important business elsewhere in the Spiral, as he soon learned from Gamma. However, he was determined to see that justice was served, and if he couldn’t find Ambrose then he would find the next best thing: Cyrus Drake.
      “…I was just asking him about it…and he told me not to…and when I looked the pet was gone…and he said I’d be sent home, and I'd never see my friends again…” said Saffron to Professor Greyrose as they made their way towards the Pet Hatchery.
      “Calm down, my dear. Everything will be fine, you’ll see,” said Professor Greyrose.
      “…had the nerve to tell me that there never was any creature in the cage to begin with…and her tone of voice, don’t even get me started…” said Dr. Purreau to Professor Drake, as they neared the Pet Hatchery.
      “Enough, Purio! I’m a very busy man. I was in the middle of refining my minions when you interrupted me. Now this Golem Minion will be following me around all day. As I am the Dean of Discipline, I’ll look into the matter…Lydia?” replied Professor Drake.
      “Cyrus. I was just talking to Saffron here…”
      “I don’t much care who you were talking to, Lydia. This young lady has committed a grave offense and will be dealt with accordingly.”
      “Excuse me, Cyrus, but what exactly has she done?”
      “That is none of my concern, but if you must know, Dr. Purio claims that she pillaged the valuable contents of a certain cage.”
      “Saffron claims that, while completing one of your assignments, she had innocently peeked into a covered cage. Which happened to be empty, I might add.”
      “Very well then, Lydia, we’ll let a professional handle this. Purio, go fetch Detective Sherlock Bones and be quick about it.”
      “Right away, sir, and it’s Dr. Purreau! I’ll be taking this with me. Wouldn’t want it disappearing too!” said Dr. Purreau as he grabbed a rather large egg on his way out.
      Everyone else made their way into the Pet Pavilion, where they could get some fresh air to better discuss the matters at hand. Dr. Purreau returned shortly, accompanied by the infamous Sherlock Bones. Sherlock Bones looked around the Hatchery, examining the cage, before joining the others outside.
      “Dr. Peru, here, states that Ms. Shadowbreeze took a rather valuable pet from him. Ms. Shadowbreeze, however, claims that when she uncovered the cage, there was no pet inside. Dr. Peru, when was this cage delivered to you?” said Detective Bones.
      “It’s Purreau! And it was delivered this morning by Zeke.” replied Dr. Purreau.
      “Did you uncover the cage, once it was delivered?”
      “Of course not! It could have been a…I mean, No.”
      “Then how did you know there was a pet in the cage to begin with?”
      “Well, I didn’t know exactly, but…Zeke! He must have stolen my specimen!”
      “Calm down now, Dr. Pewro. Professor Greyrose, would you be so kind as to fetch Prospector Zeke, please.”
      “Sure thing, Detective, I’ll be right back.”
      As Professor Greyrose flew off, the group started talking amongst themselves. Nearby Milo Barker had been eavesdropping and thought he could be of some assistance.
      “Seems you’ve gotten yourselves into quite a pickle and I thought I’d help. I have this crystal ball back at my place that you just say what you lost and it’ll show you where to find it. Easy as custard pie! So what do you say?” said Milo.
      “I didn’t lose anything! This girl…” said Purreau, Sherlock Bones interrupted, “Sounds great Milo, let’s see that crystal ball.”
      So the group made their way towards Milo’s tent, or at least what looked like a tent. Inside the tent was really a large room, with a small red sofa towards the back, a green table in the center and a potted plant in one corner.
      “Mind if I place my egg next to this bucket, Mr. Barker?” said Purreau
      “Nice place you’ve got here, Milo,” said Bones.
      “Sure thing, Doc. And thanks, Detective! Careful with my Boris Blackrock statue, little miss, wouldn’t want it tipping over and hurting Echo, my Ianthine Spectre,” said Milo, “Now for the crystal ball…here we are. Now how’s this thing work?”
      “Didn’t the crystal ball come with a manual?” sighed Professor Drake.
      “Oh yeah! Now where’s that manual…in my obsidian chest, of course!”
      Milo Barker made his way to his obsidian chest and retrieved the manual, just as Professor Greyrose and Prospector Zeke entered.
      “Thief! You stole my specimen!” shouted Purreau.
      “What’s going on here? I’m no thief! Don’t you be pointing your paws at me!” replied Zeke.
      “Calm down, gentlemen. Now Zeke, where were you before you delivered the cage to Dr. Pewro?” said Bones.
      “I had taken the package and letter to Mr. Lincoln for cataloging. You know how that bloke is, always having to keep track of everything.”
      “What letter are you referring to?”
      “The letter that came with the package; I gave it to Lincoln, like I said mate.”
      “Professor Drake, could you retrieve Mr. Lincoln, thanks. Zeke, was the cage covered when you picked it up?”
      “Yep, just like Dr. Pureo said, I told the expedition to have it covered when I picked it up. Then I checked in with Mr. Lincoln and delivered the package to him, there,” said Zeke, pointing at Dr. Purreau.
      “Here comes Mr. Lincoln now with the letter. Mr. Lincoln, may I have that letter and your records for Zeke’s delivery?” said Bones.
      “Sure thing; Here is the letter addressed to Dr. Purreau and the receipt scroll for Zeke’s delivery.”
      “While Bones takes a look at those papers, let’s find us that pet with my crystal ball,” said Milo, “Now let’s see, it says here I need to know what I’m looking for in order for the crystal ball to find it. So what’s this critter look like, anyway?”
      As Milo Barker looked around the room, all he received were blank stares. Apparently nobody knew what the pet looked like.
      “Oh come on! I need a drink…Ah, here’s my milk…”
      As Milo Barker drank his fill, Sherlock Bones had finished examining the letter and scroll.
      “Aha! It’s elementary my dear Wats…I mean, I’ve figured it out! When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!”
      “What do you mean by that?” said Saffron.
      “See, the answer has been under our noses this whole time! Inside this letter, Mr. Lincoln provided, lies the answer. Dr. Pierre, would you be so kind as to read the letter out loud?”
      “It’s Purreau, for crying out loud! Fine, let’s see here:
      Dear Dr. Purreau,
      You’ll find the creature my expedition discovered in the covered cage you provided. Careful when you open the cage, this critter wasn’t exactly easy to catch. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Here’s a hint: sunlight.
      Warmest regards,

      But where’s my specimen!” said Dr. Purreau.
      “Come along now. Dr. Puira, could you bring the cage, covered, out to the Pet Pavilion?” said Bones.
      “That wasn’t even close! It’s Purreau! Ah forget it. Why do I even bother? Sure, I’ll be right back,” said Dr. Purreau.
      So everyone made their way out to the Pet Pavilion just as Dr. Purreau brought the covered cage out of the Pet Hatchery. As he set down the cage, Sherlock Bones made his way towards it and said, “Dr. Purreau, here is your pet!” as he removed the tarp.
