Within the last few months we have lost many people who we really care about in W101, P101, W101 Central and P101 Central. These people are now missing because of moving on to new jobs, passing on to new "Spirals" and more.

Sadly, it isn't until they are gone (Regardless of the reason) that we really come to realize how much they meant to us...and that makes it too late to let them know how we feel.

I wanted to start a thread where we can not only let these people know how we feel, but also let everyone at Central know WHY we feel that way. It is my hope that through this thread we can all become a closer knit family.

You can identify as many as you want, but always explain why they are special to you. If you want to recognize someone who has already been recognized, go ahead and recognize them again.

While there are many I could recognize as special to me; but I will just start out with:

@AluraMist, All you have to do is look at how much she keeps us posted of the MANY things happening in W101 every single day. On top of that she also gives us great "Thoughts of the Day" that always start my day off on the right foot. No matter what she goes through in her real life, she is always here at Central for us all. We have had many PM conversations where we have helped each other in tough times; usually she is helping me more that me helping her (LOL).

Who is/are your special person/people and why?