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      Dylan Windwalker's Avatar
        Dylan Windwalker is offline Legendary Wizard

      • Dylan Windwalker's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Dylan Windwalker, Valerian JadeBlade, Scot WaterWielder, Seth DreamDreamer, Lucas LightBright
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Empyrea
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Balance
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Lord Lillie
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Enchanted Armament
      Status: Upsidedown and Backwards
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      Feb 2014
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      Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      Central is such a close knit small community of wizards nowadays, so I thought we should really make this bond stronger for those that want it to be by friending each other online within the game. But a lot of the people here don't use their wizard's name as their username so it's difficult to identify central members with wizards in the game. Not to mention, many of our profile descriptions are out of date!

      You can order your wizards however you like and feel free to say something about any of your chars! Also feel free to mention your low level TC Bank wizards if you have any!

      I'll start with my main/first wizard:

      Dylan Windwalker Level 140 Balance (Has the most badges, played the longest)

      Valerian JadeBlade Level 140 Life

      Scot WaterWielder Level 140 Ice

      Seth DreamDreamer Level 140 Death

      Lucas LightBright Level 66 Storm (Currently questing, has the best pets)

      Introduce your wizards

      Signature created by Expelliarmus in Blue Nouveau Designs, thanks!
      Dylan Windwalker: Feel Free to stop by and ask me for any help by Visitor Messages/Private Messages! (I'll try to help whenever I'm possible)

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      MzDreamfire's Avatar
        MzDreamfire is offline Adept Wizard

      • MzDreamfire's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Elizabeth Nightflame Lv 119, Taylor Thunderider Lv 118, Eliz Darkblood Lv 113 ,
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  119
        •  World:
        •  Mirage
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Fire
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Spike,Barney, Boomer, Sabastian, Baby Dakota
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Phoenix,Raging Bull, Thunderbird, Spirit of Nature, Brainy Assistant
      Status: This Wiz runs on Dunkin'
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      Aug 2009
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      Re: Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      These are on my main account.
      I have an elixer for another wizard on this acct but still undecided what kind to make.
      I've been holding out in case they come out with another school ???

      Elizabeth NightFlame Level 140 Fire (My 1st and oldest wizard)

      Taylor ThunderRider Level 140 Storm

      Elizabeth DarkBlood Level 140 Death

      Mary DreamWhisper Level 140 Life
      (named for my Mom)

      Elizabeth StrongRider Level 59 Ice
      (started her to quest with my grandson... going to work on this one now my life just finished K.)

      Elizabeth SandSlinger Level 45 Balance

      Elizabeth DreamCrafter Level 26 Myth
      Last edited by MzDreamfire; 10-17-21 at 12:47:33 PM.
      The world is full of magic.
      You just have to believe in it.

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      KingNothing's Avatar
        KingNothing is offline Grandmaster Wizard

      • KingNothing's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Chris Fireheart
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Wizard City
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Death
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Gloomy Eye
      No Mood
      Join Date
      Jan 2014
      PvP Tournaments Won
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      Re: Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      Chris Fireheart - Death - 140 (This is my #1 wizard. I play on this wizard the most)
      Christopher - Storm - 140
      Valdus Shadowbane - Balance - 140
      Chris Titanflame - Fire - 140
      Chris Lifeslinger - Life - 140
      Chris Mythhammer - Myth - 140

      Chris Deathcloud - Death - 94
      Chris Icetalon - Ice - 62
      Chris Dreamwraith - 1 (He is the holder of all treasure cards)

      ďMaybe someday we could become friends. Friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale.Ē

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      Bailey Jade's Avatar
        Bailey Jade is offline Promethean Wizard

      • Bailey Jade's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Bailey or Jordan
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Empyrea
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Life
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Patches
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Mummy Cat
      Status: We will miss you Lady Cat
      Join Date
      Sep 2013
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      Re: Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      I had composed a list for those who were on hatching teams, just so I know who is who. Even though I am not on here as much, I do like this idea so here is my list.

      Main Account:
      Bailey SeaCaster 140 Storm Main wizard for all collecting
      Sierra ShadowBlade 140 Ice Main PVP'er back in the day
      Jordan SunCaster 140 Fire
      Joran SoulGiver 114 Life
      Sierra DeathWalker 95 Death
      Bailey DreamCatcher 95 Myth
      Sierra SanCaster 57 Balance

      Bailey Jade Account:
      Jordan RainCaster 140 Storm
      Bailey JadeCaster 140 Life
      Jordan DarkWrath 140 Death
      Bailey SpellRunner 130 Balance
      Jordan LedgenBlade 95 Myth
      Jordan FrostTamer 67 Ice
      Jordan SunCatcher 60 Fire

      Last Account:
      Mackenzie LifeGiver 140 Life
      Mackenzie NightStalker 140 Death
      Mackenzie LegendCaster 120 Myth
      Mackenzie StormCaller 114 Storm
      Mackenzie NightStalker 67 Fire
      Mackenzie FrostWhisper 65 Ice
      Mackenzie DragonBlade 65 Balance

      Oh, I am always in Seraph realm and sometimes, I will go to busier realms when questing on my lower wizards.

