2022 Summer Fun Mid Level PvP Tournament

No of Players:
Type: Single Elimination


Grandmaster, Legendary, and Transcended Wizards of the Spiral! Welcome to the Summer Fun Mid Level PvP tournament!


This event is for wizards level 50-79 only.

IMPORTANT!!! Many matches for this tournament will NOT be playable in the standard Practice Arena. If you are having trouble finding a house for dueling, contact a TM.

Gear Rules

  • Maximum resist and total heal (incoming + outgoing) cap is 55% (same as Central rules for this level)
  • The General Gearing rule will be DIFFERENT for this tournament: in a match between two wizards of different level tiers (Grand vs Legend, Grand vs Trans, or Legend vs Trans), all gear must be equippable at the highest level in the LOWER wizard's tier. (So in a 50 vs 69 match, all gear must be level 59 or below.)

Spell Rules

  • General Spell Rule: in a match between two wizards of different level tiers, all spells must be useable at the highest level in the LOWER wizard's tier. This rule applies to spells trained at a specific level as well as any TCs level-restricted by KingsIsle.
  • NO damage or pierce enchants (e.g. Solar Surge, Extraordinary)
  • NO spells with the "NO PvP" symbol on them
  • NO Headless Horseman
  • TC Shatter is ALLOWED (trained Shatter is still banned)
  • Mana Burn (Transcended matches only) and Evil Snowman are restricted to 6 of each spell per player per match
  • For everything not mentioned, Central rules will apply

Scheduling Note

  • Matches may be played in EITHER the Practice Arena or in a house based on agreement of both players. If you need a house arena and cannot find one, please contact a TM.

~All other Central rules in terms of scheduling, sportsmanship, etc apply.

  • 1st Place - 20,000 Crowns
  • 2nd Place - 10,000 Crowns + Mecha Rex Mount
  • 3rd Place - 5,000 Crowns
  • 4th Place - 5,000 Crowns

  • Scheduling for matches should be confirmed here on Central incase any issues arise, and a TM needs to intervene.
  • Each round will last a week. An extension needs to be requested before the deadline for the rounded where it is needed.
  • If you'd like a TM present at your match, please request one ahead of time.
  • If you have any other questions, you can contact me, mmailliw.