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      Children of Poseidon

      After many people asking me to change it so that all of it is on the first page, here it is. Err....kinda....
      I hope you enjoy(:

      Children of Poseidon Fan Club

      The thunder aroar
      Something washes ashore
      It wasnt from the ocean floor
      Maybe an island far away
      Its very hard to say

      A lady picks it up
      Its a baby girl, maybe a gift from the sea
      ON her head is a little fluff
      The fluff seems black to me

      Maybe its a sign
      Her green eyes have a piercing shine
      The baby starts to cry
      As if she was saying "WHY?"
      The woman looks up at the sky
      looking for a sign

      looking for THE sign

      Chapter 1

      Outside the seas were crashing, mad with rage. The sky was black. I crawled out of my bed and looked out the circular glass window. A storm was fiercely knocking over trees and scattering them along the beach.

      But something was wrong. I could feel it. When something is wrong in sea, I get this weird feeling. Its hard to explain. But this feeling was way worse. I had to go see what was outside.
      I put on some jeans and a black shirt with squiggles on it. I really love that shirt even though i have no idea why. I wandered outside in my flip flops, shivering in the cold midnight air. I almost got hit by a strike of lightning, which i dodged at the last second. I squinted at the ocean and saw something arise from the sea. My eyesight was blurry without my glasses. I felt around in my jean pocket and found them. My vision became clear. I ran to the edge of the water. The thing I saw was gone.
      Behind me, I heard someone yell "JENNA!" It was my guardian, Sheila Smith. I resisted the temptation to go back into the warm house.
      The lightning continued to strike. Behind me, there was a flash of purple. I looked back. Lightning just missed my little cottage. It hit right next to it, where Sheila was standing. She collapsed into the sand.
      "SHEILA!" i screamed as i ran up to her. But a tree fell in my way. I looked up at the sky. Rain poured on my tear-stained face.
      I stood there, watching the storm clouds move slowly across the sky. After what seemed like days, the rain stopped. The clouds left. I could see the sun on the horizon. The water swished gently. Sunlight poured over me. A view like that could make anyone feel happy, but not me. I just kept standing there, staring into the ocean.
      Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me, crunching the sand beneath. I wanted to turn around, see Sheila, and run into her outstretched arms like she would do when i was a little girl. But my heart sank when i remembered she got hit by lightning.
      "Jenna." I heard someone say.
      I didnt answer.
      "JENNA." They said again in an english accent.
      I turned around. I saw a girl who looked like a teenager. She had dark hair, and i could've sworn it shimmered cerulean and purple when she moved. She wore a dress that looked exactly like the ocean. It looked as if she had a storm in her eyes.
      "Who are you?" I asked her, my voice shaking.
      "I am Amphitrite." She replied.
      "Amf-WHAT?" I exclaimed. I mean, what kind of a name is Amphitrite, anyway?
      "Amphitrite. AM-FI-TRITE!" She said.
      I thought a moment. "Is it Italian? German? OH- I KNOW! FRENCH?"
      Amphitrite laughed. "Greek."
      "Oh." I said. "Why are you here?"
      "Headmaster Ambrose sent me."
      "Headmaster Merle Ambrose. Thou shall meet him soon."
      "When? Why? WHERE?" My head was buzzing with questions.
      "Thy shall see. Come with me." Amphitrite walked over to the pier. I followed.
      She stopped when she reached the end. Amphitrite whistled a strange melody. Suddenly I saw a shark in
      the distance. It was purple and yellow. Amphitrite jumped into the water.
      Amphitrite laughed. "Thy shark won't hurt thou. He is thou ride to Ravenwood."
      "Okay seriously enough with all the old english talking!" i demanded.
      Amphitrite gulped. "Th-the shark wont hurt th-you. he is th-your ride to Ravenwood." She said slowly. I realized she wasn't good at talking normally.

      Chapter 2

      5 minuters later I was holding onto a "storm shark" underwater. Amphitrite wasnt there, so I was alone. The storm shark swam past a diver, who's face became pale with fear. All i did was smile and wave.
      After about every minute, Rosco (I named the storm shark that) would take me to the surface so i could breathe. After at least a half an hour Rosco dropped me off at a small island. I got off the shark and patted him on the nose. "Bye Rosco. Thank you!" I said.
      I walked onto the beach. It was empty. I could hardly believe this was Ravenwood. I wandered for a while then I saw a sign.
      I looked up at the sky. Ravenwood was THERE? How was I supposed to get up there? Then I saw something right infront of me. There were 3 bluish-purplish-yellowish bats ahead.
      "Hello miss." Came a sound in my head. I decided the bats were talking.
      "Yes, yes, hello! I am Joe the lightning bat." One said, whos name was Joe.
      "And I am Bob!" The other replied.
      "Valkoor is the name, flyin' is the game!" The last one said.
      "Can you get me to Ravenwood?"
      "That is wha' we do, missy!" Joe said.

      I couldn't believe a bat could support my weight until Bob, Joe, and Valkoor were hauling me into the sky. I was holding onto Valkoor while Bob and Joe were at my feet, pushing me up.

      "Wow you guys are strong." I said. I could hardly believe what had happened to me in the last hour- I met Amphitrite, rode on a storm shark, and got pulled into the sky by talking bats named Bob, Joe, and Valkoor.
      "YEAH, WE WORK OUT EVERY DAY!" Joe screamed.
      "Trust me- I've lifted 4 dudese all double your weight!" Bob bragged. "BY MYSELF!"
      "Oh, dont mind them. They brag all the time." Valkoor explained.
      The lightning bats dropped me off on an island floating in the sky. I gasped as i looked around me. Everywhere, people dressed like wizards walked past. Infront of me was a big circle on the ground with a smbol with fire on it; a symbol that was a snowflake; a storm cloud symbol; a weird triangle symbol with an eye on it; a leaf symbol; a skull symbol; and a symbol with one of those balance scales on it. Infront of that was the largest tree I had ever seen.
      And it had a face...

      Chapter 3

      I screamed-I mean seriously, what kind of a tree has a face?
      "Jenna! Arth thou alright?" It was Amphitrite's voice. I turned around. She was standing right there.
      "Yeah, I'm fine..." Then I realized something. "How did you get here?"
      "Teleporting." Amphitrite laughed. "Thou shall learn when thou is older."
      "Greetings, new student." Said a tall old man with a long white beard, who was standing next to Amphitrite."
      "Jenna, this is Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of Ravenwood." She spoke, without using old english.
      "Hi." I said shyly. I'm not really shy, but i felt shy when i saw him. As you can see, I'm one of those kids who just goes along with everyone else and isnt very emotional.
      "So, Amphitrite, have you enrolled her yet?" Headmaster Ambrose asked Amphitrite.
      "No, not yet." Amphitrite replied.
      Headmaster Ambrose took out a piece of paper and a pen. "First name?"
      "Jenna." I said immediately.
      "Last name?"
      I shrugged. "I dont know."
      "I'm almost 11. 2 days and I'll be 11."
      I shrugged.
      I shrugged again. "I'm an orphan."
      Headmaster Ambrose looked at me. "All wizards have parents."
      "I’m not a wizard."
      "Yes you are. I know a wizard when i see one. Maybe you havent met your parents."
      I thought about that. "Maybe...now, how do you know i really am a wizard?"
      "Headmaster Ambrose knows all." Amphitrite said.
      "Oh really?" I asked.
      "Yes." Headmaster Ambrose nodded.
      "Cool." I said. "Am i enrolled yet?"
      "No, one more question."
      "I've been homeschooled my entire life."
      "No, no. Wizard school."
      "I dont know."
      Headmaster Ambrose studied me. "Maybe life...then again, death...hmm...by the looks of it...nah she seems like a sorcerer..." His voice trailed off as he looked at my shirt. His eyes widened.
      "What." I said. I looked down at it. The purple squiggles were glowing.
      "The symbol of storm." Headmaster Ambrose breathed. "You are a diviner."
      "Diviner?" I asked.
      "Storm wizard. Your school is storm." He scribbled down stuff on the paper. "There. You are enrolled."
      "That's it?" I demanded. "That's all I have to do to get in!"
      "Only powerful wizards are able to get it." Headmaster Ambrose explained. "And you qualified. You have over-achieved the expectations."
      "Wizards? Whats with all this talk about fantasy stuff."
      "Ravenwood is the school of Wizardry."
      I've never really thought about a wizard and if they were real. I always just expected they were fake made up people. But now i realized the were real.
      "Amphitrite?" Headmaster Ambrose said.
      "Huh?" She replied.
      "Is there a dorm available with another diviner?"
      "Well, there is...wait someone just moved in with her...Nope. But we can think of something..."

      Chapter 3

      "Jenna, I need to take care of some problems on Unicorn Way. Good bye." Headmaster Ambrose snapped his fingers and disappeared.
      Amphitrite looked at me. "I have to do some errands. Feel free to explore Wizard City." She also snapped her fingers and disappeared.
      I decided I wanted to meet all the teachers. I wandered off to the left and came to the first school. I walked inside. Then I wished I didnt. I didnt know that class was in session. When I stepped through the doors, everyone stared at me. A few snickered. One girl bursted out laughing. I glared at her.
      My face turned cherry red. I wanted to scream I was so embarrassed. I glanced at the person in the front of the room. She was a cow with a green kimono and black hair tied in a bun.
      "Greetings. You must be the new student." She said. "I am Moolinda Wu, instructor of the life school."
      I wanted to scream "TALKING COW!" But I knew that would be rude. I forced a smile. "Um, hi." I squeaked as I ran out of the school.

      Chapter 4

      I walked over to the next school. I hoped there wasnt class going on. When I opened the door I sighed of relief. Nobody was inside. I walked up to the front of the classroom.
      The doors banged open and tons of kids wearing blue and yellow ran in, followed by an ugly bald man wearing a yellow dress.
      I hid behind a large cart in the center of the room. Ontop were lots of bottles labeled FIRE STARTERS and GASOLINE.
      The man started talking to the class about trolls or something. I moved a little bit and accidently knocked the bottle marked FIRE STARTERS over. It fell and made a fire on the floor.
      “RUN!” The ugly man screamed. Everyone evacuated the building right before the bottle marked GASOLINE fell. I got out just before the building exploded. The man sighed. “Not again.” He screamed. “I GO OUTSIDE TO SUMMON A TROLL AND THIS HAPPENS! WHO DID THIS?!”
      Everybody moved. Then he saw me. I guess he decided I did it because I was the only person there who didnt have blue and yellow on. I tried not to burst into tears. I looked down at my feet.
      “YOU did this.” He snarled.
      I looked up at him. “Um, hi. I’m a new student. Whats your name? What class do you teach?” Then I burst into tears. “I’M SORRY! I DIDNT MEAN TO! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! I SWEAR!” I wailed.
      “Well now I have to summon construction cyclopses to build me a new myth school. Students, this will take until tonight. Class postponed until Monday.”
      As people started leaving, some scowled at me. One tall girl with bright-blond hair and deep-blue eyes hit me on the back. A guy with blue hair and blue eyes said, sarcastically, “Nice job. Look what you did.” He walked away muttering to himself about how storm people always wreck myth people’s fun.
      I quickly backed away before the tall ugly man could give me a lecture.

      Chapter 5

      The next thing I saw was a giant hole. I hope that didnt happen because of me. I ran past it to the next school. On the door it said:

      I didnt want to take the risk of blowing up another school, so I passed on the Fire School. Lots of people starting pushing me out of the way as I walked along to the next school. I decided class ended. Maybe the school was over and I could meet the rest of the teachers in peace.

      After everyone left I walked to the next school and opened the door. The air was cold inside. At the front a fairy was talking to a blue-haired blue-eyes girl. When I walked towards the the girl turned and smiled at me.
      “You must be the new student!” The girl said. “I am Amanda Iceflame, student thamaturge.”
      I shook her hand. “I’m Jenna.”
      “Hello Jenna.” The fairy said. “I am Lydia Greyrose, instructor of the Ice School.”
      “Wait- you arent mad at me for blowing up the Myth School?” I asked.
      Amanda laughed. “That has happened like every time a new student comes!”
      “Accidents happen, dear.” Professor Greyrose said.

      CHAPTER 6
      After a long chat with Professor Greyrose and Amanda, I headed for the last school. Inside, the lights flashed and I heard thunder. I smelled the scent of the ocean. I immediately knew where I was- the storm school.
      A frog jumped up on a table beside where I was standing. "Hello Jenna!" Was that the frog?
      I screamed. First trees with faces, then talking cows, then giant holes in the earth, then fairies, and now THIS?!
      "I'm Halston Balestrom, master inventor and professor of the storm school! You must be the new diviner. I am happy to meet you!" I realized the frog WAS talking.
      "Hi." I was stunned to see that my teacher was a frog.
      "I'm glad to see another new wizards! Your classes begin in 3 days, on Monday, at 8:00 am. Please feel free to come and say hi whenever you want! Ta ta!" He jumped away.
      Then more wizards filled the classroom. I slipped out of the storm school. The sun was setting. I walked over to a bench by the big hole. A little ways away from me there was a group of kids sitting in the grass watching a teenage dude talk. Waved and smiled at me. Then his eyes widened and ran over to me.
      "uh," I nodded. "yeah."
      "THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!" He exclaimed. "Oh, I'm Malorn Ashthorn. I teach the death school. You see where the big hole is? Thats where the death school used to be. But then when Sylvia died, Malistaire left Ravenwood and the school fell through the ground. Anyway, I was professor drake's best student. Thats why I teach the death school now. HE SAID I WAS THE BEST!" He ran back to his class.
      And I thought those lightning bats bragged! I sat down on the bench and relaxed. Good thing I didnt cause that hole!
      "JENNA!" Amphitrite ran up to me. Behind her was Headmaster Ambrose. "Where have you been! We couldn't find you anywhere!" She threw a pile of green and orange clothes on my lap. "These are extra novice clothes we found laying around. You should wear them."
      I looked at them- there was a weird pointy hat, black boots, and a green and yellow robe. I shook my head. "No. I want to stay in these!"
      Headmaster Ambrose grabbed the "novice" clothes from me.
      Amphitrite sighed. "Fine."
      "You will be staying with Amphitrite until we find someone who will accept a roommate." Headmaster Ambrose told me.
      That statement made me feel like nobody wanted me. "Um, okay."

      That night I stayed with Amphitrite. Her house was a neat and tidy little cottage on Triton Avenue.
      "Nice house." I said as I picked up a seashell.
      "DONT TOUCH ANYTHING!" She screamed as she swatted it out of my hands.
      "SORRY!" I muttered.
      "Listen, just because Headmaster Ambrose told me to be nice to you doesnt mean that we are friends." She yelled.
      That comment hurt me. I thought me and her would be good friends. I trudged upstairs into a guest room. Everything in there was white. I laid in the bed, staring up at the blank ceiling. I thought of Sheila. Her happy face. Her sparkling grey hair. Her apron she would always wear. She was so nice- and now she's left me on earth.

      Chapter 7
      The next day I awoke to the sweet smell of warm syrup. When I wandered to the kitchen I saw Amphitrite and Headmaster Ambrose sitting at a table. Headmaster Ambrose was drinking coffee and Amphitrite had a big stack of waffles in front of her.
      "Good morning, Jenna." Amphitrite smiled, although I knew it was a fake smile. She hated me.
      "Morning." I muttered more to myself than anyone else as I sat down and dug into a waffle.
      "How are you this lovely April Saturday morning?" Headmaster Ambrose said to me.
      "I'm okay." I replied in a tired voice.
      "Jenna, Merle is here because he wants to tell you something." Amphitrite said happily between bites of waffle.
      I turned and faced him.
      "We have found you a dorm!" He said as he handed me a tiny piece of paper.
      I looked at it. "717?"
      "Dorm room number 717." Headmaster Ambrose said uneasily. "Its a penthouse...very....big...and um..." His voice trailed off as his face became very pale. "Just, be careful."
      "Oh...um...ok thanks!" I shoved the paper into my jean pocket.
      "Amphitrite, lets go. We'll be late for the staff meeting."
      I looked at Amphitrite. "Staff?"
      "I'm Merle's personal assistant and I sometimes do things for the other teachers. Mostly errands." She walked out of the door.

      I wandered around Wizard City for a while. I wondered when I should go and see my dorm room. Part of me wasn't sure about seeing them- what if they were criminals? or what if they hate me?
      Suddenly Bob came swooping above me. "This is for you, Jenna!" He screamed. A piece of paper fell on my head. I opened it:
      We can't wait to meet you! Come whenever you want!
      Sincerly yours,
      Your soon-to-be roomies

      I decided to go meet them. I ran up the tunnel to the commons and up another tunnel to Ravenwood. I walked into the girl's dormitory building. In the lobby, some teenage wizards were gossiping in the corner. I trudged by. In the elevator, I clicked the number 7 button.
      When it reached the 7th floor I stepped out of the elevator. The hallway smelled like sweet flowers and the ocean The walls had a giant mural of fish in the water. The floor looked like snow. I walked along the hall and noticed the names of the suites- Hades, Demeter, Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaestus, Dionysus, etc. Then I came to number 717. The door was painted cerulean and had a very pretty picture of the ocean with the sun setting over Seattle on it. Above the door said "POSEIDON SUITE".
      I wondered if this was the right dorm. I knocked on the door.
      A girl my age answered the door. Her messy black hair was layered and strands fell in her face. I could barely see her piercing blue eyes under all of her hair. She wore a sweatshirt that said in bold letters RAVENWOOD SCHOOL OF WIZARDRY. It looked like she wore it while she was in a paintball fight. She also wore jeans that were ripped at the knees and had grass stains all over them.
      "Um, hi!" I said.
      She stared at me with a blank expression.
      "I'm your new roommate." I explained.
      She smiled. "Hi!"
      "I'm Jenna." I said as I shook her hand.
      "Julie Iceriver." She said. "And this," She stepped back and put her hands over her arms, "Is the Poseidon Suite! Come, I'll show you around."

      CHAPTER 9
      Julie led me around the large suite that was littered with bags of potato chips , empty pie tins, and half-eaten cookies. Apart from all the junk, it looked pretty cool. There was a giant room with a waterpark. One of the walls was all glass and had a beautiful view of Ravenwood. Another room was an indoor sanctuary. Another was a 5-star gourmet restraunt. There were elevators and escalators everywhere.
      I wondered how this could fit ontop of the dormatory. There was also a giant farm, which made me feel uneasy about living here. Julie didn't seem to mind. I followed her into the farm. Inside there were cows- LOTS of cows, all colors, except for purple- and weird animals i didn't recognize. There were also weird water-like creatures wearing labcoats that said "MAD SCIENTISTS ARE KEWL".
      "Hey guys, how is the purple cow thing doing?" Julie asked.
      One of them walked (or hovered- they didnt have feet) up to her.
      Not so good It replied inside my mind. We've only been able to make an orange one, blue one, and a weird multicolored one
      "Whats wrong with a multicolored one? That sounds really cool to me!"
      I said.
      Julie stared at me. "You can understand them?"
      I nodded. "In my head."
      Only Poseidon's children can understand us!
      Julie outstretched her arms. "Welcome, sister!"
      "SISTER?" I laughed nervously.
      "Yes, your father is Poseidon." Julie explained to me.
      Okay- I only knew Julie for like 10 minutes and now she says I am her sister? I always thought I was born in a poor town and my parents died from starvation. Sheila adopted me after I was put in an orphanage. Or at least thats what Sheila told me. Maybe she was trying to hide something from me. "Who?" I asked. I don't know who this Poseidon is..
      "God of the sea."
      "Oh..." Sheila never taught me that when she home schooled me. "Is that why I can sense when something is wrong in the water?"
      "Yeppers peppers." Julie said.
      "And talk to lightning bats?"
      "Bob, Joe, and Valkoor?"
      "I know them. They are funny." Julie laughed.
      I looked around. "Do you have a mall here?"
      "Why not?"
      "Too girly." Julie said. "The other girls would hate that..."
      "Other girls?"
      "You'll meet them soon. Come with me to the rest of the tour." She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the farm.
      "Can we go to the waterpark?" I asked.
      She showed me a movie theater, a no-gravity room (very very awesome), a bowling alley, and other awesome rooms.
      Then she led me to a giant door. It had a snowflake, a leaf, and a storm cloud around the outside. The door itself was painted to look like there was a hole in it.
      "Welcome to the bedroom!" She opened the door slowly and dramatically. I expected to see something way fancier and bigger than what I saw. Inside was a tiny room with 2 bunkbeds, a closet, a flatscreen TV, and and a small window. The floor was stone and the walls were white.
      The top bunk on the left had the blue and white blankets strewn across the bed. There was a tray scattered with cookie crumbs on top. The bunk below was equally messy. It had tan blankets. The bottom bunk on the left had the white and purple blankets neatly made. The bunk above was empty.
      "This bunk is yours." Julie pointed to the empty one. "Put all of your bags up there. You also get part of the closet. Lemme show you." She walked over to the closet, open the door, and stepped in. I followed.
      It was a really cool walk in closet. When I walked in I saw a room with a chandelier. The walls and floor was black, so the chandelier glowed in the darkness. There were 4 doors, 2 of them on each side. Well, actually they weren't really doors. One was a giant leaf; another was a steel door with one of those finger-activated things where you put your finger on it and it opens the door and security cameras all around; another was a futuristic teleporter, and the last was just a doorway.
      "Here is yours." Julie walked over to the plain open doorway. "We bought you a few things that are already in there. You can personalize it anyway you want."
      "Um..which is yours?" I said, curiously.
      She patted the steel door.
      I stared at her with a what-the-heck look.
      "I keep valuables in here. I also keep pie in here. MY PIE!" She said immediately.
      Suddenly an alarm went off. I realized it was coming from Julie's door. It said "STEP AWAY FROM THE DOOR. WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED. STEP AWAY FROM THE PIE."
      "Um, okay? Can we go to the waterpark now?" As you probably know, i LOVE WATERPARKS!!!!!!!!!
      "Yes." Julie replied. "I'll meet you there." She ran off.
      I put on some purple board-shorts and a yellow tank, which I found in my closet, and wandered out of the bedroom. I looked up ahead. There were two different hallways.
      I scratched my head. "Which way." I muttered to myself. "Which way to the waterpark."
      Suddenly I saw arrows on the floor. "FOLLOW THE ARROWS." A scary hissed.
      I looked above. Storm clouds were forming overhead. Can storm clouds even go in a dormitory? "Who are you?" I asked. "What is your name?"
      "Why do you need to know."
      I shrugged.
      "I AM YOUR CONSCIENCE!!!!" It hissed.
      "Um, ok." I quickly followed the arrows until I came to the waterpark.
      Julie was standing by the pool. "Where have you been?" She screamed.
      "I got..lost." I said.
      "Oh. Well I'm glad you're here!" She ran over and did a cannon-ball into the pool.
      I started to climb the highest waterslide. It was so long it took me 10 minutes to climb.

