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Dec 02, 11:48 AM

Game Patch for December 2, 2021

Fresh off the Ursai Village conga line, a new Game Patch has arrived! This morning we updated the following:


*Players can now complete the 'To Err is Hero' quest
*Players can now complete the 'Katzenstein Never Kloses' quest


*Sprite Swarm now summons a minion when a deferred over time is placed
*Hanging Conversion spell effect no longer converts blades previously used in the spell
*Enfeeble no longer removes negative charms
*Added spell to Quartermane Citrine jewel card

Bosses & Dungeons

*Modified Sugarr side boss cheats
*Lemuria Hero Jewels have been added to the loot tables of various bosses
*Players can no longer teleport to each other while inside the final battle zone
*Sigil to the Dead Archive now properly lights up


*Resolved a few issues for the next Balance Deckathalon
*Added vendor icons to the Telos doodle map
*Updated a combat music file with a new Arcanum track