Can anyone confirm if this deck drops still? I’ve done about 70 runs on 2 accounts and have gotten nothing but Harpy’s, Amulets, and Wands. I don’t ever remember this deck being a super rare drop like the Amulet of Divine Influence. Has anyone here received one recently? I’m debating if I should keep farming, or submit a possible bug report. If the drop rate is super low, I’m totally fine with that and willing to keep farming. I just want confirmation it still drops before I continue to farm any further. I know in the past there have been bugs where a certain mob or boss would stop dropping an item, and they would update in the notes after it was reintroduced. I also looked in the update notes and did not see anything confirming it was retired. If anyone has the deck, can you check the “look up item” feature to see if it confirms if it is retired or not? Thank you so much! I really would appreciate any help!