      Malistaire strode through his Dragonspyre palace. He was dressed in his black robes. His black hair was freshly trimmed. "Rowan, my dear?" He called.
      Rowan Drake, daughter of Malistaire and Sylvia, came running up. "Yes, father?" She said sweetly.
      "I sense something." Malistaire scratched his beard. "I sense Ambrose has found a new wizard. One that can overpower me."
      Rowan's evil brown eyes widened.
      Malistaire gazed out the window at the ruins of the once beautiful Dragonspyre. "It isn't safe here. We must leave."
      Rowan shook her head. "We've fled Ambrose too many times."
      Malistaire shook his head. "I've already lost Sylvia. I can't bear to lose you."
      A tear ran down Rowan's cheek. She was silent.
      Malistaire tightened his grip on his staff. He too didn't say anything.
      After a while of awkward silence, Rowan spoke. "father, trust me. If you fight him, you will never have to flee from him again!"
      Malistaire narrowed his eyes. "You are right. We must start immediately on a plan!"

      Rowan sat at her desk, thinking of battle plans that could overpower Ambrose. She held a notepad with pictures of powerful creatures she could summon. Her eyes widened as she thought of something. "Servants?!" She snapped.
      A girl and a boy ran up. The girl, who's name was Jacqueline Foefinder, had messy blond hair and big blue eyes. She wore a long tattered brown dress. Her face had a sad expression, as if she thought the world was going to end. Jacqueline hadn't seen the outside world since she was little.
      the boy, who's name was Cody Duskdreamer, wore a black robe with a hood that covered his face. He didn't look quite as depressed, but he, too, had a sad expression under the hood. They both were skinny from working as servants.
      "Yes, m'lady?" they asked.
      "Tell father to come. I think I have a plan."
      Cody looked at Jacquline. His eyes asked her "how do we get out of here?"
      Jacqueline shook her head as if to say "We can't"
      "Right away m'lady." They scurried away.

      Later that night, some of the servants gathered in their chamber. Cody and Jacqueline told them about Rowan's plan.
      "There must be some way to get out of here and warn Ravenwood!" Jacqueline said, trying to be positive.
      Cody nodded.
      "I doubt that's possible." Said Iridan Stronghand, the oldest. She was almost 16, so she knew what to expect. "Malistaire is too powerful. If we run away, he will send something to track us down and kill us. We don't stand a chance."
      "Iridan's right." Said Wolf Deathweave. He'd seen it happen before at it wasn't pretty.
      "Why don't we try anyways?" Cody said. "We could run away, warn Ravenwood, and maybe even become wizards!"
      Jacqueline looked down at her feet. She had a dreadful past that she hadn't told anyone about. The only thing she still had to remind her was a tree-like staff in a brown box underneath her bed. "Yeah... that would be great..."

      Chapter 10
      When I got to the top, I went down the slide headfirst. Then the water turned to ice. I tried to stop sliding, but I kept going. I was 40 feet in the air sliding down ice. I looked for something to grap onto. I reached for the side and barely grabbed on.
      "JULIE!" I screamed.
      Far below, Julie yelled something up to me but I didn't hear it.
      "DONT PANIC." She yelled.
      I looked over the edge. A giant hand made entirely of water was below. Julie had her hands on her head as if she was concentrating really hard. The hand came closer to me.

      The next thing I knew, I was being held by the giant hand. It brought me safely to the gound.
      "WHAT HAPPENED?!" I screamed frantically.
      Julie pointed to the edge of the pool. Amanda was standing there.
      "AMANDA?" I was stunned to see her here.
      Amanda waved shyly. "Um, hi Jenna."
      "You guys know each other?" Julie asked.
      Amanda nodded.
      "Yeah, we met after I blew up the myth school." I explained
      "YOU BLEW UP THE MYTH SCHOOL?" Julie's eyes widened. "AWESOME! I wish I could see the look of Drake's face!"
      "Drake?" I asked.
      "Cyrus Drake, myth teacher." Julie replied.
      "Oh." I turned back to Amanda. "Did you freeze the pool?" I asked her.
      "Yeah." She said. "I'm practically pure ice. Everything that I touch that is water turns to ice."
      I shuddered at the idea of how hard it would be to take a shower. "So is it going to be frozen forever?"
      "No." Julie said. "I'll go call Professor Falmea. She'll do something."
      "Did you save me with the water hand?" I asked Julie. Like always, I have so many questions.
      "Yeppers peppers!" Julie smiled.
      "I'm storm. I can control water."
      "AWESOME!" I exclaimed.
      "I am gonna go get Falmea." Julie ran off.
      "So, Amanda, do you live here?" I asked.
      "Sometimes. I live in Mooshu, but I come here once in a while. I used to live here." She replied.
      "Is it fun living here?"
      "Yeah, well sometimes..." Her voice trailed off. "I guess...but..."
      "But what?" I asked.
      "Never mind." She shook her head.
      "So how many rooms are in the Penthouse?"
      "I don't know. Maybe thousands."
      "Which is your favorite?"
      "Well, I forget the name of the room, But I can show you it. Follow me."

      Chapter 11

      I could hardly keep up with Amanda. She ran through many weird rooms. She made twists and turns and when I finally caught up to her, we were in a ginormous room that was filled with fog. I could barely see.
      Amanda stood there, as if she was paralyzed. But I decided she was just thinking.
      "AMANDA?" I yelled.
      She didn't answer. Maybe she was paralyzed.
      "AMANDA?" I screamed.
      "I don't remember this room..." Her voice was quiet. "This is exactly where my favorite room should be."
      I turned around. The door was gone. "Amanda how- where did the door go?"
      "I don't know." She started to run. "I think I found a way out. Follow me!"
      I followed her. Sure enough, a door was there. We ran through and found ourselves in some room that looked like a symphony hall.
      "This penthouse is constantly building more rooms. The rooms are based on dreams people have."
      "How does it fit on top of this dormatory!"
      Amanda's face darkened. "It can't. This dormatory can barely hold it up. Someday it will collapse."
      "When?" My voice was shaking.
      "Maybe never... Maybe tomorrow... Maybe tonight..." She looked at the ground. "This penthouse used to be one luxurious room. But it grew and grew. Nobody can find that one room."
      "So..." I thought about what to say. "Can you find the way back?"
      "Yeah." She snapped her fingers like Headmaster Ambrose and Amphitrite. Snowflakes swirled around her. "Be right back! I'm gonna port to Julie." The snowflakes swirled faster and faster until a bright light surrounded Amanda. A cold wind blew at me. The next thing I knew, she was gone.
      "Why didn't she just take me with her?" I asked myself. I decided to try and port too. I snapped my fingers and tried to concetrate really hard. "Teleport to Julie." I whispered. "Teleport to Julie."

      I found myself on a giant island in the middle of nowhere. I guess I didn't teleport to Julie.
      "Why are YOU here?" It sounded like Amphitrite.
      I turned around. I saw a girl who looked a lot like Amphitrite. But she looked younger... and happier... Her curly black hair was in a ponytail. She wore the same dress as Amphitrite did.
      "Amphitrite?" I asked. "Is that really you?"
      "AMPHITRITE?" She sounded disgusted. "I am Nesaea. Amphitrite just left."
      I looked around the island. "Where am I?"
      Nesaea smiled. "Island of the Nerieds."
      "Nerieds?" I barely know anything.
      "The 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris."
      "Is Amphitrite one?"
      "Yes." Nesaea rolled her eyes as if she hated Amphitrite. "Come and let me show you around."
      Nesaea showed me the island. I met many more nerieds. They were laying in hammoks or sunbathing on the beach.
      Suddenly I heard a conch shell being blown and someone screamed "AMPHITRITE IS COMING!" Everyone ran around in panic.
      "Um...?" I was confused.
      "Amphitrite is really strict." Nesaea said.
      All the nerieds vanished when I looked around. Then I saw Amphitrite- but she was younger and she had a crown made of seashells on her head.
      "JENNA?!" Amphitrite screamed. "How did you...where...why...WE HAVE TO GET YOU BACK TO RAVENWOOD!"
      "Okay." I said. "How?"
      Amphitrite grabbed my arm and snapped her fingers. The next thing I knew I was in the Poseidon Suite. Julie and Amanda were staring at me.
      "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Julie screamed.
      "I tried to teleport to you but I found myself on the Isl-"
      I couldn't finish my sentence because someone slammed the door and screamed "I'M HOME!"
      "Jenna, this is Jennifer Nightblade, my sister." Julie explained as a girl walked into the room. "Jen, this is Jenna."
      I looked at Jen. She had white hair and big purple eyes. Her face showed an evil expression as if she wanted to kill me. She wore a long tan shirt and jeans that were splattered with what must've been blood. But the weirdest thing about her was her was her belt- it glowed green and had every weapon you could think of on it.
      "Yo." Jen said as she twirled a sword in her fingers.
      "Hi." I replied.
      "Jenna, Jen is the other girl who lives here." Julie explained.
      Jen looked at a green watch on her arm. "Its time for dinner!" She cried happily. We all headed to the gourmet resturant.

      I had the most unusual meal ever. On the menu there was all junk food. The all-you-can-eat buffet had mostly cookies, cake, and pie. The only drinks were soda and coffee. Julie and Jen piled their plates high with food from the buffet. Amanda had some kind of strange soup. I ate fried chicken.
      "So, Julie, did you get Falmea?" Amanda asked.
      "She said she'd come with some students." Julie replied.
      "I don't know. Probably tomorrow."
      A lump formed in my throat. Tomorrow was my birthday. Sheila said she'd take me somewhere extra special.
      "Jenna?" Amanda looked at me. "Are you alright?"
      I hadn't realized I'd been crying. Maybe I really am emotional after all.
      "Jenna? Whats wrong" Jen put down a leg of ham she'd been eating.
      I got up and ran into the bedroom. I jumped onto my bed and threw my glasses on the floor. I closed my eyes and cried. Then I fell asleep.
      Many hours later, I heard Amanda quietly turning pages of a book underneath; the sound of Jen sharpening a knife; and Julie blasting music on her iPod.

      Chapter 12
      The next morning, I woke up early. When I opened my eyes, I almost screamed. My bed looked exactly like the bed at my old house- the same neon blankets, giant fuzzy pillows, even my huge orange tropical flower decal. I was wearing long comfortable purple and yellow robes.
      I wondered if anyone else was awake. I glanced around and decided Julie and Amanda were still asleep. Jennifer was holding a wand and moving it around. A weird green symbol appeared, then it turned to ash.
      "Good morning, Jennifer." I said. "How are you?"
      "Frustrated." She grumbled. "This wand is broken. My satyrs keep fizzling."
      "Satyrs?" I asked.
      "Half goat half man. Its a life healing spell."
      "You're life?" I didn't think Jennifer would be life.
      I suddenly realized I'd seen her before. She was the one who burst out laughing when I entered the life building. "Cool." I got out of my bed and ran into my closet. My beaded curtain was in the entry. Inside it was painted cerulean. All my clothes and many wizard clothes were hung up. Pictures of my friends back home were framed on the walls. There was even a big picture of me and my best friends on my 7th birthday. We were on the beach, making sand castles. As I walked on the cold stone floor, i realized there were actual storm clouds on the ceiling.
      I changed into a purple robe, hat, and tall boots all with I guess were storm symbols on them. Then I saw my laptop. It was amongst a pile of what headmaster Ambrose must call rubbish. It was all scratched up and when I opened it, I saw that the screen was cracked and the keyboard had the keys G, A, and M missing. When I tried to turn it on, the laptop slowly turned on, then it died, never to work again. I threw it on the ground and stomped out of the closet. I sat on my bed and sighed.
      "Everything alright?" Jennifer asked me.
      "My laptop-"
      "Did Gamma take some of the keys out?" Jennifer interrupted.
      "Ambrose's pet owl."
      "I guess.."
      "That happened to my laptop too. I guess Gamma doesnt like technology." She got off her bed and walked out of the room.
      Suddenly Bob and Joe landed on my head. "HI JENNA!" Joe screamed.
      "Shh! You'll wake up Amanda and Julie!"
      Bob knocked Joe off my head. "Yeah, jeez! And tell her happy birthday!"
      I laughed. "I'm glad you guys are here. I needed someone to cheer me up."
      "Whats wrong?" Joe cocked his head.
      "I'm not sure..." I sighed again.
      "Oh." Bob flew off my head and hovered infront of me."I know something that could cheer you up." He held a piece of paper in his mouth.
      "I snatched it from his mouth. "What is it?"
      "Its an invitation to be on Ravenwood News."
      "Whats that?" I asked.
      "The ravenwood TV station. Its where they have wizard game shows, school related programs, and news."
      I thought I knew why they wanted me on there. And it WASNT going to make me happy. Why did I have to blow up the myth school! "Why do they want me on there?"
      "Morning broadcast. They invite people on their birthdays to be on there."
      "Cool. When and where is it?"
      "RIGHT NOW!" Bob whispered. "In Olde Town! Follow us."

      I followed the bats through the shopping district into Olde Town. Olde Town was the oldest community in wizard city. Bob and Joe stopped infront of a large and old-looking building. There was a sign that said "Ravenwood News Studio".
      "This is it?" I asked.
      "DUH!" Joe screamed. "CANT YOU READ?" Then the bats flew away.
      I opened the door and walked through. Inside, it looked nothing like you would've thought it would. There were cameras and pictures everywhere.
      The lobby of Wizard News was filled with people. I didn't know who to talk to. Then a guy walked up to me. "Who are you and why are you here." He demanded quickly. He was tall, had black hair, and deep brown eyes. He wore jeans and a black shirt with a skull on it that said SECURITY. I guessed he was a bodyquard.
      Luckily, I was ready for someone to ask me that question. "I'm Jenna. I was invited here to be on the Wizard News thing for my birthday."
      "Ah. I'm Fred Dragonhammer. Come with me."
      I followed him as he pushed people out of the way. Then he went into a room that I guessed was the room where they had the morning broadcast. Fred walked up to another guy. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He held a clipboard and had a pair of spectacles on his nose. "Eric, this is Jenna. She's the one who was invited to be on the broadcast." Fred told the guy, who must've been the director.
      "Welcome. You can sit over here while we get ready for the broadcast." Eric pointed to a sofa.
      I walked over to the sofa. A girl who looked exactly like me was sitting on the sofa. "Hi." I said as I sat down next to her. "I'm Jenna."
      She smiled. "I'm Lindsey NIghtblood."
      "Is today your birthday?"
      "Yes. Is it yours?"
      "Yup. I'm turning 11."
      "Same!" Lindsey said. I guess she was my twin.
      "OKAY EVERYONE WE'RE LIVE IN 5" Eric yelled. "4-3-2-1!"
      A girl with blond hair and almond-shaped eyes and a guy with blue hair and blue eyes were sitting at a desk. "Hello and good morning ravenwood! This is Brooke Moonthorn!" The girl said. She must've been 9 and she looked somewhat farmiliar.
      "And I'm Wallace Icebreaker." The boy said.
      They started talking about announcements for Ravenwood and other stuff.
      "Lets go to my sister for the birthdays of today." Brooke said.

      A girl who looked exactly like Brooke, but with WAY too much blue makeup, stood infront of a green-screen. "Hi, I'm Courtney!" Then she murmered "Giantpants." I realized she was the one who slapped me on the back when I blew up the Myth school. "The birthdays of today are Lindsey Nightblood and..." She stopped when she saw me. "And yeah. And here is a special news story!"
      I suddenly realized what she was talking about.
      "11 year old diviner Jenna blew up the Myth school on Friday. As an attempt to murder all the conjurers and Cyrus Drake, she bombed the myth school."
      I screamed and sprinted out of the building.

      Chapter 13
      I tore through wizard city, screaming at the top of my lungs. Why did Courtney have to do that!? She probably wanted revenge... I ran into Unicorn Park and sat down next to a fountain. I looked into the water at my reflection. I didn't belong here. I didn't belong anywhere. My parents abandoned me. Who was I really?
      In the reflection, I saw Amphitrite walk up to me. "Happy birthday, Jenna." She said gently. I still can't get over the way she told me she hated me.
      "Go away." I cried. "You hate me."
      Headmaster Ambrose must've been there too, because I heard his voice. "No she doesn't. We're here to give you a birthday present."
      I turned around. "Present?" I sniffed. "You-you remember its my birthday?"
      Headmaster Ambrose nodded. "Amphitrite, give her the present."
      Amphitrite snapped her fingers and said "Voila!"
      I stared at her blankly.
      "Huh? HUH? Like it?" Amphitrite smiled.
      "Like WHAT?" I replied.
      "Oh. It didn't work?"
      "Um, no? What didn't work?"
      Headmaster Ambrose looked at Amphitrite. "Plan B?"
      Amphitrite took out a box from a bag she was holding. "here." She said.
      I looked at the box. It said CONTACTS. "Contacts?" I asked.
      "Yep." They walked away. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
      Oh great- so I got contacts for my birthday. I mean, yeah, I don't have to wear glasses, but its not the kind of gift I was expecting. I thought it would be like a magic wand... or something. I crammed the box into a pocket of my robes.
      The rest of my day went normal, I just walked around. Then I went back to the dorm room. Everybody I saw was ignoring me, pretending I wasn't there. When I got into the dorm room, everybody totally forgot about my birthday. So I just ignored it and pretended like it wasn't.

      The next day I woke up late. I found my contacts next to my bed and quickly put them in. Then I got up and looked for Julie and Amanda. They were reading Ravenwood Review, the newspaper, by the waterpark.
      "Well, well, well." Said Julie. "Mornin' Jenna. I thought you already went to school."
      "School?" I completely forgot about school.
      "Yes. your school is starting soon." Amanda said.
      "Why aren't you guys at school?"
      "We're more advanced. The more advanced you are, the later you start in the day." Julie explained. "Oh, and you don't wanna be late. Let me show you a short cut." She got up from a chair, walked over to the window, and opened it. "There ya go, Jenna. Just step out here."
      I could barely believe what she was saying. She wanted me to JUMP out of a 7 story window?
      "I promise you won't get hurt."
      "Oh, of course. A magical rainbow will save me." I said sarcastically.
      Amanda glanced at Julie with a I-cant-believe-you-are-going-to-do-this look.
      "JUST COME ON." Julie pulled me over to the window. "Now, step up here."
      I have no idea why, but I stepped up onto a platform outside of the window like she said. The wind blowed in my hair. The sunlight burned my eyes. "Are you sure this is-"
      Julie pushed me off the platform.
      Let me just say, that was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. It was even more scary then Courtney telling all of Ravenwood a false version of blowing up the myth school.
      It was 2 minutes until I saw the roof of the storm school. I tore through the roof and landed inside the classroom- right when Professor Balestrom was talking. I looked around and saw a bunch of little kids staring at me with scared expressions.
      "Oh my gosh." I said as I stood up. "Professor Balestrom, I am sorry."
      Professor Balestrom laughed. "Thats fine, Jenna. Come and take a seat. You can sit next to Kevin." The frog pointed over to a boy who must've been 7 or 8. He had purple- yes, purple- hair and electric yellow yes (yes, they were yellow). Kevin paled when he saw me.
      I walked over and sat next to him. "Hi. I'm Jenna."
      Kevin forced a smile. "Um... hi..." He said in a familiar voice. I've heard it before- but where?
      Professor Balestrom started talking about the ancient magic of storm and how to cast powerful creatures. He talked about the pros and cons of storm and how to use it properly. I listened intently, and I was one of the only ones who did.
      "Okay, now we are going to see some of you try to cast a thunder snake. Kevin, why don't you go first." Professor Balestrom said.
      Kevin got up and walked slowly to the front of the room. He moved his hands like Professor Balestrom showed us and then the storm symbol appeared. But it turned to ash, which I learned was called 'fizzling'.
      Professor Balestrom called more little kids up to try. All of them failed. "Jenna?" He called to me.
      I got up. I knew I was going to fail like everyone else, but I decided to try. My hands moved like you were supposed to do, and then the purple symbol appeared, the one that was on my favorite black shirt. I thought it was going to fizzle, but instead, grey fog appeared in the storm room. A giant guy with white hair appeared out of the fog. All the kids' eyes widened.
      "Jenna." He said. "I am your father, Poseidon."
      My father?
      "Congratulations on your first attempt at summoning a thunder snake. You have overachieved Ravenwood's novice expectations- WAY. YOu are the only one who has ever done this before. You will be a very famous diviner, but will have a dangerous path to reach it. If life gives you a chance, take it. Do whatever you can and be careful." With that, he disappeared. The fog was gone. It was as if he was never there.
      I looked at Professor Balestrom. He was stunned. "Come with me, Jenna." He ordered.
      I followed the frog outside the storm school, through the Ravenwood tunnel, and into Headmaster Ambrose's house. "Merle?" Professor Balestrom sounded scared but relieved.
      Headmaster Ambrose looked up from his cup of coffee. "Huh?"
      "Jenna, here, summoned the storm lord while trying to summon a thunder snake.
      Headmaster Ambrose was about to drink out of his coffee cup. But he stopped and coffee poured on him. "Th-thats not possible."
      In the corner of my eye, I saw Courtney Giantpants. She looked happy, as if she too summoned something amazing. Then she saw me and scowled.
      "Indeed it is." Professor Balestrom replied.
      "I think we have found the one who shall save the spiral!" Headmaster Ambrose cried happily.
      ME?! The chosen one? I don't think so. All I am is a total klutz who can't seem to do anything right.

      Chapter 14

      Rowan brushed the brown hair out of her face as she walked down the Dragonspyre street, carrying loads of scrolls. She was off to see her best friend Amber Dragonrider, who lived in the Athenium. Draconians roamed the streets, patrolling Dragonspyre.
      She had a long ways to go and it was getting dark. Rowan knew that if she was still on the streets at night, dragons and other creatures would kill her.
      Rowan looked up at the sky. She could see the full moon rising, surrounded by stars. She knew there wasn't much time.
      Suddenly Rowan felt a raindrop on her head. It was raining. That was the last of her needs. She put up the hood of her robe as ran through the street. Then a big dragon flew infront of her. She screamed and sprinted all the way to the death school at Dragonspyre Academy. She hid in the shadows as the dragon flew by, unaware of her presence.
      Rowan knew she was close now. The portal to the Necropolis was close by, and from there it would be easy to get to the Athenium. One of the scrolls fell out of Rowan's arms as she scuttled away, but she didn't notice.
      Rowan didn't know someone was watching her. The figure picked up the scroll and opened it. On the scroll was a battle plan. His electrifying purple eyes widened under his black hood as he read it. The permanent frown on his face turned into an evil smile, as if he knew something Rowan didn't.
      "I've got to get this back to Jacqueline!" Cody cried as he tore through the empty paths of Dragonspyre Academy.