      “Finally!” said Dr. Purreau.
      At first nothing happened…wait, was that a glimmer? Everyone leaned in to get a closer look…was that a sparkle? As Saffron bent down and looked inside the cage, a flash of light suddenly filled the cage! As the light faded, curled up inside the cage was…

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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      I slowly stepped into the room. Moments before, I had received a note by way of piggle demanding my presence in Milo Barker’s office. When Milo came to Wizard City, he was full of ideas, most of which included pets. He had many discussions with Headmaster Ambrose, who had gleefully agreed to nearly each one. This included using piggles as Mail Carriers. We were presented with ones of our own to prevent confusion. Mine was a blue and white one named Belle. I was merely walking to the library when she caught me. Out of breath, she gave it to me. It was a simple letter, hardly a sentence. “Report to Barker’s office immediately.” I hurriedly returned my books then scampered out of the building, almost knocking the librarian down in my rush.
      When I arrived at my destination, I was shocked to see not only Milo, but Doctor Purreau, Professor Greyrose, Professor Drake, Mister Lincoln, Sherlock Bones, and in the corner, looking mildly embarrassed, Prospector Zeke. When I noticed him, I knew that something was wrong. He had a nasty reoccurring habit of losing all things important and not being able to recover him. There were the Smiths, Beetles, Stray Cats, Clams, Yardbirds, and Stone Roses. All valuable, lost by Zeke, and found by yours truly.
      “You probably already know why you are here, don’t you Brianna, dear?” Greyrose asked, blushing slightly. I nodded. “Well, we know you’ve done many a great deed for us, but we would just be tickled if you cou-“
      “Enough with this dawdling, Greyrose!” Drake interjected. “This is urgent and important! Stop sugar-coating things!” He paused a beat to glare at his fellow professor, who was staggered by the venom in his voice. He turned his head to glower at me. I pretended not to be perturbed. “This incompetent fool over here lost something valuable again!” He indicated Prospector Zeke before continuing. Zeke, along with the rest of the room, (including piggles), looked scared out of his wits. At this point, I was the only one in the room who could maintain their composure.
      “Well, then what was it?” My voice had an icy calm to it. This did not help, and he did not answer my question.
      “What was it?!” He bellowed. “Purreau and Barker were conducting dangerous experimental pet combinations and left the deadly outcome under the prospector’s watch so they could celebrate their success!” Milo then stepped back quite a few paces and Doctor Purreau cowered behind his clipboard. Professor Drake almost never completely lost his temper. I then kept the sarcastic comments to zero. “Bones couldn’t find it. We now have to sink to begging you, a student to find something that should have never been made!” He protested, now slowly striding around the room, spitting his words as if they were bitter.
      There was one question nagging at my thoughts. It seemed so blatantly obvious that I had to ask, disregarding all fear for my life.
      “Then what is Headmaster Ambrose doing?” I asked in a bored tone. Although, I can’t deny it wasn’t fun to antagonize a professor in such a way, it was like being on a tightrope with no net. He looked calmer, yet even more furious than before.
      “In Marleybone,” He spitefully stated. “Since you defeated my brother, he seems to think that the spiral is suddenly safe because of one scrawny, adolescent Thaumaturge.” His voice contained malice to spare. I glanced at my professor, who looked thoroughly offended. Drake sighed, sat down, and rubbed his temples. “Now, professor, can you conjure an image of this… this beast for our guest?” He calmly asked. The thought of the myth professor being bipolar crossed my mind.
      Greyrose snorted and fluttered across the room, nose high in the air. She picked up a glass ball from Milo’s desk, turned her back to Professor Drake, and said a few swift words before slamming it back in front of him.
      “Now, Lydia, no need to get angry, as it will only complicate things.” Drake said. I raised my eyes from the spilled milk on the floor, shifted my thoughts from Big Ben to Cyrus’ hypocritical words, and almost laughed. Lydia’s mouth dropped open, Mister Lincoln was hastily recording everything, and Zeke was oblivious to everything but the spiky chest he was examining. I knew this wouldn’t turn out well, so I interrupted the silence that was particularly eloquent for everyone but Cyrus.
      “Um, so where and what am I looking for?” I hastily walked to the glass ball. The image looked like an Orthrus, but with strange eyes and markings. Doctor Purreau offered the answer.
      “We call it a Grimtooth. I-it’s a mixture of an Orthrus and a Wraith. We found the outcome fascinating. If anything, it’s an astounding beast of great potential. Well, w-we just um, didn’t think it would gain any skills so fast… It’s only a pup…” I slowly nodded. “I was going to experiment more on the Orthrus combinations, but I can’t until you regain him.” He explained. I sighed, then walked out the door on yet another hunt.

      “Hey, Brianna! Where have you been all day? I figured you just kept reading at the library, but you weren’t there! I checked the Pet Pavilion, Dueling Arena, your dorm, basically everywhere! I never thought I’d see you in the Fairegrounds!” Autumn called as she sprinted up to me. She had been my best friend since we were invited to Ravenwood. I had searching for hours before she showed up. I had no luck in Ravenwood, Pet Pavilion, any of the roads, or Nightside, but I thought that perhaps Autumn, in her frantic searching, might have seen something.
      “Uh, hey Autumn. By any chance have you seen a weird-looking Orthrus? Haha, I think Cory might have played a prank on Steven again. Um, I think he might have painted his pet…” I slowly made up my story. I would have preferred not to have rampant rumors about a dog that could kill you by looking at you or possess you. Gossip in Ravenwood gets severe. I truly doubted she had consciously seen something. Most people, courtesy of Doctor Purreau, had exotic or strange pets.
      “You mean the one that Cory drew unicorns on? It’s in Cyclops Lane with Steven, who is trying desperately to wash it off.” Autumn laughed as she remembered. I just loved how my story ended up making sense. I laughed nervously.
      “Nah, there’s some other freaky dog running around… It’s um…” I tried to think faster, but I was exhausted.
      “You mean that white one with the armor? I really, really want one of those.” She replied, seemingly unaware of my constant struggle for words.
      “Um… No, there’s another one wi-” I began.
      “Ooh, I saw a purple one with yellow lightning on its head! And another was like a heckhound, but much prettier!” She interrupted. “Then there was the Cerberus, but I don’t like that one that much… and that other brown one with purple on its head slinking around Golem Court. It seemed kinda shady now that I think about it… Oh guess what! When Melina went to the Shopping Di-” I never gave her the time to finish her sentence. I bolted out of the Fairegrounds and into Golem Court. Mister Lincoln was absent from his usual spot, as was Regina. I jogged a few laps around the tower that had once seemed so impossible. No Grimtooth. I sighed in disappointment and sat down on the curb.
