I made a wizard over a year ago to solo the Galleries on a Fire, since I thought it needed more solos (it only had like 2 at the time)

On 9/10/2021 (didn't upload till 9/12) I finally did that on a level 103 Fire

I restricted myself from using Darkmoor gear, Morganthe gear, or my Darkmoor spell (which I didn't even have yet lol) on this solo. If you wanna do it too here's the gear I used. This will probably be way easier if you use DM/M gear and/or your Darkmoor spell.

{} = Fire gear
() = Extra info

Hat: Krokopatra Exalted hat {Krokopatra Inferno Fez}

Robe: Bonesmasher Exalted robe {Bonesmasher Robe of Flames}

Boots: Azteca crafted boots (for the first fight death res, next fight storm res) {Laughing Skull Boots, Sky Scream Dancers, the SSD have weaker res than the better Storm one, but give Fire damage instead}

Boots2: Hades defensive boots (For the 3rd fight) {Unseen Lord's Cinder Boots}

Wand: Lvl 90 Caiman's Scepter (I used Sword of Kings for the 3rd fight because I thought it'd be funny)

Athame: Cosmic Kris (Blade of the Felled Titan also works for some schools, if you don't need the healing)

Amulet: Exalted Life Mastery (Some schools might not need this, not sure what'd you'd replace it for)

Ring: Khrysalis crafted ring (Death for the first fight, Storm next) (Ring of Day's Death, Signet of the Sand Devil)

Ring2: Alpha and Omega ring (3rd fight)

Pet: Ruby(+ 3 damage, +9 Fire damage, +4 Uni Res, + 8 Uni res, Maycast Fairy. JEWEL: +3 Outgoing Heal, Maycast Pigsie).This could be a better pet, but it works

Deck: Crafted Khrysalis deck (This was another restriction, I think all Khrysalis decks are better than this lol. I just thought the name was super cool.) {TheBlazingWind's Arcana}

I'm not gonna describe all their cheats and stuff, but I will link to their wiki page


Ghost Dog and Kravenly the Hunter: Tank Ghost Dog. Blade Up and 7 pip aoe the minions. Blade up more and kill Kravenly, heal when needed. Kill Ghost Dog last (yours could be different if you are a different school)

Notes: You can't shield, Kravenly has a 75% 50% and 25% cheat where he used Spirit Blast (Elemental Blast for his 50%). Make sure to watch out for those cheats . Ghost Dog usually has 50% pierce (60% if Shrike gives him an extra pierce blade)

Deck: Honestly I forgot this one and can't get a picture of the one I used. I made one with the spells I know I used

Colossal (one per hit)
Fire Dragons/Your 7 pip aoe {I had 2}
Sun Serpents/Your 10 pip hit (These were packed since Fire Dragon has a weak initial hit due to it's dot) {I had 2}
Dark Shepherd (She likes blades, and I can get some extra health just for prepping a hit)
Feint (Not sure if I entirely recommend this, but it worked well for me)
Potent trap and Sharpen blade (half your amount of traps and blades)
Elemental/Spirit blade
Your school blade

SIDEBOARD: Sanctuary's, Satyr, Fortify, Your school blade), you want mostly Satyr, but try to balance it out.

Balor the Broken Fang and Santa Muerte, Blade and kill minions, Spam Shield/Blade and aoe (Santa Muerte should hopefully low health due to backlash)
Notes: Balor hits hard, and uses the Storm Dragon that puts on a -50 Accuracy a LOT (Or atleast for me he did)

Deck: same thing, but pack Fire/Storm set shields (and Death if you feel like it, but that might add too much space)
Sideboard: exact same, just fill it up

Lord Ombra and Archmagus Lorcan: Blade up and kill aoe Lord Ombra and Archmagus Lorcan (do this when you have enough blades to kill Lorcan, taking advantage of his Sentinel intercept can help)
Notes: This is the only fight where the minion respawn, so don't bother killing them round 1. The Fire minions LOVE Efreet (or they did when they fought me lol), pack your Caiman Scepter hits if you're not Life, or a ton of Cleanse Charm, and use your Dark Shepherd to get rid of a -45 too, and those annoying shields.

Deck: Same thing, but with Tower Shield instead of set shields (You might want to pack Fire Shields, I underestimate how strong they were to be honest)

The first fight is easily the hardest, so if you beat that you should be mostly ok