      Jacqueline paced the floor. She was concerned about where Cody was. She hadn't seen him since that morning and she had no idea where he was. Then Cody ran through the chamber door and slammed it. He was soaking wet from the rain and he was shivering. Jacqueline ran and hugged Cody.
      "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" She screamed.
      Cody held up the scroll. "I found this. I was following Rowan. I knew that she would drop this scroll."
      Jacqueline smiled. "Cody, I can't believe you actually got outside of Malistaire's palace without him knowing."
      Cody nodded. "It was hard."
      "What does it say?" Jacqueline grabbed the scroll and sat on her bed.
      "Its a battle plan to attack Ravenwood." Cody explained. "I think we should run away and tell them. Then we won't be under Malistaire's command anymore and can be wizards!"
      Jacqueline wondered if she should tell Cody about her staff, and how she used to be a theurgist at Ravenwood. Cody was her closest friend, and nobody understood her like he did.
      "Cody?" She asked, her voice shaking. "C-can you k-keep a secret?"
      Cody nodded. "You know I can, Jacky." He said as he sat next to her.
      Jacqueline looked down at the ground. "Well..." She crawled under her bed and grabbed the box. "... this used to be mine." She said as she opened the box. Inside was a staff made of wood. It had a green vine twirled around it and a brilliant green light gleamed from the top on a diamond-shaped jade.
      Cody stared at Jacqueline. "Where did you get this?"
      "Headmaster Ambrose gave it to me for my 6th birthday."
      "HEADMASTER AMBROSE?! How did you know him?"
      "He was my teacher, silly."
      "You were a wizard?" Cody asked, his electric purple eyes full of wonder.
      Jacqueline nodded. "Yes, I was..."
      "Ya know, I was a wizard too."
      "Really?" Did she and Cody both have a secret past?
      "Yeah, but right when I was enrolled, I was captured by Malistaire..." Cody said, his voice fading.
      "Oh." Jacqueline stood up and held the staff like she did when she was little. "What kind of a wizard were you gonna be? I was a theurgist."
      Cody closed his eyes. "Its been so long... I think I was going to be a diviner..."
      "Storm wizard?" Jacqueline asked. "They are really powerful. Most of the wizards who have immortal parents are storm. Are your parents immortal?"
      "My dad was... my mom died... how can both your parents be immortal? Wouldn't that make you immortal?" Cody asked.
      Jacqueline shook her head. "No. Wizards are very powerful. They can control stuff even the gods can't control. But sadly wizards aren't immortal. Any kind of a person can be a wizard, really. Just someone who is really powerful and has the right skills for a wizard."
      "Who is your father?"
      Cody sighed. "I hate my father. He didn't pay any attention to me whatsoever."
      "Who was he?"

      Rowan activated the portal and found herself in the Necropolis. Then she activated the Athenium portal and went to the Athenium. Ahead she saw the bright lights of Amber's house, glowing in the darkness. She quickly ran up to the house and knocked on the door.
      A 16 year old girl with a scraggly ponytail answered the door. She had dark brown eyes and long black eyelashes. "Hey Rowan. Come inside."
      Rowan hurried inside.

      Many hours later, after Rowan went home and all the servants fell asleep, Cody awoke. He had one his fanciest suit and held a briefcase with all his possessions in it. He woke up Jacqueline, Iridian, and Wolf.
      Jacqueline groaned. "Cody, what is it?"
      "Don't ask. Just c'mon. Go and put on your fanciest clothes and pack up your most valuable possessions."
      "Why?" Iridian rubbbed her eyes.
      "Tonight, we are leaving!"

      Chapter 15
      Cody, Jacqueline, Iridian, and Wolf gathered in the center of their chamber. They all wore their fanciest clothes and had a bag packed full of their possessions.
      "Are you sure?" Iridian asked, concerned. She didn't know what would happen if they ran away.
      Cody nodded. "Its for the best."
      Jacqueline looked down at her dress. It was a long green and blue gown. It was one of the only things that she still had from Ravenwood. "I still don't understand why we need fancy clothes."
      Iridian nodded. "Me too." She had on a purple dress that touched her toes with a gold sash.
      Cody shrugged. "They'll never know that we're runaway servants if we look like a wealthy Marleybonian family."
      Iridian laughed. "I don't know how Wolf could fit into it with those... rags."
      Wolf had on a grizzleheim robe that was made from some kind of animal pelt. "Its just a fancy Grizzleheim robe!" he complained. Wolf had lived in Grizzleheim in the forest for most of his childhood, hunting and killing animals. It was the most fanciest thing he owned.
      Cody grabbed his bag. "C'mon guys."
      "What if Malistaire sees us?" Jacqueline asked.
      Coddy shook his head. "He won't. He's too busy thinking of a plan."

      They all tiptoed out of the door and into the entrance way.
      "I don't see how Malistaire should just keep us in a chamber by the door." Iridian whispered.
      "Shh!" Cody yelled quietly.
      Suddenly Wolf tripped on the bottom of his robe and fell. As he did so, he knocked over a priceless Dragonspyre statue.
      "Who is that!" It was Malistaire's voice.
      "QUICK!" Cody whispered. They slipped out of the door before Malistiare saw them. But Wolf lay on the floor, unable to move.
      "Servant! YOU TRY TO ESCAPE!" He snarled.
      Wolf shook his head. "It was all Cody's idea!"

      Jacqueline, Cody, and Iridian walked through dark streets.
      "Cody...?" Jacqueline said quietly.
      "Huh?" Cody answered.
      "Where is Wolf?"
      Cody and Iridian exchanged glances. WHERE IS HE! Iridian's eyes told Cody. Cody shrugged and said mouthed I DONT KNOW.

      Headmaster Ambrose led me into Unicorn way. I've been there before- it was a peaceful neighborhood. But he looked concerned and scared, as if something was wrong.
      Then I saw what was wrong. There were tons of ghosts, skeleton pirates, and dark sprites flying around the streets.
      "Jenna." Headmaster Ambrose said to me.
      "What?" I asked.
      "This is your first quest. Please get rid of these monsters and ask the people here if they need help."
      He handed me a wand and a deck of cards. "You'll know." He said as he ran away.
      I lunged at the monsters with a gleam in my eye. I casted a firecat and it blew a ghost into flames. Then I casted a frostbeetle and a ghost fell through the ground. Then I ran around asking if anyone needed help.
      Many hours later, I looked around. There were no more monsters, and everybody seemed happy.
      "Congratulations." Said a sarcastic voice behind me. It sounded familiar.
      I turned around. It was Courtney Giantpants.
      "You might save the spiral, but you won't get the glory." She smiled.
      "Yes I will." That was the dumbest thing to say ever.
      "Oh really?" She summoned a thunder snake, which slithered towards me. I blocked it and casted a thunder snake back at her. Courtney collapsed and started to cry, although the thunder snake didn't harm her.
      A guy with green robes ran towards her. I knew him- it was Ceren Nightchant. I helped him a little while ago.
      "Sh-she threatened to kill me!" Courtney sobbed. "Then she summoned a triton at me!"
      Ceren glared at me. "You should be ashamed of yourself!"
      "I DIDNT DO ANYTHING!" I screamed.
      "And to think you just helped me!"
      "She didn't help you." Courtney said to Ceren. "She just lied about all that and I actually helped!"
      That was practically the weirdest lie I've ever heard.
      Ceren helped Courtney up and they walked away.
      I ran to Headmaster Ambrose.
      "I finished!" I told him.
      "Good. Because now there are more streets in danger. Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and Firecat Alley. Your quest is to save all those, too."
      I nodded. "Okay." And ran out of the room.
      It was getting dark. I headed back to the dorm room. There, I told Amanda, Julie, and Jennifer about what just happened. They congratulated me and didn't say anything about Courtney. Then we had a party at the waterpark (which was now unfrozen, thanks to the fire teacher).
      But I felt uneasy about going into Cyclops Lane- I've heard Courtney lives there.

      Chapter 16

      The next few months were pretty much the same. In the morning, I'd wake up and go to the storm school, which luckily I was put into my age group. Then afterwards, I'd eat lunch and then go to my second school, which was life. Amanda moved back to Mooshu, but Julie and I were in the same classes, so luckily I could always sit by her.
      After school was over, I would go to either Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, or Cyclops Lane and help out there. But sadly Courtney was still trying to make my life miserable. Everyone always thought she was the hero and thought I messed everything up. That was bugging me.
      After I finished all those streets, I moved onto Collosus Boulevard. It was harder, but I had more experience with fighting. The first day after I got onto Collosus, after I headed home, something happened that would change my life as it is...

      I ran into the dorm lobby. The normal group of teens huddled in the corner gossiping. As they saw me, they laughed. I just ignored them and walked into the elevator. The normal music, normal everything. I thought it was a normal say. Boy, was I wrong.
      I stepped out of the elevator and walked through the hallway. The penthouse names were the same, each (as I just learned) for a different Greek God. And Poseidon was the immortal god of the sea, and my dad.
      I stopped at the Poseidon Suite and took my key out of my pocket. Then I turned it in the lock and ran in. "I'm back!" I said, as usual.
      I stopped as I saw what it was like inside. There were boxes of items EVERYWHERE. I could barely see anything.
      "Julie? Jennifer?" I asked as I looked for them amongst the cardboard boxes.
      "Guess what!" It was Julie's voice. "Me and Jennifer are moving to Marleybone!"
      MARLEYBONE?! My roommates were MOVING?!!!!
      "Yeppers! We FINALLY got enough money!" Jennifer said happily.
      "Yeah... well... then do I have to live on my own?" I asked.
      "You'll be fine!" Julie replied.
      "So when are you leaving?"
      "Tonight!" Jennifer answered.

      That night, we had a leaving celebration (yeah, well it wasnt very fun). Then, at 9:00, Julie and Jennifer went down to the lobby with boxes of crates floating behind. I sadly walked with them.
      We walked out the door of the dormitory. It was raining, as if the sky was crying. I waved goodbye as they pulled up their hoods on their raincoats and danced off, happy of starting a new life.

      What was I supposed to do without my best friends?!

      Chapter 17
      The next day I awoke to silence. Not the normal chatter of Julie and Jennifer. I wondered why. Then I remembered that they moved. I got all ready to go to school. Then I walked down to the lobby. Even the normal group of teens weren't there. I wondered if something else was wrong.
      The storm school was luckily as noisy as usual. I wondered who I would sit with now that Julie was gone. I sat down at my usual spot, took out my wand and my deck of cards. I studied my cards- thunder snake, lightning bats, storm shark, storm blade, imp, leperchaun, pixie, and sprite. 8 spells.
      Then a familiar girl sat down next to me. "Hi."
      It was Lindsey Nightblood- my 'twin'. I wondered if she really was my twin. "Hi..."
      "How's it going?"
      "Not so well... my roommates moved and now I live by myself."
      "Oh, I'm sorry." Lindsey said.

      After class I ran out of the storm room and walked over to the big hole in the ground. Over by the hole there were great places to sit. The sunlight lit up the meadow as I sat down on a bench and took out my lunch. Then I heard a sound.
      "DAD!!!!!!" Someone screamed.
      I put down my lunch and ran to where the sound came from. A girl my age was crying as Cyrus Drake casted powerful myth spells that surrounded her. They were hurting her. The girl had purple hair and wore pink and purple clothes.
      "This is what you get for choosing BALANCE!" Cyrus screamed.
      "Then why didn't you choose myth?" Cyrus sneered.
      "Jordan, I am your father. I should decide what school is right for you." Cyrus replied.
      "What!" Cyrus snapped.
      "I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!" The girl, who must've been named Jordan, casted a scorpion which charged at Cyrus. He casted an orthrus and it bit Jordan. Then Cyrus glared at me as he walked away.
      I ran to comfort the girl. She was sobbing nonstop. I felt sorry for her.
      "Hello." I said to her.
      She rubbed her eyes and sniffed. "Hi.."
      "I'm Jenna. Whats your name?" I said even though I knew the answer.
      "I'm Jordan Drake. M-my father i-is the myth teacher."
      "Why was he so mad at you?"
      "I chose balance for my school instead of myth. He thinks he should decide." Jordan explained.
      "Oh. Are you alright?"
      Jordan nodded although I could tell she wasn't by the huge bite mark on her arm which must've been from the orthrus.
      I summoned a sprite and healed her wound.
      "Thanks." Jordan replied.
      "No problem."
      "So... cya." She said as she walked away. "I have to go to my second school now."
      "Bye." I headed for the life classroom.

      Chapter 18

      The next day was pretty much the same. The same quietness since Julie and Jennifer left. I hopped out of bed and changed into a cerulean dress. Then I left for school.
      When I got to school, I sat down at a random table. Then someone sat down beside me. I thought it would be Lindsey, but it wasn't. It was a guy who wore a dragon-looking helmet that covered his hair. The guy wore a long-sleeved black shirt and light blue jeans.
      "Hi." I said. "I'm Jenna."
      "yo." He said as class started.

      I started to wonder who he was, since he never gave me his name. I wondered if he worked for Courtney Giantpants and was there to make my life miserable. Or maybe he was just someone who wanted to befriend me.

      As I walked through the life classroom doors, I didn't him again. I sat down thinking he was going to come and sit next to me, but he didn't. I expected that he was in life class for his second school, like most storm people, but he wasn't.
      Yet another person I didn't know that well sat down next to me. He had black hair and green eyes, just like me.
      "Hello." I said nicely.
      "Hi." He replied. "I'm Evan Griffinhead."
      "I'm Jenna." I introduced myself. I've seen him before- he was in my class in the storm school. He was one of the star students, like me.
      I wondered where Lindsey was and who these two guys I just met were. I wondered why they sat next to me. The idea of working for Courtney kept coming back into my mind. But I tried to not think of that. They seemed too nice to be like that.
      But were they?

      Chapter 19

      I had no idea something so bad would happen to me. Before today, I never knew. But today was the day that changed my life even more... the way people thought of me... and the way my life almost ended...

      Jacqueline and Cody sat down on the fresh grass. They made it out of Dragonspyre and were in the peaceful world of Mooshu. But all 3 of them were tired and hungry.
      "Cody, we've been wandering for DAYS!" Jacqueline complained.
      Iridian tripped. "And these shoes and killing me! I look too girly! Why do I have to wear this? Why not jeans and a t-shirt? That suites me waay better." Her suitcase fell out of her hands and all over the grass.
      Jaqueline ran over and picked up Iridian's stuff. There were bottles of strange liquids and a sword. She found a bottle marked 'POISON'. "Iridian what is this?"
      Iridian paled. "Nothing." She said as she gathered up all the bottles.
      Cody narrowed his eyes under his black hood. "Iridian why do you have them?"
      "WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?" Iridian said harshly.
      Jacqueline glanced at Cody. His eyes were knitted together as if he was thinking hard. Jacqueline's eyes were full of worry. She didn't know what Iridian was up to.
      Was she betraying them? Pretending to be their friend to get information to give to Rowan?

      Chapter 20

      I walked onto the balconies of one of the rooms in the Suite. The railing was light blue and the floor was a pretty shade of purple. I sighed and sat down on a stone bench. The balcony outlooked Ravenwood. I could see Bartelby, the giant tree in the middle, standing tall and proud.
      I was lonely. The wind blew softly and messed up my dark brown hair, which gleamed black in the early morning sun. The early july heat rushed past me and made heat waves in the distance.
      Suddenly the ground started shaking. I screamed, jumped off the bench, and looked over the edge of the balcony. It seemed like the girls dormitory was... crumbling...

      They found her amongst the ruins of the used-to-be girl's dormitory. Her chest barely moved up and down, slowing down every time, her breath getting shallower and shallower.
      "She won't be alive for long." Headmaster Ambrose said sadly to Moolinda Wu. "We must save her. For she is the chosen one."

      I awoke in the ravenwood infirmary. A blond haired girl was sitting next to me, looking quite worried. I was still half-asleep, so my vision was weird and blurry.
      "Will she be ok?" Another girl was standing next to the first. I knew her- it was Brooke Moonthorn. But who was the first?
      "I hope so." The other girl replied.

      The girl's eyes widened. "She is waking up."
      I groaned. "Wh-who are you?"
      "I am Kymma Rosepetal." Said the girl.
      "What happened to me?"
      "The dormitory collapsed. You almost died. If it wasn't for Moolinda, you would've been dead."

      Chapter 21

      My leg was broken. My head hurt. My vision was fuzzy and unstable. I felt like I was going to die. Kymma said it was possible, which made me even more dizzy. I stayed in the Infirmary for almost a week. After that I was in a wheel chair for a couple of hours, then they decided to give me crutches instead.
      "Where will I live?" I asked Kymma.
      Kymma shrugged. "All the girls who had their dorms destroyed are now sent off to live with people who have actual houses."
      "How about Ravenwood? Is it okay? Did anything get destroyed?"
      "A little, but its fine." Kymma replied.
      Brooke was still standing next to Kymma. "You can live with me!" She said happily.
      Kymma smiled. "Sure, Brooke, she can live with you."
      I thought that was a great idea.

      Until I met who she lived with.

      Cody, Jacqueline, and Iridian stood in an empty doorway of a house. They were shivering and were starved. They were in the warm furniture store, in the Jade Palace.
      "get out." The shopkeeper said irritated. "Unless you buy something."
      Jacqueline frowned. "I have no money."
      Iridian nodded.
      Cody smiled evilly and took out a big sack of coins from his suitcase.
      Jacqueline's eyes widened. "Cody how much is that?"
      "A lot." Cody replied.
      "Enough for a house?"
      Cody frowned. "Why buy a house? We need food more."
      They walked out of the store and to the market. There they bought all their favorite foods and ate them hungrily outside.
      "Cody where did you get all this money?!" Jacqueline said.
      Cody laughed. "I hope malistaire doesn't notice that all his fortune is gone."
      "Is your suitcase all filled with that?" Iridian asked.
      Cody nodded. "I stole it from Malistaire. I knew we would need it."

      Chapter 22

      Courtney folded her arms and glared at me. Brooke was using her sad eyes to make Courtney let me stay. I DIDNT want to stay.
      Finally Courtney sighed. "Fine. You can live in the attic." She walked upstairs and slammed her doors.
      I leaned on my crutches. "How do I get up there? I have a broken leg!"
      Brooke shrugged. "You can stay on the couch." She gestured over to a big hard sofa that looked REALLY uncomfortable.
      "Um... I guess... okay I'm going to go and do quests. See ya later." I hobbled out the door.
      The truth is, I actually FINISHED my quests. I decided I'd get a job so I could earn some money to live somewhere else. I did simple jobs in the shopping district for a few hours. Then I got bored and decided to go see Professor Balestrom.

      When I got there, the same guy with the dragon-looking hat was in the storm school. He was talking with Professor Balestrom about something. Outside it was raining (although its summer), so I was soaked from head to toe.
      "Ah, Jenna." Professor Balestrom said as he saw me.
      "Hey Jenna." Said the guy.
      "Um hi. By the way, do I know you? you seem familiar."
      He nodded. "I sat next to you once."
      "Oh!" I replied. "you never gave me your name."
      "I'm Brady Storm."
      "I'm Jenna, although you probably already know that." I laughed as I held onto my crutches.

      Me and Brady went on a walk. It was raining, but I didn't mind. He was nice. He actually thought I was the savior of wizard city and not Courtney. Right when I met him, I knew he would be an awesome friend.

      That night I slept on Brooke's uncomfortable couch. There were broken springs and halves of peanut-butter sandwiches under the couch. I shivered as I thought of how long ago they were put under there.

      The next day I got up as usual for school. Although its summer, us wizards still have school. But I don't care, learning storm spells is fun.
      I sat next to Evan Griffinhead at the storm school. Brady was already sitting next to some of his friends.
      "Hiya Evan." I said as I tried to sit down without hurting my leg.
      "Hi Jenna." He said. Then he saw the cast on my leg. "Is everything alright?"
      "I'm fine." I said. "Well, I mean, I'm feeling better from that incident. But my leg still hurts."
      "I bet it does. It hurts to have a broken leg."
      "Yes it does."

      After that I sat down in my usual spot for lunch. But this time I found Brady, Evan, and Jordan sitting next to me. We all ate lunch talking about our days so far.
      Then Jordan paled and said "My father wants to see you."

      I ran to Cyrus's office.
      Cyrus Drake was there doing paperwork at his desk. He had tiny spectacles on the tip of his big nose.
      "You wanted to see me?" I asked in a small voice.
      He scowled and looked down at me. "yes. I have a promotion for you."
      "A promotion?"
      "What is it?"
      "I am going to send you to Krokotopia."
      "Where's that?"
      "Its a very nice tropical world. Think of it as a luxury vacation. It has great beaches and nice hotels." He sneered.
      "When do I go?" I am so gullible.
      "Well, I made reservations for you to go tonight...."
      "OKAY!" I said as I ran out the door.

      I put on my favorite robe, hat, and shoes and headed for the commons. There was a boat leaving for Krokotopia there. I wasnt one of the only ones going- there were many people. But none looked as excited as me.
      One of the guys caught my eye. He had blue hair and blue eyes. He wore decorated myth clothes and had a scowl on his face.
      "Hi." I said. "I am Jenna."
      He looked at me. "Hey sis."
      "What is your name?" I asked him. "And how do you know I am your sister?"
      "Timothy Hawkbane. And Courtney told me about you. I know you are my sister."
      Weird. He didn't look anything like me.

      We got on the boat. It was a weird egyptian-type thing. People gathered in the commons and watched us go. I waved happily and screamed "BYE!"
      When we got to Krokotopia, I screamed. There was no water there. All there was was an empty wasteland of sand.

      Chapter 23

      I couldnt believe what Krokotopia was like. I found out I was sent there for punishment for destroying the city.
      I glanced over at Timmy. He was scowling as usual. I walked over to him.
      "Hi..." I said.
      He pushed me and I fell into the sand. "GO AWAY!" I limped away thinking my own brother hated me.
      I was about to cry until I heard someone behind me.
      "Are you ok?"
      I turned around. It was a purple salamander. I screamed.
      "I'm fine..." I replied. "By the way, I am Jenna."
      "I'm Hetch Al-dim."
      "So do you live in Krokotopia?"
      "Is it fun living here?"
      Hetch aldim shook his head. "No. Kroks are always bossing us around. They've taken over this place."
      I realized Krokotopia needed a hero. This might of been the time when I could prove that I really was a hero and not some person who got in the way.
      "I'll help." I said as I hobbled on my crutches.
      "Its too risky."
      "I saved wizard city. I can save Krokotopia."
      "No you cant." Said the mander. "You have crutches. Get better first."

      I hobbled over to where everyone else were. They were all digging up artifacts in some pyramid. Timmy glared at me.
      "Hi" I heard someone say. I glanced behind me. A girl around the age of 15 or 16 with bright red hair wearing what must've been a green Marleybone hat and cool green robe with a leather belt.
      "I'm Fiona Wildblood!" She said. "Student of balance."
      "Cool. I am Jenna..." I said as one of my crutches accidently fell on the floor. "So do you live in Krok?"
      Fiona nodded. "I explore the pyramids here."
      "Awesome." I said.

      That night I slept in a tent. The desert sand was uncomfortable and hot and my broken leg was killing me. I decided to go outside. I sat down on a small bench and watched the moon rise high in the star-filled sky.
      I heard a noise and someone sat next to me.
      I smiled.
      And I think in the moonlight I saw Timmy smile back.

      Chapter 24

      It became easier as my leg healed. Although I still had to work on digging up artifacts, Timmy helped me. Actually he did it all for me. Maybe he wasn't mean after all.
      When my leg healed, I started to help the manders.

      I ran inside the pyramid of the sun. A Marleybonian dog was standing there.
      "Greetings young wizard." He said. "Here to help Krokotopia?"
      I nodded and ran into a hole in the left wall. Inside was a tomb, lit up with candles. I saw many kroks roaming.
      But I wasn't scared. I ran at them holding my staff and casted a kraken.

