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News bulletin alert! This just in - November's newsletter has arrived!

"See what players are checking out on Test Realm, read Ratbeardís Rhoshambo dev diary on new PvP mechanics, follow a Wizard's 13 Years of Magic, and more! "


*Lemuria Test Realm Begins!
*KingsIsle Gamers Extra Life Goal Reached
*Spiral Stitch Contest Winners
*KI Live: Special Guests and Special Prizes
*Ratbeard's Rhoshambo Dev Diary
*New Concept Art From Adam Roush
*Exploring the Shopping District
*A Wizard's Journey - 13 Years of Magic
*Community Art Spotlight
*Community Bulletin


"Discover the stolen lands of Lemuria! Currently on Test Realm, we're opening the sealed door to an exciting new world that is at once familiar and strange and completely bonkers. What will you find there? Itís a mystery! Let us know, as we are just as curious.

Along with the new world and all the exciting content it has to offer, weíve made several improvements to existing systems, starting with the Quest Journal. It has been revamped to allow filtering of quests! With mainline and side quests to complete, itís now easier than ever to focus on those most important to your questing goals. A cluttered Quest Journal is no longer an issue!

Also in the update are new features to Adventure Parties, continued balance changes to PvP gameplay, exciting new Beastmoon rewards, and of course a selection of new Beastforms to challenge your play and scare the enemy team right off the combat sigils. Are you a fan of Castle Magic and making your castle the bling bling of the Spiral? Seek out Babbage Basset for a bunch of new decoration options!

Test Realm began on November 8th and will run for at least a few weeks before an official launch of Lemuria makes its way to the Live Servers. Check out the Test Realm Update Notes with all the details, and thanks for your feedback during Test Realm! ..."

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