I have noticed that funny things can happen when you try to cast a spell while stunned.

I have posted before about a way to have your pet do a will cast twice on the same turn. Just try to have him do the will cast while you are stunned. It won't cast, of course. But then try to do the will cast again the next turn and the pet will do it twice. I've done it several times in the Deckathalon. Don't know if it does it outside of the Deckathalon, haven't tried it there. And I don't don't know if it will work if the first cast would be the third cast of the battle, because you only get three will casts per battle. Just never been in such a situation.

And I've noticed that if I try to cast a spell while stunned, even though my spell doesn't resolve sometimes something still triggers a pet to cast a may cast spell like virulence.

I pay attention to coincidences, because sometimes they aren't coincidences. And I think I've come across another funny thing.

Sometimes, when my storm wizard casts tempest, it doesn't use all my pips. It happened again just today. I tried to cast tempest, but Viggor's Drake went first and stunned me before it was my turn. I successfully cast tempest the very next turn. But on the turn after that I still had two pips in front of me:

turn 1 - 1 regular pip, 1 power pip, tried to cast tempest, but got stunned first.
turn 2 - 1 regular pip, 2 power pips, cast tempest
turn 3 - 1 regular pip, 1 power pip, cast another tempest

This isn't the first time I've seen this, but didn't connect the two (the stun and the tempest not using all your pips). But now I've seen it several times and wonder if it isn't just a coincidence.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or can verify the opposite. That is, you got stunned trying to cast tempest, but the next turn's tempest did use all your pips? Or, have you seen your tempest not use all your pips but there was no stun the turn before?