      The kroks were way harder than the ghouls that I fought many months ago. They could use more powerful spells that I had never seen before. But I kept trying.
      I summoned a storm shark that ate a krok and a kraken that burned a krok to ash. Then I summoned a tempest, which I got from a treasure card. I smiled. The kroks were all gone.
      I walked around trying to find more people to help. But there weren't very many. I decided to explore Krokotopia a little.
      There was a boat driver who was standing a little ways from the tents. I walked up to him.
      "Greetings, young wizard." He said. "Would you like to come onboard the ship?"
      I nodded. "Yes, please."

      The nice mander took me across a giant cliff to another island floating in the air. On the island I saw a giant statue that was like the sphinx in Egypt.
      "There ya go, the krokosphinx." He said as he turned the ship around and went back.
      I looked around and saw a hole in the ground. I got curious so I went to investigate. But sadly I tripped and fell through the hole.
      I rubbed my head and stood up. I saw a class of about 10 people. It looked like a school in Ravenwood. At the front of the room was a hunchback krok.
      I was about to summon something to make it go away when I heard it talk.
      "Hello. You must be a wizard from Ravenwood." It said. "I am Alhazred, the balance instructor."
      I found 10 sorcerers staring at me. I recognized one- Fiona Wildblood.
      "Hi." I said. "So this is the balance class?"
      Alhazred nodded. "Yes."
      "very cool." I said as I climbed the ladder and went back to the Krokosphinx.

      Chapter 25

      Cody, Jacqueline, and Iridian walked along Mooshu stuffing their faces with food. They were so happy to have something to eat. Then they heard a noise.
      Cody looked around.
      "Hey guys!"
      Jacqueline spotted Wolf sitting on a patch of grass beyond the streets.
      "WOLF?!" Iridian screamed.
      They all ran to him.
      "How did you get here?" Jacqueline asked.
      "I escaped Malistaire." Wolf said happily.
      "How?" Iridian replied.
      "Same way as you."
      Iridian grinned. Jacqueline did too.
      Cody quickly smiled then went back to his usual frown. "Interesting." Jacqueline and Iridian could tell he was happy to see Wolf, too. Cody and Wolf were like brothers.

      The 4 runaway servants walked and chatted about their adventures. When it was getting dark, they were all getting tired so they decided to find somewhere to sleep.
      They all agreed on a little abandoned cottage in the outskirts of the Cave of Solitude.
      When they were all fast asleep, Cody woke up to someone hissing. He got up and went to investigate. But all he saw was a silhouette of a figure before he passed out as they hit him on the head with a rock. The last words he heard were...
      "Cody Duskdreamer we have finally found you."

      Chapter 26

      Cody awoke in a dark room. His head throbbed. Where am I? He thought. Then he looked around and suddenly remembered where he was. He knew this place too well. Cody jumped to his feet and became alert. He was afraid of this place. Ravenwood. Although he'd tried to go to school there, he'd always been afraid.
      The Duskdreamer family ancestors were robbers who stole precious items in wizard city. They were wanted everywhere in the Spiral. Cody couldn't be in Ravenwood- he'd be arrested. This was the reason he wore the dark hood over his face- so nobody would recognize him.
      Cody had to get a disguise. But how?
      He wondered out of what must have been the death school. It had fell under years ago, which meant he was underground.
      Then Cody had a plan

      Cody ran out of the death school and found himself under a waterfall. He looked like a girl- which he was actually trying to do. Lots of wizards were staring at him.
      Cody stood there embarrased. "Hi!" He said in a girlish voice. "I'm Candy Wintersparkle!"
      The crowd parted in the middle and a tall guy named Fred walked up. "Where did you come from."
      Cody tried to look confused. "I'm a student here in Ravenwood! Arent all of us?"
      "You walked out of the waterfall." Fred replied. "Doesn't that seem a little strange?"
      Cody shrugged. "Why would you say that?"
      "This is exactly below where the death school fell... necromancers lets investigate!" All the wizards in the crowd followed Fred through the waterfall, leaving Cody standing in the commons.
      "Hello Candy! Are you a new student?" Headmaster Ambrose ran up to him.
      Cody hesitated and nodded. "Yes."
      "Have you enrolled?"
      Cody shook his head.

      Cody hurried to the storm classroom. it was his first day and he was excited. he sat down at the first desk he could find and tried to make himself look more girly.
      Lindsey Nightblood sat next to him. "Hello." She said. "Are you a new student?"
      Cody nodded. "I'm Candy."
      "I'm Lindsey." She said. "by the way, have you happened to see Jenna anywhere? Everyone is looking for her."
      Jenna? Who was Jenna? Cody thought. "Um... who?"
      "My twin? She looks exactly like me? The chosen one?"
      Cody shook his head. "Nope."
      "Oh." Lindsey said as she got up from the chair and walked away.
      Then Evan Griffinhead and Brady Storm sat next to Cody. "Yo. You a new student?" They asked.
      Cody nodded once again. "Yes I am. Candy is the name."
      Storm class started to begin. Cody was amazed and thrilled the whole time. After the school he decided to go and eat something. Cody bought some food in the shopping district and then walked back to Ravenwood to go and eat.
      Lindsey, Evan, and Brady sat next to him.
      "Hi guys." He said in his disguised voice.
      They all greeted him back and started eating. Cody knew he'd met his first friends ever. Then he remembered Jacqueline, Iridian, and Wolf, who were all probably out looking for him. His old friends. His old family. But that was his old life. He decided to move on.
      Then he realized that he couldn't pretend to be a girl forever.
      "Can you guys keep a secret?" He asked.
      Lindsey, Evan, and Brady nodded.
      "Well, I'm not Candy. My name is Cody. I'm actually a guy."
      They all stared at him, disgusted and walked away.

      Chapter 27

      Rowan and Amber sat in Rowan's room staring at their battle plans for Ravenwood.
      "Didn't your slaves escape?" Amber asked as she narrowed her eyes.
      Rowan nodded. "Yeah, but father has got that covered."
      Amber scowled. "Darn!"
      Rowan laughed. "You wanted to kill them didn't you?"
      Amber nodded.
      "Okay, so back to the battle plans." Rowan changed the subject.
      "Don't you think a spy would be good to have in Ravenwood?" Amber asked. "You know, to give you info?"
      "Done." Rowan said immediately. "We have one."

      It was early in the morning in Krokotopia. It was way too hot and I was boiling. I wanted to go home. Back to Ravenwood. But I knew there wasn't a way out.
      "I FOUND A NEWSPAPER!" Some guy who came here on the same ship said.
      We all crowded around. Whenever there is word from Ravenwood, we always want to know what is happening.
      I tried to get through to see what is said, but there were too many sweaty teenage guys in the way.
      Luckily Timothy Hawkbane was there for me.
      "Guys, let Jenna see it." He said as he took the newspaper from the guy.
      I looked at it. It wasn't a new newspaper, but too bad.

      Girl's dormitory collapses!

      The girl's dormitory collapsed last week. Many girls are left homeless and thousands died. Class president of the myth school Courtney Giantpants blames it on Jenna, an 11 year old diviner, for the damage.

      I stared at that news article. Courtney Giantpants blamed ME?!
      Timmy sighed. "Why does Courtney always blame it on her enemies?" He said more to himself than me.
      I shrugged. "Payback?"
      Timmy nodded. "Probably."

      I defeated more and more kroks as the days went on. But my real challenge was Krokopatra. She looked disgusting with her ugly face and lipstick smeared on her crocodile mouth.
      I summoned a kraken at her, and she dodged it while summoning a krok spell that I had never seen before. It jumped at me, but I moved out of the way and it hit the floor.
      Then Krokopatra summoned Storm Lord, the most advanced storm spell. It hit me and I fell to the ground. I almost was going to give up when I heard a voice.
      "Need help?" It was Fiona.
      I stood up and Fiona started to summon all kinds of balance spells. Then I summoned lightning bats and Bob, Joe, and Valkoor came to help.
      "Hiya Jenna!!!" Valkoor said as they all surrounded Krokopatra.
      Krokopatra collapsed.
      I high-fived Fiona and thanked all of them. Then I headed to the commons and told the manders they were safe.
      But then I saw someone I knew very well. Courtney.
      "This girl has saved us!" The manders cried happily.
      I rolled my eyes.
      Courtney smiled and waved at the crowd of manders surrounding her.
      I glared at Courtney.
      She looked at me. "Oh! Its Jenna!" She said nicely. "Hi!"
      I rolled my eyes again."Of course you have to ruin this for me." I muttered.
      She laughed. "The archaeologists are super excited to say that they are gonna take you to Marleybone for you to learn how to be proper!"
      I think I actually smiled. MARLEYBONE? Wasn't that where Julie and Jennifer lived?

      Jacqueline, Iridian, and Wolf were tired from looking for Cody. He had disappeared a few nights ago and they couldn't find him anywhere.
      "Poor Cody!" Jacqueline cried. "I miss him!"
      Iridian nodded. "He was like a brother to me."
      Wolf remained emotionless as Jacqueline and Iridian kept sobbing. "C'mon, girls, we'll find him."
      Jacqueline shook her head as she held back tears. "NO WE WONT. We've been searching forever!"
      Wolf comforted Jacqueline. "Yes we will. I'm sure of it."

      Cody sighed as he went through another day of being a diviner. He missed Iridian, Wolf, and Jacqueline. His new friends were nothing like that. They actually hated him. Ever since he told them he was a boy, they all acted like he was crazy.
      "Hey, Candy." Fred said as he walked up to Cody. "How's it going?"
      "Hi Fred." Cody said in his fake girl voice. "I'm fine, thank you for asking."
      "Are you open friday night?"
      Cody wanted to scream. Fred ACTUALLY thought Candy was real. And Fred LOVED Candy. Scary.
      "Um, no. Sorry. BYE!!!!!" Cody screamed as he ran away.
      Fred narrowed his eyes and walked away.
      Cody stopped running when he was in the shopping district. He ran into an alleyway and caught his breath.
      "Cards, please?" Said a treasure-card hobo to Cody.
      Cody screamed again and ran into Olde Town. Hobos freaked Cody out.

      "Okay, lets split up." Wolf said.
      Jacqueline was still sobbing like crazy. "Okay..." She managed to say.
      Wolf nodded. "Great idea. Jacqueline, you head to Wizard City. Iridian, you go to Marleybone. I'll go to Dragonspyre."
      Iridian almost started to sob again. "Wolf, its too dangerous for you to go there. Let me go. I can use a sword. I've almost killed Rowan."
      Wolf and Jacqueline stared at her.
      Iridian just realized what she had said. "Long story, ok? If everything turns out ok, I'll tell you my story."
      "Okay. Now, bye. Good luck, be safe." Wolf said quickly as they departed. "Oh, and one more thing."
      "What?" Jacqueline asked.
      "Don't die!" He screamed as they headed for different worlds, in search of Cody.

      Chapter 28

      Iridian held her sword and looked around at the empty Athenium. It was morning so she would be caught, but Iridian could easily hide. The summer air swirled around her and the normal reddish sky was proudly above Iridian.
      "Cody?" She called. "Cody???"
      There was no answer.

      Wolf walked through the streets of Marleybone with his head held high. He had never been to Marleybone before, but he knew that he belonged there. All the Marleybonians stared at him as he walked by- and not for a good reason. But Wolf thought that they thought he was awesome.
      Then suddenly Wolf saw a person wearing purple and yellow robes with dark black hair a piercing green eyes.

      Jaqueline sat down on the grass beside Blossom.
      "Welcome back, Jacqueline." Blossom said. "We missed you."
      Jacqueline smiled. "Thanks. I missed you guys too. But I dont think I really belong here."
      "Nonsense. You are one of our best healers."
      Kymma Rosepetal walked by Blossom. Then she saw Jacqueline and screamed with joy. "JACKIE??"
      "Kymma!" Jacqueline said. "Kymma!"
      "You are back?"
      "Yes I am, Kim!" Jacqueline said and she totally forgot about Cody. Kymma was her roommate and her best friend when she was in Ravenwood.
      "Where did you go?"
      "I was captured by Malistaire."

      Cody was on his way to the storm school for class. But he decided to take the longer route around all the other schools. It was a nice day and he would be early for class.
      Then he saw Jacqueline talking with Kymma. "Jacqueline?" He said, forgetting about his girlish voice.
      Jacqueline turned around and saw a girl wearing dark shades, rainbow jeans and a rainbow shirt, rainbow hoop earrings, long silver hair, and high-heeled shoes.
      "Do I know you?" She asked as she walked away with Kymma.

      Chapter 29

      I followed these two dogs through the busy streets of Marleybone as they told me about where I was going to live. But I wasn't listening. I didn't want to be here, nevertheless did I want to be proper.
      It turns out they were making me going to stay with the royal family in barkingham palace. I would of loved the idea if I was like 6, but I was little then. When I walked through the doors of the palace, I wanted to scream and run away.
      "your highness, Jenna has arrived." one of the dogs said to an overweight dog wearing a fancy dress and crown that was sitting on a throne.
      The dog sneered and looked at me. "she's hideous!"
      I wanted to say something sarcastic like 'oh gee, thanks!'
      "Send her to her royal room and make her look less hideous."

      Servants took me to a large room that reminded me of the dorm, but it was more royal and didn't look as fun. There was a big dresser that must have been for holding dresses, a big mirror, and a giant bed that I really wanted to jump on.
      I had to change into a weird pink and gold dress which made me feel like a 7 year old playing dressup. Then the servants combed my black hair, which was turning brown from all that time in krok. They washed it in a sink and curled my hair so it hung in ringlets just above my shoulders. Then they put glittery makeup on my face that made me look like a clown.
      "Jenna, you look amazing!" One said to me as they put a tiara on my head.
      I rolled my eyes. I looked weird and girly.
      "In a few hours, you will start your first lesson on how to be proper. You'll learn to talk in a Marleybone accent and how to stand up straight." they said as they walked out the door.
      I grabbed a towel, wiped off the makeup and mocked what they just said in a fake English accent.

      Chapter 30

      I had to balance books on my head. How fun is that?!
      The queen says it teaches you how to stand up straight. But it didn't help me at all. The weird how-to-be-a-princess lessons were stupid and I hated them.
      "Lady Jenna?" A servant asked me. I didn't want them calling me princess so I told them to call me just Jenna, but they insisted on calling me something that sounded better. Lady Jenna. Boy do I hate how that sounds.
      "What?" I say in an English accent.
      "We are going to take you on a ride around Marleybone so the commoners can see you." he replied.

      I had to sit in a carrige as it was pulled by horses around the city. I was told to look out the window and smile and wave at people like a princess. But I didn't want to. When the carrige started to move, I stared at random people. Then I started to make peace signs with my hands out the window.
      We went back to the palace early. I could tell nobody was very happy with me. They sent me to bed early. That hadn't happened to me since I was little. I hated Marleybone.

      Chapter 31

      Cody looked down at his high-heeled shoes. The person who was most closest to him didn't know who he was. He had to tell her that he was Cody.

      Jacqueline told Kymma about her experience as a slave while they shopped at the Bazaar. She was so relieved to actually see familiar faces. They must've been relieved to see one of the best healers in Ravenwood.
      "That girl back there.. I think I recognize that voice..." Jacqueline said softly.
      Kymma shrugged "Who knows. Ya know, class starts soon..."
      "I am attending Ravenwood? I thought I learned all the spells!"
      "You did. But Moolinda said you have to come." Kymma replied.
      They ran out of the Bazaar and teleported to the front of Ravenwood. Bartelby looked at them and raised his eyebrows. "Jacqueline Foefinder you have returned." He said to them slowly.
      Fred walked past at that moment and stopped when he saw Jacqueline.

      Cody saw Fred and Jacqueline. He ran towards them.

      "You are Malistaire's slave!" He said.
      "WAS." Jacqueline replied. "Not anymore!"
      "You betrayed your master!" He yelled at her. "Ruined his plans!"
      Jacqueline stared at him. "And is that a problem?"
      Fred nodded dramatically.

      Cody suddenly knew something about Fred. He worked for Malistaire.

      Fred summoned a scarecrow which grabbed Jacqueline. She screamed and struggled to get free. But the scarecrow had a tight grip.

      Cody knew what to do. He was going to challenge Fred to an arena match. He looked at Fred and screamed as he thrw off the dark shades covering his eyes. "I am a runaway servant too!"
      Jacqueline stared at Cody and started to cry. "Cody!"
      Cody grinned as he pulled up his black hood. "Hi Jacky."

      Cody ran to the arena, followed by Fred and the scarecrow that still held Jacqueline. The arena master, a guy named Kyle, stood in the entry way.
      "Welcome to the arena." He said as he twirled his sword. "You fighting?"
      Cody nodded.
      "Its risky." Kyle replied. "People have died."
      "Too bad." Cody snarled as they were sent into the Mooshu Arena.
      "If I win, you'll let Jackie go. If I lose, you can take both of us." Cody said, his voice shaking.
      "Deal." Fred smiled evilly.

      Chapter 32

      Jacqueline watched in horror as Cody and Fred fought. She was afraid that Cody would lose, but tried to keep her hopes up.

      Cody grabbed his snake-shaped staff, which he just had gotten, and summoned a triton. He had never done that before, and was amazed it worked. Fred summoned a ghoul which gave him more health. But the ghoul was a very weak spell and Cody became more hopeful after that.
      "WEAK!" He screamed.
      Fred's eyes glowed with anger. "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?"
      "Weak. You are a weak wizard." Cody said.
      "Nobody calls me weak." Fred's eyes narrowed.
      "I just did." Cody replied.

      Jacqueline knew Cody was making Fred mad. She had to do something. But the scarecrow was holding onto her too tight.

      Fred summoned a skeletal pirate and Cody's health was low.

      Jacqueline summoned a seraph which cut her free from the scarecrow. Then she summoned a centaur which turned him to stone.

      Fred knew he would win. He was positive.

      Jacqueline jumped over the edge of the viewing area and landed on her feet in the arena circle. Then she summoned Bartelby, who gave Cody all his life back.
      "Foolish girl." Fred snarled. "THIS IS AGAINST THE RULES!"
      Kyle, who had been watching, nodded. "Only one shall be on the other team in 1v1."
      Jacqueline had to go back up to the viewing area. The scarecrow was back to normal, and grabbed her. Jacqueline almost screamed as she was lifted into the air.

      Fred summoned something more powerful that the most powerful death spell. A tall dark figure emerged out of the ground. He wore black clothes and had black hair. It was Hades.
      Hades lifted his arms in the air and all of Cody's health was drained out. Then Hades disappeared. Cody collapsed.

      Jacqueline screamed. "CODY!"

      Cody's hood fell off and revealed a blond haired blue eyed guy.

      Chapter 33

      Jacqueline fought free of the scarecrow and ran to Cody. She kneeled beside his lifeless body and weeped.
      “I’m sorry.” Kyle said as he walked up behind her.
      “Go get help.” Jacqueline demanded and Kyle quickly ran off.

      “Is there anything we can do to save him?” Jacqueline asked Moolinda Wu.
      “I don’t think we can.” The cow replied.
      “We have to!” Jacqueline screamed. “HE HAS TO LIVE!”
      “Hades himself took Cody.”
      “I bet there is some way of saving him.”
      “He’s moved on.” Moolinda Wu said. “He’s gone to a better place.”
      Jacqueline sobbed. “Cody, I miss you.” She said quietly.
      Moolinda Wu put her arm around Jacqueline. “We’ll all miss him.”
      Fred walked up. “Ha! I win!” He bragged.
      Kyle glared at Fred. “You might of won, but you made this poor girl sad.”
      “You mean the slave?” Fred replied. “I’m taking her back to Malistaire.”
      Kyle stared at him. “You work for Malistaire?!” He summoned a dragon. “A spy.” He muttered.
      The dragon blew fire at Fred. He was terrified.
      “Now, either get burned or LEAVE!” Kyle yelled.
      Fred didn’t know what to do. He knew he couldn’t leave without Jacqueline, but he didn’t want to die.
      Before Fred could decide, he was disintegrated.

      Chapter 34

      I didn’t like being treated royal. It was super lame having to walk like a princess everywhere, so I decided to run away. I could live with Julie and Jennifer.....
      The sun sets and it became night. I quickly slipped out the doorway of my room and through the empty hallways. It was cold, so I pulled a warm purple cloak over my head.
      As I left the palace, I crash into someone. He looks familiar. But where have I seen him before?
      “Sorry.” I said.
      “Its fine.” He said.
      “Have I seen you before?” I asked him.
      He thought a second and then said “You do seem familiar.”
      “I’m Jenna.” I introduced myself. “I’m a diviner.”
      “I’m Eric Hawkhunter.” He replied.
      Then I realized where I’d seen him. “Aren’t you like the director of Ravenwood News?”
      Eric nodded. “I was...”
      “You aren’t anymore?”
      “Courtney fired me.” He said, angry. “She acts like she is the boss of everything. I hate her.”
      “Same.” I looked down at my bare feet. “So, do you live here?”
      “I did until the O’Leary gang and all those other gangs of cats invaded.” Eric sighed.
      “Hmm....invaded?” I said.
      Eric nodded. “Yep. If only someone would-”
      “I’ll help.” I interrupted.

      Cats were everywhere on the rooftops. I knew this would be way more of a challenge than Wizard City or even Krokotopia. The cats were sneaky and sly. They might even have scared me.
      But I knew I had to try. This might have been the only chance I could ever prove to Ravenwood that I am a hero. And if I was to die, I would rather die a hero than a nobody.

      Chapter 35

      I wanted to leave Marleybone. I tried to do quests for people as fast as I could. The cats were strong, but I was stronger. They might have looked challenging but I knew I could take them down.
      The hours went slowly as I took down cats with krakens and storm sharks. The dayless hours made me long for Wizard City, where the sun always shined bright. Here there is only a few hours of light each day, and thats in the evening. I don’t know why that is, but its weird.
      When I walked by dogs, they thought I was royal. Boy, I wanted to show them how un-royal I am. Nobody EVER mistakes me for a princess.
      The sun was starting to rise and I wasn’t finished with my quests. I decided to just go on until somebody noticed. I worked nonstop for the next day until I defeat Katzenstein and Meowiarty. I actually caught a glimpse of the dude I’d have to fight in Dragonspyre. He had been talking to Meowiarty.
      After that, it was all super easy. I finished up by talking to people. Late afternoon I was finished with everything. I couldn’t believe how short of a time it took me to do that.
      “Hi....” Said someone behind me.
      I turned around and saw Brooke Moonthorn, wearing a fancy pink kimono. Her golden hair was tied up in a bun and she looked like a princess. Thats how I used to dress when I was a little kid.
      “Hi!” I said. It was good to see someone I knew for once. “Why did you come here, Brooke?”
      “My sister....”
      “Taking my credit again?” I asked, angry.
      Brooke nodded sadly. “She REALLY wants to ruin your life. I’ve never seen her do anything like that.”
      “She hates me, doesn’t she?” well THAT was a stupid question. DUH she hated me.
      Brooke nodded again.
      “Why did she fire Eric from the Ravenwood News?” I said, changing the subject.
      “Courtney isn’t the boss!” Brooke clenched her fists angrily. “She thinks she is, but she isn’t!!!”
      “Who is?”
      “I am!!” She screamed.
      Eric walked by right at that moment. I was glad, too.
      “Eric!” Brooke said happily as she hugged him. “I re-hire you!”
      Eric looked sad. “But-”
      “NO BUTS! You are our director again.”
      “Okay...” He said. “Oh and Jenna, I found someone that says they know you. Their last names are Iceriver and Nightblade or something.”

