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      Re: Lemuria Teaser Trailer!

      Quote Originally Posted by JaredSpellFrost View Post
      Your instincts do not deceive you, KingsIsle has reused several level designs:

      The three new areas featured were the sky city, the stone city, and the wooded area (Though that did reuse some assets).

      IMHO, this is pretty disappointing to see. Lemuria has already been delayed and for a $300 million dollar company, I expect better than graphics pulled straight from 2010. I understand the reasons why they'd copy old assets to an extent, but this much reuse is a bit excessive.
      I will say that if KingsIsle can easily copy paste level designs, then there's really no excuse for new Pirate content! I would welcome new areas in Pirate, even if they are reused.

      Wasn't Lemuria confirmed to be made of several different worlds? It would make sense for it to be similar to other worlds
      Wizards vs Bosses

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      Re: Lemuria Teaser Trailer!

      I'm worried that the Old One will overstay his welcome. He was around in Karamelle and both of the prequests, and he is pretty funny, but his character gimmick is one that gets old pretty quickly. Seeing the Old One featured in all the new spells has me worried that he will be around too much for Lemuria.

      Then there's the 4th arc, which so far has been mysterious in a way that I don't think actually works. It's just been "Nothing is happening, and that's bad, maybe" that will eventually explain why this is happening, but right now it's confusing and I feel no need to engage with the story until things make sense. This wasn't as big of an issue with Karamelle because Karamelle focused heavily on its own local story, one that was fantastic. I expect that I'll enjoy Lemuria's local questline and that shouldn't be bogged down too much by Arc 4. Maybe it'll even explain things quickly enough that this problem fades away.

      Oh, and superhero stories aren't my cup of tea.

      Reused assets are the least of my worries, honestly. Hopefully the hodgepodge of worlds will serve to make Lemuria unique instead of having each section neatly isolated from one another. Otherwise, I don't really mind that they're doing this.
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      Arrow Re: Lemuria Teaser Trailer!

      Quote Originally Posted by Pegasus Unbound View Post
      With these things in mind, I think it is way too early and unfair to start being critical and accusing KI of copying just to save money, or taking too long to release things. The entire game is going into a new direction in story concepts and possibilities and THAT can take extra time, especially given the complexities of all the stories that lead us to this point.

      I should mention, I have no doubt that KingsIsle will succeed in the storytelling department again. The 3rd Arc had some great progression and lore, so I'm positive that will continue in Lemuria!

      But I still stand by my valid criticism of KingsIsle reusing old assets. KingsIsle has most certainly received an influx of funds with the MGI merger, but they've been so busy pumping out weekly microtransactions so there's really no excuse. We also need to consider just how poor Wizard101's graphics are compared to every other mainstream MMO. I mean, there are countless visible polygons in the trailer which doesn't give the game a good look. For how much extra time KingsIsle has taken with Lemuria, one would naturally expect them to use original level designs and to see significant graphical upgrades compared to Karamelle.

      And if KingsIsle is so keen on copy pasting assets, then there's also no excuse for them not adding new Pirate101 content.. But I suspect that we will not see this happen anytime soon, which would support my point of KI only reusing levels to save a few pennies.

      Quote Originally Posted by Phenoixblizzard View Post
      Wasn't Lemuria confirmed to be made of several different worlds? It would make sense for it to be similar to other worlds

      Yes, but I was expecting Lemuria to resemble an area like The Reverie- a world that's clearly inspired from other areas, but with it's own unique twist. KingsIsle has just hit Ctrl C + Ctrl V for Lemuria though, which is admittedly quite lazy.
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      Re: Lemuria Teaser Trailer!

      I am glad people are able to test the new content, but has anyone considered the fact that Lemuria is about Quartermane's memories the Old One used in making this world?

      I can see from the trailer, the marshmellow spell from Karamelle is the face of the volcano, and portions of Avalon, Azteca and Empyrea has content.

      Many people might hate the new world utilizing old content, but this world centers around the memories of Quartermane and the Old One. I for one like this, since its kind of like what's old is made new again.

      In my opinion, there are many unused places like the broken statue of King Arturios after exiting the tunnel to Upper Caer Lyon, that I'd hope KI would at sometime in the future have us fix like the bravery statues throughout Avalon.

      One thing I'd request, is that if KI plans on ending the remainder of the 4th Arc with the interplay with Quartermane and the Old One, could you please utilize new creatures if older content is reused again?


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