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      Myth Cyclops Beastform Idea

      Since last time I maliciously tricked everyone into thinking that we're getting a Storm Pig this Spring Test Realm, I'd like to mention that this is a fan-made idea and not something that they are adding to the game.

      550 health, 1 starting pip, no speed bonus

      Level 1 spells:

      Summons a scrying minion with 75 health and the two following spells

      All allies spy for 1 round, +10 seconds to choose cards for allies only

      Give 1 pip to all allies

      All allies spy for 2 rounds, +10 seconds to choose cards for allies only

      75 Damage or Push Weakness for 125 Damage

      Cast the spell that the targeted enemy is casting (harmful spells target that enemy, beneficial spells target you)

      Push Trap and 225 Damage

      Cast all spells that the enemy team are casting (harmful spells target the casting enemy, beneficial spells target the ally directly across from the caster, or you if there is no ally there)

      Level 2 spell:

      100 Absorb or Steal Trap for 175 Absorb

      Level 3 spell:

      The next non-DoT damage does 0 damage, then target recasts that spell at the person that cast it

      Level 4 spell:

      Sacrifice minion for 300 Damage

      Level 5 spell:

      Cast the spell that the targeted enemy casted last turn (harmful spells target that enemy, beneficial spells target you)

      Design notes:

      This form is all about knowing what the enemy will do. It sits at 75 DPP which is not great but is fitting for a large form. Though, one thing you can do is use the copy mechanic to steal cards from the enemies that would do more damage. This is a large form that can cast a 2-pip 250 spell on turn 1! ...If the enemies are also casting one, that is.

      Of course, if you copy a spell that has low value, then you're at a massive waste of pips. In order to help avoid these situations, the Myth Cyclops has the ability to let their allies know what cards the enemies are casting. I'm using the Spy mechanic from the card Arcane Deduction except this time it affects all enemies and allows for all allies to see what they're up to. I made so many cards around the concept of spying and copying that the Myth Cyclops doesn't have any real synergies with any other forms, but offers excellent damage (enemies willing) for a large form as well as information on their tactics.

      Crystal Minion: A slower but automatic version of Scrying Orb. Helpful in longer fights so you don't need to cast Scrying Orb so many times, and then it can pip everyone if it lives long enough.

      Scrying Orb: The gimmick of the Myth Cyclops is predicting your enemy's moves, and this card helps you out by outright telling your entire team what's going to happen. I made it so that allies can also see because time is of the essence, so might as well skip the part where you have to tell your team what they're doing. And finally, the time per round is boosted but for allies only. This is because you could counter this effect by waiting for the last second to pick a card, so allies get extra time in order to prevent that.

      Enchanted Arrow: Since both of this form's 0-pip spells are spells that you wouldn't want to spam, I figured that there should be a cheap attack spell. It works similar to the Myth Pig spell where it counters the Weakness before it attacks.

      Mirror Mimic: Gives the Myth Cyclops a situational way to go past its intended 75 DPP. Helpful spells such as Blades, Shields, and Heals will go to yourself, while harmful spells such as Traps and Damage spells will affect the enemy you're copying from.

      Spring Trap: We have seen a 0-pip and a 1-pip version of this spell, so I wanted to try out a version that was on the more expensive side. It also fulfills the role of being a strong hit for your turn 2 if you need it.

      House of Mirrors: An AoE version of Mirror Mimic. It's going to be weaker than a 5-pip 200 AoE most of the time, but can be powerful if you manage to cast extra AoE spells with this. It also discourages enemies from casting powerful spells for fear of you copying them.

      Protect From Peril: Spring Trap makes it dangerous to put a Trap on you, and this spell takes Traps from allies so that you can then Spring Trap them into an enemy.

      Return to Sender: This spell single-handedly prevents all damage done by a spell, then fires that spell back at the caster. (The one with the shield gets any beneficial effects that the spell may have provided) It does look very powerful, but it can be countered by small hits and shield counters such as the Balance Cyclops's Scarab. Also, Fire forms can counter this by spamming DoTs to avoid activating it.

      Eyebeam: I quickly replaced my Level 4 card with this when I realized that I had no cards whatsoever that required you to have a minion. Eyebeam allows for you to sacrifice your spying mechanic in order to deal a lot of damage. We also don't have a card that requires you to target a minion and then select another target, so that's cool too.

      Reflected Retaliation: A different form of Mirror Mimic that instead copies the card your target cast last turn. This makes it even easier for you to be able to copy a strong spell.
      Last edited by Torpzun26; 4-27-22 at 10:02:38 AM. Reason: Copy-pasting from Notepad didn't carry over my spacing, making the spell design notes completely unreadable

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      Thumbs up Re: Myth Cyclops Beastform Idea

      This is a very interesting idea, it is clear you put some serious time into it and I think it bears serious consideration.

      I look forward to reading the evaluations and comments on it.

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