      The tower! I thought. I walked inside. There was the traditional Wooden Golem standing there, expecting me to fight an organized battle. I merely rammed it out of my way and continued. When I made it to the top, I expected to see this foul creature snarling at me, and the fight of my life, but alas, my luck wouldn’t have it. I was met by the usual promise of my demise by an oven. He hissed and sputtered. I was tired and frustrated. I considered fighting him, but after a moment, I decided he wasn’t worth my time. I sighed and walked back down the tower.
      Feeling depressed, I made my way back to the exit of Golem Court, but was startled by a shadow swiftly moving out of sight. I turned slowly. A brown tail disappeared out of sight. My jumbled mess of a mind was soon cleared by a rush of adrenaline as I realized this demon-dog had been in Dragon’s Mouth Cave the whole day. I stole up to the entrance, and watched the dog stroll into the eternal darkness of the cave. I followed silently. Not a sound could be detected from me. I watched the dog howl at the fire below the dragon’s claws, then cripple in agony, writhing on the floor. A painfully familiar voice echoed through the room, slicing the silence like a scythe through wheat.
      “You have done well, my minion. Leave this creature of the wizard world, as I want nothing to do with their filth.” Said the voice of Malistaire Drake. The creature grew still and a grotesque figure rose from its mouths, cackled and bowed deeply to his master. I edged forward, then tripped on a rock. Malistaire roared in fury when he realized my presence and the ghost screamed in pain. It seemed to be strangled and die before my very eyes. I darted towards the dog, heaved it over my shoulder, and ran towards the only way to live. The Grimtooth was unconscious, heavy, and had a most disgusting stench about it. I made it to the entrance without being strangled by Malistaire’s spirit.
      I was hardly able to drag my body along, let alone a cataleptic dog. I felt like the most fortunate wizard alive, despite the fact that Malistaire was back, for Doctor Purreau’s home was just around the corner from Golem Court. I made his day, yet I ruined Ambrose’s day.
      The Grimtooth recovered, lacked demons, and played like a normal puppy-thing by the week after. Yet every time I looked at it, I received a morbid and ominous thought which haunted me wherever I went: How did Autumn get the key to my dorm?

      I had fun on this, but the last part kinda had to be um... DRASTICALLY SHORTENED... I get into writing and sometimes get carried away... This is not my best writing, as I had many interruptions, but I hope you enjoy it all the same! Either the online word count you used is wrong, or the word count my Word program came with is wrong. Word said I was under, (after shortening severely) but your online one said I was over. I shortened more, but I would just like to inform you. Your word counter says 1740, but mine says 1710. Another note... WHY IS THERE NO WAY FOR ME TO MAKE INDENTIONS???
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      Post Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      Do you believe in magic? Well over 10,000,000 wizards do yes wizards and yes 10,000,000 of them let’s go on the wild adventure of 1 new but bright wizard named Sabrina Starshade. The journey of Sabrina Starshade began as no other a shy wizard in an unfamiliar place having no friends and family to support her. The first gentle soul she met was Merle Ambrose. He warned her about the great dangers ahead but she would do anything to save wizard city her new home .Merle also told her about the Pet Pavilion and how she could grow her pets to be just like her and the fiercest of all the pets. Sabrina went to talk to the man in charge Milo Barker. She was a little afraid to talk to him because he was a little taller so she had to look up to him. She got herself together and ask him if he could show her around the Pet Pavilion he gladly accepted to show her around. Sabrina was very happy that he was kind she thought that this was a perfect utopia but soon she found that a dark force has been cast upon this great place. Merle Ambrose soon called her back to ask her what school she wanted to follow. Sabrina said, “Death” Merle said, “You sure” “Yes”, replied Sabrina. He told her to head to Ravenwood but first talk to Mister. Lincoln, he was in charge of getting the settled in wizard city. Sabrina talked to him and he seemed pleased that someone was going to stop Malistaire in his tracks. Sabrina was glad that many people were happy that she is trying to help them in this dilemma. On her way back she ran in to a kind fellow named prospector Zeke he asked her if he could interest her in any of his items she saw nothing she wanted so she went on her way. After being registered she went to see her teachers. The first teacher she met was Cyrus Drake the myth teacher he was very grouchy about having another want to be wizards trying to stop his brother. Truth is he can’t even stop him; he has to depend on us young wizards. Sabrina wasn’t too happy to his reaction of her being the new wizard. Then on her way to the ice school she ran into a wizard and broke his wand. She offers her wand but he explains that it’s the most important thing a wizard owns and will ever have. With a few simple hand movements he fixes the wand and is on his jolly way. Sabrina hoped she would be that good one day. Sabrina’s next stop is the ice where she meets Linda Greyrose. She was a bundle of joy wrapped in a cold blanket. She explained that you had to be patient and had to study very hard. When Sabrina was on her way to the fire school she was called back by Merle Ambrose. He said if Sabrina got his pet owl Gamma a snack he would give her a pet Danger Hound. She got him a bloodbat gummy. Gamma loved the snack she gave him. Sabrina didn’t quit understand the point of that. Merle gave her a pet danger hound and she loved it. Later one in the day in marleybone she ran into Sherlock Bones. He asked if Sabrina could help him on a case as usual she said yes and finished it in less than a hour. Sabina and her danger hound went on to Hyde Park. There they helped an officer with a Ruffian infestation. Then defeated 2or3 bosses, how that for a day Sabrina is said to her danger hound. Soon after Sabrina took her danger hound for a swim in Celestia. The water was quite warm and this was Sabrina’s chance to where her new swim suit. She was really tired after the swim so she and her danger hound crashed in their dorm in Ravenwood. When the sun rose and bartleby sneezed from the morning dew caused by SOME storm wizard. Sabrina was called to marleybone again because Abigail Doolittle had a street sweeper problem, to Sabrina it seems that everyone in marleybone has an infestation problem of some type of prowling creature of the night and they need her help she doesn’t mind but she gets tired after a while of doing it. Only if they all were wizards and could help themselves Sabrina thought. But everyone is meant to be the way they are and wizards have to help them for our own special reason. As Sabrina was leaving with her pet Danger Hound oh by the way his name is Danger. So when Sabrina and Danger were leaving he began whaling he saw a bone at the marleybone pet snack store thankfully they close in 20 minutes so Sabrina was able to keep her pet happy as usual. Sabrina got the bone and gave it to Danger it was chocolate coated he loves chocolate. While paying for it she ran into Sherlock Bones on her way back to the spiral chamber all of a sudden danger he starts crying and said that Sherlock Bones took his bone when he was going to the bathroom. Sabrina was outraged she found Sherlock Bones nibbling on it in the Royal museum. She demanded he buy Danger a new bone. Sherlock bought danger a new bone. Sabrina and Danger were on their merry way. The next morning danger was incredibly sick. Sabrina took her beloved pet to Doctor. Purreau. He said that danger will be ok that he got a minor case of the dog fever. 2 days later danger was released Sabrina and her pet were reunited. The first thing Sabrina did for danger was that she let him play his favorite game the canon one. After danger got tired of games she gave him a chocolate coated bone. Danger got really tired after the bone. Sabrina took him home for a nap and they both slept for about 9 hours. Sabrina was called to Dragonspyre as backup with 39 other female wizards a mother drake’s nest was under attack by another mother drake. The drake was protecting its eggs and its 2 other children the wizards were called to help protect the eggs and young drakes. 10 of the wizards were asked to remove the eggs and 2 drakes to the back end of the cave and seal it shut so that they would be safe. When the wizards returned they helped to get the attacking drake away from the nest. The mother drake was injured very badly luckily there were 15 life wizards there in the cave. They got to work healing the drake. The other wizards helped buy getting the drakes and eggs out of the back of the cave. All of the wizards stayed until the mother was up and ready to take care of her kids. By that time all her eggs were hatched and were up and running joyful baby drakes. We all found out that Malistaire was behind this. When all of the wizards who were there helping the mother drake returned home to wizard city they were greeted by a huge celebration there were banners balloons food my pet Dangerand a lot a lot of wizards and teachers. The most surprising thing was the mother drake we helped and her kids and she had a new addition an egg her egg.Merle Ambrose was really proud of us. He explained to everyone how we saved a mother drake and her children. He gave us a lot of god jobs and thank you. But to put the icing on the cake he gave Sabrina and the other wizards a solid gold medal, and made them level 60 wizards. Merle didn’t present them with the medal a specter presented them with it .After she got that medal she was so proud. This was the adventure of the great Sabrina Starshade. Her live was change after this day on she and this a story no one will believe back home.