      Chapter 36

      “JULIE!?” I screamed. “Jennifer? THEM?!”
      Eric nodded. “Thats them.”
      “Where do they live?”
      “Last mansion at the end of Knight’s Court.”
      Mansion? No wonder they didn’t want to live in the dorm room!!
      “Thank you.” I said to Eric as I ran off to Knight’s Court.

      Sadly, I HATE knight’s court. Its the worst place for stealing, thieves, and most of all- evil cats! And it was also the place with the hardest quests. But I assured myself I wasn’t there for quests.
      The last mansion on Knight’s Court was huge. It had millions of gardens and looked really clean and tidy on the outside. I had no idea how such messy people like Julie and Jennifer could ever live in such a nice house.
      I walked up the stone pathway, through forests of flowers, to the gold and silver double-doors that were the main entrance. On it said “Iceriver Manor” in cursive purple letters that seemed like they glowed. There was one of those old fashioned things that you used to use to knock on someone’s door. I was about to knock it until I read what it said next to it- “Door knocker out of order please use big red button or else!!!”. I laughed.
      But where was the big red button? Big red buttons were usually really easy to find. REALLY easy. Here in the spiral they glowed crimson and sometimes even floated. But I didn’t see any. I guess in Marleybone they don’t have them- not like in some of the Wizard City dormitories.
      A big spider crawled up infront of me. I screamed. I HATE spiders!!!!!!!!!!!
      I stepped on it with my high-heeled shoes. Ew..... I guess now my royal slippers have spider guts on them. The queen wouldn’t be so happy with me. Ah well, maybe she’d banish me from Marleybone... that wouldn’t be so bad.....or she would chop my head off....
      I dragged my foot along the ground trying to get the slime off. Then I looked up and saw a giant gleaming red button saying “PRESS ME OR ELSE YOU SHALL DIE”

      Chapter 37

      I did the only thing I could do. I jumped up and pressed the giant gleaming red button. Then I heard the classical music song ‘Canon in D’ being played as the doors opened. I expected to see Julie. Instead there was an old man in a tuxedo who must have been her butler. Behind him there was an elegant looking entry hall with a fountain.
      “Greetings, your majesty.” The butler said as he stood like a statue, straight with his eyes partially open and holding a cloth in his left arm. The cloth was embroidered with Julie’s initials. “How may I help you?”
      “It Miss Iceriver here?” I asked as if I was a princess.
      “I’m sorry, madam, at the moment she is currently not accepting guests. Have a nice day.”
      The magnificent doors closed as the song ‘Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring’ played.
      “NOOOO!” I screamed as I tried to open the doors without pressing the button. “LET ME IN!!!!!!!!” Then I noticed the knocker in the corner and knocked on it. This would annoy that butler!
      A trap door opened underneath me and I fell into it. My shoe fell off with the spider guts on it and hit the ground far below in seconds. The tunnel of which I was falling through smelled like rotting fruit. There were spider webs everywhere as if the tunnel hadn’t been used for a super long time.
      Finally I fell to the ground. Falling for so long reminded me of the time of my first day of Ravenwood school. The time where Julie pushed me out the window. Good times good times.
      I looked around and realized I was in a dark room inside a jail cell. There were skeleton bones in the corner like people DIED in here. OMG I don’t wanna die.
      I heard footsteps in the distance drawing closer and closer.
      “What do we have here?” Said a familiar voice. “Another person to torture?”
      I realized who it was. Jennifer.

      Wolf saw what happened to the princess girl with the piercing green eyes. He had to save her. He ran up to the front door and knocked as hard as he could with the brass knocker.
      The trap door fell open and Wolf fell in. He didn’t scream. He didn’t panic. He just fell.
      Then he went into the jail cell, right next to the piercing green-eyed princess.

      A guy with black hair landed in the cell. He had purple eyes and looked like he was a slave.
      “I HAVE COME TO SAVE YOU!” He shouted and put his arms in the air.
      I glanced around. “Why are you here!?”
      He put his arms down. “You don’t need rescuing, your majesty?”
      My face must have turned bright red with anger. “I am NOT the princess!!!!! I’m just a wizard! And no, I dont need rescuing. I’m perfectly fine!”
      “A wizard?”
      I nodded. “A storm wizard.”
      “Have you come from wizard city?”
      I nodded again.
      “Did you see someone with blond hair and blue eyes?”
      “There are a lot of people there with blond hair and blue eyes.”
      “Someone named Jacqueline? She went there a few weeks ago.”
      I shook my head. “I haven’t been there for months.”

      “I HEAR SOMEONE, SIS!” I heard Jennifer scream. “TWO ACTUALLY! COME DOWN HERE!”
      Jennifer and Julie appeared in the doorway holding a lantern. They looked normal and just like they did in Wizard City. They didn’t look like Marleybone people at all.
      “Hmm.... lets see... there is a slave and a princess...” Julie said evilly.
      I guess they couldn’t recognize me because I was dressed like a princess and the room was so dark. I started to cry. They were going to torture me.
      “Aww look, the princess is crying!” Jennifer laughed. “Its the only thing she can do besides give people orders and be so bratty.”
      HOW COULD THEY SAY THAT ABOUT ME?! My eyes started to glow green, brighter and brighter and brighter. “Don’t you dare thinking of torturing me, Iceriver.” I growled.
      Julie held up the lantern until she saw my face. “Thats no princess..... its.....its....Jenna!”

      Chapter 38
      “Yes it is.” I screamed. “NOW LET US GO!”
      The black haired boy nodded.
      Julie looked at Jennifer and sighed. “Fine..” They unlocked the jail cell and let us out of the room.
      The mansion was even more fancy than the dorm. It had chocolate fountains everywhere, also pie and cookie vending machines. I knew only Julie and Jennifer would have such things as cookie and pie vending machines.
      Pictures of random drawings hung in frames all along the walls, which made me think they were trying to be fancy, but they didn’t do well like that.
      “Um...nice picture.” I said as I looked at a picture of scribbles.
      Julie laughed. “I drew that with my toes.”
      “Intersting...” I replied uneasily.
      “Jenna you aren’t random enough to actually enjoy our drawings.” Jennifer commented.
      I felt my face burning. “I’m random!”
      Jennifer laughed. “SINCE WHEN?”
      “Doubt it.”
      Jennifer stared at me with anger.
      Julie laughed nervously. “Guys.....”
      I glared at Jennifer and she just ignored me.
      “Jenna? Jennifer?” Julie glanced around looking scared.
      “Jenna?” Jennifer said angrily
      “What.” I replied in a harsh tone.
      “I HATE YOU.”
      I think I started to cry. “I don’t care what you say.”
      The black haired dude comforted me. “There there....”
      Jennifer’s eyes glowed red. “Stay out of this, SLAVE!”
      The guy must have taken that offensively because he grabbed my arm and said “We better get going” as he ran out of the exit dragging me behind.
      “What was that all about?” I asked him.
      “Well,” He said.
      “Why does everyone call you a slave?”
      “Well, I was a slave for Malistaire...”
      He nodded but quickly changed the subject. “I’m Wolf.”
      “I’m Jenna.” I replied. “So what about that slave thing?”
      “Never mind.”

      Iridian walked quickly to Malistaire’s palace.
      “Hello slave.” Rowan greeted her as she and Amber ran into the main entrance.
      “Rowan I have an update on the others.” Iridian smiled.
      “Where are they?” Rowan said.
      “Sadly they figured out my plan with the poison. Then I was able to summon a wraith to get Cody and bring him to Wizard City.”
      “Was he caught as the thief?” Amber asked excitedly.
      “No. He dressed up like a girl.”
      “Was Fred able to kill him?” Rowan said as she grabbed a pen and paper and was jotting down ideas.
      “Yes but that arena master killed Fred.” Iridian muttered.
      “At least he got the job done while he was alive.” Amber said, trying to be positive.
      Rowan nodded. “That was all he was good for.”
      “So what about that Jacqueline girl?”
      “She was able to escape the scarecrow.” Iridian twisted a strand of her orange hair.
      “And Wolf?”
      “We haven’t seen him lately.”
      “They will be our next targets. Now how is the chosen one progressing? Jenna, right?”
      “There is someone else trying to get her glory.”
      “Courtney Giantpants the conjurer.”
      “Send her here. We must become her ally.”

      Chapter 39
      Courtney Giantpants held a trophy of honor at the Marleybone ceremony. “Thank you fellow Marleybonians.”
      I was disgusted. Why did they always think SHE was responsible?
      During the ceremony I sprinted to the front and screamed “COURTNEY DIDN’T SAVE YOU GUYS! I DID!”
      Everyone stared at me.
      Courtney glared at me. “She’s LYING!!!”
      I shook my head. “No I’m not. I’m telling absolute truth.”
      “She’s destroyed two worlds! TWO WORLDS! AND YOU THINK SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH?!”
      “Courtney hasn’t done anything!”
      All the Marleybonians stared at me. “She’s saved many many worlds and lives of people.” One yelled.
      “Jenna, may I talk to you?” It was the mayor.

      “I know you want glory, but you need to do something to get it.” He said as he poured me some tea. His house smelled like mint and pine. I wanted to leave.
      “But I DID!”
      “We have decided about something for you.”
      “What?” I said as I sipped the peppermint tea.
      “We have decided to train you to becoming a hero. Like everyone always says, ‘If you can’t tame ‘em, train ‘em!’”
      I made a disgusted face. “Who ever says that?”

      Far above Greece, the gods of Mount Olympus were having a meeting.
      “We are here today to discuss the death of my son, Cody.” Zeus said sadly.
      “He deserved to die.” Hades replied gruffly.
      “Whatever. I don’t care as long as my amazing daughters Courtney and Brooke stay alive.” Aphrodite said as she looked at herself in the mirror.
      “Hades why did you kill him.”
      “I shall not speak about this event.” Hades laughed.
      “I demand you to bring him back or else!”
      “My poor son Fred! He was killed by that arena master.” Hades changed the subject. “He shall be my next victim of death.”
      Zeus’s eyes glowed purple. “Bring my son back to life or else you shall not be a god anymore.”
      Hades started to shrink. “I....I....”

      Jacqueline stared at the coffin that was being lowered into the ground.
      Headmaster Ambrose put his arm around Jacqueline. “I’m sorry.”
      Jacqueline started to cry.
      “Life goes on. Things will get better.” Headmaster Ambrose replied.
      “But Cody is-”
      “-dead I know. But don’t worry.”
      Kymma ran into the graveyard. “Jacqueline, there is needing in the-” She stopped as she looked at how sad Jacqueline looked. “...infirmary...”
      Suddenly the ground started to shake. Headmaster Ambrose looked at the ground while Jacqueline and Kymma screamed. Then the ground stopped.
      “WHAT WAS THAT?!” Kymma was stunned.
      Jacqueline shrugged.

      Then they saw a hand shoot out of the ground.

      Chapter 40

      They led me into a church, telling me all the rules of this weird world called Mooshu. They told me to not mess up ANYTHING.
      “Why are we going into a church?” I asked.
      “This is why.” One of the Marleybonians walked up to this weird door in the center of the room. “This is the spiral door. It lets you go anywhere in the spiral, as long as you have the spiral key for that particular place.”
      “Interesting.” I said as I investigated the door.
      “And now,” They put a key in the door and it unlocked, “You will be gone from Marleybone FOREVER!!!!” They started to evil laugh as they pushed me into the spiral door. Inside it was dark. I didn’t know where I was or what was happening. I just got pushed into a door. Thats all I knew.
      Then a powerful force knocked the wind out of me as I traveled at light speed into the black oblivion.
      After what seemed like hours I saw another door right ahead. And it was open. I flew through it and did a weird flip in the air, crashed my head on the cement, and landed into this pond nearby.
      I opened my eyes underwater and saw fish swimming around me before I closed my eyes and thought I was going to drown.

      “Is she dead?” A girl asked.
      I opened my eyes and my eyesight was all blurry and out of focus. “Who are you?” I asked, half-asleep.
      “I’m Emma Frost.” The girl said. She had blond hair and icy blue eyes.
      “Where am I?”
      “In Mooshu’s Jade Palace.” Emma replied.
      I got up and looked down at my soaking wet dress. Then I looked around as my eyesight came became less blurry and more focused.
      “I....” My head felt dizzy as I almost fainted.
      Emma laughed. “Don’t worry, you will be fine.”
      I nodded as I walked around the jade palace.
      “See? All better!” Emma said as she walked away. “And if you need any help, just ask one of the theurgists.”

      I walked out of the Jade Palace door and found myself in a beautiful world full of flowers and trees. It was like a dream considered to the nightmare Marleybone was.
      The first thing I did was buy a new outfit. It was a purple samurai-looking robe with yellow sandals and a purple hood that had a ninja mask to cover my nose and mouth.
      Then I heard sword-fighting somewhere.

      Jacqueline and Kymma stood paralyzed as the hand came out of the ground. It was followed by an arm, then by a neck, then by a familiar looking head.
      Jacqueline screamed as she realized it was Cody. Not in delight, but in terror.
      “I thought you were DEAD.” Jacqueline said.
      Cody looked at her as he arose out of the ground. “I was?”
      Kymma nodded. “You’ve been dead for a few days. Or is it months?”
      Jacqueline shrugged. “All that matters is that you are alive!” Jacqueline cried happily. Then she smelled the air. “You smell like you’ve been dead for a year.” She observed.
      Headmaster Ambrose walked into the grave yard. “Oh my!” He said. “Is that Cody?”
      Kymma nodded again. “He arose from the dead.” She said in a evil sounding voice.
      Jacqueline laughed. “Its true.”
      Headmaster Ambrose looked up at the sky. “My stars! He must have been brought back to life by the gods themselves!”

      Zeus smiled happily. “And my son is safe!”
      “And what about Fred?” Hades growled.
      “Tell that Jenna girl to stop being such a jerk to my Courtney.” Aphrodite screamed.
      “Don’t you even think of saying that about my daughter Jenna!” Poseidon yelled back to her.
      Apollo grabbed his cell phone. “If you need me I’ll be texting Daphne.”
      “I thought I made Eros make you guys break up.” Aphrodite said as she put on her lipstick.
      “You did but I DONT CARE!” He screamed and ran out of the room.
      “What was that all about?” Asked Amphitrite as she walked through the temple door.
      “Ah, Amphitrite!” Poseidon ran and hugged her.
      “Hello Poseidon.” Amphitrite said sounding bored. “And hello all other Olympian people.”
      Athena took off her spectacles. “Love is such a weird point of life. I’ve never understood it.”
      Aphrodite scowled.
      Hera looked at Zeus. “Cody should have stayed dead. I’m with Hades.”

      Chapter 41

      “The gods have summoned Cody back to life.” Iridian said miserably. “I can’t believe it.”
      Amber looked at the ceiling. “CURSE YOU GODS!!!”
      “Our plan can still work though.” Rowan pointed out. “It will work just fine.”
      “True.” Amber nodded.
      “So?” Iridian looked confused. “You still haven’t told me your plan!!”
      “Later, slave.” Amber replied.

      I sat by a pond watching random people swordfight. They were thinking fast and new what to do quickly. I envied them. With those skills, I could save the spiral.
      One of the fighters looked at me. She was small and looked weak, but I could tell she beat the other guy. She had orange hair, the color of flames, and smoke-grey eyes. I could tell she was from the fire school.
      “Hello there.” She walked over to me. “I’m Alicia Dragonflame.”
      “Jenna.” I replied.
      “Haha I see you were watching me and my brother, Taylor, swordfight.” She said as she examined her sword.
      I nodded.
      “Want me and Taylor to teach you?”
      “Okay.” I said.
      Then a big cow dude appeared randomly infront of me. “Jenna, we have been waiting. Come.”
      “WHAT!” I screamed. “Who the heck are you?!”
      “I am a samoorai. The Jade Champion”
      “You mean samurai.”
      “Nope. Samoorai.”
      “Samurai.” I replied. “S-A-M-U-R-A-I”
      Alicia started to laugh. Then Taylor did. I glanced over at them. Their faces were bright red.
      Alicia wiped a tear away from her face. “Sorry, its just thats funny....” Her voice trailed off when she realized it was a samurai, or Samoorai- whatever. Wow she should have figured that out a long time ago.
      “So anyway why do you want me?” I asked him.
      “We are here to train you.”
      “But I was going to learn from Alicia and Taylor!” I screamed. “You aren’t the boss of me!”
      “I am the Jade Champion.” He reminded me. “The most powerful samoorai in Mooshu.”
      Taylor and Alicia watched as I literally was dragged away by a weird cow. So much for that fighting with them idea.

      Chapter 42

      A young girl wearing a bright blue kimono stood beside a big throne. Her eyes were grey and her hair was silver, which was tied in a long braid around her shoulder. She stared at me from across the room.
      “This is Jenna.” The cow said.
      “Ah, Jenna.” The girl said as she stood up. “I’ve waited so long to meet you.”
      I wanted to say ‘And who are you?’ but I knew I shouldn’t. “Hello, your highness.” I said as I bowed awkwardly.
      She laughed. “I have no wish for you to bow. I am no queen, thus just a normal wizard.”
      I could suddenly tell she looked a hint like Amphitrite.

      Poseidon put his head in his hands. “Why can’t you just let her be normal?” He asked Aphrodite.
      “I would never do that! Courtney is much too amazing for that! She’s perfect and positive and everything!” She replied.
      Amphitrite held a little crystal ball. “Oh geez Jenna just met Calypso. What now?”
      “She’ll know.” Zeus replied calmly. “This is all part of our plan.”
      “What plan!” Poseidon snapped.
      “Ah, you don’t know our plan, do you?” Hera replied mockingly. “You are so clueless, lord of the sea.”
      “Whose side are you on!” Poseidon gasped.
      “Who do you think?” Hera laughed.
      “Is Amphitrite part of this?” He asked suspiciously.
      Amphitrite snarled. “Serves you right for loving other women!”
      Hera nodded. “I know exactly how you feel, Amphitrite.”
      Poseidon’s face was turning bright red from anger. “I can’t believe my OWN FAMILY WOULD DO THIS!!!”
“This is reality. Nothing is guaranteed.” Amphitrite frowned evilly.

      Cody looked around. “Jacqueline....what happened in the arena?” He said slowly. “What happened to Fred.....”
      “Kyle killed him.” Jacqueline replied.
      “The arena master.” Jacqueline explained. “Now come along, we should probably find Wolf and Iridian...”
      “Why did we even come here?” Cody put his hand on his forehead.
      “To warn Ravenwood, right?” Jacqueline asked puzzled.
      “I.....I don’t remember.” Cody shook his head.
      Then suddenly Jacqueline was knocked unconscious.

      Amber locked the dungeon cell door.
      “WHY!” Iridian screamed. “WHY DID YOU LOCK ME UP IN HERE!”
      “We didn’t want to, but we had to.” Rowan smiled.
      “Maybe.” Amber threw the keys into a lake of lava and followed Rowan up the stairs.
      “WHAT!” Iridian cried and looked over at where the keys had been. “YOU LIED TO ME!”
      “What can I say?” Iridian could just hear Rowan faintly. “We are evil. What did you expect?”

      I stared at the girl. “Who are you?” I finally managed to say after I was done being paralyzed about another Amphitrite look-alike. Then I remembered she had 49 sisters.
      “I am Calypso.” She replied and smiled. Calypso looked and seemed much nicer than Amphitrite. “I am here to help you.”
      “With what?” I asked. “I don’t need help!” She sounded like a yoga teacher.
      “Fine. If you don’t need help, then show me how to summon a triton?”
      A TRITON? “I.....I don’t know how...” I replied solemnly.
      “Try.” Calypso put her hands on her hips.
      I looked around. “Are you sure?”
      Calypso nodded. “Whatever.”
      I positioned my wand and concentrated hard. “Triton....triton....” I muttered as I closed my eyes.
      I could tell Calypso was smiling. Then I moved my wand and the storm symbol appeared. “Dont fizzle....dont fizzle!” I cried.
      A weird fish dude appeared. THE TRITON!
      Calypso said “FLUFFY!” because she thought I would summon a firecat or some other kind of creature but she stopped and her jaw fell to the ground. “You......you actually summoned one?” She whispered with what must have been embarrassment and disbelief.

      Chapter 43

      “How did you do that?” Calypso stared at me.
      “What can I say? I am the chosen one!” I said as I twirled my wand and smiled.
      The triton looked at me. “What shall Fluffy do?” He asked me. I guess Fluffy stuck for a name.
      “That will be all.” I told him and he left.
      “We would be honored to have you as our new samoorai!” Calypso said loudly. Many villagers started to appear and I started to feel embarrassed. Then I saw the samoorai look at me angrily from in the corner where he was hiding. Then he gave me the YOU-SHALL-DIE look.
      I decided to look away and forget about the jade champion and focus on my glory that I actually didn’t even do anything for. Then I felt like a bragger and looked sadly at the Jade Champion.
      He shook his fist at me. I silently said ‘I’m sorry.’
      He nodded angrily.

      Rowan held her crystal ball. “She is getting glory from the Mooshuians.” She said to Amber who quickly wrote that down.
      “We need to send someone there to capture her.” Amber replied.
      “Agreed. But who?”
      A dark figure emerged from behind them. “Leave it to me.”

      Jacqueline was sent to the hospital in Mooshu, leaving Kymma in tears. The only thing that they could hope for was that she was going to survive. But that was very unlikely.
      “Welcome to Ravenwood News.” Said Brooke strictly the next day on the morning broadcast. “I’m Brooke Moonthorn and this is Wallace Icebreaker here for your morning news.”
      “Today we have some very special news stories.” Wallace said as he pushed his glasses back onto his nose. “But first, here is the weather.”
      Kymma looked at Cody as they both sat down. Her face was stained from crying. Cody’s face was normal, as hard as a rock. He showed no emotion, although his heart was also broken.
      The weather was going on, hosted by a conjurer named Kelsey Myth who was believed to be able to tell the future. “Today will be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.....” Then she put her finger on her forehead and gasped. “THE SPIRITS HAVE TOLD ME SOMETHING!” She screamed as she ran out of the building.
      “Okay...” Brooke said in her normal voice. “I guess here is the special news stories..." She looked over at Courtney, who was doing her nails.
      Courtney glared.
      “Ready?” Brooke mouthed.
      Courtney shook her head and walked away.
      Brooke looked hopefully at Wallace. “Okay, um....”
      “Now here is Brooke with the special news stories!” Wallace said and clapped in his nerd-like way.
      Brooke sighed. “We will be back in a few minutes.”
      Wallace nodded.
      “Well Courtney LEFT.” Wallace replied.
      “DOH!” Brooke rolled her eyes. “I saw her leave.”
      Kymma’s eye twitched as she watched the staff of Ravenwood News fight.
      Eric looked at everyone and sighed in exasperation. “I’ll just do them.”
      “Yay!” Brooke smiled a toothless grin.