      Thanks to Sunshine in reminding me about what realms I am
      Last edited by Bailey Jade; 10-17-21 at 4:04:22 PM.

      Siggy by Mad Hatter Avi by Wolf HexWeave
      Looking for a Hatch
      Helpful Hatcher or Max Stats Pets

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      sunshine13's Avatar
        sunshine13 is offline Magus Wizard

      • sunshine13's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Fiona Silverblade
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Empyrea
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Balance
      Join Date
      Oct 2016
      PvP Tournaments Won
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      Re: Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      I am the slowest quester ever :D I get distracted by other things in game things easily. (I love Beastmoon! both versions) I usually hang out in Seraph or Troll realms.

      Main Account:
      Fiona Silverblade 140 Balance (my favorite school! I like that balance can hit great AND stay alive)
      Emily Iceslinger 94 Ice (This is actually the first wizard I ever made, then I decided I liked balance better)
      Duncan Ravenforge 85 Death
      Katie Starcatcher 81 Life
      Laura Dragoncloud 65 Fire
      Flint Griffinhorn 48 Myth
      Iridian Mistweaver 45 Storm (my baby just finished DS, I am a little sad to no longer have a wiz on this account in 1st arc)

      2nd Account
      Lenora Mistthorn 100 Storm (I quest this one and my main Ice together)
      Shannon Ashbreath 44 Fire (This one and my main Storm run together)
      Moira Nightbringer 29 Death
      Emmaline Sparkleshard 10 Ice
      Brynn Silverbright 5 Balance
      Rowan Trollcatcher 5 Myth

      The last 3 on my 2nd account are TC holders for now (as well as a few other accounts I didnt list :D). I would really like to get one on my 2nd caught up to Fiona but they are in Khrysalis rn and that is far from my favorite world.
      Last edited by sunshine13; 11-24-21 at 1:43:43 AM.

      Signature made by Arr the Pirate

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      Arwen Mythweaver's Avatar
        Arwen Mythweaver is offline Initiate Wizard

      • Arwen Mythweaver's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Alura Frostgiver
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  84
        •  World:
        •  Avalon
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Ice
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  Large Brandy
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Frosty Eye
      Status: Waiting…
      Join Date
      Apr 2009
      PvP Tournaments Won
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      Re: Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      Iím a casual player and can only play about 1-2 hours most days.

      I have-

      Alura Frostgiver Level 80 Ice. She is my first of only 3 wizards and the only one Iím currently playing as Iíd like to max her out.

      Kiera Earthhunter Level 30 Death (currently in detention)

      Tatiana Thundershield Level 10 Storm. I just canít get her off the ground. Ice is much more intuitive to me.

      I will say that Iíve almost exclusively soloed on my Ice and now at higher levels Iím going to need to quest with teams and donít know how to do it well. If anyone should ever want to teach me a few tricks, Iím usually on from 4-6pm EST in Centaur realm.

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      Iridescenci's Avatar
        Iridescenci is offline Grandmaster Wizard

      • Iridescenci's Wizard Stats
        •  Wizard's Name:
        •  Saffron Swift/Silver/Spirit/Summer/Soul/Story Song
        •  Wizard's Level:
        •  130
        •  World:
        •  Wizard City
        •  Wizard's School:
        •  Balance
        •  Pet's Name:
        •  King Sydney
        •  Pet's Type:
        •  Spider Golem
      Status: RIP Lady Cat
      Join Date
      Feb 2010
      PvP Tournaments Won
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      Re: Introduce your wizards! Let's be friends??

      I only have one main account that I've had since the beginning, but I like to creep around Scarecrow if you ever want to say hi

      Saffron SwiftSong (Balance, Level 140, my Main)
      Saffron SilverSong (Life, Level 130)
      Saffron SpiritSong (Ice, Level 120)
      Saffron SummerSong (Fire, Level 110)
      Saffron SoulSong (Death, Level 94+, currently leveling to 100)
      Saffron StorySong (Myth, Level 11)
      (Storm TBD)

      I enjoy naming my characters middle names based off of things I've experienced and liked during my time in the game. I'm not sure why I chose "Swift" as the first one, but I think I liked it for how swift and dutiful I wanted my Balance to be.
      I chose "Silver" for the silver colored hair I'd give all my characters, "Spirit" for the energy I have for this game and that I wanted for my Ice, "Summer" for the memories of playing during my free childhood summers, "Soul" for my Death's true nature, and finally "Story" for all the stories I have from this game. I have saved my last character slot for my Storm, which I'm not sure how I'll name her. I want to save her as my very last character as I want to experience the game at its most updated once I start her.

      Avatar & Sig Credit: Expelliarmus (Blue Nouveau Designs)
      Lady Cat Ceremony 12/11/21
      Formerly: bluecrystal5355, Crystal Calligraphy

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