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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      I was home alone again. Ever since Dad ran out on us, Mom had spent her days out drinking. I was used to having many responsibilities, but I still worried.
      What if Mom didn't come home again?
      The question churned in my mind. It would probably happen soon, and I would be on my own. I sighed and sat down at my computer to surf the internet. An ad depicting a boy flying on a dragon caught my attention. How often I had dreamt of flying away from my house! I clicked on it and was led to a page for a game called Wizard101. Following the instructions, I created an avatar and installed the game. At last, I was only a click away from temporary freedom. I eagerly pressed the 'enter' key.
      A horrible squeezing sensation came over me. I shut my eyes as pain scorched through my core. I grabbed the edge of my desk, only there was nothing to grab, and my fingers clenched empty space. My insides screamed, but I refused to let a sound escape my lips. Then a cool darkness came over me and the pain left. I lay still and let myself sink in the dark.

      A voice like a shimmering ribbon shuddered through the empty cosmos.
      “Are you okay?” it said.
      I clung to the voice and pulled myself out of the dark. I remembered I had eyes, and I opened them. I remembered I had a mouth, and I spoke.
      “I-I'm not sure. I think so,” I stammered to a dark-haired boy who was standing over me.
      He brushed his bangs from his bright green eyes. “That's good. You looked like you were in pain,” he said, “or dying.”
      Though I was sure he was right, I shrugged off the comment. Then I realized I was on the ground, and I hastily pulled myself up.
      Darkness clouded my vision and I was overcome by dizziness.
      “Whoa. Head rush,” I said as I stumbled against a wall. I blinked my vision back and took in the scene around me. A large pool with water glistening in the sunlight stretched in front of me, a magnificent statue at its center. The pool was fed by a waterfall and stream, over which a bridge arched gracefully. People of all ages, but mostly youth, chatted amiably.
      “Where am I?” I asked.
      The boy who had talked to me looked puzzled. “The Commons, of course. Have you never heard of Wizard City before?”
      I shook my head slowly, but one of the words rang a bell. Wizard.
      “Oh!” I said out loud. Wizard101! I must have been sucked into this world when I pressed the 'enter' key!
      The boy smiled at me uncertainly. “My name's Alexander. I can show you around if you want. A lot of people come here for the first time to study magic.”
      “Magic?” I asked dumbly.
      “Yeah. You know, at the school here. Ravenwood.”
      I stopped questioning my surroundings and listened as he explained Ravenwood to me.
      “Come on,” he said when he was finished. “I'll show you the headmaster's house. Merle Ambrose will want to meet you if you plan on enrolling.”
      I followed Alexander through a pair of intricately patterned gates and through a door. Inside, a large room with many creatures and people stood directly before us. In its center, an old man with a stone eye and a white beard stood bent over a crystal ball and was speaking to the people in the room.
      “... It appears to be underwater city. The infrastructure looks amazing for such a world. I wonder if this place's inhabitants are friendly or not....” The man looked up and jumped. “Alexander! When did you come in?”
      “Just now, Professor Ambrose,” Alexander said. “Sorry for interrupting; I'll leave.”
      “No, no,” Professor Ambrose said. “I think... yes, you are a competent enough student.... Wait here just a minute.” He bustled out of the room.
      A giant cat-man stepped forward. “Strange times we live in, eh?”
      “Sure are, Milo,” Alexander replied.
      “We have just discovered the existence of another world,” an unpleasant looking man said. “What Ambrose thinks you have to do with it, I haven't the faintest idea.”
      Alexander remained silent at this remark. No one paid attention to me.
      At last, Professor Ambrose returned. He was now carrying a spiky black chest.
      “We found a highly interesting object in this obsidian chest,” he said as he opened it. He handed the object inside to Alexander.
      Alexander held the object in his hands. It was a key. “You want me to explore this new world?” he asked.
      “If you're up for the task. Would you like to?”
      “It is an honor, Professor Ambrose. I'll leave straight away!” he said, stowing the key in his pocket.
      “But Alexander,” Professor Ambrose said, “who is your companion? I don't think I've seen her before.”
      Alexander looked startled. “Oh! This is...”
      “Natalie,” I said, realizing I hadn't told him my name.
      Professor Ambrose addressed me. “Are you here to enroll, Natalie?”
      “I don't know. I'm not even sure how I got here... through my computer or something...” I mumbled.
      “I see,” Professor Ambrose said. “You're not the first to end up here from that world. I don't have time to send you back right now, so... you can accompany Alexander in the meantime.” He handed me a maple rod. “Take this wand. You'll need it.”
      Alexander and I exited the building.
      “Weird,” Alexander said as we walked down a path. “Ambrose doesn't normally assign dangerous and deadly tasks to beginning students. I'll do my best to keep you alive.”
      I gulped. “Thanks for the reassurance.”
      “Just being honest,” Alexander shrugged as he led me through a tunnel.
      When we emerged, we were in a shady area with buildings and odd trees all around. They surrounded a giant tree that provided the shade.
      “This is Ravenwood,” Alexander said. “We're going inside Bartleby: the great tree. That's how we'll get to this new world.”