      Poseidon sat longingly on his throne in his underwater kingdom. “How could Amphitrite do that to me!” He whispered sadly. “How.”
      The sea swished silently around him. Then an image formed. It showed Jenna standing infront of millions of Samoorais. Then the image changed. It was showing the future. Jenna was being captured by a curly brown haired girl who looked slightly familiar.
      Poseidon realized that was Malistaire’s, a good friend of Hades, daughter. Rowan Drake.
      He knew what the gods were up to.
      He was positive.

      Chapter 44

      The Jade Champion wanted to train me. Calypso refused to let me be trained by him.
      I stared at the ground while they argued over who gets to train me. “Um, guys?” I asked them.
      “Well at least I’m not a cow.” Calypso smiled mockingly.
      “GUYS.” I repeated.
      They just ignored me.
      “Fine. Don’t listen to me.” I threw my arms up into the air and walked away. I could train by myself. I walked through a place that said ‘Hametsu Village’ and came face to face with a fat pig dressed like a ninja.

      “After 5 months of searching, the savior of wizard city was seen in Marleybone by me.” Eric said uneasily.
      Brooke gave him the thumbs up. “You are doing great!” She mouthed.
      Wallace nodded as he looked up from his sci-fi magazine.
      “Many people have been wondering where she is going and why.” Then Eric smiled evilly and started to tell the true story. “President of the myth school, Courtney Giantpants, knows the answer. She and her teacher had sent her to Krokotopia for punishment, after she saved Wizard City. Most wizards think that Courtney saved our world but she didn’t.”

      From her house, Courtney started to scream as she watched the News.
      Cyrus’s face turned bright red from anger as he conjured up some weird liquid. But he was stunned from what Eric had said and accidentally blew up the myth school. Again.

      All the wizards crowded the shopping district and watched the News. They smiled and started to cheer Jenna’s name. She was a true hero after all.
      Then Courtney came bursting into the Ravenwood News Studio and screamed at the top of her lungs.
      Brooke and Wallace stared at her. “Um?” They asked.
      Courtney’s face was red and looked more hideous than ever. She walked over to the camera and pushed Eric out of the way. “Move over, thaumaturge.” She said angrily to him.
      Eric looked worriedly at Brooke, who started to cry.
      “Now, that is all false. Whoever would believe that is just plain dumb.” She yelled at the camera. “NEVER LISTEN TO ERIC!”
      Brooke rubbed her eyes as she cried more.
      Eric sighed. “Courtney, STOP, ok? We are tired of what you are doing to Jenna and to all the other wizards.”
      Kymma and Cody silently tiptoed out of the studio.

      I looked around and panted. The pigs were multiplying like crazy. How did they keep doing that? I guess I had to keep trying. The sun set over Mooshu as I kept going and going, trying to fight.
      At midnight the ninja pigs disappeared and I was left with an empty street.
      “Great job.” Calypso said behind me.
      I turned around. “Thanks.”
      “Wait. You are that girl who saved those other worlds.” She squinted. It must have been hard for her to see at such a late hour. “You could help us save Mooshu.”
      I shook my head. “I’ve already saved enough worlds.”
      “But......” Calypso sighed and looked up at the stars. “Fine. Just don’t help.” She walked away silently but sadly.
      I looked at the ground and a tear ran off my face. I wanted to help, but I didn’t want to if Courtney was just going to take all my glory. I had enough of that. I wanted to go home. Back to Ravenwood. I wanted to see all of my friends again and live happily in the Poseidon Suite. I wanted to train like a normal wizard with a normal wizard life.
      I knew that would never happen. I would never be able to go back. They would keep sending me different places for punishment until I die.
      At the place I am now, that wouldn’t be very far away.

      Iridian held onto the cold bars of the dungeon cell. “ROWAN!” She screamed. “AMBER!”
      Nobody answered.
      “I should have never trusted them.” Iridian muttered to herself. She gazed out of a small window and wished that she could somehow escape. But there was no way to escape.

      Chapter 45

      I found Calypso helping out in the hospital the next day. She was giving medicine to a blond haired girl when I walked in the room.
      “Hello Jenna.”
      The patient, who was only a little awake, widened her eyes. “JENNA? THE CHOSEN ONE?”
      I laughed. “Eh....”
      Calypso nodded. “Yes, the chosen one. Jenna, this is Jacqueline Foefinder. She was knocked unconscious yesterday and we have been caring for her.”
      “By who?” I asked, my eyes wide open.
      “Some guy wearing a dark cloak.” Calypso said, sounding not scared at all.
      Jacqueline nodded slowly as she became unconscious.
      “Jenna, Jacqueline was a servant for Malistaire. Along with someone named Wolf Deathweave, someone named Iridian Stronghand, and someone named Cody Duskdreamer.”
      “They escaped but all split up in search of Cody, who was found in Wizard City.”
      “That must had been a hard time.” I decided to say.
      “Yes.” Calypso nodded sadly. “Malistaire needs to be defeated.”
      That was where I was needed. I knew it. That was what they were training me for. To fight Malistaire.

      “I wonder how the slave is doing.” Amber sneered. “I hope she is dead.”
      “Either starved or dead.” Rowan replied.
      “Yes. Now how about that cloaked dude?”
      “He knocked that Foefinder girl unconscious. She is said to be dead now.” Rowan looked into her crystal ball. “He is heading for Duskdreamer. Then Deathweave. Then the chosen one.”
      “Who is he?”
      “We shall not speak of his name.” Rowan’s face darkened.

      Cody and Kymma ran into the world tree. “Do you have the key?” Kymma whispered to Cody.
      Cody nodded and pushed the key into the hole. “C’mon.” He said silently as they stepped into the spiral door. They were moved through the spiral and came shooting out into Mooshu. “I hope Ambrose doesn’t find out.” Cody whispered.
      “He never gets out of his office. How would he possibly know we stole it?” Kymma replied.
      “You never know.” Cody shrugged as they walked into the Jade Palace and into the infirmary.

      “Calypso, I have made a decision.” I told the neried, my voice shaking.
      “Huh?” She said as she fed Jacqueline some kind of medicine. “What is it, Jenna?”
      “I decided I want to save Mooshu.” I smiled and twirled my wand. “After all, that is why I am here.”
      Calypso stared at me. “Seriously?”
      I nodded. “My goal is to save the spiral, no matter what Courtney does to me.”
      Two blond haired kids ran into the room. One was a boy and the other was a girl. They were both wizards. The boy was a diviner, judging by his purple cloak, while the girl looked awfully familiar. It was....Kymma?
      “Jenna?” Kymma said. “Why are you here?”
      “I’m here to save Mooshu.” I replied, proudly.
      “Well, this is Cody Duskdreamer. Cody, this is Jenna.”
      Cody nodded. “Hello.”
      They both walked over to Jacqueline. “Is everything alright with Jacky?” Kymma asked.
      Calypso hesitated. “Well.....”
      “Well what?” Cody asked, his voice gruff.
      Calypso shook her head. “Nevermind.”
      “Is everything alright?” I could tell Kymma was holding back tears.
      “Um....” Calypso sighed.
      “Get out of the way.” Kymma was panicking. “Spiral’s second best healer coming through.”

      Chapter 46

      Wolf walked through the busy city streets alone. He missed Jacqueline and Iridian. But he knew they were somewhere in the spiral, trying to find Cody. He knew it.

      Eric sighed and looked at the ground. “Courtney called me a thaumaturge.” His red robes were designed with flames. “Doesn’t she know a pyromancer when she sees one?!”
      Brooke shrugged. “Courtney doesn’t know a lot of things.”
      Eric laughed. “That is so true.”
      “THAT IS NOT!” Screamed a voice from behind them. They turned around and saw Courtney.
      “Whoa Courtney I didn’t see you there....” Eric said.
      “Wow you really are invisible!” Brooke exclaimed. “If someone who wasn’t invisible was there, we would have known.”
      “I’m not invisible!” Courtney screamed.
      “Sure you are.” Eric smiled.
      “Are you meaning literally or are you meaning like invisible like has no friends and is at the bottom of the food chain invisible.” Courtney glared.
      “The second one.” Brooke giggled.
      Courtney’s face literally turned bright red as she summoned an orthrus. Brooke screamed as the orthrus jumped at her.

      “Is everything alright?” I asked as Jacqueline ran into the lobby of the hospital.
      “Yes. Kymma will be fine.” Jacqueline replied. “Now go along and save Mooshu. There isn’t much time.”
      “Much time until what?” I asked.
      “No time for that! Go!” She cried sadly and pushed me out of the hospital. “Please?”

      Ninja pigs. HATE ninja pigs. They are little fat little bacon who run around showing off their ninja moves dressed in ninja outfits.
      Luckily they are fun to kill. I summoned Fluffy, who hit one with his trident. Then a kraken came and took a lightning bolt from a storm cloud above him and threw it at the ground. The whole world seemed to shake when he did that.
      Then I had to fight some regected samoorais and ghosts of barn animals. By sunrise the next morning, I was exhausted as usual. Quests were luckily all done.
      “Good you finished Hametsu Village. Now its time for you to do the other parts of Mooshu.” Jacqueline told me.
      THE OTHER PARTS?!?!?!?!?!?!?
      My days started to be the same- waking up, fighting, resting for about 5 seconds, then fighting again, then sleeping for a few hours, then wake up and start the cycle all over again. What a life.

      Iridian was starving. “Rowan, please!” She muttered to herself. “Just wait. I’ll get my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
      Iridian heard footsteps and then she saw Rowan standing at the bottom of the stairs, dressed in battle armor. “I doubt you will, slave. We have all of that planned out and we are about to go and kill all those wizards. You’ll never be able to survive.”
      “How do you know?” Iridian screamed.
      Rowan shook her head. “Some things are not explainable.”

      Ravenwood was busy as usual. Wizards were hurrying to their second schools, afraid of being late.
      Lindsey sat in the sun eating her sub sandwich in peace and quiet. Nobody was around, and although Lindsey was happy, she was also lonely.
      Brady walked up. “Hello Lindsey.”
      Lindsey sighed. “Hi.”
      “Whats wrong?”
      “I miss Jen. Where did she go?”
      Brady shook his head. “Nobody-”
      But he couldn’t finish his sentence because of a loud scream that came from above.
      Lindsey and Brady stood up. Wizards started to panic as they saw who that was. One word was whispered among people. Only one.

      Chapter 47

      “Good morning Jenna.” Said Calypso as I walked out of my little house.
      “What do you want.” I said grumpily.
      Calypso looked hurt. “Nothing.....”
      “What is it?”
      “TODAY YOU HAVE AN EXTRA SPECIAL QUEST!!!!!!!” She cried happily.
      “Hooray.” I replied sarcastically. “More ‘special’ quests.”
      “No this one is extra special!!”
      “More graveyard and tomb wandering?” I yawned.
      “Listen, am I almost done with Mooshu?” I sighed. “I just want to go home.”
      “Are you going to send me somewhere after this?”
      “Yes, Dragonspyre.”
      “I WANNA GO BACK TO RAVENWOOD!!!!!!!!” I started to cry. “I miss all of my friends and siblings! I want to be a normal wizard!!”
      “Can’t happen when you are special.” Calypso smiled.
      But I could see sadness in her eyes. I could tell that she knew what it was like to be different. I realized that she too wasn’t like others. “Okay, what is the quest?”
      “You must fight.....”
      “JADE ONI?” I yawn. “The evil elephant in the king’s throne room?”
      “Um...? Maybe?” Calypso stared at me. “HOW DID YOU KNOW!”
      “I’ve been saving worlds long enough to know that.” I replied. “Seriously long enough.”
      “Okay then...... KILL THE ONI!”
      “Can’t I get a little help?” I rolled my eyes.
      “Do you normally?”
      “I normally meet people to help me.” I explained.
      “You can choose one person of your choice to help.”
      WHO? Who should I have chosen? Then one name came in mind.
      “Amanda Iceflame.”

      Rowan high-fived Amber. “NICE JOB! Our first plan is COMPLETE!”
      “Yes. Now what?” Amber said boredly.
      “The next plan. To lure Ambrose here with the chosen one.”
      “Yes and a few others.”

      Lindsey cried. She didn’t like being in a dungeon. “I’M NOT THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!”
      “Sure you are.” Iridian said. “You’re Jenna, right?”
      “Jenna is my twin.” She sobbed.
      “We’ll find a way to get out.” Iridian said as she looked out the tiny window.
      A few other wizards were thrown into the jail cell by Amber. “Don’t try escaping.” She growled.
      Iridian stared blankly at a small boy with firey red hair. “I know you.....” She said, her voice fading. “But from where?”
      “I’m Blaze. Blaze Dragonbreath.” He scratched his head. “You’re... Iridian?”
      Iridian nodded. “I’ve seen you somewhere, Blaze. It was long ago..... in marleybone I think....”
      Memories flooded back into Iridian’s mind.

      Chapter 48

      A girl with bright blue hair and icy blue eyes, whom I knew very well, opened the door of a small Mooshu cottage. Amanda Iceflame.
      “AMANDA!” I cried.
      “Hi Jenna. Fancy meeting you here.” She replied. “So whats up?”
      “I need your help defeating the Jade Oni.”
      Amanda’s mouth dropped open. “The JADE ONI?” She said, terrified.
      I nodded. “Yes. Is that a problem?”
      “No.....” Amanda said, trying to sound brave. But I could tell she was scared.
      “It will be fine.” I replied and turned around. “C’mon Amanda.”
      Amanda hesitated, but then she followed me, off to the Jade Oni. The path was short and we were silent the whole way, not even saying one word to eachother. I realized Amanda probably wasn’t very happy to see me....but why? My life had been so miserable lately, and I was glad to see her. But she just wasn’t the same.

      Jacqueline sat up in the hospital bed. “CODY!” She screamed, as if having a nightmare.
      Calypso, who was sitting next to the bed, sighed. “Hello Jacqueline.”
      “WHERE IS CODY!” Jacqueline panicked. “I NEED TO SEE HIM!!!!!!”
      “Why?” Calypso asked.
      “I just realized why we came to Ravenwood for.”

      The Oni was standing in the throne room, his head held high, as if he had nothing to worry about. But he did have something to worry about. Us.
      “Jenna, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Amanda screamed and backed away from the beast.
      “Nonsense, Mandy, we can kill him!”
      “But I’m a thaumaturge!” Amanda complained.
      “So? YOU HAVE TOWER SHIELD! Now c’mon!!!!!” I ran up to the oni and was pulled into the fight, with Amanda standing behind me, not sure if that was safe.
      “AMANDA I COULD USE SOME HELP!” I screamed and summoned Fluffy. “GO FLUFFY!!!!!!!” I cheered as the triton hit the oni. Half the life was taken away from the beast immediately.
      Then he summoned Seraph on me. Lady Oriel came up in the center of the fight. “Jenna, I don’t want to hurt you.” She said. “But this is my only choice.”
      I blocked her with life shield and she disappeared. “Ha! Thought that would hurt me?”
      Then the oni summoned a centaur.
      I’d never seen a centaur before, but this half-man half-horse guy was terrifying when I did see him. I’d heart of it.....he could turn people into stone with his arrows.
      I needed to avoid them. It was hard, because he had an infinite amount of giant steel arrows and had perfect and precise accuracy. But I somehow managed to stay alive, apart from a few wounds on my arms and legs. Then the oni used his natural attack. It hit me, and I struggled to stay alive. This had happened before to me.....in Krokotopia, wasn’t it? Then Fiona came and saved me. But Fiona wasn’t there to help me fight. Only a freaked out thaumaturge.
      “AMANDA!” I cried and fell to the floor.
      “Jenna, I can’t help you.” Amanda glared at me.
      “Fine. Then let me die. Let Mooshu be taken over by the oni. Let the spiral be destroyed by Malistaire.”
      Amanda sighed as I looked hopefully at her. I could tell she was trying not to give-in. She was trying to show that she wasn’t a powerful wizard. Trying to make me understand about thaumaturges. But I couldn’t believe her. She was powerful. I’d seen her turn things to ice before with the touch of her finger. Summon colossuses as big as the Empire State Building. Save wizards with less than 50 health left.
      Headmaster Ambrose believed in her. Lydia Greyrose believed in her. Everyone did. Julie. Jennifer. Maybe not Courtney, but I could tell most other wizards did. When she would walk around Wizard City, people whispered things like “There’s the #1 thaumaturge student in the whole spiral” and “Wow I wish I could be like her.”
      “Amanda, I believe in you.” I said as the oni was about to kill me.
      Then I passed out.

      Chapter 49

      I woke up after a few hours or so of unconsciousness. My vision was fuzzy, but I could clearly make out a girl standing on top of a giant....dead elephant? Then I realized it was Amanda. Amanda had slayed the oni.
      “Amanda!” I said as I tried to stand up. “I CANT BELIEVE YOU SLAYED THE ONI!!!!”
      Amanda smiled. “I couldn’t have done that without you. Nobody has ever believed in me before.”
      “Yes they have. You are like the #1 thaumaturge!”
      “I wish. I’m pretty sure Mindy Pixiecrown is the top thaumaturge. She’s so weird and bratty though...” Amanda sighed.
      Amanda laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know, but she somehow is at the top.”
      Calypso appeared in the doorway of the throne room. “Nice job, Jenna.”
      “Thanks. But Amanda killed it.” I explained.
      Calypso’s eyes widened. “ARE THERE TWO CHOSEN ONES NOW?”
      Amanda shook her head. “Only the one. The one and only Jenna.”
      Calypso clapped. “Nice going, girls. Now Jenna, they’ll be here in a few days to come and pick you up.”
      “WHO.” I screamed.
      “The people of Dragonspyre, of course!” Calypso replied.
      “I don’t want to go.” I said. Then I remembered something. Courtney wasn’t there. SHE WASN’T THERE TO TAKE MY GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Then I saw a wave of blond hair outside of the temple and rolled my eyes. UGH. HOW EXACTLY DID SHE GET AWAY WITH SAVING MOOSHU WHEN CALYPSO WAS THERE ALL ALONG?!
      “Well, see you around.” Calypso said as she ran out of the temple doors.
      “Amanda, could you do something for me?” I asked.
      “Sure. What?” Amanda replied.
      “Please go to Ravenwood and tell them where I am. Tell them to come and get me.” I explained my plan to her.
      She nodded in agreement.

      Brooke Moonthorn groaned as she laid in the infirmary bed. There was a large bite-mark on her arm and a big gash on her forehead.
      “Sadly, our best healer isn’t here.” Moolinda Wu told her.
      Brooke started to sob. “I CAN’T BELIEVE COURTNEY DID THIS TO ME!!”
      Some wizards who had overheard the conversation walked up. “Courtney did?” Asked a terrified girl.
      “Yes...” Brooke replied.
      “I’m sorry. By the way, I’m Sophia Duskpetal.” Sophia smiled hopefully.
      “I’m Brooke Moonthorn.” Brooke introduced herself.
      “Nice meeting you, Brooke!” Sophia grinned. “Now, I must be off to sorcery classes. Bye!” She ran out of the infirmary.
      “She’s a nice girl.” Moolina Wu smiled.
      “CANT YOU HEAL ME, PROFESSOR WU?” Brooke screamed. “after all, you ARE the professor of life!!!”
      Moolina sighed. “I’ll try.” She tried to summon a sprite, but it fizzled.
      Brooke tried not to giggle. The weakest healing spell fizzled for her teacher.

      Headmaster Ambrose was sitting in his office when Amanda ran in.
      “Headmaster Ambrose! I have something important to tell you!” She said.
      “What is it, Amanda?” Headmaster Ambrose replied.
      “Jenna. We have found her in Mooshu.” Amanda explained.
      The headmaster’s eyes widened. “We’ll get her immediately.”

      I was sitting on the balcony of my small cottage when I saw it. A large flying boat that was flying towards me. It landed by my house, and Headmaster Ambrose HIMSELF walked out.
      I ran out of my cottage and hugged him. “Headmaster Ambrose!!” I screamed happily.
      “Hello, Jenna.” he smiled. “We have come to take you back to Ravenwood.”
      I smiled. Amanda told them.

      The boat looked small, but was big on the inside. There were at least 20 wizards inside, who were willing to come along. Some of them I knew, but most of them were unfamiliar.
      “Welcome back, Jenna.” Jordan Drake smiled as I walked onboard.
      “Its good to see you, Jordan.” I replied happily.
      Others I knew were there too. Brady and Evan were there. Timmy was. They all were excited to see me. But one person wasn’t there.
      “Where is Lindsey?” I asked them.
      Brady sighed. “We don’t know. She was taken by someone.....”
      “WHO.” I screamed.
      Evan shrugged. “We don’t know. Sorry.”

      I couldn’t wait until dinner. There was a big room with a banquet table that was all set up with everything that I liked. When the feast started, I got to sit at the head of the table. A guy wearing armor sat on one side of me and Jordan sat on the other.
      It was fun to exchange chats with everyone. We all talked about how we were doing, and I learned some interesting facts about a few of them. The guy sitting next to me was named Kyle and was the arena master. A girl sitting at the other side was the weather girl on the Ravenwood News. Her name was Kelsey and she was believed to tell the future.
      After that, we all went back to doing whatever we were doing before. I sat down and played a card game with Jordan, Evan, Brady, and Kyle.
      “I’m so happy to see you again.” Jordan sighed happily. “You have no idea what it was like to get tortured by my dad all day.”
      Actually I kinda did know. “I’m glad to be back.” I said as I dealt some cards out. “So what game are we playing?”
      “I was thinking-”
      Jordan got cut off by Headmaster Ambrose, who was talking over an intercom. “Attention, young wizards, we are now arriving in Ravenwood!”
      I was the first to run out on the deck of the ship and see the familiar places of Ravenwood. I smiled. I was home.

      Chapter 50

      Being back in Ravenwood was just plain awesome. I got to see my friends normally and even got a house on Triton Avenue all to my own. But there was no word of me being a hero, which was weird because I thought they knew.
      But that didn’t really bother me. I was just glad to be home.
      “And your homework assignment today is to write an essay on the ancient art of storm magic. It must be at least 500 words. Now, I’ll see you all tomorrow.” Professor Balestrom told us at the end of the day. Since Moolinda Wu was helping out in the infirmary, there was no life school being held today. That meant I got the day off.
      I decided to drop by the Arena. I’d never actually been there so I was excited to see what it was like. I walked into Unicorn Way and saw where the arena was. It was a large building right when you walked in. A unicorn was standing outside of it. I walked right past him and into the arena.
      There were two big guys who were holding signs. One said ‘Practice’ and the other said ‘Rank’. I walked up to the ranked one.
      “Hello, miss.” He said. “Here to pvp?”
      I shook my head. “I’m here to watch.”
      He nodded and handed me some papers. “These are the people who are fighting right now.”
      I searched the list. “Ranked, right?”
      He nodded again. “Yep. Ranked.”
      I found who I was looking for and told the guy which one I wanted to go to. “First door on your left.” He told me.
      I walked down a hallway and into the first door on the left. It was a spiral chamber, which brought me into what must have been the Mooshu arena. There were cushions for everyone to sit on who was watching, but I decided to stand.
      Kyle was fighting against a strong guy with jet black hair. I watched, afraid of what would happen. They were sword fighting, not using magic, which surprised me. Wasn’t wizard city all about using magic to fend off enemies? Was the arena used for everything?
      I watched as they fought on and on, wondering when it would be over. I looked around and saw lots of people around me. People I didn’t notice before. Had they just walked in here? The hours dragged along until finally Kyle put his sword to the guy’s throat.
      The crowd gasped while I laughed. I’m not sure why I laughed, but it was pretty funny watching everyone gasp like that.
      Then everyone started clapping and I did too. Kyle stood up and bowed several times, then they both left the arena somehow. They just randomly disappeared. I got up and walked out of the Mooshu spiral chamber door, back to the normal boring arena. Then I saw Kyle.
      “Nice job.” I said happily. Although I knew him, I was kind of shy for some reason to talk to him.
      “Thanks.” He replied as he wiped sweat off his forehead. “Want me to teach you?”
      I looked down at the ground. I knew at that moment someone was going to make me go and save Dragonspyre. Just like they did when Alicia was going to ask me if I wanted lessons from her. But I saw that Calypso wasn’t around. Neither was Headmaster Ambrose.
      “Sure.” I smiled.

