Posted today:

KI Live: Introducing gamigo, Special Guests, and Special Prizes!

We had a wild KI Live show for September! While there were the expected show highlights like answering your questions, we first introduced our special guests from the wider gamigo team, Mobi (Sr. Community Manager) and Kinsiel (Social & CM) for games like Trove and Fiesta.

Before KI Live began though, we were chatting with them on their own channel to introduce Wizard101 and Pirate101 to the wider gamigo community. If you are interested in checking out that "Pre-KI Live show", it will be on their YouTube channel soon.

We also hung out with the community in-game with 1-day Pennyfarthing mount and in chat with all of you who attended. Another special guest, this time from KingsIsle, Mia was on to talk about her help designing the concept for the new Superfan Outfit!

Throughout the show we also answered your questions and much more.

Missed KI Live? No worries! As of this video going live, we've included 2000 additional giveaway codes for the following code. Once they are gone though, they are gone!

To redeem, type into the website's 'Redeem Card or Code' page: (KISUPERHEADPHONES) to get the new Superfan Headphones in Wizard101 (coming soon to Pirate101)!

The other codes mentioned on the show were for the livestream period ONLY! If you want to redeem future KI Live codes of these type, you have to watch the livestream.

For all prize awards, please allow us a few days to award them.

Thanks community for hanging out with us!