      After climbing a staircase to the heart of the tree, we ended up in a cavernous room with nothing but a door at it's center. We walked to it. Alexander pulled the key from his pocket and turned it in the keyhole. Slowly, he pushed the door open.
      I peered in but couldn't see anything.
      “Let's go,” Alexander said as he stepped into the blackness. I followed him, my stomach full of butterflies.
      Luckily, the darkness was short and I could soon see Alexander looking around the room I had entered. The large glass windows that covered the walls showed a whole underwater city outside. Buildings lined a broad avenue that forked at a large house straight ahead. But the scene was eerie. For one reason or another, all of the buildings' windows were dark. No one walked in the streets.
      Alexander finished walking around. “I found the door,” he said. I looked over and saw a large trapdoor. Alexander tossed two bags near me. “Put one on each shoe. They're weights. If you don't wear them, you'll float as soon as you get outside.”
      I bent down to put them on, and Alexander did the same with his own pair. Then he took out his wand and put a spell on himself.
      “Come here,” Alexander said. “This spell makes it so you don't have to breathe.”
      I walked to him slowly, cautious of the weights on my feet, and he performed the spell on me.
      It was a funny sensation. All of a sudden, the impulse in me to breathe died, and I suffered no ill effects.
      Alexander pulled open the trapdoor and I descended a ladder into a watery passageway. Alexander and I climbed up through the tunnel and emerged on the underwater avenue.
      “The big house looks promising,” Alexander said, pointing straight ahead.
      “Sure does,” I said, pulling out my wand. “Let's go.”
      We walked briskly down the street and entered the dark house. Alexander and I stood there for a few seconds in silence. I could barely make out the outline of the furniture and a staircase.
      The staircase creaked.
      “Was that you?” I whispered to Alexander.
      “No,” he whispered back. “Someone's here.”
      Just then, someone said a word from halfway up the stairs and sparks went flying. Alexander shoved me to the ground, and I slid against the wall. I could only see Alexander's silhouette, but I could tell he was already in the heat of the duel.
      Sparks repeatedly showered the room. Alexander appeared to be slowly backing up as his opponent descended the stairs. It had a humongous outline, and it seemed like Alexander stood no chance. As the thought entered my mind, there was a flash of light and Alexander's wand flew out of his hand. Slowly, his opponent raised its wand, ready to deliver the finishing spell.
      “NO!” I cried, and I leaped in front of Alexander. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I waved my wand.
      A wall of light sprang from it, creating a shield around Alexander and me. From the steady light, I could see that our opponent was a giant lobster. The lobster saw us and stumbled back, turning on a light. My shield dissipated.
      “I'm very sorry,” he said. “I thought you were those minions who have come to haunt our world.”
      “We are wizards from Ravenwood, here to help you.”
      “Are you? Perfect!” the lobster said. He sat down at a table made of jade and wrote something on a scroll. Handing it to me, he said, “Take this to whoever is in charge at Ravenwood. I daresay we need some help around here.”
      “Thank you,” I said. Alexander and I left.

      Upon arriving back in Wizard City, we went straight to Ambrose's house.
      He was the only person inside when we got there.
      “Natalie and Alexander! What news do you bring?” he asked.
      I gave him the scroll, and he read it.
      “My goodness!” he said when he was finished. “We'll go help them straight away! But first, I must send you home, Natalie.”
      “Home?” I asked, suddenly terrified.
      “You know, to your family.”
      Professor Ambrose studied me intensely. At last, he said gently, “Would you prefer to stay here, young mage?”
      I glanced quickly at Alexander and nodded.
      “Okay. Alexander, see that she is properly enrolled before you're off on your next adventure.”
      “Yes, Sir,” he said. But, somehow, I knew he would never leaveme.

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      Talking Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      The Call to Save the Spiral!
      Once upon a time, in a small, faraway land, lived a young girl with special, uncontrollable powers. Then one day, everything changed. She got a call from a person named Merle Ambrose, claiming to be a wizard! She quickly accepted his generous request for her to go to Wizard City to finally control her magic. By the next day, she had arrived in Wizard City. It was crowded and everyone had a worried expression on their faces. She didn’t stand out, for she had a worried expression upon her face, too. She was wearing a blue dress and blue hat. She truly looked like a wizard! She first walked through the Commons, toward Merle Ambrose’s tower. An owl showed her the dorm that was now her very own! The owl guided the way to another tower, that seemed almost deserted. She hesitated because the outside looked creepy. She crept inside and, to her surprise, there were a lot of people in there. But some were fairies and some were animals that walked, talked, and even wore clothes! She felt like she was in a weird dream! Or possibly a terrible nightmare….The dark grey walls felt as if they were closing in on her. She felt scared and claustrophobic. She examined the strange creatures. One was a dark shadow-like creature covered in a purple cape and steel armor. The only thing visible beneath the cape was a pair of pure white eyes. By his side was a massive rock structure that had eyes of the very same color. Next was a dog with clothes on, then a normal person. The person seemed aggravated at something…or someone. She somehow guessed correctly that he was the Myth teacher. Next to him stood another normal person, that seemed like a tourist. And by his side was a fairy. The fairy was wearing everything blue and even had blue wings! Next was a cat that was dressed as a doctor, and a bird with glasses. There were a lot of people there, and the girl stopped examining them as the cat at the center table began to talk. He had a small black hat on, ears popping out on either side of it, and had a strong voice, like an announcer. He welcomed her and wished her luck with completing all of her challenging adventures here. He also hoped she could save the Spiral. He seemed very doubtful but the girl had the confidence to know that she could do it! After speaking with all the weird creatures and being introduced, she headed outside. The wind blew warm and welcoming around her. Along the deserted sidewalk, was a sword. It didn’t seem to belong to anyone, so she picked it up and it glowed to life. She started to feel wary about being in this deserted area, so she headed back to the Commons, which was certain to have a lot of people roaming around there. There were many people here now. She pushed and shoved her way toward a tunnel that lead to Unicorn Way. She walked through the tunnel to find herself in another isolated area. There she saw a small Night Spirit that looked evil. She quickly drew her sword, but put it back in its place when she realized it was harmless. She decided to let it follow and it could be her pet! She followed a stone pathway, past a gazebo, toward a main road. Right on this main road was a duel. She quickly got pulled into it once she was spotted. She had to help defeat these spirits! She started off with one pip. She chose to cast a Firecat on the second spirit. She had fizzled! She then decided to cast a Storm Snake on the same spirit and it killed it! The duel continued and finally she overpowered both of them. Then she continued down the lane, careful not to be seen. She followed it around until she reached the beginning again. She spent a long time dueling spirits and every time she won! Merle Ambrose said it was her turn to choose her school! She considered each one. Life would be good because she would be able to heal herself better and other people on her team. Myth would be interesting because it had all magical creatures that she