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      Show Maycast Rates and Triggers

      Lately there has been a lot of focus on tweaking the triggers of various Maycast abilities, as well as their percentages. For people to thoroughly check the cast rate of each of these Maycasts, you would need to document well over a thousand triggers, per Maycast talent. This itself is a lot of work, but then it's also suspected that certain bosses and/or areas have different cast percentages than others. So for example, if we test the chance for Maycast Sprite Queen vs. the chance for Maycast Sprite while dueling the Scorpion, all of the data collected is probably moot if we want to use these talents against a standard Mirage boss. This sort of thing is fine. It's alright if certain maycasts are more or less likely to work in certain places. We just need to actually know this information.

      This just is not something people can figure out on their own without an unhealthy amount of devotion, which could easily be undone by future balance changes. It would be a major quality of life update if we were just given information on these talents, what exactly gives these talents a chance to cast, and if the area you're in affects this in any way. Not only would this help give us confirmation that these Maycast talents work, it would also be very handy in figuring out which Maycasts to go for. One of my biggest questions about Maycasts are which ones fill a certain role better than others. Are talents like Maycast Disarm or Maycast Sprite a completely worse version of Steal Charm and Sprite Queen respectively? Or do they make up for this by casting more often?


      Crossposted from the main site. Maceryn likes the idea and would be willing to help make this a thing if more people show their support for this idea. If you are able to post in the main site, I would greatly appreciate it if you went to the thread and voice your support! Also SteMoGsteL is there, you can go say hi!

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      Re: Show Maycast Rates and Triggers

      went through an entire central pvp match (about an hour+) and had a maycast infallible/ may cast fairy pet... fairy casted 2x and infallible casted 0.... would love to see what the cast rate is on this and all talents..
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      Re: Show Maycast Rates and Triggers

      From my understanding, it would actually be two sets of percentages (one for PvE and PvP). Even before the tweaks recently to accommodate PvP changes, there was a cast rate difference among the talents/equipment. For example, Spritely clearly casted more than other talents.

      I personally would love to see the "poison apple" maycast rate since the recent changes, as it hasn't cast a single time in numerous PvP matches with numerous wand hits. In other words, Am I wasting a "utility/value" that factored into the weapons stats, but has been turned off for PvP without my knowledge? This currently already happens in Pirate101 were certain abilities are nerfed or unavailable just for PvP, but the player has no idea without scouring forums and Twitter posts looking for it.
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