      I awkwardly held a sword as he showed me how to fight with it. It took me a while to learn, but after a few hours I knew how to sword fight easily. For hours we were laughing and pvping. I never wanted the day to end.

      Chapter 51

      And of course the day had to end. But after that I spent most of my days (after school, of course) going to the arena and getting taught by Kyle. Day after day after day after day.....
      Until one day, when he wasn’t there.

      Lindsey Nightblood stared at the wall. “So you guys know each other, right?”
      Iridian nodded. “It was in Marleybone when I was little. Before I almost killed Rowan. My family was great friends with his. But he was only like 1 or something so I didn’t really talk with him. Heh, I couldn’t really.”
      “Why did you leave Marleybone?” Blaze asked, his eyes were full of worry. “We were all afraid and scared of where you went.”
      “I had to leave.” Iridian looked down. Lindsey could see a tear run off her face.
      “I needed to help my parents. I needed to find a better living, like they told me to.” Iridian cried softly.
      “Ooh, tell us the story!” Lindsey said excitedly.
      Iridian looked up. “I’ll....I’ll try....”

      Iridian Stronghand was born on a calm quiet evening in a fancy Marleybone mansion. Her parents were both famous, they were Lady and Lord Stronghand. When Iridian was born, they settled down from their jobs to take care of her more often. But they never went back to work, afraid of Iridian being alone. One day they just couldn’t pay their taxes and had their house taken away from them.
      Iridian was only 6 at the time, so she didn’t remember very much about that. After their house was taken away, they had barely enough money to keep Iridian alive. When Iridian was 8, her parents told her to go. To go and find a better living, maybe as a wizard at Ravenwood.
      Iridian didn’t want to leave her family, but she knew it was best. The next day she left, sad and afraid.
      “You will be able to live.” Her father told her when she was leaving. “You are powerful.”
      When Iridian left, she met Rowan. Rowan seemed like a nice girl and became friends with Iridian. But then slowly Iridian figured out she was evil. It became clear when Rowan tried to kill her when they were picking flowers in a meadow. But Iridian was good at fighting and grabbed the sword that she carried on her belt. Rowan got angry after Iridian almost killing her and cursed Iridian. She cursed Iridian to work for her forever. Nobody could break the spell unless somebody killed Rowan.

      Jacqueline opened her eyes.
      Calypso smiled. “Good morning, Jacky. How are you feeling?”
      Jacqueline shrugged and sat up. “Light-headed.”
      “Kymma says you are good enough to go back to Ravenwood. Besides, they need help in the infirmary.” Calypso was getting annoyed about having to stay in the infirmary all the time. “Seriously. Now go home.”
      “Where IS Cody and Kymma anyways?”
      “Cody and Kymma are somewhere.” Calypso said sarcastically.
      Jacqueline’s eyes widened. “WHERE ARE THEY! WHERE DID YOU PUT THEM?”
      “Nowhere.” Calypso turned around. “They are in the jade palace, worrying about where you are.”
      Jacqueline didn’t trust Calypso. “Sure?”
      “Oh yes, positive.”

      Chapter 52

      “I don’t understand why you would accuse me of that.” Calypso put her hands on her hips. “I’m not EVIL.”
      Jacqueline stared at her. “I can’t tell if you are lying.”
      “I’m NOT!”
      “Yes, yes of course.”
      Cody and Kymma walked through the door. “Jacky!”
      “So you aren’t evil?” Jacqueline stared at Calypso.
      Calypso growled. “Just go away, okay?”

      “Is the plan almost complete?” Hera asked Athena.
      Athena shook her head. “This plan could take years to complete. Even with the toughest army....”
      “I’ll provide that.” Ares said as she sharpened his knife, sunlight glinting off the blade. “The strongest army anyone could ever imagine.”
      Athena looked at him, her deep brown eyes were full of anger behind her thick rimmed glasses. “Stay out of this, Ares. We don’t need your battle strategies to help us. Leave it to me. At least I HAVE battle strategies.”
      Aphrodite watched in terror as the two rulers of war fought. “Um....I’ll be outside if you need me....” she said quickly and exited the throne room, her blond hair flying freely behind her.
      Hera laughed. “Poor girl. Now, Ares, what army?”
      “WE DONT NEED AN ARMY!” Athena argued, grabbing her bronze Medusa shield. “We need none of your nonsense.”
      “Silence!” Hera yelled. “As queen of the gods, I can do what I please. So Athena, I’d recommend you stop talking. Ares, what army?”
      “My dad can overpower you!” Athena screamed. “Zeus is most powerful! You act like you are the best at everything! WELL YOU ARENT.”
      “That wasn’t wise to say.” Ares commented. “I thought you were goddess of wisdom, smarty.”
      Hera’s porcelain face turned red in anger. “Ares?”
      Ares knew what she wanted. He threw his dagger at Athena, giving her a gash in her lower leg. Golden ichor, the blood of the gods, poured out.
      Athena winced. “You’ll pay for that, Ares.” Then she stood up weakly and limped out of the room.
      “So who?” Hera repeated for the third time.
      “The Celestians.”

      I finally found Kyle standing in Ravenwood.
      “Where have you been?” I asked him.
      He shook his head. “I’m sorry, Jen.”
      “Sorry for what?” I looked at him, confused.
      “I would never leave you by choice.” He looked down at the ground. “Never. You should know that.”
      “You are leaving me?” I asked. “What?” I couldn’t understand what was going on. Time felt like it was frozen in place. “Where?”
      “I have to. It was a commitment I made long ago. When I became the arena master. It was a promise I cannot break.”
      “What promise?” I could barely ask without sobbing, my eyes filling up with tears.
      Kyle cleared his throat. “As the arena master you must accept to be in any battle, fight, war, etc at any time, no matter what is going on. You must always be prepared and willing to fight or else you will get your rankings taken away and will be punished severely, etc etc.”
      “So you’d rather be an arena master than to be with me?” I weeped. “You only care about yourself, don’t you.”
      He shook his head sadly and looked me in the eye. “I would do anything to be with you. But if I don’t, they will literally kill me....Would you rather me be dead?”
      Tears flooded my eyes. “No...so where is the battle?”
      “In Dragonspyre. We have to fend off Malistaire.”
      “When you say we, who else are you talking about?”
      “Some very very advanced wizards and pvp champions.” Kyle explained. “Together we shall kill Malistaire.”
      “Hey, isn’t that my job? AND WHY ARENT I COMING? I’M AS ADVANCED AS YOU CAN GET!” I screamed.
      “You’ve been through enough already, Jen.” He replied calmly. “And plus, I don’t want you to die.”
      He shook his head. “Its what they ordered. I’m sorry.”
      A train randomly appeared just above the horizon and made its way across Ravenwood, banging into some of the buildings and not harming them, although they were already harmed because of what happened while I was in other worlds.
      It stopped in front of Kyle. I could see silhouettes of people on the train who must’ve been gathered from all the different worlds. The doors opened and revealed what looked exactly like the average inside of a train. People who were all dressed in battle armor were sitting everywhere inside, or at least thats what it looked like through the small door.
      Kyle looked sadly at me, but said nothing.
      I started sobbing harder than I was before. Then he opened his arms and I ran and hugged him, tears seemed to be flooding the world. “Goodbye.” He whispered.
      “Good....bye....” I could hardly speak. My throat felt dry.
      Then we let go and he waved goodbye, hopping on the train. It started to drive away but then stopped when a huge crowd of other wizards came. They were holding luggage.
      A person instructed them to put it by the train and they’d come pick it up after they got the rest of the people in the other worlds. Then the train flew off, out of sight. I waved goodbye as it grew smaller and smaller, Kyle getting further and further away from me. But he remained in my heart.

      Chapter 53

      After the train left, I looked around. Ravenwood was cold and empty, the grey light shining down while I stared at where the train was mournfully. Quiet footsteps were behind me, the same ones that I heard after Sheila died. My life was filled with depressing memories of loved ones leaving me. I knew who those footsteps were. They were too familiar. Amphitrite. I hadn’t seen her for so long, yet i didn’t want to see her ever again.
      “Jenna.” Her voice was exactly the same as when she first spoke to me.
      I shook my head. “He’s gone.”
      “Not forever. Don’t worry.” I could tell she was somewhat smiling. “He’ll come back.”
      “I need to go to Dragonspyre.” I screamed and turned around. “I need to go save the spiral. I need to do what I was meant to do.”
      “You can’t, Jenna.” Amphitrite sighed.
      “They just won’t let you.”
      “Calypso wanted me to. AND SHE ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT ME!” I cried. “I’m not who you think I am, Amphitrite. I’m not the same girl you found a year or so ago crying on the beach after her guardian died. I’ve learned to believe in myself. I’ve learned that I’m not normal. I’ve learned many other things that have helped me through living the terrible life I’ve had lately.”
      Amphitrite looked at me. Her hair had a tinge of grey in it, as if it was from aging. Her eyes had deep baggy circles under from a lack of sleep. She wasn’t the same Amphitrite I’d known either. She was a somewhat older and more responsible Amphitrite. We’d both changed. “I know you aren’t. But you still can’t go.”
      “YOU DON’T HAVE CONTROL OVER ME!” I screamed. “Neither does Merle Ambrose or even the whole spiral!”
      Then I stomped out of Ravenwood.

      Rowan smiled as the figure in the dark cloak walked up to her. “Hello again. Give me a report.”
      “The girl you have isn’t Jenna.” He said, scared.
      “WHAT!” Amber screamed as she ran up to them. “SHE ISNT JENNA!”
      He shook his head. “No. I saw her today. With the arena master. The one who killed Fred.”
      Rowan stared at him, speechless.
      “The arena master, eh?” Amber grabbed her staff which was covered in bright orange flames. “He has a surprise waiting for him.”
      She started to summon a dragon but Rowan stopped her. “WAIT. He might be useful.” She laughed evilly. “He could be useful bait to lure Jenna here.”
      The guy in the black cloak nodded. “Yes. She has a soft spot for him, thats for sure.”
      Amber snickered. “Then we can kill him right in front of her! I’d like to see the look on her face!”
      Rowan nodded. “Yes. Exactly.”
      “Prepare for operation Kill Arena Master!” Amber screamed.

      Iridian paled. “I can hear them screaming about something.”
      Lindsey shook her head. “They are probably planning to do another attack on Ravenwood. Oh how I hope Jenna will save us.”
      “They both think you are Jenna.” Blaze pointed out. “They’ll probably try to kill you.”
      “I hope not!” Lindsey replied hastily.
      Iridian sighed. “She’ll come and save us....she will...I’m positive.”
      Lindsey nodded. “She will.”

      It was getting dark when I decided to go back up to Ravenwood. I found Brooke Moonthorn standing in the middle of the circle, looking up at the stars above.
      “Hi Brooke” I walked up to her. “How have you been? I’ve heard Courtney tried to kill you.”
      Brooke nodded. “She did, but Moolinda Wu saved me. With the help of Kymma...”
      “I’m sorry.”
      Brooke laughed. “Whats most important is that I’m still alive. The Orthrus really did almost kill me. I barely had any health left. Its good to have you back, Jenna.”
      I smiled. “I’m glad to be back.”
      Brooke started to say something but stopped and fixed her eyes on something behind me. I could hear the noises of a train and smell the terrible scent of smoke and coal. I could barely see when I turned around. The train was coming right for us.
      I screamed and pushed Brooke out of the way. She jumped behind the storm school and I followed. Then the train stopped. It was the same one Kyle was on.
      I gasped for air. “That was close.”
      Brooke nodded, out of breath. “It seems they have came back.”
      “For their luggage-” I stopped.
      “What is it, Jenna?” Brooke asked me.
      “I have to sneak onto that train. They won’t notice. I’ll hide in the luggage compartment.”
      “Its because you want to see Kyle, isn’t it.”
      I shook my head. “Its so I can get to Dragonspyre....and also to see him again...”
      “Its too dangerous!” Brooke pleaded. “Don’t go!!!”
      “I have to.”
      Brooke stepped in front of me. “I won’t let you!”
      “I’ll come back safely, I promise!” I told her. “And when I do come back I’ll...” I wondered what I should promise Brooke. Then I realized what all little kids liked. “I’ll take you to get ice cream.”
      Brooke’s frown turned to a wide grin. But she still had fear in her eyes. “Promise? Promise you’ll come back alive?”
      “Promise.” I smiled. “I’ll see you soon.”
      Then I sneakily tip toed over to the luggage compartment and jumped in, on my way to Dragonspyre. The only thing I was thinking about was the danger ahead of me and the even more dangerous promise I made.

      Chapter 54

      The luggage and bags smelled terrible- a mixture of sweat and some other foul smelling stench. I crinkled my nose and tried to ignore it. I wondered where the train was right now. Probably somewhere around Mooshu or Grizzleheim. Those were the closest worlds to Dragonspyre.
      The only way to get out of the luggage compartment was either through the door that led to the outside, which was locked shut, or a small doorway where someone could walk through. I wondered if I should get out of the smelly compartment, but as much as I wanted to, I knew I shouldn’t. People (people meaning Kyle) would definitely not be happy with me.
      I heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer. “Oh please don’t come in here.” I whispered. “Please!”
      But of course due to my terrible luck, the door opened. A familiar person came in. One I knew quite well.
      “Jenna?” Said a voice as they walked over, stepping on suitcases. It was Eric Hawkhunter, the pyromancer who was the director on Ravenwood News. “What are you doing here?”
      “Hi Eric....” I blushed from embarrassment. “I kinda snuck in here....see, I wanted to help-”
      “- but Headmaster Ambrose specifically told us to NOT let you come.” Eric interrupted.
      “Ah, Headmaster Ambrose. How’s he doing?” I replied.
      “He’s......doing fine.” Eric paled.
      I could tell something was wrong. “Whats he up to? I haven’t seen him much.”
      Eric shook his head. “He’s been acting kinda weird lately.....including short term memory loss. He’s practically lost his mind.”
      I laughed under my breath at the thought of Headmaster Ambrose loosing his mind. “I’m so sorry.” I said, trying to look serious. “How did that happen?”
      “Long story.....” Eric sighed. “Listen, I must be going. I’m guessing you want to stay here and hide, right?”
      I nodded. “Yes....but I really want to see Kyle....”
      “You’ll see him.” Eric laughed and walked out the door.

      There was a ring on the doorbell. Rowan ran to it, checking to see who it was before opening. It was Amber, of course. She looked like she just ran 10 miles, judging by her red face and the beads of sweat on her forehead.
      “Whats up?” Rowan asked as Amber walked in the door.
      “Attack....planned.....wizards.....powerful.....co ming.....have....to.....defend...” Amber gasped between breaths.
      “What?” Rowan stared at her.
      “Wizards are planning to attack your father, Malistaire. They’ll be coming really REALLY soon. We have to defend!”
      A crystal ball appeared on Rowan’s hand. “They’re in for a surprise. Is the arena master there?”
      Amber nodded.
      Amber shook her head. “I don’t think so...”
      Rowan’s crystal ball evaporated into thin air. “HOW CAN THEY NOT BRING THEIR MOST POWERFUL FIGHTER WITH THEM?!?!?!”
      Amber shrugged. “It might be a strategy.”
      “They’re trying to kill my father?” Rowan smiled. “They don’t know who is really the evil one!”
      “Yes, they are trying to kill your father. Now we should probably defend him and-”
      “-dad will be fine!” Rowan interrupted. “I’m positive he will be! Plus he’s working on a master plan right now.”
      “Really?” Amber said dryly. “Because the last time I saw him, he was drinking coffee and not doing anything.”
      Rowan paled. “He’s....thinking about it.”
      “Seems like he’s procrastinating to me.” Amber replied harshly. “Need help to go and make him start working on an idea?”
      Rowan glared at Amber and then walked up the stairs to her dad’s workroom. “No, I’ll do that myself.”

      I couldn’t stand the suitcases. They were making me feel claustrophobic. I decided to go outside, to the main part with everyone there. I stood up, smoothed out my purple and yellow Mooshu robes, and marched out the door.
      There were a hundred wizards or so, none of them as highly trained as I was, sitting in rows of train seats. They all stared at me when I walked through. They were whispering things like “Thats Jenna.”and “She’s not supposed to be here.” I felt embarrassed for some reason.
      Then I saw Kyle. He was sitting by himself in the far right corner staring out the window, not knowing I was here. I looked down at the ground. He didn’t care, did he? Or was he just sad to leave me?
      “Jenna, I’m glad you joined us.” Eric laughed. “It wasn’t very fun to be with the luggage, was it?”
      I shook my head but didn’t say anything.
      “Now, I just hope Headmaster Ambrose doesn’t find out that you left.” Eric replied.
      “He probably already did.” I muttered. “But since he’s lost his mind, I’m not concerned.” Everyone laughed, which was odd because I wasn’t even aware they were all listening. They were all unfamiliar, except for Eric and Kyle and a few others.
      Then Kyle turned around and saw me. He smiled and ran over to me. “Jenna!”
      I hugged him. “Hi Kyle.”
      “Why did you come? I told you to stay there!”
      “I wanted to be with you.” I replied. “But also to save-”
      I was interrupted by someone yelling “APPROACHING DRAGONSPYRE!”

      Chapter 55

      “So we’re in Dragonspyre?” I asked Kyle, excitedly.
      “Yes, Jenna, we are.” He replied. “The most dangerous world. Be careful what you do and where you go. Plus, don’t trust anyone you meet.”
      I nodded. “I will.”
      The train door opened and I saw a world that was in ruins. “This is....Dragonspyre?”
      Kyle nodded. “The one and only.”
      “It looked so pretty in the pictures I saw.” I replied, thinking of the pictures in Headmaster Ambrose’s Office. “What happened to it?”
      “Malistaire Drake. He damaged it when his wife, Sylvia, died.”
      “Is that why he got so evil?” I asked.
      He nodded. “Yes. He was devastated.”
      I never knew Malistaire was once nice. That he was destroyed by sadness. I thought of what it would be like to lose someone you loved. But then I remembered I did lose someone I loved. My guardian. Malistaire and I were somewhat alike. We both lost someone we loved dearly. “Do we have to kill him?”
      Kyle stared at me. “You DONT want to defeat him and save the spiral?”
      I shook my head. “Its just.....maybe he’s not thinking because he’s so depressed about Sylvia being dead....”
      “Its not just that. He’s pure evil.” he explained to me. “You have to realize that Malistaire is pure evil. He’s not like this because he is sad. HE is the one who damaged Ravenwood. You HAVE to defeat him!”
      I sighed. “Fine...”
      We walked along the ramp leading down to the part of Dragonspyre. The spiral door was right next to us, looking just as normal as it was in all the other worlds, a wooden door with a glowing blue spiral.
      When we got to the bottom, who was I to find but my least-favorite teacher, Cyrus Drake. He was standing in the middle of a circle, holding his tiny wand and hitting it against his hand.
      "Well, well, well. Its Jenna." He hissed. "Why are you here?"
      I glared at him. "I'm here to save the spiral, duh."
      "Yes, yes. Of course." He said sarcastically. "Calypso sent you, didn't she?"
      I shook my head. "I fled from Calypso long ago. You should know that."
      "So you've actually decided to come and save us?"
      I nodded. "Yes, why? Is that a bad thing?"
      "You won't last a day in Dragonspyre." Cyrus sneered.
      I was about to lunge forwards and challenge Cyrus in a battle but Kyle put his arm out in front of me and stopped me. "He's too powerful. He's a teacher. He'll kill you in one hit."
      I shook my head. "I can take him." and pushed him out of the way. “Cyrus, I challenge you do a duel.”
      Cyrus smiled slyly. “Then let the duel begin.”

      We were summoned into an arena circle, the kind that you used for pvp. I casted a triton on him, but sadly it fizzled. Then he used a minotaur. A double hit spell. It hit me and took half my life away on the second shot.
      “I warned you!” Kyle yelled. “Need help?”
      “Myth is weak!” I screamed back. “I think I can beat him!”
      Cyrus summoned an earthquake, which wasn’t very strong at all. Then I summoned a tempest. Since he was myth, it did extra damage. Then I summoned Fluffy, the triton, and he hit Cyrus, who was now super-low on health.
      “Told you i could.” I bragged. Then I hit Cyrus with stormzilla, the new spell I got, and he collapsed. “Take that, Cyrus Drake.”
      “Don’t kill...me...” Cyrus gasped with the little air he had left. “I....can....help....you....”
      I lowered my wand. “What?”
      Kyle walked up to me. “I think he wants to help you.”
      “WHAT!” I screamed. “He hates me!”
      “I apologize....for...my...actions...” Cyrus said, took his last breath, and collapsed.
      “I should save him, shouldn’t I?”
      Kyle nodded. “That would be the right thing to do, Jen.”
      I summoned a satyr, who healed my least-favorite teacher.
      He stood up. “Now, its time to start training to fight Malistaire!”

      Rowan stared into her crystal ball. “Dad, Jenna and the arena master, plus Uncle Cyrus, are all coming to kill you!”
      Malistaire looked up from his tragedy novel. “Me?”
      Rowan nodded. “Yes, father. Its up to you- you meaning YOU, not US- to stop them.”
      “Why can’t you help?” Malistaire sneered. “You’re the one with all the plans.”
      “I’m tired of doing all the work for you.” Rowan replied. “I have my own things to worry about.”
      “Like whether to live or not?” Malistaire looked at her.
      “I just realized my father isn’t very evil.” Rowan muttered under her breath. “And to think all those useless wizards from that weak world are all trying to defeat a normal man who has no talent whatsoever.”
      Malistaire was silent.
      “And I thought he was amazing and powerful.” She stared at her father sadly.“You were my hero, dad.”
      Malistaire suddenly looked at her and said “I have a plan” immediately.