could cast. Death and fire would kill easily. Storm is very powerful! Ice is powerful and would be able to kill easily. And balance is a mix of all of the schools! Then the negatives about some schools. Life isn’t very good at killing. Myth, Ice, Fire, Death, Storm, and Balance can’t heal good. And Storm fizzles a lot. After all the considering, she finally decided to be Life and her second school would be Fire. The first spell that she got from Life was Imp and the first one that she got from Fire was Firecat. She fought with these until it was her turn to get the next spell! And on and on she went. Soon she became very powerful! She had powerful spells like Centaur, Phoenix, and Helephant. She used traps and blades to make those spells even more powerful! She was able to kill higher rank bosses, elites, and minions. She finally went to Sunken City! She got three friends to help her and together, they made it out of Sunken City alive and with the pride of defeating the boss within. She proved what a good wizard she was, so she went on to explore the Spiral. First she went to Krokotopia, which is a different world then Wizard City. It was like Egypt! It had sand everywhere and pyramids, too! She mainly had to defeat crocodiles there. Then she went to Marlybone after helping with Krokotopia! Marlybone had lots of buildings and it was a lot like a city. There were many dogs and cats there! After helping as much as she could with Marlybone, she went to Mooshu! Mooshu was her favorite out of all of the worlds, because it seemed the most peaceful. At Mooshu, there were a lot of cows. After defeating the Jade Oni, and now she had to defeat Cyrus Drake to prove that she was a good wizard! Of course she did it! Then, she continued on to Dragonspyre with Cyrus Drakes help. When he opened the portal, the young girl realized that this world was like no other. It had lava everywhere and there were many dragons! She liked this world so much because of its unique style. She even bought a house from the shop there! She also bout a Storm house from the crown shop, so now she had two houses AND a dorm! Meanwhile, another call came from a different world. They needed help too! This world was called Grizzleheim. It was mostly made up of woods and caves. There were a lot of bears and spiders there too. She finally completed that and went back to Dragonspyre, where she dueled against Malistaire! She eventually won and saved the Spiral! She was very, very powerful now. She was a level 50 wizard! She did PVP and always won. She had many friends and she was known for defeating Malistaire and stopping all his evil plans! After that she could have went home, but she decided to stay with her true friends here at the Spiral and proudly battle any trouble that came their way.
      :D THE END :D
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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      CRRRRRAAACKKKKK!!!!! All of wizard city shook as the doorway deep inside of Bartleby burst off its hinges. Silence crept in as everyone stood prepared, waiting, imagining, what horrors were about to step into their world. Mr. Lincoln was standing at the tunnel to Ravenwood trying to keep students from rushing into battle, and he couldn't help but wonder what happened to the ones in Dragonspyre. The teachers had gathered in front of Bartleby, with their best students left in the city, they were preparing for battle.
      “We can’t just sit here and wait for them to attack!” Cyrus said frantically
      “But the best offense is a good defense, my Dear.” Greyrose replied, “Besides where are you going to fight? In the vertex between the worlds?”
      “Shockingly I agree with Cyrus, we shouldn’t just stand around!” Balestrom surmised, “Given the proportions between our too forces, I hypothesize that waiting around will precede an untimely end to our fair city. Fortunately I can calculate the proper…”
      Balestrom continued to ramble on as Cyrus and Greyrose resumed their argument. Slowly all that had gathered chose sides in the fight.
      “QUIET, I need to focus” Ambrose yelled over the teachers’ argument.
      Ambrose was staring into a crystal ball. Very slowly a picture stated to form, a picture of thousands of monsters lined up in the Basilica. The line ended at the gaping remnants of the spiral door where Malistaire stood laughing maniacally.
      “Today will be a great day indeed!” a raspy voice said from out of the crystal ball’s view
      “Hmm perhaps” replied Malistaire smugly “Remember I want that artifact, I need it along with the krokonomican to complete the spell. While you distract them I will sneak by their forces”
      “Yes massster” replied the voice
      The picture started to fade as Ambrose turned his attention back to the crowd before him.
      He pondered his options until finally he announced “I shall be in my office there is an important matter I must attend to,” and with that he rushed off frantically muttering under his breath. “Which one? Which one is it?”
      Then the moment everyone had been dreading came, Bartleby gave a loud roar as the demons poured into the spiral chamber. The sky outside was populated with dark storm clouds like they knew something horrible was about to unfold. The crowd outside of the great tree had surrounded the doorway determined to let nothing pass them. The ground shook as the demon army mobilized, climbing the many steps out of the depths of Bartleby.
      Falmea was the first to speak “We only have a few moments before they get here, Amanda darling go tell Mr. Lincoln to escort all the other students to the pet pavilion, they will be safe there. For now.”
      A little girl dressed in blue armor rushed off to alert the others, when she reached the tunnel she saw the crowd that had gathered. Amanda ran up to Milo Barker and Doctor Purreau who were hopelessly trying to calm the students.
      “We need to move everyone to the pet pavilion. And we need to do it quickly” She yelled, a thick accent marking her speech.
      Slowly the crowd started to move down the sidewalk towards their destination, when all of a sudden Amanda heard a crash, but not from where she expected, but from Golem tower.
      Back in Ravenwood, Monsters had started to emerge from Bartleby led by the Giant Homunculus and Orin Grimcaster. The small group of wizards started to cast spell after spell to get rid of the monsters. Dragons were flying over head shooting down anything that tried to get to the tunnel. Frost giants and Storm lords were stunning anything that got close to the schools. At first the battle seemed to be in the wizards’ favor, but soon when the forces continued to pour out, the battle started to turn.
      “WHOOOOOO?” Gama asked ironically.
      “I’m not sure but he could be the one….” Ambrose replied cryptically.
      “Now I can see much better. What is your name?”
      Amanda was running down the street towards Golem tower, intrigued by the crash. She couldn’t help but wonder how the fight was going back in Ravenwood, she knew that no matter how good the teachers were they couldn’t fight forever.
      She came out of the tunnel just in time to see Ambrose and a student she had never seen before step into Golem tower. Gama was staring intently at a silhouette in a window pane at the very top of the tower. Amanda knew the figure, and she feared the worst.
      “Malistaire, what are you doing here?” Ambrose asked, anger hinting in his voice.
      The former teacher replied with a smirk, “Be gone you doddering fool, I don’t have time for your distractions”
      Just then two draconians stepped out of the shadows and turned towards the new student.
      “Run up and confront them Jacob, be brave I will guide you” the headmaster said handing Jacob a pile of spell cards.
      Amanda decided that the Headmaster could handle things, and that the small resistance needed her more. With a quick flick of her sword she vanished in a cloud of snowflakes, appearing seconds later in the middle of Ravenwood. A kraken was swatting at several draconians, while a band of skeletal warriors surrounded a centaur. Bodies of knocked out students littered the ground, Moolinda was rushing back and forth between them healing and teleporting them off to safety. The tide had turned and the resistance was standing on the wrong side of fate.
