I thought of this thing that maybe someone might want to pick up. It would be a fan-made series on YouTube where some players record themselves doing a roleplay through the game. Perhaps some voice actors could actually dub in lines for them as they react to quest dialogue, or perform witty banter during a battle.

The main hook of the series would be the "player characters" that it centers around. There would be seven of them, one from each primary school of magic. But they wouldn't just have bland, generic hero personalities. They would all have character arcs, with flaws that they learn to recognize and overcome, and conflicts between each other that they must get past. I've actually come up with a full set of architypes for them.

  • Balance - The "everyman" that the audience can relate to and identify with. A newcomer who arrives at Ravenwood with no understanding of what the Spiral is, or how magic works. Is sometimes afraid to try something out of fear that he/she will mess it up. He/she is also the central figure in the storyline, and the others are merely travelling companions, who often share in the rewards via their bond of true friendship.

  • Fire - Reckless and prone to jumping into action without fully understanding the situation, or trying to rush through something that requires time and patience. But he/she always genuinely regrets it when this causes problems for the others, and strives to make it right when this happens.

  • Ice - Is nervous and lacks confidence, often reluctant to fight. He/she sometimes thinks he's/she's just weighing the others down, and will try to tell them that it's best to just leave him/her behind. But he/she is also very protective of his/her friends, and will overcome his/her fear and rush to their aid if they need him/her.

  • Storm - The brainy type, always having a strategy, but is also bossy and rude. Rarely listens to anyone else, and usually stubbornly refuses to admit he/she's wrong when his/her idea blows up in everyone's face. Despite this, he/she genuinely values the group's friendship, and will open up to their input if he/she ends up alienating them.

  • Life - Laid back and carefree, often gets in trouble by not taking things seriously enough. The one thing that get's under his/her skin is being underestimated due to seeming like nothing but a simple comic relief on the surface. When things seem bleak, he/she is usually the one to boost the team's morale and convince them to try again.

  • Death - Competitive to an unhealthy degree. Strives to be the greatest wizard the Spiral has ever seen, and gets insecure when he/she thinks someone might be better. Sometimes this even leads to him/her getting jealous of his/her own friends, and losing sight of the actual goal.

  • Myth - Strongly independent, thinks he/she can handle things alone. Hates asking for help, thinking that others will just get in the way. Usually, it takes a friend not taking "no" for an answer to get him/her to recognize the value of teamwork, and he/she will be grateful for their help after the fact.

As you can see, I haven't given them names or genders. I was thinking that should be for the players who perform them to decide. Maybe I'll come back to this a little later with a draft of the script for the pilot episode. But let's see what develops here first.