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      Talking August 28th - For your pets - National Rainbow Bridge Day

      August 28th is National Rainbow Bridge Day

      Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th sets aside a day to remember the pet companions we’ve lost.

      The death of a pet, whether furry, feathered, or an uncommon variety, is felt deeply. They become family and a familiar part of our lives. Mourning their death is different for everyone, and the observance provides a way to help heal the ache of loss.
      The pain of loss is real. As each person travels through their grief, we remember the companionship and comfort they provided to us. Don’t forget that part of the relationship included care provided by you. The empty space left by the loss of a beloved pet is sometimes a difficult void to overcome.

      Celebrate the home you provided and the joy your beloved pet brought you in return. When you are ready, you will know the time has arrived to find a new ‘critter’ to replace the emptiness felt. There are many animals yet to find a home. In time, you can be their new forever home.

      Today, I am have special extra thoughts and memories of my "Little Girl" who is waiting for me over The Rainbow Bridge. I thought I rescued her from the Humane Society, but now I know SHE rescued ME.

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      Re: August 28th - For your pets - National Rainbow Bridge Day

      Over the years, we have had many travel the Rainbow Bridge. Each time it was so difficult, we always said "Never again. No more pets." or something like that. But fortunately, that did pass and we always found another baby to bring home. With only one exception, all of our pets have been 'rescue pets' or 'shelter pets'. And each one has been special.

      When I hear of someone who has lost a pet, I try to share this. Sometimes it helps.
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      Re: August 28th - For your pets - National Rainbow Bridge Day

      Whenever you lose a pet, its just so hard, some harder than others. My comfort has always been the Rainbow Bridge. I even have a little book about it.

      Over the years we rescued three greyhounds. And after each death, we always said “never again”.
      But eventually our hearts opened up to another furry friend. I can’t imagine the emptiness in our house if we didn’t eventually say “Yes”.

      ~In memory of Lacey, the best dog who ever lived~

      ~All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us~

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      Re: August 28th - For your pets - National Rainbow Bridge Day

      Today I'm remembering my Buddy. I miss him so much.
      He was loved by us all my Mom, Hubby, kids and my grandson but he was my Buddy in more than just his name.
      I honestly think sometimes he forgot he was a dog. lol He'd watch football games with us and I swear he'd get more excited than we did . He would sit in a chair like a person and grab his stuffed animal and cover up with a blanket to sleep on the couch after the kids went to school. He's been gone for a while but he's still the pic on my desktop.
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      Re: August 28th - For your pets - National Rainbow Bridge Day

      At the beginning of summer, we lost our elder dog Athena.

      Athena was born in summer of 2003, to a Greyhound father and a French mastiff mother. We got her in '05 as a double rescue, I was 9 years old. She was my dog for sure.

      When I forgot to turn on my alarm for school, she'd snuggle me in bed until I woke up. When I had a meltdown, she would be there to hug me. She was my protector, and I was hers.

      Her health started declining in 2016. That winter, we got a puppy, Aiko. She helped revitalize Athena a bit, and Athena became a bit of a mother to Aiko. The two would compete for attention, but Athena and I would always go out of our way to see each other.

      Then, in June, her health started getting really bad. Dad was in the hospital at the time, and Athena fell down the stairs. I thought she was dead until I saw her breathing, and I got her up and to safety. She went to lie down in my mom's bedroom, and didn't get up. She lost the use of her back legs, and we couldn't move her without her trying to bite. She found a way to migrate into the bathroom, where we found her at rest a week later. Aiko guarded over her body.

      She's now buried in a raised bed garden in the backyard. The flowers where she was laid to rest have not stopped blooming.

      I miss her. Aiko doesn't give nearly the same hugs as Athena did.
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      Re: August 28th - For your pets - National Rainbow Bridge Day

      When I was little I had a couple goldfish named Goldy and Blacky after their colors. I didn't take good care of them and they ended up dying in our football themed fish tank (complete with goal posts, where one of them died between).

      Many years later we adopted a small feral cat we found trapped in the bushes around our second house. She was black with some star shaped white fur under her chin. I believe my dad and brother wanted to name her Midnight, while my mom and I think grandma (who was living with us at the time) wanted Star (my memory on who wanted which name isn't perfect). I decided on Midnight Star and that's what we went with. It was okay for a time but after a while we just couldn't afford to keep taking care of her (the food+expenses for her broken back leg) so we ended up giving her up for adoption. Hopefully she's doing well if she's still alive.
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