      “Amanda, get over here!” yelled Sherlock Bones.
      “Sherlock, I haven’t seen you since the malaria outbreak in Marleybone.”
      “Yes, yes I’ve been quite busy theorizing with Balestrom about a device he intends to build.” Sherlock Bones replied nonchalantly, “I was in the storm tower working on the blueprints when I heard a rather strange cracking noise. Little did I know I would find this.”
      “Good work, young student.” Ambrose uttered, then turning to Malistaire “Now I’ll tend to this problem.”
      Malistaire chuckled, “Another day old man, I have what I came for.”
      Malistaire disappeared in a cloud of pure darkness, darkness that sent chills down Jacob’s back.
      “Hmm indeed a fight for another day,” Ambrose said rather prophetic, “well how’s that for an orientation? Now I have rather important matters to attend to. Come by my office soon.” And with that Ambrose teleported away, leaving questions running through Jacob’s head.
      Back in Ravenwood, Malistaire appeared in front of Bartleby.
      “It’s time to make our leave.” Malistaire sneered turning on his heels and marching into Bartleby, his army funneling in right behind him.
      Ambrose walked nonchalantly out of the Ravenwood tunnel, as the resistance formed a circle around him.
      “Good day all.” He said oddly perky, “I suppose a meeting to discuss what happened is in order. Meet me in my tower.”
      A few moments later everyone, including Doctor Purreau, Milo Barker, and Mr. Lincoln had gathered at the top of a small tower, the room was mostly bare except for two red chairs, and a small green table in the center of the room.
      “It seems a war is brewing,” Ambrose said after a long silence
      “I will report back to my colleagues in Marleybone, tell them to prepare.” the Sherlock said, after another long pause.
      “How could he do this?” Cyrus formed the words like they were burning his mouth.
      Zeke and Amanda came in escorting a pair of monsters.
      “I foun these two dow in Ravenwood, I seems they were left behin’.” Zeke said drawling out in a western accent. “Ya’ want me ta ruff em up for ya’?” He motioned towards the spectre and sentinel.
      “Perhaps we should question them, to try and figure out Malistaire’s plan,” Mr. Lincoln suggested.
      Doctor Purreau perked up at the thought, “I could put them in the Hatcher until they talk,” his thick accent showing because of his excitement.
      “Now, now calm down, I will deal with them.” Ambrose replied, “For now everything must return to normal. Zeke stay here with the monsters until I get back, Amanda darling keep them in line. I need to consult Bartleby.”
      And with that we swept out of the room, leaving everyone speechless. The short walk into Ravenwood seemed like an eternity to Ambrose. Everything he had done to protect the city, worthless now that the artifact was taken. He feared the end was near, and he failed at stopping the spiral’s greatest threat.
      “What do you think old friend?”
      “Only time will tell,” replied Bartleby in a deep echoing voice, “and only the eye will see, a student new to rise, one with the power to save them all. One by one peace he shall bring, till in the land of lava he makes his final stand. Before the Titan reigns again.”
      Soon peace had returned to Wizard City, and things had started to go back to normal. A new student had arrived, one that Ambrose personally chose. What school would he be? Could he stop the disturbances on Wizard City’s streets? Is he the one to save the spiral?
      “Only time will tell”
      __________________________________________________ ___END_

      thx hanamana for an awesome contest, and to the judges for all the work you guys do. :D
      good luck to all.
      p.s. the no indent thing is going to drive me crazy
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      Re: A Picture Paints a 1000(scratch that)1750 Words Entry Thread

      The Vanishing Crystal

      “The Scarecrow appeared to you, did he? Very well, then…he found you worthy! Here’s a spell to summon him with!”
      Emily remembered those energized words coming out of Dworgyn’s sagacious mouth (coupled with a few drops of saliva)…it seemed like it was only yesterday when she had received the mighty Scarecrow spell and the egg of her latest darling pet, Kobe, a Wraith. In fact, it WAS just yesterday. She hadn’t tested out her newest spell yet, but Emily desired to pay a visit to the Pet Pavilion so that Kobe would be handy in battle to herself in addition to supplying the ability to call one of his grandfathers to drain the life of his master’s opponent. Kobe had just hatched, and was staring at Emily, who was sitting simply on her Royal Bed.
      “Come on boy, let’s go to the Pet Pavilion!” said Emily, gesturing with her hand her dorm room door.
      “Do not talk to me condescendingly like that.”

      Emily was shocked. Could Wraiths talk? Well, she had fought that Wraith guy in the Haunted Cave a long time ago…what was his name? Cord Lightstick? Lord Mightglade? Lord Nightshade! That was the name. She had skipped happily down the Haunted Cave in search of Stormdrain Tower, and in the process squashed a Deep Mushroom. Angered (but mainly because her BRAND NEW boots were mushroomy,) she had taken out her vengeance on Lord Nightshade, whom she name-called Mushroom Guy.
      Still, she blurted out, “You can talk?!”
      “I’m not even going to answer that question.”
      Emily shrugged and exited the dorm room. A magical pull forced Kobe to follow closely to her side.
      “Don’t you want a Chocolate Strawberry?” asked Emily enticingly, to which Kobe dropped his futile effort to escape his paranormal bond and subjected to Emily’s will.
      The young wizard hid her grin of relief, and walked the familiar pathway out of Ravenwood.
      “Since you were just hatched, you probably don’t know much about the Spiral,” said Emily with a mocking tone. Kobe just grunted to show that the statement was wretchedly irrefutable.
      “This is Wizard City, home to most young wizards who are too young to move to Ravenwood. In this world (there are many worlds in the Spiral) I uncovered the main conflict in the Spiral – an evil villain bent on doing whatever it took to bring his wife, Sylvia, back to life. The next world most wizards visit is Krokotopia…you should meet the Manders, they are oh-so-funny with their bug-eyes! Then, I went to Marleybone…”
      Emily continued her saga in the Spiral until the pair reached the Pet Pavilion, stopping right outside the Dance tent.
      “Here we are! Look at how much FUN this is going to be!” exclaimed Emily. “Too bad I don’t have any Mega snacks…but I’m sure you have so much persistence, you can play at the Pet Pavilion for ENDLESS HOURS without getting BORED!”
      Kobe gave another grunt. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide, and then pointed at a sign embossed with bubbly, golden, huge-font writing: “HATCHERY CLOSED FOR PRIVATE EXHIBITION.”
      Emily appraised the sign, then said to Kobe: “You know what my mother has always said?”
      “Don’t dip cookies in arsenic?” suggested the Unfriendly Necropet.
      “Well, there was this one time…but that’s not the case. She has always said, ‘Closed doors hide lores.’ Which means that this sign actually says ‘ENTREZ-VOUS!’ Let’s go!”
      “Wait a second..my Chocolate Strawberries!” screamed Kobe, before being mercilessly dragged in the direction Emily was running.