      Chapter 56

      I followed the other wizards to where we were going to set up camp. Cyrus Drake followed us, walking slowly far behind everyone else. We stopped in a beautiful place filled with crystals.
      “Welcome to the Crystal Grove.” Kyle announced.
      “Wow.” I said, stunned. “Its.....beautiful.”
      “Yep. So anyways, everyone, this is where we are going to set up camp.”
      They all nodded and grabbed their luggage, setting up tents and such. Each wizard had their own tent, except for me.
      “I forgot one...” I confessed. “I never knew I was going to Dragonspyre.”
      “And that is why,” Cyrus Drake walked up to me. “I always keep a spare tent.” He handed me a tent with storm symbols on it.
      I stared at it. “Wow, thanks Professor Drake!”
      He smiled and walked away muttering, “Just don’t bug me.”
      I set up camp far away from everyone else. They were too loud and I decided they would snore within the first hour of knowing them. I laid out a sleeping bag that came with the tent and fell asleep quickly. But I didn’t realize that a small hairy creature was crawling up one of my arms.
      When I realized that, I screamed “SPIDERS!” and jumped out of the tent. I kept screaming and screaming until Kyle came.
      “Whats wrong?” He asked me, sounding somewhat calm.
      I shivered. “Spiders....”
      He laughed. “Whats wrong with those little harmless creatures?”
      “I’m afraid of them, okay?” I sighed and shook my head, staring up at the sky. “You wouldn’t know.”
      “Yes I would.”
      I turned to face him. “And how so?”
      He shrugged. “I’m not sure. But I’ll kill the spiders for you, if you want.”
      I stared at him. “You would do that? For me?”
      Kyle nodded. “‘Course I would, Jen.”

      “They are camping in the lower crystal grove.” Rowan reported to her father. “I’m guessing they’ll all go to bed soon. Then we can do our attack on them. The spiral will be ours before tomorrow!” She started to laugh evilly.
      Amber, whom Rowan apologized to and was now planning the attack with them, smiled. “Perfect!”
      Malistaire nodded. “Great idea, dear. But what will we use to attack with?”
      “Well, hmm!” Rowan said sarcastically. “I didn’t use to be the Death professor!”
      Amber looked confused. “And?”
      Rowan rolled her eyes. “Father, you were the death professor! You knew every death spell there ever was! Even if you didn’t teach them to others, you still knew them! So what exactly is the strongest spell?”
      Malistaire sighed. “Its obvious, isn’t it? Its death itself.”

      Jacqueline, Cody, and Kymma were having a normal day in Wizard City. The warm breeze was lightly blowing and it was a perfect day to be outside.
      “I wonder whats happening to Rowan right now.” Jacqueline said as she picked a flower, inspecting its pink petals. “I doubt they are still trying to finish their plan.”
      Cody shrugged. “I’m not sure.”
      Jacqueline laughed. “I doubt we have anything to worry about.”
      Brooke ran up to them, her face beaming as usual. “Hi guys!”
      “Have you seen Jenna?” Kymma asked, sounding quite concerned.
      Jacqueline thought a minute before speaking. “Actually...now that you say that....I haven’t!”
      Cody shook his head. “Me neither.”
      Brooke grinned. “I have! Last I saw her, she went to Dragonspyre.”
      Everyone turned and stared at Brooke. “WHAT!”
      Brooke still stayed as joyful as ever. “She promised me when she came back she’d take me out for ice cream!”
      Jacqueline shook her head. “She should’ve promised me some too!”
      Kymma glared at Jacqueline. “This is SERIOUS! Jenna is gone!”
      “So?” Cody stared into the grass. “She’ll come back. We all know what Jenna is like.”

      After Kyle defeated all the spiders and went back to his tent, I realized I didn’t have much time before Malistaire was going to attack. He was too strong though, with just me. I decided to go tell Kyle where I was going.
      Stars shimmered as I made my way across the crystal grove. Moonlight shown off of the giant crystals. I could see my reflection in them, my tired face and messy hair.
      When I got to where he was camping, I saw that he was still awake, reading.
      “You’re still awake?” I asked him, standing a few feet away from him.
      He looked up. “Oh...hi Jenna.”
      “Don’t you know how Malistaire is somewhere here?”
      He nodded. “Yes? But why-” then his eyes widened. “-No! Jenna! No!”
      I shook my head. “I have to, okay? I’ll be back.” Then I turned and was about to walk away.
      “Jenna, wait.”
      I turned around. “What?”
      “I want you to have this.” He opened his palm and inside was a stone with two stripes of white on them. It glistened like a diamond yet seemed like a casual pebble. The white stripes looked like they were made out of snowflakes and the whole stone seemed to be outlined in a cerulean glow.
      “Wow....” I breathed.
      “I want you to have it. Its a good-luck rock.” He said, handing the rock to me.
      I took it carefully out of his hands and turned it over and over. “Is it really lucky?”
      He nodded. “Its helped me through all these years. Now I hope it will help you with finding Malistaire and coming back safely.”
      “Aren’t you coming?”
      He shrugged. “I’d love to come and help but I’m guessing they would get suspicious about where I am. But don’t worry, I promise I’ll come and help if you need it.”
      “How will you know?” I asked.
      “I just will.” He smiled.
      I hugged him.
      “Don’t kill yourself, okay?” He asked me, somewhat laughing.
      I giggled. “I’ll try not to.”
      And then I left, in search of Malistaire.

      Chapter 57

      I tiptoed quietly throughout Dragonspyre, looking for my target. I knew he wasn’t in the Crystal Grove, Authenium, or definitely not the Basilica. Dragonspyre Academy seemed pretty useless to look because of its empty streets and somewhat creepy school trees (whom had all mostly lost their poor heads), but it seemed for some reason that I should look there. There was only one tree who still had their head.
      “Hi.” I said to it. You might find that weird, but trees talk in Ravenwood.
      “Help! Help!” She screamed, lighting up in fire.
      “You’re the fire tree, right?”
      “I’m Ashley. And help! Malistaire is trying to take over the spiral!” Ashley screamed.
      “Where is he?”
      “Somewhere.” She thought a second. “Um....I’m sorry but I don’t know.”
      I sighed. “Okay then.”
      “I would try to help but I haven’t seen him lately.” Ashley sighed.
      “Where was he the last time you saw him?”
      “I believe it was in the great spyre.” Ashley tried to remember. “It was so long ago...”
      “Then the great spyre is where I shall look first.” I replied, heading for where must’ve been the great spyre.

      I found a dragon waiting at where the great spyre was. I didn’t know how I knew where it was, the instinct just came naturally. With the rock still in my hand, I mounted the small dragon.
      “Please take me to the great spyre.” I commanded.
      The dragon flew into the air, me on his back. I looked down and saw nothing but thin air. The Dragonspyre Academy was behind me now. The only thing ahead of me was the Great Spyre, where Malistaire might have been hiding. When the dragon finally landed, I got off of his back and whispered “Thanks.”
      I looked around and saw the ruins of what must’ve been a neighborhood. The only thing that was really left was a large Dragonspyre castle.
      “Malistaire’s hideout.” I breathed and walked up to it. The door was closed, but it wasn’t locked. I walked through silently, trying not to make any noise.
      Inside was what looked like a giant dunegon. There was a colossal hole in the middle of the room, that went probably 100 yards down into hot lava. Then I realized that there were only floating pieces of land and no actual floor. On each side of the giant room was a tiny bridge that led to another floating piece of land. The bridges looked small and seemed like they would break easily.
      I carefully walked across the first floating piece of land. Then I stepped carefully over the bridge. The last plank broke after I stepped on it and fell down into the lava, but I was safe on the other side when it happened.
      I saw a door in the distance. It was one of those kind you would see in a european castle. Large and designed with swirls.
      I opened the door quietly, though it took much strength to open, and tiptoed inside.
      “Rowan, my dear, I think its time to unleash our plan.” A tall man called.
      “Yes, father.” A girl with dark brown haired called back. She must’ve been Rowan. “I’m guessing they won’t know what happened.”
      “Good thing Jenna isn’t there.” Another girl snickered. She also had messy brown hair. But she had more of an evil-looking face.
      “Agreed, Amber.” Rowan smiled, her eyes narrowed.
      So Amber must’ve been the girl who looked more evil. They were headed straight for me. I decided to go behind a large vase. It completely hid me, although I could still see them.
      “So here’s our plan.” Malistaire began. Then he looked around and his voice shrunk into a whisper.
      I silently crawled over to where they were so I could hear their plan. Then my foot accidentally knocked over the vase and it came crashing to the floor. I screamed.
      Malistaire, Rowan, and Amber all turned their heads and stared at me.
      “Its Jenna.”
      I reached for my wand, ready to attack.
      “How did she get here!” Amber complained. “This ruins ALL of our plans!!!!!!!”
      I laughed. “Did I ruin the party?”
      Malistaire crossed his arms. “I’m way more powerful, you know.”
      Rowan’s face turned red with embarrassment. Then she whispered to Malistaire, who must’ve been her dad. “You aren’t supposed to tell people that!”
      “Oh!” Malistaire replied.
      I rolled me eyes. “Wow. Very tough.”
      Then a figure in a black cloak walked up a stairway and saw me. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew he was planning to attack. Then I could barely see him smile as he walked back down.
      “What was that for?” I asked, although Malistaire would probably never tell me.
      Then he came back up and my twin was tied up, a gag in her mouth. He was holding her with a rope that her arms were tied behind her back with.
      “LINDSEY!” I screamed.
      “One more step and your twin goes bye bye.” He replied, a knife at Lindsey’s throat.
      “NO!” I screamed and ran towards my twin.
      But I was too late. Lindsey fell to the ground, lifeless. The cloaked figure laughed and put the knife back in his belt.
      I couldn’t bear it. I ran towards him, casting spells after spells. The triton was the one that finally killed him.
      He dropped to the floor, barely alive. Then his hood came off, revealing someone I knew quite well.
      It was Eric.

      Chapter 58

      I screamed and kneeled on the floor next to him. “Eric?”
      “Jenna...I’m....I’m sorry.” He whispered with the air he had left.
      “Why did you do this to me?” I started to cry. “Why did you kill Lindsey!”
      He shook his head weakly. “It was the wrong decision.”
      Then he was silent.
      “Aww how sweet.” I realized Rowan, Amber, and Malistaire were still behind me.
      I turned around and aimed my wand at Malistaire. “You made him do this.”
      Amber rolled her eyes. “He wanted to. It’s not our fault they are both dead.”
      I ran forwards and casted the spell that I had mistaken for a thunder snake. The most powerful of all storm spells. Poseidon himself.
      Rowan moved out of the way and Amber did too. But Malistaire wasn’t fast enough and got hit.
      He laughed.“You think that can kill me, weakling?”
      I summoned Fluffy the triton. He’d helped me so much I decided he could help me with Malistaire. Fluffy fizzled.
      I scowled.
      “See, your powers are useless.” Malistaire smiled and summoned a wraith.
      It hit me and I went unconscious.

      When I became conscious again, I found myself in a dungeon cell. I looked around and saw two other people- a young boy and a teenage girl.
      “Its....Jenna...” The girl widened her eyes. “I’m Iridian and this is Blaze.”
      I rubbed my head. “Where...am....I?”
      “In Malistaire’s Dungeon.” Iridian replied, shivering.
      “Is there any way to get out?” I tried to kick the door of the cell open but it didn’t open. “What does he plan to do with us?”
      Blaze shrugged, fear in his eyes. “I don’t know, but it won’t be pretty.”
      I sighed. “I guess I’m ruined then.”
      Iridian stared at me. “You’re giving UP?! THE LEGENDARY JENNA IS GIVING UP!?!”
      “I’m not legendary.” I looked at the ground. “I was never supposed to save the Spiral anyways.”
      Iridian gasped. “Wow. Just wow.”
      Blaze looked me in the eye. “You’ve come this far, why give up?”
      I looked at him, determination suddenly in my eye. “You’re right.”
      I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on breaking open the door somehow. I put my hands out in front of me and lifted them up slowly. My arms started to shake, followed by the rest of me. My eyebrows narrowed as I concentrated harder than I’d ever concentrated before.
      Iridian and Blaze both gasped. It must be working.
      When I opened my eyes, all I saw was what was left of a broken door and a bunch of water. “What did I do?” I whispered.
      “You’re a child of Poseidon.” Iridian smiled.
      I realized what I had done. I had used water to break down the door. “Lets go. We don’t have much time.”
      Iridian and Blaze followed as I ran silently up the stairs to the main floor of the castle. I found Malistaire, Rowan, and Amber standing there, huddled together staring at what must’ve been their plans.
      “It was successful.” Rowan snickered.
      “Yes, yes!” Amber replied.
      “Now its time to take care of Jenna.” Malistaire snarled.
      “NOT SO FAST.” I yelled and they all spun around.
      “How....what...” Amber was speechless. “This ruins EVERYTHING! AGAIN!”
      I smiled. “Thats what I do.”
      Amber was about to summon something- maybe a dragon or someting- but Rowan whispered something into her ear.
      They teleported away.
      “Chickens.” Blaze laughed.
      Malistaire smiled evilly and casted something. I couldn’t see what it was, but the air suddenly turned cold. But it didn’t feel freezing cold, something else....deathly.
      Mist swirled around us and I almost fell to the ground. But I tried to fight that feeling.
      Iridian did the same as me, but Blaze fainted. “I would heal him...” Iridian looked at me disappointedly. “But I’m not a wizard.”
      “He’ll be fine.” I replied, my head suddenly feeling light.
      “Jenna! NOOOO!” Iridian cried.
      Then it felt like time was in slow-motion. Iridian screaming while I was falling to the ground. My eyes closed.
      This is the end. I thought. I’m dead. The whole spiral is doomed.
      I could barely open my eyes. The fog was still floating around. Iridian was unconscious.
      “Someone save us.” I whispered quietly. “Please.” I reached weakly for the pebble that Kyle gave to me. “You’re lucky. Now help.”
      I saw Malistaire walking up to me, ready to make his final spell. The one that would kill me. Please work.
      He lifted up his wand, casting a death spell.
      Please work.
      The wraith appeared.
      I’m doomed.
      He lifted his arms. Then something hit the wraith in its head. A rock.
      I suddenly could stand up again. I looked at where the rock came from and saw Fiona Wildblood, along with some of the manders from Krokotopia, holding a slingshot. Then Jacqueline, Cody, Wolf, and Kymma appeared, aiming their wands at Malistaire. I widened my eyes as people I knew from every world appeared, ready to fight. The pebble had worked.
      “Wow.” I stared at everyone.
      “We’ll heal them.” Jacqueline and Kymma ran towards Iridian and Blaze.
      “Hi Jenna.” Jennifer, Julie, and Amanda walked up to me.
      Malistaire snarled. “You are still no match for me.”
      Then Rowan and Amber appeared behind him. They were dressed in battle armor and had swords at their sides. Shields were attached to their arms and helmets were over their heads, though you could still figure out who was who.
      But I knew we could defeat them. “You’re outnumbered. By a lot.”
      “So?” Amber put her hands on her hips.
      “We have the element of surprise.” Rowan smiled. “And the element of death.”
      “Well we have around a million wizards, all aiming at you guys.” I replied. Those weren’t the best words, but I was guessing they would work.
      We all summoned spells. Spells from all schools. I saw Fiona shoot rocks at Amber, though she stopped after a minute and switched to her wand.
      I saw fear in Rowan’s eyes. She teleported away, leaving Amber and Malistaire.
      “Jenna!” I heard from behind me. I turned my head and saw Kyle. “I’ve got your back. Don’t worry.”
      “The pebble worked!” I screamed as I summoned Fluffy.
      He nodded. “Yep.”
      Malistaire couldn’t take it anymore. He knew he couldn’t save himself. “You....have.....won....” Then he fainted and died.
      Amber was also on the ground, but she was still conscious. Only wounded slightly on her leg. But she wouldn’t stand up and fight.
      We all put down our wands. “We’ve done it.” I whispered to Kyle. “We’ve saved the Spiral.”
      “We’ll get revenge.” Amber muttered. “Rowan and I are both still alive. And we are stronger than you.”
      Then she teleported away.
      We all cheered, screaming at the top of our lungs.
      “I can’t believe I actually did something right!” I cried.
      Everyone was happy except Iridian, who was standing and staring at where Rowan had been.
      “Whats wrong?” I asked her.
      “Rowan isn’t dead.” She muttered.
      “So? Malistaire is.” I replied, joyfully.
      “A long time ago I was cursed to work for Rowan until she died. I’m sorry Jenna. I can’t come with you back to Ravenwood.” Iridian said, tears in her eyes. “Goodbye.”
      Then she turned into sand and blew away. I realized that the spiral wasn’t safe. But it was for a little while. Rowan and Amber would need much more time until their next plot.
      I walked back to where everyone else was. They all high-fived me and hugged me. I felt like a hero.
      Until I looked outside the door and saw that bright blond hair. Courtney.
      I couldn’t take it anymore. Courtney was at it again. Enough was enough. She had gone way too far. I didn’t want to be a hero anymore.
      I did the only thing I had the guts to do. I screamed and ran away from everyone. Everything. Then I concentrated on teleporting somewhere far away. Somewhere where I could be alone.
      I found myself on an island.

      Headmaster Ambrose appeared right after Jenna had left. “Darn. I wanted to congratulate her.”
      “She’s done it again.” Julie laughed. “She’ll be back.”
      “I give her a week.” Cody replied, folding his arms.
      “I give her a day.” Jacqueline replied. “She won’t last very long without us.”
      “A minute is more like it.” Kyle shook his head. “Poor poor Jenna.”

      The island was big. I saw a huge submarine that was empty and must’ve been abandoned long ago. The waves were softly crashing apon the beach, the sun was only a blur in the sky, turning into night.
      I liked my island.
      “Jenna!” Someone called as they ran towards me. It was Kyle. He must’ve teleported to me.
      I shook my head and sat down on the beach.
      He sat down next to me. “You know, Courtney can’t be found in any of the worlds.”
      I looked at him. “Really?”
      “Everyone thinks you are the one who saved the spiral.” He smiled. “You DID save the spiral!”
      “WE saved the spiral.” I corrected.
      “You stopped Malistaire!”
      “WE stopped Malistaire.”
      He laughed. “You were the chosen one.”
      “And I could never have done it without you.” I replied, staring at the sky. “I don’t want to go back, though.”
      “You should. You’d be a hero!” Kyle said.
      “I want to stay on this island. Stay with me, please?” I looked at him, tears in my eyes.
      “There have been some troubles occurring in Celestia. I have to leave and go fight there.” He sighed.
      “Promise you’ll come back okay?” I stared at him.
      “Promise.” He smiled.
      We had nothing to worry about. Everything was perfect. The island, the ocean, the sky. We both looked at the sun set, his arm around me and my head on his shoulder, knowing that the spiral was safe.
      For now, anyways.


      "She isn't coming back, is she?" Brooke stared into the horizon. "But...we had a promise!"
      Evan shook his head. "I'm sorry Brooke."
      Brooke looked at the ground. "She will come back. I know she will."
      But as time passed, she became less and less sure Jenna would come back. Days passed, turning into weeks that dragged along slowly slowly. Finally Brooke couldn't take it anymore.
      "She abandoned me." Brooke told Evan and Kymma one early autumn day. "Just like Courtney did to me."
      Kymma sighed, shaking her head. "I guess we could never trust Jenna."
      Evan put his arm around Brooke's fragile shoulder. "You'll be okay. You still have Kymma."
      "She was like a sister to me. Just like Courtney." Brooke sniffed, holding back tears. Her face was red and blotchy. "She hated me, didn't she!"
      Kymma and Evan exchanged nervous glances.
      Brooke looked up. "I should have never trusted her!"
      Kymma's face paled. "Now, Brooke! Don't say that!"
      "I shall get my revenge on Jenna."
      Then she stood up and walked away.

      The next day Jacqueline, Brady, and Cody were sitting inthe grass eating lunch when Brooke walked up to them.
      "Do you think Jenna is a traitor?" she asked, her blue eyes wide open with wonder. There was no sign of how she had been the day before.
      Jacqueline shook her head. "Brooke, Jenna saved the spiral!"
      Brooke started to look like she was about to cry. "She never came back. She PROMISED though! All she cared about was herself and Kyle!"
      Brady stood up. "Um...I should get going.."
      Brooke frowned. "All of you hate me, don't you!"
      Cody remained emotionless. "Brooke, we don't hate you!"
      Brooke stomped away muttering "I hate everyone."
      Jacqueline sighed. "Something is wrong with her. She's never hated anyone before."
      Brady stared at her as she walked away. "She'll get over it."

      The life school was crowded with students as they waited for school to start. Kymma sat down where she normally did, between Jacqueline and Brooke. But neither of them were there yet so she was sitting alone.
      Jacqueline sat down next to her. "Mornin'."
      "Hi." Kymma answered, staring at the wall. "Have you seen Brooke anywhere?"
      Jacqueline shook her head. "Nope, sorry."
      "She's never missed a single class before!" Kymma observed. "She must be upset, with Courtney missing and all."
      Then the door opened. A small girl walked through. All the theurgist's eyes landed on her. She wore shining silver armor that was rather big and a sword was positioned at her side. She had a permanent scowl that was rock hard. Wisps of blond hair were visible, although most of it was covered by a helmet, and her icy blue eyes were barely visible from underneath. Nobody would have ever guessed such a nice person could turn into a monster like that, but that was what happened.
      Jacqueline and Kymma's jaws dropped to the ground in disbelief. Moolinda Wu's eyes widened.
      From that moment on, they knew that the sweet Brooke Moonthorn was no more.
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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Quote Originally Posted by JennaStormRulez17 View Post
      THe lightning continued to strike.
      That was the only mistake I noticed (lol not a big deal though) This is really, really good! I think the plot is going to be interesting! I love how you started it with a poem! Your descriptions are really good Way to catch my attention :D!
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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Ok this is ALOT like percy jackson.

      Plot of percy jackson:

      Percy is an 11 year old who finds out he is a son of posiedon.

      But still good.

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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Demigods/Half-bloods where around before Percy Jackson and the Olympians so as long as she doesn't follow the book plot she's fine (and I don't recall anything about Wizard101 in the books so I think she has the all clear on that lol)
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      Thumbs up Re: Children of Poseidon

      nice! i like the poem. way to go, and i hope you post the next part soon!
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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Quote Originally Posted by presx785 View Post
      Ok this is ALOT like percy jackson.

      Plot of percy jackson:

      Percy is an 11 year old who finds out he is a son of posiedon.

      But still good.
      Yeah sounds a little bit like Percy Jackson, but I think it's still a cool story.
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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      I just absolutely LOVED the poem part for the prolouge. very nice story, and idk if it's like percy jackson whatever because i haven't read it yet. wait what was i saying? oh yah! loving the story so far.

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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Quote Originally Posted by Jacqueline FoeFinder View Post
      Demigods/Half-bloods where around before Percy Jackson and the Olympians so as long as she doesn't follow the book plot she's fine (and I don't recall anything about Wizard101 in the books so I think she has the all clear on that lol)
      no.. they arent half-bloods. their parents are both immortal
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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Quote Originally Posted by presx785 View Post
      Ok this is ALOT like percy jackson.

      Plot of percy jackson:

      Percy is an 11 year old who finds out he is a son of posiedon.

      But still good.
      trust me- it isnt gonna be anything like it...
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      Re: Children of Poseidon

      Sounds like you got the idea from the Percy Jackson & The Olympians books though... Nice story anyway. :P
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