I feel one of the longest things thats been 'debated' for Wizard101 (atleast with in the player base) are the Free to Play zones to allow those who have never played the game to try it out. I recall when Dragonspyre was the last world there were people woundering why all of Wizard City isnt Free to Play. Would allow new people to actually try out a whole world instead of like 2 zones, I feel 2 zones just doesnt give enough of an expereience to see if people like it where 1 complete world would.

Now that we are in the MIddle of the 4th arc with the release of Lumeria IKnow lately some of the people Ive been listening to to who have been talking bout it believe/feel that the Free to Play zones should be at the very least Wizard City and Krokotopia maybe even Marelybone. IF the Free to Play spots were Wizard City to Mareleybone then everyone would have access to the regualr trainers and all the Hidden/Secret Trainers.

IF the Entire First Story Arc were to ever become Free to Play 1 thing I would suggest making part of it is Wysteria and Grizzelheim/Wintertusk. Reason being that they are side quest worlds and would allow new people to check out the compete first Story Arc and experience some side content to show them that there is plenty of stuff to do in the game and show them whats considered Main story Line and whats considered Side content. Not to mention some of the Side content can give some Lore when it comes to the Main content like what Grizzelheim/Wintertusk does.

ALso having exereinced so much of the Content and completed 1 story arc might get more people to want to play the game (either through Subscribing or buying the zones with Crowns). But I have to mention I do not see the entire first story arc becoming a Free to Play content until some time after the 5th Story Arc (going with assumption we will see one).

I hope i posted this in the right spot