      Emily ran off and pushed the Hatchery doors open. Inside, she saw many people from the Spiral. The tenacious Professor Greyrose was there, along with the ever-so-furry Dr. Purreau, the bulky Milo Barker, the always writing Mister Lincoln, Prospector Zeke, Sherlock Bones, and the despicable Cyrus Drake (whom Kobe seemed to gravitate toward. Maybe like personalities make fast friends.) Everyone stopped their conversation and looked up to the doorway.
      “Welcome to the Hatchery, young wizard!” boomed Milo Barker.
      “Enough with your dawdling, Milo. Just show us what we’re here for,” sneered Cyrus. “You there!” Cyrus said, as he pointed at Emily. “Didn’t you read the sign? I guess Ravenwood needs to start implementing comprehension classes…or expel some of these unfavorable students.”
      “Cyrus, stop being so rude! I’m sorry dearie, Cyrus mixed his Street Sweeper today with a wizard’s Orthrus and unfortunately turned out with a regular Dragon!” said Greyrose. “Needless to say, that student is cleaning Troll dung off Cyclops Lane. You may stay if you wish.”
      “It was totally called for!” said Cyrus, with a rising temper. “His report on how Troll dung affects the probability of getting a hybrid versus getting a new USELESS pet should be quite interesting, don’t you think?”
      “Enough!” boomed Milo. He gestured to Emily. “Please gather around this crystal ball, like the rest of us, to see the demonstration.”
      “And now, an adult pet please! Anyone with an adult pet? Cyrus, where’s your Street Sweeper?” Milo inquired.
      “Sweeping dung,” replied Cyrus curtly.
      “Fair enough. How about you, little lady?” Milo asked, pointing to Emily.
      “He just hatched today and I haven’t trained him; he’s still just a baby,” whispered Emily. The people were starting to get antsy; didn’t they have better things to do than try to hatch a pet?
      “Here, Milo, take my Ice Wyvern,” said Professor Greyrose.
      “But…but,” Emily stammered. Greyrose gave the confused wizard a wink.
      “Let’s commence with the divination!” exclaimed Milo. “Ice Wyvern, please place your claw on the crystal ball.”
      At the word of divination, everyone looked around to see if Professor Balestrom would join them. Quietly, the Ice Wyvern slithered up to the ball, and placed his claw on it.
      At once, the room was filled with many colors; dazzling arrays of blinding light hit everything. All the spectators were stunned by the brilliance exuding from the crystal ball. All of a sudden, all the lights turned palest blue, and a deep, echoey voice erupted out of nowhere.
      “Ice Wyvern, guardian of Ice. I accept your identity and your future is now. Determined, Ice Blade, Pain-Giver, Crafty. May your fate be sealed forever more.”
      Suddenly the room returned to the way it was before the divination. Everyone was shocked still at what had just happened. The Ice Wyvern slithered, stunned, back to Greyrose.
      “I found this artifact at the Wizard City shopping district, at a desecrated shop across from the Housing office,” explained Milo. “As I understand it, it allows one to see the future Talents of a pet. Could be something I – I mean, we – could capitalize on.”
      “That’s not fair!” exclaimed Emily angrily. “All pets have potential.”
      “Oh, really? Then explain why some pets turn out useless.”
      “Well, I can’t answer that question.”
      “Besides, they can still be babies, cute and free to roam around your dorm room.”
      Unexpectedly, the room fell pitch black, and almost instantaneously the lights came back on. It was as if someone was flicking the light switch. Everyone looked around – “Probably just a power problem on Triton Avenue, everyone!” said Greyrose, reassuringly – and then Emily noticed the empty podium.
      “Ze thief has taken ze crystal ball!” yelled the Dr. Purreau.
      “Hol’ on t’ yer britches, doc,” said Zeke. “We don’ kno’ if there eve’ was a thief.”
      “Of course, this answer is elementary. I shall question the suspects and then cross reference the data with each story,” commented Sherlock Bones.
      Detective Bones took each “suspect” aside and gave a little chat to everyone, not lasting more than five minutes, except for Cyrus, whom Emily could see, was pounded with many hard questions for a nail-biting fifteen minutes. When it was her turn, she moved forward into the corner where Sherlock did his interrogations. Kobe was, once against, pulled against his will. Sherlock waved for her to move closer.
      “I think I know whodunit,” whispered Sherlock smartly.
      “Really? Who is it?” said Emily excitedly.
      “Well, I cannot be too sure,” grumbled Sherlock. “But trust my gray cells. I will make a public accusation.”
      Emily turned on her heel and went back to her standing area.
      “Kobe, who do you think stole the crystal ball?” whispered Emily.
      “I highly doubt it was myself.”
      Emily ignored the jibe and focused on Sherlock, who was indeed preparing to make a statement. Sherlock cleared his throat, and started.
      “So I have questioned each suspect and checked all the stories. The common conclusion is, that no one here could have done it.”
      Gasps of surprise leaped from everyone’s mouth. No one? The crystal mysteriously vanished on its own accord? DUN DUN DUN…
      “Before you say something ludicrous, like the crystal has vanished on its own accord, I shall pose a question: did anyone closely examine that Wraith pet of Emily’s?”
      Milo Barker crossed the room, picked Kobe up, and started shaking him silly. “WHERE IN MERLE’S NAME DID YOU HIDE THAT CRYSTAL, YOU NAUGHTY PET?!”
      “Stop that foolishness right now, Milo,” said Sherlock calmly. “It wasn’t the Wraith who took the crystal, it was just his behavior that gave a vital clue.”
      “I did?” said Kobe.
      “He did?!” said everyone else minus Sherlock.
      “Yes, he did,” said Sherlock, smugly. “Did you see how Kobe was attracted toward Cyrus, or should I say, MALISTAIRE, at the grand entrance of our young wizard friend? Everyone knows Malistaire is the ultimate Death wizard.” DUN DUN DUN….
      “That is idiocy,” sneered Cyrus.
      Just then, the Hatchery doors burst open once more and there stood Cyrus, the real cynical Cyrus that we all know and love.
      “Very smart brother, locking me in with the Trolls. Good thing I wrote that essay on the effects of Troll dung. It makes a very good explosive,” sneered the real Cyrus.
      There was a flash of darkness, and suddenly Malistaire revealed his true form.
      “GAH!” yelled Emily. “I defeated you!”
      “The Master of Death never dies,” chuckled Malistaire. “And now, with this crystal I may finally complete my purebred Wraith army…with 4 useful talents each! I take my leave…”
      And with that, Malistaire disappeared in a cloud of shadow.
      Wordlessly, Cyrus handed Emily a Spiral Key.
      “Take this key and go on to Celestia,” said Cyrus sadly. “Find my brother.”
      “I sure will,” said Emily. “Come on boy, let’s go!”

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