With how many worlds we have and all the remodling we have seen There is one I feel that could benefit the game. I feel if they were toi take all the NPCs in the area in front PVP arena entrnace Ugo Kalahad and Jordo Mistborn to where there in the Golem Court Area, just make the area a little bigger. I would also suggest moving the Entrances to the PVP arena and Pet Pavilion to inside the Golem Court area.

I feel doing all this would put have (what i call) Side events in 1 spot (except for Aeon Statz and the Monstorlgy trainer, I think ther fine in Ravenwood but have Aeon mirror the Balance trainer on the other side of the way to Bartleby and have the Monstrolgy trainer where Aeon is now). IF this were to happen id also suggst that they make the Layout of the Pet Pavilion better If anything else gets added to it i feel it would have a crowded aspect to it.